George Zimmerman Juror B29 = Racism/White Supremacy Refinement

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When I saw the headline — “George Zimmerman Juror Says ‘In Our Hearts, We Felt He Was Guilty’ — my initial reaction was one of disgust.

I immediately dismissed ANY possibility that  Juror B29  was sincerely remorseful after allowing MURDERER, George Zimmerman, to go free.

The day after the verdict was announced, the white mainstream media wasted no time revealing small details about the ONLY NON-WHITE JUROR but said very little about the white female jurors.  At the time, I thought that was suspicious but I had NO idea what kind of tricks they were up to.

Then, a week or so after the verdict was announced, the (white) mainstream media released a barrage of images and videos of Juror B29 — the non-white, Hispanic female.

Using a BRILLIANT sleight of hand, the mainstream media turned our attention AWAY FROM the racist/white supremacist IN-JUSTICE system, the white prosecutor who threw the case, the white police investigators who drug-tested a DEAD BLACK BOY but never tested the SHOOTER, and the five WHITE FEMALE JURORS who voted to acquit Zimmerman of the PREMEDITATED MURDER of an UNARMED 17-year-old black boy —

TO  the ONLY non-white juror (who resembles a black female) — setting her up as the NON-WHITE SCAPEGOAT for a RACIST/WHITE SUPREMACY MISCARRIAGE OF (IN) JUSTICE .

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN AND DEAD BODYZimmerman + dead body of Trayvon Martin = MURDER

I would NOT be surprised if the media mongrels hounded “Maddy” for a statement AND an opportunity to “give her side” by pretending to lend a “sympathetic ear,” perhaps, even offering to PAY her for her appearances.

Knowing ALL ALONG that this non-white female had NO IDEA that she was being used as the  NON-WHITE SCAPEGOAT to take the BLAME for the actions of the white supremacy system.


The court had sealed the jurors’ identities during the trial and still hasn’t lifted the order, but Juror B29 edged out of the shadows in an exclusive interview with “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts. She allowed her face to be shown, but — concerned for her safety — used only a first name of Maddy. 


To my knowledge NOT A SINGLE WHITE FEMALE JUROR’S FACE has been shown publicly, and probably won’t be until the heat of this trial has long passed — and there is money (like a book deal) to be made.

To add INSULT to INJURY, this non-white female has been led to believe that by only using her first name — Maddy — she can protect her identity even while her face and voice and location is being broadcast on every major news media and internet news site in the country.


In the meantime — the black people who are still frustrated over the verdict have been given a NEW TARGET for our anger and contempt:

Another NON-WHITE PERSON (who resembles a black female)

And, speaking of blame,  there are those who are still talking BAD about 19-year-old Rachel Jeantel, (a black female) for not being the IDEAL WITNESS and for “hurting” the case against Zimmerman in a JURY-RIGGED trial INSTEAD of blaming the (white) prosecutor who  did NOT prepare his witnesses to testify AND allowed a jury that excluded blacks.

rachel_jeantel4Rachel Jeantel



Because it’s hard to blame someone you can’t see.

That’s like boxing a shadow

The shameless spectacle of “showcasing” and “scapegoating” Juror B29 is just ONE MORE EXAMPLE of  RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY REFINEMENT and how racist man and racist woman DECEIVE their Non-white Victims into believing their biggest problem is OTHER Non-White Victims.

Words of Wisdom from Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.

Victims of White Supremacy Should Keep Their Focus on the White Supremacists

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Refinement — the 4th Stage of White Supremacy

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Hispanics Are NOT Taking Black People’s Jobs

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(I included this sound clip to discourage the black people VS brown people WARS that ONLY benefit the white supremacy system)

Excerpted from Neely Fuller Jr audio and video  interviews, articles, and ‘The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Code Book’ by Neely Fuller Jr.

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  1. Ms. J says:

    I thought the SAME exact way about B29, Trojan Pam.
    While all the 5 White female jurors get away – yet again – the one non-white female juror is now the focus of everyone’s attention and is all out for the public to see.
    It’s like a game for these people, which is sad.

    I also think that it’s telling that she said George Zimmerman couldn’t get away from “God”. This is a classic line of non-white people when dealing with racism. The people causing the problem do their thing on this Earth why we keep looking up at the sky.

