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Zimmerman found not guilty in killing of Trayvon Martin

(July 13, 2013)

Trayvon-memorial-flierREST IN PEACE, YOUNG BROTHER


(1995 – 2012)


“OJ Simpson Guilty of Armed Robbery, Kidnapping.” (10/4/2008)

One day, Horace, the Zebra, got the craziest notion in his large, elongated head. He decided he didn’t want to be part of a herd any longer. He was tired of grazing where all the other zebras grazed. He was tired of the smells, and the endless grunting and snorting. Zebras were absolutely disgusting!

Horace spent most of his days staring for hours at his reflection in the river.  He was the most handsome zebra in the herd; too handsome to be an ordinary zebra. Whenever one of the more comely females flicked her skinny tail in his direction, Horace turned his big snout up in the air. He wasn’t about to bring any more smelly zebras into the world.

Horace wandered away from the herd toward a shady grove of trees. To his delight, there was the sweetest green patch that had not been burned brown by the blistering African sun. Horace looked back at the rest of the herd chewing blissfully on the dry tufts underneath their hooves and snorted loudly in contempt.

Look at those dumb zebras, eating dry grass like manna from zebra heaven. Horace moved deeper into the grove and faced the herd so he wouldn’t be seen but could see them if they came too close. If they discovered his tasty find, there would be less for him.

Unbeknownst to Horace, fifty yards from the shady grove was a pack of lions; one male and three females. As Horace came closer, they strategically kept their distance. They wanted the zebra to think he was safe, so far away from the herd.

“What a dumb zebra,” they growled deep in their throats with amusement.

The pack licked their huge teeth in anticipation. The zebra was nice; thick around the middle with a big, fat ass.

“He doesn’t do much running,” one lioness chortled with contempt. She had no use for a lazy male of any species, and was looking forward to ripping that striped hide with her sharp teeth until the blood flowed.

“He’s such a stupid zebra,” a second lioness agreed, “to wander off by himself. Doesn’t he know there are hungry lions in the fields just waiting to take him down?”

“Ho, look at him,” roared the male lion, shaking his magnificent, golden brown mane. “Chowing down like there’s no tomorrow—and there won’t be after we rip his striped ass apart.”

The lions laughed quietly, so they wouldn’t alert the blissfully grazing zebra. They were in a good mood. There was nothing predators loved more than a big-headed, stupid animal, so arrogant it forgot its own safety lay in unity of the herd.

In a herd, the zebras’ stripes created an optical illusion that confused the lions. To make matters worse, the more devious zebras would zigzag back and forth in front of the herd to make it more difficult to single one zebra out.

Together, the zebras were smarter than they looked – but apart – they became a lion’s happy meal. Oblivious to the danger beyond the trees, Horace ate until his big belly bulged. A shifting wind rippled the bristly hairs along his ridged back. His head jerked up and around. In an instant, he recognized the scent. Lions! He sniffed again, taking in large gulps through his flared nose. They must have seen him hiding in the trees!

Horace trotted out of the shady grove and paused on trembling legs. Nervously, he looked back and spotted the top of a magnificent brown and gold mane moving low through the grasses – coming in his direction!

Horace broke into a full gallop, his big belly swaying from side to side, toward the herd grazing in the distance. His eyes widened with terror when he looked back and saw the lions, four deep, in hot pursuit. Horace brayed at the top of his lungs, calling the herd’s attention to his plight. When the other zebras lifted their heads, and saw the lions, they took off, leaving Horace in a huge cloud of dust.

Horace couldn’t believe these cowardly zebras weren’t willing to risk their lives when he needed their help! How could they abandon such a proud, stately, handsome zebra like himself? Wasn’t he just like them – only better?

Before Horace could make another sound, one of the lionesses leaped in the air and landed on his back, followed by another, bringing him crashing down on his front forelegs. The male lion rushed in, snapped his powerful jaws around the thrashing zebra’s neck, and clamped down until the zebra suffocated.

By the time the last tremors rippled through Horace’s body, the lions were already feasting. One lioness tore off a bloody chunk of zebra flesh and chewed happily. Poisonous individualism sure made one hell of a tasty meal!

