After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do? Part Five

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“Black people must become comfortable with being uncomfortable.” – Gus Renegade, host of the C.O.W.S. radio ( ).

The suggestions in this chapter (found in the book, ‘Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act’) will make some readers uncomfortable. The idea of using psychological counter-racism warfare against the white supremacy system makes some blacks literally sweat under the collar.

However, if we are not extremely “uncomfortable” with racism, police brutality, murder-by-cop of unarmed black men and women, inferior black schools, unjust incarcerations, and economic, housing, and employment discrimination — NOTHING should make us uncomfortable.

I included the Kendrick Johnson story NOT because of the sensational or gory details, but I believe it is SUPER IMPORTANT that all black people FACE what is happening TO black people — especially to our black children — under CONDITIONS OF A WHITE SUPREMACIST WAR AGAINST ALL BLACK AND AFRICAN PEOPLE — even when facing it makes us uncomfortable.

The REALITY of all the Trayvon Martins and Kendrick Johnsons are NOT reflected in the WHITEWASHED and UNREALISTIC versions of black life portrayed in the media — or in the White House.

Like the ABC-TV series, Scandal, where a black female “power broker” has white male district attorneys begging for mercy, and has enough “power” to barge into the Oval Office in the middle of a meeting to chastise the married, white male president about his sexual escapades with a white female.

This scenario is JUST AS UNREALISTIC and UNLIKELY as a black elected official, for example, the President of the United States, who was financed, nominated, and vetted by the powerful white supremacist system actually having ANY REAL POWER within the same white supremacist system that created his “powerful-appearing” position.

Another EQUALLY FALSE scenario would be a black male or female who is hired by the CEO/OWNER of a white corporation to be the boss OVER the real bosses, the same white male or female who hired them and gives them a paycheck.

Understandably, due to our psychological trauma, many of us (black people) have become full-time ESCAPISM ADDICTS who  spend a ton of time watching television and movies that show black people in predominantly white environments, being treated as equals, not being victimized by racism, and getting along just fine and dandy with white people:


TV series like Scandal actually programs the black masses to REPLACE OUR OWN REALITY with a FANTASY WORLD, courtesy of the white supremacist mainstream media.

AND at the same time the white media cleverly REINFORCES the same racist stereotypes, like the black female character in Scandal, Olivia Pope, being little more than an educated, successful, emotionally dysfunctional white man’s whore:

“I’m not normal,” said Olivia Pope when asked about having a love life.

Yet, she is supposedly admired by all the other characters in spite of all of the above.

Unfortunately, millions of black people also buy into this type of media-generated ESCAPIST FARE — both real and fictional. Why?

Because the TRUTH makes us UNCOMFORTABLE.

I’ve heard many a black person tell me — in response to hearing about a REAL-LIFE example of racism — that they don’t want to…

“…think about that because it will disturb my spirit…”   (AKA  it makes me uncomfortable)

YET — will sit for hours in front of a TV or movie screen watching “disturbing,” perverted, and violent entertainment.

Some black parents, when advised to tell our children the TRUTH about racism, will say…

“…I don’t want to teach them to hate white people.”   (AKA  it makes me uncomfortable)

YET — will act hateful toward other black family members, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and strangers — EVEN in front of the black child in question.

When the REAL TRUTH IS — we don’t want to make ourselves UNCOMFORTABLE by hearing OR telling OR facing the TRUTH about our TRUE condition as black people (prisoners) within a white supremacist system.

Because the TRUTH makes us UNCOMFORTABLE.



   Kendrick Johnson 1
  Kendrick Johnson
blankKenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson - parentsKenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson – parents of Kendrick
Suspect: Despite Battered Condition Of His Face, Police Rule Accidental Asphyxiation As Cause Of Georgia Teen’s Death [Graphic Photo Inside] – See more at:

“The parents of a south Georgia teen found dead inside a rolled-up wrestling mat in a high school gym want federal authorities to reopen a case that had been declared an accident, the family’s attorney said Wednesday.

Sheriff’s investigators had decided after months of investigation that 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson died in a freak accident after he was found stuck upside down Jan. 11 in the rolled-up mat, which was propped upright behind bleachers at his Valdosta high school.

Family attorney Chevene King said Wednesday that a new autopsy by a private pathologist has concluded the boy died from an apparently non-accidental blow to the neck. Johnson’s parents had reported the teen missing when he didn’t return from school Jan. 10.

Sheriff Chris Prine in Lowndes County has previously said he suspected Johnson became trapped while trying to retrieve a shoe that fell into the center of the large rolled mat.”

death scene of Kendrick Johnsondeath scene of Kendrick Johnson, body found rolled up in mat

“A Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiner concluded the youth died from positional asphyxia, his body stuck in a position in which he couldn’t breathe.

But the teen’s parents, Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson, hired Dr. William R. Anderson to provide a second opinion after a judge agreed in May to exhume the body. The pathologist performed his own autopsy in June and presented a four-page report of his findings Aug. 15.

Anderson’s report said he detected hemorrhaging on the right side of Johnson’s neck. The pathologist concluded the teenager had died from blunt force trauma near his carotid artery and that the fatal blow appeared to be “non-accidental.”

“King said the findings appear consistent with a possible assault.”

badly beaten faceKendricks badly beaten face

Blood stains on a wallBlood stains on a wall

bloody shoe found at scene:  blood found near shoe but not on shoe

“Anastasia Roe, the teen’s aunt, said information that the family received from the school and the sheriff’s office about how the teen was found was inconsistent, and that led to some in the community to ask questions.”

“First we heard he was on the floor near the mat, then we hear he was wrapped in the mat,” she said. “It’s suspicious.”

– See more at:



—— * * * —–


Suspicious? Prosecutor Removed Teen’s Organs and Replaced them with Newspaper

Kendrick Johnson 2
Kendrick Johnson

“The family of Kendrick Johnson is still looking for answers after the teen died under very mysterious circumstances.  Now that the case has garnered national attention, local authorities are being scrutinized over whether they brushed the Georgia teen’s deαth under the rug.

Not only are police trying to find out how Johnson died, they are also trying to determine why the funeral home did something very odd with his body.  CNN says that an independent autopsy has revealed that the boy’s brain, heart, lungs and liver had been removed.

In fact, his body above the pelvis had been stuffed with newspaper.”



(NOTE:  The U.S. Justice Department has declined to investigate the Trayvon Martin and Kendrick Johnson murders.)



Black Men and Women, black husbands and wives, black mothers and fathers, black sons and daughters, black sisters and brothers, black parents and children should show AFFECTION OPENLY and PUBLICLY.

It is especially important for parents to show love for each other OPENLY AND PUBLICLY in front of their children, so your children will KNOW it is NORMAL and DESIRABLE for black men and women to LIKE, LOVE, and SEXUALLY DESIRE EACH OTHER.

It is ONLY in the (white supremacist) Western culture (and mindset) that black males and black females showing sexual attraction AND affection for each other is considered WRONG (dirty) — while black homosexuality is openly encouraged AND rewarded.

Showing LOVE for another black person should not be restricted to family members or romantic or sexual partners. LOVE should not be restricted to our blood relations.

LOVE is showing KINDNESS AND COURTESY OPENLY AND PUBLICLY to all black people — even strangers — so our black children will LEARN it is NORMAL and DESIRABLE for Black Men and Black Women to RESPECT and CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER.