    But I think she was deliberately confused. The RWS are very skilled at making non-white people reconsider our views on many things. You – a black person – could be looking at an apple, and they will try to get you to think it’s something else when they know full well it’s an apple. This tactic led to the confusing racial categories produced at the dawn of RWS, and even the changes with gender/sex. In England, the definition of a “husband” and “wife” have changed, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens here. I’ve seen other non-whites talk badly about Maddy, but I just see her as a representation of how many of us behave day-to-day. We ALL comply with this system in one or another, and are genuinely CONFUSED.

    • Ms. J says:

      I mean, think about it. The RWS in charge are clearly responsible for this preventable debacle, but they’ve convinced many of us that a non-white person was clearly at fault for not causing a hung jury. And Whites also tried to squash Black anger by saying, “What about Black-on-Black crime?” and “Zimmerman is Hispanic”.
      So even you and a White person clearly see an Apple, they do everything in their power to convince you that the Apple is actually an Orange. That’s the key.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Ms J

        Deception (LYING) is the cornerstone of white supremacy, and the nonsense that is used to justify it is all part of the sociopathic and/or psychopathic NEED to maintain the system of white domination and non-white subjugation.

        for example, I’ve heard (some) whites say, “What about OJ Simpson?”

        What about him? What does OJ Simpson have to do with the Zimmerman trial? Is that supposed to mean that Trayvon is “payback” for OJ allegedly chopping off two white people’s heads?

        If that’s the game we’re playing then black people have a TON of catch-up to do when it comes to the sheer NUMBERS (in the MILLIONS) of blacks who have been murdered by whites –STARTING WITH SLAVERY.

        And what about “white on white” crime? Following the logic of justifying Trayvon’s murder by quoting black-on-black crime stats, we could also say, “since a lot of white males kill their wives, then it’s no big deal if a black person kills a white person.”

        of course, that would be an unacceptable thing for any black person to say

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Ms J

      Once I realized HOW she was being used — to be a scapegoat for racism/white supremacy — I feel absolutely NO RANCOR toward her.

      It is easy for a non-white person to be intimidated and overwhelmed when surrounded by racist suspects, especially when we’re in their playground — the CRIMINAL INJUSTICE SYSTEM.

      I hadn’t planned on writing this post until it occurred to me today what game was being played — at least, in my opinion.

      And I had to share my thoughts on this in the hopes that other black people would not make the same mistake I made — to focus on that non-white female when it was the white system AND the white jurors and the white prosecutor and other whites behind the scenes who were totally responsible for allowing Zimmerman — a cold-blooded murderer — to go free.

  2. T.L. Sess says:

    It has nothing to do with the jury. It’s the corrupt cops that covered up evidence and made sure there would not be any evidence at a trial. The panic move to not allow grand jury to take case. It was coordinated from top to bottom. So it was a total judicial corruption that gave us the end result.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ T.L. Sess

      I disagree. I think it was all the players involved, including the jury.

      All that fancy court talk about “the rule of law” would have FLOWN right out the courtroom window had Zimmerman been a black male who shot an UNARMED white 17-year-old boy and used the excuse, “I was scared for my life!”

      those white female jurors would have thrown every law book they could get their hands on at that black male (or female) and no “rule of law” would have made ONE bit of difference to them as they very quickly and very efficiently voted to find a black Zimmerman guilty of first degree, premeditated MURDER.

      But I do agree with you that the sham investigation is an indictment of the police department, the prosecutor and the entire court system, which conspired — together — to choose a nearly all white jury that excluded blacks.

      Why? Because they KNEW what the end result would be once they placed it in the hands of those white females.

  3. Juror B-29 also known as “Maddy” stated she is a black hispanic. She was born in Puerto Rico and speaks spanish besides english. She might appear as a non black non-white because she straightens her naturally curly hair.

    Who knows if she straightens her hair, but she has jet black hair, dark brown almost black eyes, and plenty of skin color. All attributes of a not white person to me. I despise the mainstream media, but I listened to her interview multiple times.

    She claimed she initially voted for guilty on second degree murder charges. She also stated she was doing her best to create a hung jury and even claimed she had empathy for both Trayvon and his mother. She may have been pressured by those other 5 white females.

    White people’s legal system to me can become quite confusing. To me it was apparent that a white judge, white police investigators, white police first at crime scene, white defense team, white prosecution team, white jury with exception of Maddy, and even a white court reporter played their parts assuring that no justice was served for Trayvon Martin. Also, you might be correct that she was picked as the scape goat during jury selection so that people of color would attack her instead of attacking and exposing white people’s rigged racist terrorist system.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Aaron

      A non-white person who has to deal with the white supremacist justice system knows they are in ENEMY territory. I knew it when I went to court on a non-criminal matter (thank God).