The End

“Even the weak become strong when they are united.” – Johann Friedrich Von Schiller (1759-1805)


(Excerpt from the book,  “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”)


We Have the RIGHT  To Feel However We Feel BUT We Should Not Be Surprised by the Verdict. It is just ONE MORE PIECE OF INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE that WHITE SUPREMACY IS THE LAW(LESS) OF THE LAND.

I personally REFUSE to cave in to aimless anger and frustration and will use my ENERGY to STRIVE HARDER to spread the message of BLACK UNITY — which I believe is the MOST POWERFUL WEAPON black people have collectively in a white supremacist, anti-black society that has made it LEGAL for a PRIVATE CITIZEN to GUN DOWN UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE — AND LITERALLY GET AWAY WITH MURDER.

But that is NOTHING NEW. In a white supremacy system, BLACK LIFE MEANS NOTHING. 

The above tale — “The Zebra and the Lions” — ILLUSTRATES the IMPORTANCE OF UNITY — and the DANGERS of DISUNITY.  We cannot bring Trayvon Martin back from the grave BUT we can begin the very painful but very rewarding process of UNIFYING and VALIDATING and SUPPORTING other black people so we will once again BELONG TO EACH OTHER they way we did before we were enslaved BY Europeans during the 400 YEAR TransAtlantic Slave Trade.

  1. Ms. J says:

    If we don’t become more unified and act differently around Whites after this case, I don’t know what will save us from this hell-like state.
    This case also reinforced the DANGER of the White female in a RWS system. Their loyalty is to White men, and NOT the Black man.

    Black men, women, and children need to work towards justice. All other unimportant activities are secondary.

    Stay safe, Trojan Pam.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      I agree. That’s one of the MAIN points we made in the book, The Interracial Con Game, that the white female will ALWAYS be loyal to the white male’s racist agenda because she BENEFITS from white privilege (at the expense of non-whites) and she’ll remain loyal EVEN WHEN SHE IS SHARING THE BLACK MALE’S BED.

      I am curious to see how the old tired SAW, “White women are more supportive than black women” rationale FLIES in the wake of that nearly all white female jury who denied Trayvon Martin justice.

      You stay safe, too

      • Ms. J says:

        I think Black parents need to put their foot down about this interracial dating that’s going on, especially with Black males and White females. I feel like a lot of Black men are going to be direct targets of violence when seen with these females. Perhaps other non-white families will also clamp down on Black men dating their daughters as well.
        I believe that we’re being pushed to date interracially so that we’ll be weaker and less willing to fight our oppression. But like you said before, Trojan Pam, we need to go “Back to Black”.

  2. m1 says:

    Now its crystal clear people study who Trevor Dooley is. Also stay focused on how white females aren’t victims of this system but co conspirators.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ m1

      I remember the Trevor Dooley case, where a black male killed a white male in self-defense but the stand your ground defense was denied him. Which, of course, was NO surprise. Black people will always be guilty of murder anytime they kill a white person–regardless of circumstances OR evidence — and I think MOST BLACK PEOPLE know this is true.

      “Stand your ground” and “concealed carry” laws are really for the protection of whites against non-whites AND to give them a license to KILL NON-WHITES.

      Again, we are getting one wake up call after another, but it can be hard to wake someone who is pretending to be asleep

  3. honeytreebee says:

    I hope people see how we are treated by both the white male and female and start to back away. We need to back away with our dollars and our presence. There is so much work for us to do. The great alarm clock is going off it is time to WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ honeytreebee

      That’s the ONLY positive thing that might come out of this, and that’s if more black people take the blinders off. I’ve noticed that a bit myself since the trial that some people seem less confused — and that’s always a great thing

  4. LBM says:

    Hopefully more Black people are seeing it the way we’re seeing it here. I’m sure at least some are and that’s a good thing. Let us continue to make personal and collective code for ourselves. Let’s be more vigilant about not dealing with anti-humans when we don’t have to. Let’s be clear, as we’ve said here that white male AND female perpetuate the system of white domination.