Of course, courtesy should be extended to all people but our MAIN FOCUS should be on repairing the bonds between the black male, female, and child that were destroyed during slavery and 500 years of racist oppression.

Not on seeking VALIDATION (APPROVAL) from white and other non-black people.

Do NOT be discouraged if a “sick” (confused/self-hating) black person does not respond to your “kindness.” Push on AND keep planting the seeds of BLACK UNITY and BLACK MENTAL HEALTH.

We MUST love each other like our children’s lives depend on it — because they DO.


black love 1black love 2black love 5 black love 6 black love 7 black love 8 black love 10 black love 11 black love 12 black love 13 black love 14 black love 15 black love 16 black love 17 black love 18 black love 19 black love 20 black love 21 black love 22 black love 23 black love 24 black love 26 black love 27 black love 28

 (Photos Courtesy of


(BUT — what the white media wants US TO THINK “black love” should look like):


(A black female having an “affair” with a married white male AKA “a white man’s WHORE” in ‘Scandal TV show )


(A black male having a family with a white female AKA a neutralized black male)



When you attack one of us, you attack ALL of us.



Birmingham-Blast birmingham-church-bombingDenise McNair, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, and Carole Robertson


badly beaten face


emmett-till-and-trayvon-martinEmmett Till and Trayvon Martin

When you attack Black Men, you attack ME, (a Black Woman) because I came from a Black Man.

When you attack Black Women, you attack ME, (a Black Man) because I came from a Black Woman.

When you degrade, stereotype, or harm ONE OF US, you harm ME.

Because mistreating ONE of us  is the same as mistreating





(Excerpt from the book,  “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” )


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  1. Shanequa says:

    While racism is being hit in front of our black faces, we have a great number of black men & women that are in denial that racism still exist. We have came to a point now instead of us pointing our fingers at the root cause of our condition which is white supremacy, we will point the finger at our own black brothers & sisters. We as black people need to stop running to the rescue to save these other races when they wouldn’t dare come to our rescue. I rarely watch television but that is a tool for manipulating and sending our people the wrong messages. Sometimes I’m even glad when they don’t have black characters on television because it is always a degrading or submission role they will play.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Shanequa

      I agree, that’s why there is so little cooperation (and participation) when it comes to our own (black) liberation.

      I am also relieved when I don’t see any blacks in TV and movie roles because if we are present, black males will be separated from black females — or in conflict, and the one or two black faces present will be in service to white people and white supremacy by playing either a degrading role OR that of a “color-blind” black person who is totally accepted by whites

      • Mariama says:

        Thank you for this great post Pam. It is always good to hear from you. It is strange that I find myself agreeing with you and Shanequa. Like you both, I have found myself hoping that there are no black characters on tv (I rarely watch tv). Ironically, it is really strange to hear black folks up in arms about there being a lack of black characters on various shows, even if they are negative.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Mariama

          I agree on both counts. When I hear other black people asking for more “diversity” on TV, I think — whoa! look what we get when they put us on TV

          either buffoons, sit-clowns, criminals, totally assimilated blacks (who don’t know any other black people), or white men’s whores (Scandal)

          and let’s not forget the fat and sassy overweight black females in TV commercials

          and black talk show hosts kissing plenty of white butt (sorry, Queen, but I’m talking about YOU)

          I could really live without seeing any more of this madness that parades as “entertainment”

  2. Shanequa says:

    @ TrojanPam 100% agreed with your statement.
    I know when that interracial Cheerio commercial came out with the white woman, black man and biracial child, black women got a lot of negative backlash from black men. The media made it a big up roar but to me it was another divide & conquer scam toward black men & women. I seen black forums & youtube videos of black men complaining on how racist white men & angry black women were upset by the commercial of seeing a loving interracial family. But again that interracial family image sends a negative message to our people saying its good to love non- black but bad to love your own black people. I notice this to on television when it involves a black family they will always have two dark skin parents & biracial children but never two dark skin parents & dark children.
    The same thing when it comes to natural hair products rather the woman is biracial, light or dark skin they will always try to find the one with “good good hair” curly or wavy hair (in black people term) to advertise there product you want find a black woman with kinky or tightly coil hair . Even on youtube you have natural hair black women trying to define there curls which in my opinion trying to manipulate there hair into a curly or wavy pattern but if you wasn’t born with that hair pattern its not going to work. Then its a hair chart of the varies types of hair texture that I seen some black women go by to find their hair texture type. But in my opinion that hair chart you can’t really go by because we as black people have too many different types of hair pattern & textures they doesn’t match to that chart.

  3. TrojanPam says:

    @ Shanequa

    I’ve noticed the same things, how dark skinned black children and females have DISAPPEARED from TV commercials and how over 95% of the “black” children are the offspring of white females with black males. (according to someone I knew who worked with casting directors — MOST OF THEM WHITE FEMALES)

    no accident

    And how natural hair products hardly exist BECAUSE THEY DO NOT PROMOTE WHITE BEAUTY STANDARDS

    and how most of the top black female entertainers have lightened their skin and their hair and wear UNREALISTIC looking hair weaves — because that’s what black females have to do TO SECURE WORK IN A RACIST ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY

    and how black males who DO NOT DATE OR MARRY BLACK FEMALES — get MORE WORK AND MORE TV SHOWS AND MOVIES than black men who DO

    Once we start to REALLY SEE what we are looking at, we will recognize it as WHITE SUPREMACY PROPAGANDA — and will be able to build PSYCHOLOGICAL DEFENSES against it.

  4. sondis says:

    Powerful…posted on abagond’s blog.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ sondis


      there is so much anti-blackness being generated by mass media that it is endangering our survival in this nation.

      I compare it to a husband and wife who are trapped in a burning house set on fire by a mob

      and instead of trying to put the fire out OR get their small children to safety,

      the husband and wife are fighting each other over why he or she came home at three in the morning the night before

      Yes, that might be a conversation that needs to happen (why one partner came home late) but NOT RIGHT NOW

      NOT while their house is on fire and their children are dying of SMOKE INHALATION and BURNS

      We –black males and female — better WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT OUR HOUSES ARE BEING SET ON FIRE


      so whatever BEEF black males and females and black males and black males and black females and black females have with each other

      has got to be either TABLED OR SQUASHED


      (that’s what I’m saying)

  5. Timothy says:

    First and foremost,

    Thank you for your post.

    I will show this information far and wide.

    Also, we should not mistreat each other. Black males and Black females should be treated with dignity and respect. The white racists make it a pastime to denigrate and to emotionally harm black humanity (among both genders) in movies, TV, and in other arenas in real life. That is disgrace. So, it is imperative as you have mention that we should not mimic the evil actions of white supremacists. We should have real moral ideals in our consciousness and we ought to treat our Brothers and our Sisters with love and respect. We certainly have a long way to go since the enemy have lied, covered up, and participated in the death of innocent Black Men, Black Women, and Black Children. The story of Kendrick and Sister Miriam Carey broke my heart. Miriam Carey was unarmed and she was murdered and I felt that alternatives could of been made to retrieve her. Thank you for the Black Love images of Brothers and Sisters (across generations) loving each other. Black Love is a very powerful force in the Universe. Also, you made a great point of us fighting colorism. Colorism is an abomination and dark skinned black human beings ought to be treated the same as any black human being of any skin tone. Our struggle as Black human beings is the same globally. Afro-Brazilians and Africans globally are with us. We are all black African peoples no matter where we live. We have to be strong and realist enough to know that we are all in this together. When they slander a Brother or a Sister, they slander all of us.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      Thanks for supporting this blog with your input.