      I’ve even heard this from black attorneys who have worked FOR the state’s attorney’s offices. They talk about how racist the “just-us” system is, and often wind up quitting rather than being a part of it.

      So I can easily imagine how intimidating and confusing it can be to be a defendant, a witness, or the only non-white person on a jury. You’re surrounded by all these white faces, all seemingly UNITED in either convicting a black or non-white person (regardless of the evidence) OR acquitting a white (or honorary white) person who is accused of committing a crime against a non-white person (regardless of the evidence).

      I wholeheartedly believe “Maddy” was deliberately chosen because she was a brown-skinned Hispanic, did not have much education (I assume this because she has eight children and works as a nursing assistant, certainly not a living wage job and not enough to raise eight children on), and she may have shown a certain passivity that reassured the prosecution and the defense that she would go along with whatever the white female jurors decided. Maybe, she tried to create a hung jury but in the end, she did go along. (not judging her, just stating the obvious).

      Of course, I could be incorrect about my assumptions, but it’s hard to believe the prosecution and defense would have chosen a non-white person they couldn’t intimidate.

      Right now, the FOCUS is on this non-white female who voted to acquit Zimmerman, NOT on the white female jurors OR the white people who ran such a sham investigation or trial. I’d say that’s a WIN for the white supremacy system.

      • Jay says:

        Isn’t Crump black? He had a part in choosing the jury idiot. I wonder why NBC got in trouble, and that prosecutor in florida got arrested? They were lying or tampering with evidence to help Trayvon. The kid was so guilty that they had to go through all of that!

  4. Kushite Prince says:

    Have you heard of this radio program? This brother makes some great points about Maddy. he’s basically saing a lot of what you say about mixed race people being very confused. He titled this video program The Tragic Mulatto.

  5. Kushite Prince says:

    “The shameless spectacle of “showcasing” and “scapegoating” Juror B29 is just ONE MORE EXAMPLE of RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY REFINEMENT and how racist man and racist woman DECEIVE their Non-white Victims into believing their biggest problem is OTHER Non-White Victims.”

    You’re absolutely correct about that! And the more I think about it—why can’t we see the faces of those white women? I want to see their faces now more than ever! They hide like little cowards! All these white women showed their true feelings in this case. None of them had any empathy for Trayvon. He doesn’t look like their son,nephew or brother. They didn’t give a damn about his death! Proving once again that black life is worthless in Amerikkka! I wonder how all those black men married to white women feel I’m sure there have been some awkward bedroom conversarions. What do you think?lol

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      yeah I would think it would be awkward between the interracial couples, but I have a feeling they probably are talking more about Rachel jeantel and this juror than the white women jurors and the other whites who botched this whole thing. Most of the black men in those relationships don’t like or respect black women anyway, and will say oh i’m glad my white woman isn’t like that. So naturally they’d put the blame on Rachel and their white woman will of course divert all attention onto Rachel and this juror because she don’t want to be associated with these white female jurors ignorance and they too are a part of the system and benefit from it so they have to protect that at all costs. And the point I would like to make to those black men in interracial relationships is this, black women have been out there with their kids marching and protesting for trayvon and other black boys killed, sometimes moreso than for black girls/women. ANd it was a black woman who started the petition to have that jurors book not be published, and it was a black woman that organized the social network black out before the verdict was read. Imo if those white ppl in interracial really loved their black partners they’d first of all not be with a self hating black person, then they’d tell them how whites discriminate against blacks, and they’d correct the ones that do. The real white ppl that are against white supremacy know that white ppl cannot exist if white supremacy is to ever be destroyed. The ones in these relationships know their time is up so the next best thing from having an all white society would be to have white identified society. So then we have tragic mulattoes like this juror,George Zimmerman, Obama, soledad,etc .

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ mstoogood4yall

        I understand your frustration, so I try to keep in mind that MOST black males date and marry black females, just like most black females date and marry black males.

        But there is a tremendous amount of LEARNED anti-blackness in the minds of many (or most) black people who engage in sexual intercourse with whites (in my opinion) and so we need to find ways to reduce ANTI-BLACKNESS and the need for WHITE VALIDATION among black people, which, I believe, will greatly reduce our desire to engage in sexual intercourse with white people.