    “…so we will once again BELONG TO EACH OTHER they way we did before we were enslaved BY Europeans during the 400 YEAR TransAtlantic Slave Trade”

    Unfortunately we were dealing with anti-humans in ways we should not have been long BEFORE the TransAtlantic Slave Trade (s). But since so many of us are in historical denial about that, we can certainly draw on our undisputed shared history upon, during, and since the Trade(s). If we grab ahold of the truth of what has happened to us from those ships to the plantations to now, if we embrace that truth there’s no way we can not turn TO each other and not ON each other.

    Let us be truthful – to ourselves and to our young people. And as Pam has said before, lets stop keeping white folks secrets. With this particular Trayvon case, let us stop being hush-hush about the viciousness of white female.

    Thank you Pam for highlighting the issues and giving us a forum to discuss and support.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      who said: “If we grab ahold of the truth of what has happened to us from those ships to the plantations to now, if we embrace that truth there’s no way we can not turn TO each other and not ON each other. Let us be truthful – to ourselves and to our young people.”

      Absolutely agree 100%

  5. rvltn7 says:

    Please allow me to express and vent a bit. I seek forgiveness in advance if this offends. I am a recently less confused non white Black person.

    Pam I found out about the verdict through this post. While I did read your earlier post about not to be surprised at a not guilty verdict, my spirit is still devastated. But I wont exacerbate the pain by delving into some woe is us nonsence because it’ s not constructive. Instead I just need to share a bit about personal efforts i will use to help non white Black people, and myself heal from another life threatening wound inflicted by racism white supremacy.

    To be codified, enact unity, logic and promote Black sanity and justice, I will attempt to communicate to confused victims of racism white supremacy about the criticalness of the mission of racists white supremacists to exterminate Black men by using Trayvon Martin as an opening because this pain is a fresh universal vibe that our spirit cannot reconcile. If they seem interested, I will refer them to this site, The C.O.W.S., Neely Fuller Jr.’s book and anything else constructive on the white man’s internet, which is how I became less confused. Most importantly, I will not forget about this. You know how we do. A few weeks pass and we stop riding that wagon and move on. No. Not this time. Not before I wake a couple of people up….Ashe.

    I’d like to get some more ideas from some less confused victims.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ rvltn7

      You have the right to feel however you feel, your opinions are welcome here.

      I’m glad you’re going to participate in sharing knowledge, that’s what our people need more than anything right now.

      I agree, Trayvon Martin’s memory will become more distant with time along with all the other thousands of black people killed under similar circumstances

      The best way to honor their memory is to make a constructive effort to do something to dismantle the system of white supremacy.

      I’m going to RE-POST this post: “A Reader Asks: “What Should Black People Do Immediately?”

      which is a place to start

      and then I’m going to post an excerpt from the book, “The Interracial Con Game” called, “The 33 Rules of Disengagement”

  6. Maybe Marcus Garvey was on to something. It might be time to get up out here. The only positive thing out of this is it might wake up some of the black folks not wake. Just remain calm my people. I know emotions are high and people are upset. But they just want us to d something stupid. Don’t fall for it.We will make it through this.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kushite

      I think Marcus Garvey was right on the money, he saw back then that the only way to have peace was to separate from whites, and that is just as true today. Wherever they go, murder and mayhem follow.

      I am SO proud of the black people in Sanford and elsewhere for NOT playing into the hands of racists — who have bought all this ammo and are dying for a chance to spill black blood.

      I’m sure a lot of them are disappointed that we didn’t live DOWN to their expectations.

  7. Sharina says:

    Thank you! These are really the only words I can muster up.