      I agree, we must do our best to respect each other as black and African people, no matter where we are in the world. We are ALL under attack–and we need to see that as EVIDENCE that the rest of the world knows how potentially powerful MELANATED PEOPLE ARE — and that we have the SPIRITUAL POWER TO TRANSFORM THE PLANET and ERADICATE WHITE SUPREMACY.

      That’s why we are being attacked. If we were so “inferior” and worthless why bother oppressing us? You don’t have to make inferior something that already is. It doesn’t make sense.

      And the one thing I know for sure, like the air I breathe, is that when we disrespect other black people, that DISRESPECT REDUCES OUR OWN SELF-RESPECT.

      Have you ever noticed that some of the most anti-black black people, who are always putting down black people, are some of the angriest and miserable people you know?

      Like the young black females on these reality shows, calling each other the most horrible names, like “rachet ho bitch” and if you look at them and their lives, they are CHOKING ON THEIR OWN POISON, and are usually involved in very dysfunctional sexual relationships

      and they can’t put it together, that by dogging out and degrading other black females there is NO WAY THEY CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES, no matter how much hair and makeup and high heels and BIG TALK they use

      and that is the TRICK of white supremacy. They get US to do THEIR dirty work and stand back and watch us SELF-DESTRUCT

      we have to be smarter

  6. ProBlack says:

    Thank You Pam, for this post.

    I had read about the murder of Kendrick on another website. I was deeply disturbed to say the least. These atrocities keep happening. At times I wish I had a magic wand…at others, I am consumed with hate, and wishing the perpetrators dead! But, I come back to my senses and get
    down to work (homeschooling my son, buying black, etc…). The determination and persistence that I have been blessed with, keeps me going. On the other hand, I am inpatient and want to see immediate results, a better position for our people etc…. However, I keep telling myself if it was up to THEM, we would have been exterminated long ago. So, the only fight is the good fight, and I am not in it to LOSE!

    Once Again, Thanks for all you do!!!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ProBlack

      I think you have to be a robot NOT to feel anger and even a degree of intense dislike when you see what is happening to other black people JUST because they are black.

      It’s the black people who don’t feel anything, who aren’t angry or outraged, or who walk around talking about being color-blind, that have the REAL problem

      A moral person is always OUTRAGED by cruelty and injustice

      anyone who isn’t — in my opinion — has lost their moral compass, or never had one to begin with

      Thanks to you for supporting this blog!

      Please share the info with others

  7. anonymous says:

    Ms. Pam, I have a couple of questions? In your opinion why is it that lately I have noticed a lot of attacks on Black women, like White people going out of their way to denigrate Black females, and lastly, why do a number of them seem to get scared when Black people wear their hair in it’s natural state?

    I am posting a link here where I was reading about the ill treatment a young lady has gotten from individuals while living in Taiwan. I am struck by how many White males who are living there are participating in the dynamic. I see this behavior as increasing. They seem to really be uncomfortable when we wear our hair in it’s natural state, and I see an increase in ill mannered behavior toward Black women. Why do Black women scare them so much? Thank you in advance for your answers.

    And of course LAPD, where they treat you like a King.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ anonymous

      Absolutely! I expected some of this when I read — about ten years ago — a study on the self-esteem of teenaged girls.

      According to the WHITE PEOPLE who conducted this study black girls had the HIGHEST SELF-ESTEEM when compared to white, Asian and Hispanic girls.

      I was like — uh-oh! They’re coming after us now, they can’t let that fly, after all the demonization and denigration of black females over the last 500 years, how DARE us have higher self-esteem than white females!

      And then I started noticing more degrading images of black females in the media, the black males wearing wigs and dresses to look like ugly black females, and promoting attractive black females as “video hos,” and today, most attractive black females in TV and movies are chasing and begging white males for sex (AKA being white men’s WHORES).

      And now that black females are doing a reverse, and getting away from degrading OURSELVES, the harassment and degradation aimed at black females who choose to wear our natural hair is DESIGNED to further confuse us and devastate our attempts to restore our self-esteem and dignity.

      As long as we wear unrealistic, unflattering weaves and wigs and perm our hair and straighten, the white supremacists can relax.

      But once we embrace the bodies and hair and skin THAT GOD GAVE US, then who knows what might happen next? We might start really loving and respecting ourselves and not buying into the notion that whites are superior.

      And once black males SEE us LOVING OURSELVES, they might find the COURAGE AND CONVICTION TO LOVE THEMSELVES — and US

      and before you know it, black people are liking and loving themselves and each other and our children are rising up out of the psychological and emotional and sexual cesspool of white supremacy and becoming OVER-DEVELOPED HUMAN BEINGS instead of UNDER-DEVELOPED, SELF-HATING CRIPPLES.


      Because once a people falls to that lowest of levels where they hate themselves and love their enemies, they have become the WALKING DEAD

      That’s why almost EVERY black female in entertainment is wearing a weave, and more are wearing blond weaves and MOST of these weaves LOOK LIKE WEAVES and are very unflattering. I suspect they are told they have to wear them if they want to get work in the industry.

      I also believe a lot of white males who degrade black females’ bodies and hair ARE CLOSET HOMOSEXUALS — AND view us MUCH in the way a FEMALE VIEWS HER FEMALE COMPETITORS because what NORMAL HETEROSEXUAL MALE spends any amount of time talking about women he is NOT attracted to?


      And why are Black males being REWARDED for being homosexual and for shunning black females as lovers and wives?

      I believe it is happening for three main reasons:

      1. black males embracing black females could lead to BLACK UNITY
      2. black males embracing black females means MORE BLACK BABIES
      3. black males embracing black females (or any females) means FEWER black males that are SEXUALLY AVAILABLE to the racist homosexual and down-low white males.

      It is obvious there is some kind of fixation on black male genitals by white males collectively, and I think some view black females as OBSTACLES in their quest to control and covet the black male’s penis and his awesome reproductive and sexual powers — while at the same time, whites males’ sperm is increasingly NON-VIABLE (UNABLE TO FERTILIZE AN EGG)

      I would warn black females collectively to be aware of all the above, and to NOT INTERNALIZE anything anyone says about us. They are afraid of us FOR GOOD REASON.

      I would also warn black males NOT TO JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON of bashing black females. Like the KING on the chessboard, once the QUEEN is removed from the GAME,


      Black brothers, do not become APPEASERS, hoping the white alligators will eat you last (and eat the black females first).

      Do not throw your women and children to the alligators but join with them to defeat your enemies.

      I don’t want to make this post any longer. I talk about this phenomenon in my fourth book, “The Beauty Con Game” — and about the homosexual connection between white males bashing black females and secretly desiring black males in my third book, “The Interracial Con Game.”

      I’ve made both books available in print and ebook so they will be affordable.