        That is part of the push for interracial breeding and whites adopting black and non-white children, to create non-white ADVOCATES for white supremacy to make up for the shrinking white population globally — in my opinion.

      • Kushite Prince says:

        I see what you’re saying. It’s all a diversion by switching the attention to Rachel. These people are very slick in the media. They know how to spread anti-blackness very well.

  6. mstoogood4yall says:

    when I first saw this jurors face my first thought was well at least she isn’t a coward like the white female jurors and shows her face. We know whites have always been cowards. had slaves because they were afraid of work, then put on hoods during jim crow to traumatize the former slaves, now they hide behind computer screens and hide behind anonymity. Black ppl have been showing our faces and not hiding, I at least give this woman credit for that. I don’t blame her for everything, as I have seen vids where they do social experiments and they have one non white person with a group of whites and the whites say some racist things or discriminate and the non white person plays along as not to be singled out, especially when they are latino or Asian. I know those white women won’t show their face because they don’t want to be targeted so they throw a poc out to get devoured kinda like this.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      It’s easy to be intimidated when you’re surrounded by people who don’t mean you well, just like it was easy for the prosecution witness, Ms. Jeantel, to feel she was under attack and become defensive. How many of us would make star witnesses in a jury rigged trial where we knew we wouldn’t get justice? I wouldn’t.

      I’m so glad I didn’t fall into the trap (this time) of blaming this non-white juror for the actions of a racist judicial system!

  7. sondis says:


    You expose a side of this black woman’s agenda and the conspiracy behind it.

    Yes, Whites made it a point to make this brown face a scapegoat and it worked like a charm!

    I didn’t blame her per say but i didn’t fall for her excuse and i felt she should have stuck to her guns and causes a hung jury.

    I feel her apology was self serving and didn’t fall for it but that didn’t mean my anger, didn’t land squarely on the other 5 white female jurors.


    I think you’re focusing too much on black males in interracial relationships with white women, yet ignore all the black women in interracial relationships with white men.

    This isn’t my argument and it isn’t relevant to Pam’s post, whether, “Most of the black men in those relationships don’t like or respect black women anyway” Pam was just trying to set you on the right track and point out that we need to stop the finger pointing, towards each other and recognize the true enemy, which is white supremacy.

    I think Pam is also correct about the ANTI-blackness that we as black, suffer from in America.

    Another thing that goes along with this anti-blackness is anti-black man and anti-black woman, among black people in America. It seems like you were, throwing black men under the bus and ignoring black women that sell out their race, just like black men. Again, this isn’t relevant to the post, i am just pointing it out to make my point.

    I don’t think that should be the focus, i see what Pam was trying to get across to you, when she was pointing out the anti-black man, attitude you were exhibiting.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ sondis,

      don’t forget, she’s not a black female, she’s HISPANIC.

      I wish she had stuck to her guns, but keep in mind, most or nearly all or maybe, all black people “give in” to the wants and demands of white people on a daily basis.

      It is hard to stand up when all the power is on the other (white) side. I know that from personal experience, but I hear what you’re saying.

      Re: mstoogood4yall’s comment, I think she is speaking on the frustration most (or nearly all) black females feel when it comes to black males sexing white females but I don’t think that makes her “anti-black male” anymore than a black male being frustrated with black females means he dislikes all black females.

      • sondis says:


        ” most or nearly all or maybe, all black people “give in” to the wants and demands of white people on a daily basis.”

        She had nothing to lose, though. Its not like she would lose her job if she, caused a hung jury.

        These white women were not over her in any way, she was their equals, so to speak.

        She allowed, white supremacy to win, even when they were no consequences. -_-

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ sondis,

          she had a lot to lose. She’s got eight children, working as a “nursing assistant”

          do you think her white employer wouldn’t punish her if she voted the wrong way? White people are very, very creative when it comes to punishing black people.

          Maybe, she didn’t feel “equal” to them, most black people (if they tell the TRUTH) are intimidated by white power, and what is more evident of white power than a courtroom with a white prosecutor, judge, and nearly all white jury?

          I’m going to put my focus ON THOSE WHITE FEMALE JURORS and from what i’ve noticed black people don’t seem to be doing much of that

          and that to me is PROOF of our (secret) fear of white power, that we are NOT talking BAD about those white females but choose to focus on those non-white females. (not directing this at you)

          • sondis says:

            She choose to show her face, being she went along with the other 5 racist white female jurors, had she caused a hung jury, she would have not shown her face. Therefore, her employer would have not known her identity, so they could not retaliate, against her but i digress.