  8. @Kushite Prince & Trojan Pam

    Yes he had the right idea, they have proven they are not willing to treat others with respect and fairness. Also Jordan Davis is probably not receive justice either, when/ if he doesn’t it is really time to get outta here. WE definitely need to start planning our escape, it is like an abused wife getting the courage and strength to leave her abusive husband because she now realizes no amount of love or understanding from her will fix him. This verdict proves what we’ve long known, but didn’t want to face the truth that we are not us citizens and will not be treated as such. Our ancestors were property, so how does property become a citizen? How does property become equal to its previous owner? it can’t just look at the Dred Scott case. We are treated like owned animals, like a horse. What do they do with horses when they are no longer of use or have a broken leg, they kill it. That is their way of doing things use until its nothing left then discard it. That is what they did with the native americans, used them then discarded them to live on reservations. That is what they tried to do to us leave us alone separate from them, but we prospered [black wallstreet] then they were mad. So since we can’t be discarded to some land because we might succeed and even exceed them, so they want us destroyed. As u said ms pam black supremacy cannot exist while there is white supremacy so they will try to remove blacks because there can be no black supremacy without black folk.

  9. I really don’t see anything, but problems in the weeks ahead. My optimism has completely run out. They were given the go ahead to shot us down street. We still got the Jordan Davis case coming up and that’ll be another one much like the Zimmerman case.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ hunglikejesus

      I understand, but we can’t let this demoralize us because I doubt most of us were surprised. This is another day on the white supremacy plantation. We made it this far, the rest is UP TO US

  10. LBM says:

    Maybe because I am a mother of a teenager, but I do feel this case more than “this happens every day.” I’m VERY concerned with what happens to our young people when they feel that grown black folk are unable to protect them. I think we need to be real about living in spaces where the men, women and children feel unprotected by those who should protect them. We’re already in such a state but I think this Trayvon case will ramp up it up. That young man was in fear for his life. That gun came out long before the prosecution was able to prove. I’m hurting thinking about his fight for his very life. He called out for his dad, for help. My daughter is his age. A few of her friends, including males, were here for a barbeque when the verdict came in. They didn’t live far but I still wanted my husband to drive them home. This verdict told every “creepy as cracker” that they can kill our young people.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      we have to find a way to TALK about racism — realistically and thoroughly — with our children. They are NOT too young to understand. No, it will NOT damage them, what damages them is IGNORANCE and not understanding what his happening to them.

      Just like the Jews teach their children about anti-Semetism, it makes their kids SMARTER AND STRONGER AND BETTER PREPARED

  11. Mariama says:

    It is good to read everyone’s insightful posts. What is especially troubling about this verdict, is that this is the same state that gave a not guilty verdict to Casey Anthony, a woman who murdered her own child. It is ok to murder your child, but it is not ok for a black child to fight from getting murdered.

  12. donfodio says:

    Concealed carry, stand-your-ground are being invoked state after state, Why?
    because the the buzz is “minority” not any minority but a “white” minority.
    PLease read on:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — In a first, America’s racial and ethnic minorities now make up about half of the under-5 age group, reflecting sweeping changes by race and class among young people. Due to an aging population, non-Hispanic whites last year recorded more deaths than births.

    These two milestones, revealed in 2012 census estimates released Thursday, are the latest signs of a historic shift in which whites will become a minority within a generation, by 2043. They come after the Census Bureau reported last year that whites had fallen to a minority among newborns.

    Fueled by immigration and high rates of birth, particularly among Hispanics, racial and ethnic minorities are growing more rapidly in numbers than whites. The decline in the U.S. white population has been occurring more quickly than expected, resulting in the first “natural decrease” for whites — deaths exceeding births — in more than a century, census data show. For now, the non-Hispanic white population continues to increase slightly, but only because of immigration from Europe.

    Read more:

    This is a fact! Furthermore we know how “he” acts as a minority; Please note American Indian history. So a statement is being made with the Trayvon Murder and it is a complex statement considering who did the crime and the ethnic origin of the criminal, which according to the press is still uncertain. So be on the lookout for all the usual signs: “Dont tread on me” flags all that kind of stuff and remember how he acts as a minority! It has been a long time but I think we imagine the severity of his actions by observing the population control strategies used in Africa and possibly seeing the same strategies being utilized here as an “Ultimate solution”

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ donfodio

      Right, they are being framed as an endangered minority, and the more threatened they feel, the more dangerous they will become.

      the unimaginable (black mass genocide in the U.S.) is becoming easier to imagine

      I also suspect that whatever happens it will begin on Obama’s watch, like the movie, The Purge, has its start date as 2016–the last year of Obama’s second term


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