      • anonymous says:

        Thank you Ms. Pam for taking the time to respond to my question. I read another post on the same website where the young lady would overhear Chinese women asking their mates if they thought she was pretty, to which they replied they did not. I have to wonder about any woman who would have to resort to that type of behavior. They must feel terribly challenged by her presence, and insecure about themselves. I will try to remember what you have said, and I hope to one day be able to read the books you have written.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ anonymous

          I have personally experienced a great deal of hostility and insecurity from both non-black/non-white females and white females because of the way I look.

          It’s hard to describe, but there is something SPECIAL about black females that we may not see BUT they do

          Black females have a strong presence that has nothing to do with being masculine or “superwomen” (because we’re NOT)

          but I think it’s an invisible force, something spiritual and a lot of non-white cultures have worshiped black females as the MADONNA, a diety, but only through the lens of white supremacy is the black female deemed inferior

          If I could accomplish nothing else before I’m buried six feet under, I would want to convince black people that WE ARE NOT INFERIOR

          if we were, there wouldn’t be this HUGE EFFORT to oppress us

          because it wouldn’t be NECESSARY

          • Mariama says:


            I enjoy reading your posts and books, but I have to say that this is one of the best posts from you. There is no way that any black person can read your responses and not feel the genuine concern, compassion and love that you have for us. I am really touched by your words and you always inspire me in so many ways. I have love in my heart for you because I know that the ancestors are through you with their words of revolution, love and compassion. I will always support you and on the days when you feel you are not getting anywhere, just remember that you have helped “heal” many hurting spirits out here, one of them being me. Stay blessed!

  8. Timothy says:

    Thank You Sister Pam for your response.

    Also, what are your thoughts on the tragic death of our Sister Miriam Carey?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy,

      I believe (but can’t verify it) they used excessive force against her (and her child in the car) because that she was black and had there been a white child in the car, they would have chosen to disable the car instead of firing bullets into a car with a child in it.

      Black life — be it a man, woman, child, elderly, blind, deaf, handicapped, in a wheelchair, handcuffed behind the back, lying face down on a BART subway platform, sitting in a jail cell, in a coma on a hospital bed, etc — is ALWAYS at risk in a white supremacy system.

      What happened to Ms Carey and Trayvon Martin and Kendrick Johnson is a WARNING that this could happen to any of us, or to any of our loved ones at ANY time.

      that’s why I push so hard for BLACK UNITY, because whether we like it or NOT, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, regardless of what we choose to believe or who we sleep with, or where we work, etc.

      And we need to stop fighting with each other and START LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER

      because there is SAFETY IN UNIFIED NUMBERS

      of course there will be many blacks who think otherwise, that safety lies in pleasing, appeasing and being validated by ANYONE NON-BLACK who has lighter skin and straighter hair, AKA “love knows no color” and “I’m color blind” and “we are the world” etc

      BLACK UNITY does not mean we have to disrespect or hate anyone, it means we understand the POWER OF UNITY,

      something all “ethnic groups” understand except the descendants of former slaves whose bonds were BROKEN after 400 years of chattel slavery

      I posted a story from my first book, “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation,” on this blog about the dangers of DIS-UNITY.

  9. sparkle86 says:

    Hi Trojan Pam,

    First time commentator, I just wanted to get my thoughts out as I examine global WS so excuse me if I sound jumbled. I just watched a trailer for 12 years a slave and it got me thinking, Sometimes, I don’t think us, victims, specifically black victims around the world really understand the depth of depravity that white supremacists have heaped upon us and continue to heap upon us. Some of us are truly oblivious. Ever since I realized we are under global domination, I can’t even go to a mall and not see white, white, white everywhere. If you’ve ever seen the movie They Live when the main character puts on the glasses. That’s what I mean. The white messages are so obvious you want to shout from the rooftops. But I also think that us victims are scared out of our mind and a significant number of us have been driven insane. How can we not be insane after living under this system? I see a number of behaviors that victims are doing that they would not be doing if they were not under this system and it pains me to see this. I hate to see us be pawns to this sick game. Since knowing we are under global ws, I have learned to be more patient and more courteous with other victims. I don’t get mad at black folks “in charge” since they are not in charge. I don’t get caught up in blaming genders because it is painfully obvious we have been both traumatized in different ways. I have definitely watched the foods I eat and completely avoid junk food. I watch less and less tv. I have no interest in dating/sexing white people EVER despite several members of my family marrying out to suspected racists. I guess I’m trying to do my little part in ending WS but I know if there were more victims codified, we could really make a dent in this global system.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ sparkle86

      I feel you, and agree wholeheartedly, that most victims have NO idea how greatly we were traumatized during AND after slavery.

      The greatest crime you can commit against any people is to ROB them of their identity and replace it with a despised one. To teach people to hate themselves is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and the most INHUMANE act a person can commit.

      We are a mentally ill people living under conditions of WAR but it is not our fault that we are damaged. I try to be more patient of other victims and try to remember that I am just as damaged as they are and operate at my own level of dysfunction.

      I’m glad you’re making such a strong effort to heal yourself and to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

      I agree, if more victims were aware and understood the system and fought against the programming, we would eventually dismantle this system

      and the white supremacists KNOW that

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  10. mstoogood4yall says:

    Great post, its weird they say he was trying to reach a shoe but he has two shoes that were off his feet in the rolled up mat with him. Then the pic they have a black shoe and said he was trying to reach that shoe, really how many pairs of shoes are they trying to say he had? And if that is one black shoe they said he was reaching for where is the other one? His face kinda looks like emit till’s unrecognizable so sad.I wonder if his organs would’ve shown bruising and if that is the reason they removed them without putting them back in. Or could it be organ harvesting, strange indeed.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      The police version makes no sense whatsoever. How in the H does somebody accidentally wrap themselves inside a mat?
      the sad thing is the police are so comfortable MURDERING BLACK PEOPLE, they don’t even have to come up with a credible story to cover their lying butts

      All you have to do is look at his face and you know he suffered some trauma/violence.

      I don’t know what happened to this black child but one thing I do know is


  11. mstoogood4yall says:

    I love the pics btw very beautiful pics of black love

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      There is nothing so sweet as black on black love!

      • mstoogood4yall says:

        I know that’s right, it puts a smile on ppl’s face. an awkward story for me was when a couple weeks ago my brother and I went to get something from the store for our mother and the black female cashier was not smiling but when we came she started grinning and looking at us, I think she thought we were a couple ,it was very awkward but I do see how it seems black ppl are like yessss!! when they see a black male and female together.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ mstoogood4yall

          I think it appeals to that part of us that WANTS to heal, that seeks correction and balance and truth

          add to that how much TV and Movie-vision most black people ingest on a DAILY BASIS — where there is little to no black love going on, other than the dysfunctional type shown on most black reality shows.

          the rest of the time, we’re watching white people shove their tongues down each other’s throats and make smacking noises (yuck!) as though there are NO black, Asian, Indian, or Hispanic people on the planet

          Sad indeed!

  12. @Trojan Pam,

    Do you know if anything has been said lately about Kenneth’s murder–are there any suspects? Was he at a mixed high school and had run ins with some of the white students?

    It just sounds bizarre!!!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelleo

      No, i haven’t.

      You’re right, it is very bizarre.

      I wish we could remove ALL our black children from the U.S. public school system and run our OWN schools.

