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black unity is the key to black survival!

Growing up in NYC, I saw hundreds, if not thousands, of black owned businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. We were doing so well with our little shops, we even managed to somehow own thrift stores, beauty parlors and spice shops in the ultra racist area of Long Island’s south side and Staten Island. The overwhelming majority of black business owners in Brooklyn were islanders and Africans.

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In the ongoing WAR against black people in the U.S., another MISSILE was aimed at a young black male businessman running a LEGAL business.

The next time you (or I)  feel an “anti-black” moment coming  maybe reality checks like this — that clearly illustrate WHO our real problem (and enemy) is — will help us temper our anti-black behavior, tone down our condemning anti-black tongues, help us resist the lure of sexual intercourse with white people, and encourage us to reserve our anti-black scorn, contempt,  and dislike for the people who REALLY DESERVE IT.