            I agree with your post that white supremacy is at the forefront of her, being used as a scapegoat but i refuse to let her off the hook, entirely.

            Then again, i don’t expect much from a Hispanic that probably identifies, more with whites, than blacks. ala George Zimmerman.

    • Jay says:

      If black people are only struggling in America because of whites, then surely South Africa (the one with the most white people in it) wouldn’t be the richest country in Africa. Surely Haiti is doing as well as they were before they murdered all the whites? Surely Detroit is doing well since they ran off the whites?

  8. Mariama says:


    I really resent the way the media and some black men are demonizing Rachel Jeantel. There are clearly some deep-seated issues that they have towards black women in general. Her appearance has been mocked, her dialect has been scrutinized, and she has been blamed for the verdict!! Frankly, she sounded quite articulate to me.

    As far as Juror B29, my first reaction was to attack her. I hate to admit that. Then I wondered why she would risk her personal safety by appearing on camera. And like you said, all the attention has been taken off the mostly white jury and been placed on the laps of Rachel Jeantel, B29 and of course, the so-called thug Trayvon Martin.

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      Yeah they love attacking the black victim and their friends and family. It’s like ugh can we get treated like normal grieving human beings, but no they gotta get the camera and microphone and ask dumb questions like how do u feel? And attack someone for being a witness to their friend’s last moments. Juror B29 I do have to wonder as well why she’d put her face on camera and she has 8 kids safety and hers to worry about. This system is like weeds, u see the top sticking out the ground and instead of ppl attacking the root[white supremacy] to destroy the weed all together they attack what they can see[other black ppl] and the weed grows back. i’ll admit I sometimes make that mistake, but i’m learning from it. As far as the ppl saying Trayvon was a thug, well I bet these same racist ppl wouldn’t see anything wrong with emos and wouldn’t call them a thug. I remember when they were killing emos in Iraq the whites were all oh no why kill those kids based on what they wear that is horrible. But a black male wears a hoodie or du rag and he’s a thug smh.

      • Jay says:

        The thing is when white people know a thug or emo, even if in their own family, they USUALLY shame them or don’t really defend them or even talk to them. They are more REALISTIC.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Jay

          I deleted two of your posts due to name-calling and profanity.

          If you are incapable of dialoguing without using profanity or name-calling (I wonder if white people would consider that “thuggish?”) I suggest you find another blog.

          Your other posts speak for themselves as an example of what this blog is all about. Thanks for making my job much easier.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Mariama

      Yes, there are some. Unfortunately, there are black females who are demonizing her, too, and I think a lot of this ANTI-BLACKNESS (male and female) is provoked by her being dark-skinned and how SHE makes US look to — guess who? White people

      again, that burning need for white validation and many blacks thought she “represented us” poorly — which is a sign of mental sickness in and of itself, but this is all part of our inferiority training we receive from cradle to grave

      there is a tremendous amount of work to do to heal ourselves, I just don’t know what it would take OR if we have time to do it

  9. mstoogood4yall says:

    @ Trojan pam & Sondis

    Sorry if I sounded like I was just attacking black men, its not that. I was just annoyed at all the ppl attacking Rachel and trying to act like all black women have attitude when some are just being defensive. And the dam ppl on abagond who keep saying trayvon was a thug, its a dam shame we can’t wear certain things or we are thugs, jezebels,etc. Its like we have to walk on eggshells or be attacked or executed. Both black men and women have been doing some questionable things, but I gotta remember that some are still asleep. “Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair? Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips? Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? Who taught you to hate your own kind? Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other? You know. Before you come asking Mr. Muhammad does he teach hate, you should ask yourself who taught you to hate being what God made you.” Malcolm x and I gotta remember this

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      You are free to express your honest opinions here. I think your frustration echoes what many black females feel — rightly or wrongly. That doesn’t make you anti-black male, it makes you human. Black males also have some justifiable reasons for being frustrated with us.

      I’m all for being HONEST, not for being “politically correct” as long as that honesty can be turned into something constructive.

      at some point, black males and females are going to have to “come clean” about our feelings, but there is so much MISDIRECTED pain and resentment (that came from our SLAVE experiences) that every dialogue turns into a heated debate and blame-throwing disaster

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for how to approach that dialogue between black males and females.