      At least we’d know what was happening to them–good OR bad

  13. Mbeti says:

    Its interesting that you have decided to display all these nice pictures of black couples expressing affection and love to and for each other.
    I few month back I came to the same conclusion and started searching for and downloading just such types of pictures.
    Some of your other comments eerily reach some of the same conclusions I have “allegedly” on my own.
    However we are both students of the works of Nelly Fuller and Dr.Frances Cress Welsing,as well as many other black scholars,so it logically follows that many of us will go it a particularly similar direction to reach the same destination – freedom ,justice and equality so that we may have love peace and happiness.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Mbeti

      I think people who are searching for truth will FIND it

      our SALVATION lies in embracing EACH OTHER and I believe once black people begin to understand how white supremacy works,

      the LOGICAL response will be to start examining and discarding the MOUNTAIN OF WHITE LIES we have been told about each other

  14. Kushite Prince says:

    Another TRojan Pam classic!I love the pictures of black love. Those images are very powerful! You hit on so many good points in this post. Good to see you back. We hadn’t seen you post for awhile. Good to see you’re still on your counter-racist grind. Thanks sweetheart. 🙂

  15. Problack says:


    I just had to post this article. Reparations for the victims held captive in their involuntary servitude. This quote says it all” We are merely trying to restore what they lost as a result of
    their involuntary servitude”. How about over 500 years of it!

    Ohio Reparations Bill Could Give Ariel Castro Victims $25,000 For Each Year Held Captive
    October 18, 2013 | Filed under: News | Posted by: brittl

    By: Britt L

    The Ohio legislature is set to vote on a bill awarding compensation to the victims of rαpist and kidnαpper, Ariel Castro of Cleveland.

    Kidnapped, abμsed, rαped and tortured for almost 10 years by Castro, victims Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry would receive $25,000 for each year they were held prisoner if the bill is passed by the legislators.

    According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, The Ohio Court of Claims’ vιctιms of crime fund would be shedding the $250,000 substantial payout to the three vιctιms.

    The bill, presented by Cleveland Rep John Barnes, initiates that the state government should provided assistance to anyone held in captivity against their will for eight years or more.

    “The proposal isn’t a giveaway but rather an opportunity for three women to build a better future by giving them access to an education and other life experiences,” told Barnes to the Plain-Dealer.

    “We are merely trying to restore what they lost as a result for their involuntary servitude,” Barnes went on to explain.

    Because of the bill, Knight would retrieve $275,000, Berry $250,000 and DeJesus $225,000.

    Along with the hefty amount that may be awarded to the vιctιms, local officials are looking into a federal waiver that will grant the three women free Medicaid for life, said the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

    To top off their five star treatment, if any of the women wish to enroll in a higher learning institution, the state will pay their full tuition fees and living expenses.

    Talks of the law being passed comes only two weeks after the deranged Castro was found deαd in his Ohio jail cell after being sentenced to 1,000 years in result of his unspeakable crimes.

    Found hanging in his cell, police ruled Castro’s deαth a homicide. However, new evidence has caused investigators to believe that Castro diεd while trying to sεxually pleasure himself from auto-erοtic asphyxiαtion.

    Is this new found bill fair to other kidnapped victims who didn’t receive this type of compensation after their kidnapping? What about the heroes?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Pro Black

      Many things that happen within the white supremacy system are done to RIDICULE the humanity of black people. Sometimes, that’s the ONLY reason.

      We do not understand this mindset because we are a different people, both psychologically, genetically and spiritually

      We cannot understand the DEPTHS of hatred that many whites — especially those in power — have for us and that they will go to ANY LENGTHS to humiliate, harm, marginalize, criminalize, and kill us

      I suspect this kind of proposal was done to SAY, “You (blacks) will NEVER get a dime of reparations but we will make sure you SEE US give it to everyone else.”

      What we MUST UNDERSTAND as prisoners of WAR is our captors will NEVER LET US GET OFF OUR KNEES for fear that we will seek revenge for their horrible, horrible crimes of INHUMANITY against us. We must learn to expect that they will continue their REIGN OF TERROR against us until we OR the Universe stop them. And that day is coming, as the Universe turns its LETHAL FOCUS on the most unjust people on the planet.

      Here’s something my Guru sent me a few days ago, which I believe was taken from the writings of Frantz Fanon:

      “The native [inner-city subject] will manifest aggressiveness at his own People. This is the period when the niggers kill each other and the police do not know which way to turn when faced with astonishing waves in crime.

      Confronted with a world ruled by his oppressor, the native [inner-city subject] is always presumed guilty. But the native [inner-city subject’s] guilt is never a guilt which he accepts. He is overpowered but not tamed; he is treated as an inferior but he is not convinced of his inferiority. He is patiently waiting until his oppressor is off guard to fly at him. The native’s [inner-city subject] muscles are always tensed. You can’t say that he is terrorized, or even apprehensive. He is in fact ready at a moment’s notice to exchange the role of the quarry for that of the hunter. The native [inner-city-subject] is an oppressed person whose permanent dream is to become the persecutor.

      The policeman has the right, the live long day, to strike the native [inner-city-subject] to insult him and to make him crawl to him; you will see the native [inner-city-subject] reaching for his gun a the slightest hostile or aggressive glance cast at him by another native [inner-city-subject]; for the last resort of the native [inner-city-subject] is to defend his personality vis-a-vis his Brother.”

      Franz Fanon circa 1963 ‘The Wretched of the Earth’.


      a quote from an article ‘Cop-on-Cop Crime – American Blowback’ co-written by George Ciccariello-Maher and Mike King

      “When Fanon resigned his post as a psychiatrist to join the Algerian Revolution, he was merely putting into revolutionary practice what he had practiced in the analyst’s chair for years. For Fanon, mental neuroses, especially among people of color, were the result not of any inherent trait or familial trauma, but of the profound trauma imposed by white supremacist… And since social structures generate many mental illnesses, we cannot hope to cure these without destroying the institutions that make people sick in the first place.”

      They go on to write… “It was this imperative that led Fanon to throw himself into the armed struggle, and when he did so, he wrote that: “A society that drives its members to desperate solutions is a non-viable society, a society to be replaced.”

      What more need be said?


  16. Larissa says:

    trojan pam said
    I agree, if more victims were aware and understood the system and fought against the programming, we would eventually dismantle this system

    i think the question black people need to ask ourselves is, why do we still not understand and why are we still not aware after 500+ years and counting? why do we still not understand when understanding would mean maybe lower death rates, lower incarceration rates, better housing and jobs etc….?why do we still not understand when everybody else seems to understand? why do we cry and say the evil white man? why do we pay to go see precious, big momma etc and then write blogs complaining about the lack of positive images of blacks in the media? why do we say tyrone stop trying to be white when ty does well in school, loves reading and plans to attend ivy league instead of supporting him and buying him more books? Can somebody please answer this question for me?

    • TrojanPam says:

      # Larissa

      The main problem, as I see it, is black people are still dealing with our post traumatic slave trauma, something that has NEVER been addressed on a widespread basis, something that many blacks either don’t believe exists OR don’t want to talk about, as though WE are to blame for what slavery did TO us when we were robbed of our identity, culture, TRUE religion, history, food, and our families and children

      Just as big an issue is our LOST IDENTITY. A people who do NOT know their origins, is like the child who is adopted and still longs to know who his or her birth parents are, and feels like a huge part of their understanding of WHO they are is lost,

      and if you consider a group numbering in the MILLIONS (like blacks in the U.S.) who DO NOT KNOW WHO WE ARE, and have been taught to DISLIKE who we THINK we are, that alone, generates a HUGE level of confusion and conflict and misery within that group.

      All that being said, had we been allowed to HEAL after slavery, we would be a different people. Just look at Black Wall Street, a few decades after slavery ended and how enterprising those former slaves were to build entire all black towns that out did neighboring white towns.

      Try to imagine what Black Wall Street could have become some 70 or 80 years later if jealous whites had not burned it to the ground

      Unfortunately, the MASTER TRICK of the white supremacists was INTEGRATION, and nothing has done more to set us back in terms of self-sufficiency and self-respect than INTEGRATING into a (white) culture that DESPISES us, and forces us to accept the mantle of BLACK INFERIORITY in order to get along with white people. Now, we can live around them, work around them, marry and date them == yet blacks are more self-hating and group-hating TODAY than we were were 50 years ago — in my opinion.

      We are still practicing slave traditions, slave RELIGIONS, worshiping white beauty standards (and degrading black beauty), and still worshiping white supremacist holidays, many of which are based on killing non-white people.

      So, when you ask me what’s wrong with black people and why we don’t “get it?”

      we are still slaves who do not know we are still slaves

      A simpler way to describe it: a lack of understanding of the system of white supremacy AND denial that it controls every aspect of our black lives.

      That’s why we don’t get it.

  17. I”m thoroughly convinced that an ADULT at Kendrick’s school carried out his murder…hence the need for the school to cover up what really happened.

    The funeral home it seems harvested his organs for sale.

    Why there are NO major lawsuits from the family is beyond me!!!!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ phoebeprunelleo

      I agree, whatever happened to this young man happened at that school and sadly, more than one person knows the truth. It could have been another student or an adult or both. Who knows?

      Makes you wonder how many black people have died OR been killed for our organs (and whatever “substances” are found useful in experimentation)?

      As far as the family filing suit, I don’t know anything about that. Sometimes, black people are overwhelmed by the system or fear of repercussions and could have received some sort of threats. Again, who knows?

  18. LBM says:

    “…why do a number of them seem to get scared when Black people wear their hair in it’s natural state”?

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and white females love to be flattered. When we’re not trying to look like them they feel very threatened. Remember, even when we were cotton-pickin’ funky without our cultural tools to care for our hair, their males were still jumpin’ on us. Foul racist behavior for sure but just speaking in terms of a history of white female disdain for us.

    • Mariama says:

      Wow, thanks for your insight LBM..I never thought of it that way.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      I think black people are seen as a threat UNLESS we’re properly tamed and submissive, meaning we show some sign of strong white-identification, and for black females it could be our hair (especially blonde hair) or for black males it could be a white female on his arm

      that doesn’t mean we’re respected because we are white-identified; often those folks are viewed with more (secret) contempt than the “bad blacks”

      in my opinion

      • TTNYCRN says:

        Once again, great post TrojanPam. As black people we gotta get it together and understand this game of white supremacy because our lives are literally at stake. Especially with the white population going into decline, race will continue to have a LARGE role to play, as whites will do their best to protect what is theirs. White folks are building the Empire State Building and we are building tents. We have to get it together. Neverthless, I love the photos of the black couples!

        Also TrojanPam just to give you my opinion on your comment as you responded to LBM-“I think black people are seen as a threat UNLESS we’re properly tamed and submissive, meaning we show some sign of strong white-identification.” Trust me TrojanPam, in my dealings with whites, I never spoken a word of “ebonics”, Im a college-educated professional and my family is from the Caribbean(Caribbean blacks have some cultural differences from American blacks) yet somehow someway, I get questions about me playing basketball and how is life in the “ghetto” of New York City. The life of a Negro(even the so-called good ones) is not easy thats why Im glad for your blog!!!!!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ TTNYCRN

          I agree that racism will ramp up and black people in this nation will come under more dedicated and focused attack. For example, in Robbins, Illinois, a predominantly black suburb of Chicago, the homeowners discovered recently that their town is being sold to a (white) developer who plans to turn the land into a quarry and a horse therapy farm (!) without any input from the black residents.

          And if this “deal” goes through (and I believe it will), this 80-year old black suburb and over 100+ homes will be destroyed — just ONE MORE CONFIRMATION that blacks have no rights that are respected (unless it is some public relations spectacle designed to deceive us into believing otherwise).

          That is a hard lesson for (some) blacks to internalize, that having degrees, table manners, being well-spoken, etc. is NO protection against racism. Which is why we MUST stop fighting each other and come to the realization that we are all in this — TOGETHER

      • LBM says:

        We didn’t disagree, Pam. I would never suggest that we’re “respected” by whites through any action. I was addressing a particular psychosis of white female in relation to Black females. As you’ve pointed out before, there’s something to the fact that most weaves that black women wear are obvious and often pretty bad ones so there’s no “real” threat to white female beauty ideal. But in her twisted mind she relishes at Black women trying to attain her attributes. It’s certainly not a “respect” , it’s a sick comfort. But when faced with a Black woman who is not trying to look like her and is confident in her natural beauty – I do believe the contempt is bumped up (started to say ratcheted up) a few bits.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ LBM

          my frustration was talking…

          I agree, black females (and males) who do not seem to seek white validation make some whites nervous and so there may be an attempt on their part to take us down a notch or two

  19. TTNYCRN says:


    Thanks for seeing the value in my comment. That is really sad to hear about whats going on to the blacks in the Chicago suburb and you said the town is close to 80 years old,wow! We are losing our historic districts hardcore. Sometimes TrojanPam, I wonder if black people really understand what happened to the Native Americans as they thought white people would honor their treaties and treat them with respect. Look at them today, dying out and in poverty on the reservation of the land their ancestors once owned.

    Here in my hometown of New York, many of the black historic districts like Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Fort Greene and such are slowly becoming white. When I was a teenager(like 10 years ago,around 2002/2003), I would rarely see white people in Downtown Brooklyn(an area that has black culture) after dark. Now, the area is being completely gentrified. The sad part TrojanPam is that the black people in NYC are very petty over their small differences. Since New York has a diversity of blacks(Southern blacks, Afro-Latinos,Afro-Caribbeans and Africans), its crazy how one black group has issues with another. The Southern blacks have issues with the Caribbean blacks. The Jamaicans have issues with the Trinidadians(my family is from Trinidad). The Haitians have issues with the Dominicans. Sometimes the southern & Caribbean blacks have issues with the mainland African blacks(e.g. Nigerians, Ghanaians). And of course, the Afro-Latinos like the Cubans, Dominicans and Panamaians,despite their obvious African features, want to be more “Hispanic” than black. Honestly, unless there is some racial incident that forces blacks to come to together(e.g. the Howard Beach & Bensonhurst killings of black men in the late 1980’s or the African immigrant getting killed by the NYPD with like 40 shots back in the day), the black people here in NYC are really petty over their ethnic differences to really form a strong nationalistic movement to counter aganist white supremacy.