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        Thanks ms pam, it is crazy how it seems hard to be able to talk about what is bothering someone about the opposite sex without sounding too condescending or like u hate them. I don’t hate black men, I just get fed up with the ones saying dumb things and what really got to me was how some black men were saying they wished Rachel was killed instead of Trayvon. I don’t want to see black males or black females killed period both are equally important. I want the trayvons and rekia boyds to not happen in the first place, but when they do, I don’t want black ppl attacking each other over something we have no control over. We do have control over how we treat ppl and what we think about ourselves. I do agree parents should teach their kids to love their blackness, then there would be less anti blackness.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ mstoogood4yall

          wow, they were saying they wish she was killed instead of Trayvon? I believe (whoever they are, real or impostor) that they represent a small minority of people. I don’t believe most black males (or females) blame Rachel but I do think some will fall for the TRICK of putting that non-white female out on front street.

          I agree, it makes no sense to attack another black person over something they have no control over, I think we are just looking for a target to vent on, and we know there will be CONSEQUENCES if we choose the right (white) target.

          Sadly, if black parents are infected with anti-blackness AND do nothing to heal themselves or at least put themselves in check and watch what they say and do around their children, they will just create another black generation that hates themselves — aka a generational curse.

          • mstoogood4yall says:

            Yep the anti blackness I see is a lot from the parents. Today my mom commented about my transitioning to natural hair and said it felt like a nappy headed boy. I feel like both n words should be removed from black ppls vocabulary. I hate seeing vids where young black kids are cussing each other out and calling each other degrading names, some are only about 5 yrs old and i’m thinking where are the parents, oh they behind the camera filming this mess and egging it on.smh. I think anti blackness causes a lot of our issues, if there was less anti blackness we would be more united, no light skin vs dark skin, good hair vs not, no exposing girls to harmful chemicals at young ages so they can have straight hair etc. In time i’m hopeful most of this will not be an issue, but for now its hard dealing with the anti everything about blackness.

      • Mariama says:

        @Pam and Mstoogood4yall:

        This is forum is the perfect outlet for me to express my hurt and pain regarding our ancestors and current plight, so for me it is absolutely crucial that I am honest. Like both of you, I have been frustrated with black men and at times, I still do. Not nearly as much as in the past. For the most part, most of my wounds have healed. Like Pam said, much of our anger and confusion is misdirected. That is why I get extremely pissed and irate when I see black men who run to white women and say horrendous things about all black women. What hurts me deeply is that despite us sharing the same traumatizing history, he bashes us. Then the white woman adds fuel to the fire by doing the same thing. That to me is the ultimate form of betrayal.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Mariama

          the black male and female relational is STILL rooted in slavery and slave traditions, and until we understand what drives our dysfunction, and stop blaming each other for what white people did to us, we won’t be able to fix it

          have your read our book, “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” ?

          • Mariama says:


            I have all of your books. I have read each one multiple times because it is so much information to digest. These books have helped change my lilfe and added new light to my perspective. They have been extremely cathartic for me and I use them along with some other books to help me make sense of what we are experiencing in terms of racism/media etc. I absolutely love the books and am eagerly waiting “Dark Girls.” Thank you so much!!

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ Mariama

              (sorry I forgot to respond)

              I’m glad you have our books — and much thanks for supporting our efforts to give food for thought!

              Actually, Dark Girls wound up being “The Beauty Con Game” since the book was mainly about black females.

              However, there are more projects planned for the near future

              I’ll keep you guys posted as they develop

  10. sondis says:


    what is your direct email?

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  12. Kushite Prince says:

    Don’t forget.. August 1 is Boycott Florida Day. Myself and other bloggers will be putting up a post that day. No black people will buy from any Florida based companies. We are taking a stand against the “stand your ground” law. Which is in 21 states I believe. We will start with Florida and take it from there. I also encourage all black people to not spend any money with Jews,Arabs,Asians,whites or hispanic stores. If you must buy something spend with a black business. I would really appreciate everyone’s support. Thank you,your brother KP.

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  14. […] George Zimmerman Juror B29 = Racism/White Supremacy Refinement […]

  15. sondis says:

    Thank you Pam! Gemme a five on da black hand side!—-> \o

  16. sondis says:

    LOL Pam! ^_^

  17. […] George Zimmerman Juror B29 = Racism/White Supremacy Refinement […]

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