    Dont get me wrong TrojanPam, I too am a sinner. I have made comments in the past about the other black groups here in NYC(e.g. Jamaicans, Southern blacks,etc.) and I realized the pointlessness of it. Im actually angry at myself for not seeing the bigger picture of white supremacy but like everything else in life, its a learning game. I did not see how much I had internalized the anti-black racism that this country promotes. And yes, I really feel that black people have to get it together. White folks population going down, and chaos in the country(e.g. recent government shutdown, poor economic standing of America), I have a STRONG feeling that black folks are going to be feeling some punches if we dont understand white supremacy to the 100th degree!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ TTNYCRN

      I think we’ve all been guilty of the same thing, the most important thing is to RECOGNIZE it, and admit it so we can work on changing ourselves.

      Unfortunately, trying to UNDO our programming while living within a white supremacy system is like trying to get well inside a sick ward.

      I believe that the biggest problem we have — other than white supremacy — is our anti-blackness. Until we address it, understand its origins, and decide we are going to tackle it – which means we MUST STAY OUT OF BED with whites — then things will get worse for us. The handwriting is already on the wall in BIG RED LETTERS.

      Either we get out of denial or face the consequences. There will be no ducking and dodging it this time.

    • LBM says:

      What you’ve said is so true. I am here in Bed-Stuy and it’s painful to see blacks bringing their white partners in but it’s more painful to see blacks embrace and welcome white families to the areas while shunning other blacks based on where the slave ship dropped each off. We had a situation in which a black neighbor was practically begged by another to inform him if the neighbor intended to sell. Next thing we know whites moved in as is happening with every brownstone that is sold. Blacks are selling their homes and selling them to the highest bidder which will always be white by the fact of racism in terms of bank loans, inherited wealth, salaries, etc, etc, etc. So apparently the “recession” is not so for everyone because they are flooding what was once black neighborhoods and putting much funds into renovations then renting to their own. And they bring in their pubs and cheese shops and such – and some white identified folk actually patronize the places. Gentrification is a b—-h but it’s what happens when we have neighborhoods but not communities.

      • TrojanPam says:


        blacks who embrace gentrification are blacks in deep denial, who think THEY will be the “good black” exceptions when the deal goes down

        I think they will be in for a very rude and very painful awakening

        • LBM says:

          I think you’re right, Pam. As it is “urban removal” is leaving few places for black folk to live and work or work and live. You can move elsewhere but how will you pay the rent? Or you can get a job but will it pay the rent where you go? So the bottom line is the racist act of gentrification need (ed) to be addressed. In as much as it’s part of the mechanism of racism and too many of us are not yet ready to really fight it, yeah, hard heads will result in lots of soft behinds.

          • TTNYCRN says:


            Glad to see another black person seeing the truth that New York, just like all these other big cities in America(e.g. Los Angeles, Chicago), are nothing but white supremacist hellholes! And thank you for confirming what I have seen as a native/lifelong black New Yorker. Negroes battling other Negroes because they dont come from the same exact place yet allowing our real opponent(white folks) to invade without protest. Classic divide and conquer.You said-“And they bring in their pubs and cheese shops and such – and some white identified folk actually patronize the places. Gentrification is a b—-h but it’s what happens when we have neighborhoods but not communities.

            Amen to that! And you know how white folks LOVE to say its not race, its class- How come we dont have Afro-centric and Rastafari/reggae stores in the middle of Staten Island or in Howard Beach? How come these “multicultural, we are the human race, I dont see color” white folks are not embracing us in their neck of the woods yet our neighborhoods are prime for “diversity”. And as you said, some blacks are so naive to fall for it.They cannot see that “diversity” is nothing but urban removal of Negroes! I will admit when I was younger, I thought white supremacy was a thing of the past, I got “integrated” really well. However, as I matured by growing as a critical thinker and reading blogs like this one, trust me, white supremacy is just as deadly(probably even more) as when Dr. King spoke his famous words back in 1963! Heck in Australia LBM, the dark-skinned folks(this includes Black Africans, Australian Aboriginals and Indians) are dealing with some “back of the bus” 1963 stuff from white folks-

            Anyway as conscious black folk we just have to continue to keep our eyes and ears very open. Right now, I am reading a book called Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee which deals with Native Americans and the white settlers/U.S. government wanting the American soil. There were some Indians who were able to see the white people’s reckless and destructive patterns(like TrojanPam) and other Indians who were looking for “good white people”. Well you probably know the story LBM of what happened to the majority of Native Americans who were looking for good white people(just a hint, it was not good for them!). And after seeing the Black Caribbean community in England who went integration mad and started marrying and having children with whites yet they and their mixed race kids have the lowest quality of life rankings of all ethnic populations in Great Britain should tell you something about “integration”. In other words LBM, as New Yorkers, these integration-minded Negroes are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet 9 times out of 10, its just a speeding #4 subway train,lol!

  20. larissa says:

    Recently I was sexually abused and when I tried to go to the police, my dad’s partner said, who do you think you are, european? make of that what you will.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ larissa

      I’m so sorry to hear that! Is your dad’s partner a black woman or…?

      Your tragic story reminds me of a young black female I know whose ex-boyfriend (a black male) broke into her house, where she lived with her parents, and tried to choke her to death. The father and mother woke up and he ran off. When she filed charges against him, her father refused to testify, saying he didn’t want to lock the young man up and stop him from being a father (?!?)

      I could tell more stories about the blase attitude of the black community toward the physical and sexual abuse of black females and the pressure on black females to remain silent and just “suck it up” but that would take too long.

      The only way I can explain it is I believe this ‘attitude’ is a carry-over from 400 years of chattel slavery, where rape was an everyday occurrence for black people, in particular, black females.

      To survive emotionally, slaves had to numb themselves to the PAIN of other slaves. Male slaves were unable to protect female slaves, their children, or themselves and had to learn to live with their women being defiled and degraded –and in some cases would blame the black female for being a rape victim of the white male aka “the red dress” syndrome, where black females were suspected of being WILLFUL sexual toys of the white slave-owner — as though a slave HAD A CHOICE in whether they would be raped or not (!)

      the second part of this POST TRAUMATIC SLAVERY SYNDROME is anti-blackness, where blacks learned over hundreds of years to be ANTI-BLACK, and you can see that attitude today, where black people often blame or ridicule other blacks for being poor, or mistreated, or sexually abused.

      And due to TV AND MOVIE PROGRAMMING, many blacks believe that empathy and sympathy for sexual crimes should be reserved for the WHITE FEMALE — since HER FACE is the only face they see as “VICTIM” — and I write about this in my first book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation, in a chapter called, “The Dead White Woman’s Club” — where the public is FORCED-FED an endless stream of young white female victims, like Lacey Peterson, Jon Benet Ramsey, etc. as though white females are the ONLY ONES worthy of being victims.

      Unfortunately, black people have absorbed this fraudulent image, so when it comes to black females, it feels abnormal to see us in the same light. In fact, we are expected to NOT FEEL ANY PAIN and to keep on truckin’ — no matter what damage is done to us.

      That’s why I reject the stereotype of the “black superwoman” because what that does is make us into NON-BEINGS that do not need or deserve any help or compassion.

      I tell you this to say, whatever happened was NOT your fault. Period. Regardless of how callous or ignorant or insensitive some people may be towards you. I hope you will seek help or counseling if you feel you need it. Again, I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you. Take care

  21. larissa says:

    @Trojan pam
    thanks for the support! my dad’s partner was born in the sixties to a black mother from west africa and her dad was a white man from spain. she herself is a victim of two rape attempts. so i think you can guess what kind of baggage she carries inside her. i thought about taking legal action but my dad threatened to stop paying my college tuition.

  22. larissa says:

    i would like to add that i agree with your analogy i think it is a great explanation. i already knew blacks were diseased, but this experience made me realize just how much, from the statements that came out of people’s mouths.

  23. larissa says:

    @the risk of hogging the comments section
    i confronted the man who abused me(a family friend) about what happened. at first he denied it but then he eventually indirectly admitted what he had done, he said ”i heard some gossip about you, i heard you were rude to your dad’s partner, and some other funny things” i thought to myself, so you thought the best thing to do was sexually assault me, in front of your girlfriend? With people like this it is hard to know whether to feel pity or contempt?

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ larissa

      sociopaths always shift the blame for what they do to their victims. My advice would be to stay away from him.
      Of course it was not your fault for what someone else did.

      That is the baggage that blacks and females have been saddled with, that we are somehow responsible for what other people do TO us.

      That is totally ABSURD.

  24. larissa says:

    @trojan pam,
    i forgot to mention that some of my friends have expressed the same sentiments as you, that it was not my fault, however i thought maybe i should have been smarter and not trusted someone who had previously acted shadily, and also maybe actually defended myself when it was happening

  25. TTNYCRN says:

    Hey TrojanPam, not to break your communication with the commenter Larissa but as a health professional, this blew my mind. White supremacy will literally send black folks to their graves!

    “In terms of how this wicked policy of depopulation has affected Africa and the Third World: During my last visit to Zimbabwe, in southeastern Africa, we learned how the AIDS pandemic was killing 5,000 Zimbabweans a week—20,000 a month. And the biggest industry at the time in the capital city of Harare was the making of coffins … And although it was the Blacks who were dying of AIDS, I asked about the White population—were they dying of AIDS; and the answer was, “No, they were not.” I went to a luncheon sponsored by the Zimbabwean Department of Health, and a wonderful female doctor who was the Minister of Health was so proud to announce that every child in Zimbabwe was vaccinated with vaccines that had come from America and Europe.
    I grieved over the widespread death due to the poisons, not “un”-intentionally put in vaccines, but intentionally put in vaccines to limit the population of Black people in those countries and places in the world where America’s needs for their vital minerals and resources were deemed necessary—in her mind—for her national interests; to keep America in the world as the “No. 1 superpower.”
    Killing off tens of hundreds of thousands of people in Third World nations, because those nations trust the scholars and scientists of the Western world, White people, who claim to want to “help” them. While there are many White people who are sincere, they are the “fronts” that are used to open the door for the insincere Satanic Mind to enter, to practice evil under a claimed “noble motive.”

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ TTNYCRN

      Right, it has sent billions to their graves and before it’s wiped off the planet will send billions more.

      Re Zimbabweans, I believe there is a DIRECT LINK between vaccines and these so-called “sexual” diseases (that are NOT sexually transmitted)

      Non-white people MUST WAKE UP and stop being naive about their enemies. It doesn’t matter how many whites are “sincere” — we have NO WAY of telling them apart. Nor do I believe that “many” are sincere, in fact, I’ve found the OPPOSITE to be true. And what appears to be “sincere” is USUALLY winds up killing us or impoverishing us or deceiving us

      Black people MUST let go of this notion of “good white people” because we are too easily fooled by the outside appearances of things, like the African Aid concerts that are just FRONTS for white supremacy.

      Where is the evidence of all these good white people?

      Why after all the years of “integration” are black people falling to the bottom again, regardless of education? How can murders of children like Trayvon Martin go unpunished? How can black people still be slaughtered in the street by policemen who go unpunished? Why are black people still filling up the prisons? Why do we have the HIGHEST unemployment rate in America, even higher than illegal immigrants, regardless of our education and experience

      YET there are allegedly so many “good white people” around?

      As long as we stay in that comfort zone of thinking some of our white mommies and daddies “love us” we will stay an undeveloped and retarded and child like population

      sorry to be so blunt but I believe it’s true

      • TTNYCRN says:

        I could honestly say TrojanPam that you are one of the few black women, or black people in general regardless of gender, that is very keen on how deep this system of death is.Thats why I like your blog.And of course you keep the white folks from derailing your blog which some other black bloggers cant do,lol!

        In addition to learning more about my Black History, Im also learning about how other non-whites deal with white supremacy. Even though some other people of color sometimes black people under the bus, they also have to deal with a white world. Im right now reading a book called Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee(a place where the Native Americans and government fought over the land back in the 1800s). In fact in 1973, some radical Indians took over the land(even Angela Davis supported them) to defend their rights. Anyway, in the book, some Native Americans described the fact that white people have a sense of self that is rooted in being white, which makes them feel better or “superior” to people who are not white(Remember as you said TrojanPam, white people did not get on top by being ignorant!). While some Indians picked up on the white man’s game, some others believed that the whites would be “sincere” and respect their land. Well treaty after treaty after treaty was broken, many whites destroyed Indian villages(like what they did to Black Wall St.), and used different items such as alcohol, and stuff to trick the Indians.

        Back to Black History. In addition to learning about the Great Migration when Afro-Americans traveled from the South to the North, since I am of Afro-Caribbean heritage, I am also studying about Blacks who immigrated to England,mainly to London, from the Caribbean. In case you did not know TrojanPam(you probably do since you are an intelligent sista), England has been no different to black people compared to America(e.g. Brixton riots,racist whites killing blacks,etc.). Anyway, since the Black population is no-where as large as the African-American population, there are quite a few blacks married to whites(both black men and black women).However, the quality of life for blacks in England, including their biracial children, was ranked the poorest out of all ethnic groups. The blacks in England have inferior schools, high unemployment(even higher than Afro-Americans if Im not mistaken), live in the ghettos of the major cities of England like London and Birmingham, suffer police brutality,etc. You got my thinking TrojanPam, if these whites married to blacks are so “SINCERE”, shouldnt they care about the system of death that affects their black husband, wife and biracial children? Shouldnt they care that kids living in Brixton(the inner city of London where alot of blacks live,its like London’s Harlem) have equal opportunity, considering they brought a life into this world with a black person. You are so right TrojanPam, how many of them are “SINCERE”.

        Anyway, I will continue to read your posts TrojanPam. I call white supremacy a system of death because my race is a part of my genetics, genetics is biology and biology is life. Even though people suffer from class, economic and social discrimination also, when you screw people over because of their biology(something they cant change), it is anti-life. As a black man, I will pass on my genetics to my offspring if I have kids, and they will also suffer from white supremacy So continue to be brazen enough and expose this system of death. And continue to keep a good job of not letting the “lets get over it, sing kumbaya, we are human race” white folks from derail your blog!

  26. TrojanPam says:


    I agree, white supremacy is a system of death, not just for black and non-white people, but also for the entire planet — which can be seen in the damaged ecosystems, the pollution of the oceans, the disappearing plant, animal, and insect species, and in the contaminated food and water supply.

    I have no doubt who the victor will be in this unholy war led by petty tyrants:

    Mother Nature, the Planet Earth, the Universe, and the Creator.

    Man cannot destroy the above but will ultimately have to face the wrath of those combined forces

  27. hey ms pam did u hear about this her story is similar to jonathan Ferrell, she has a car accident goes looking for help and ends up shot and killed, except this time the police didn’t shoot the homeowner did but they tried to lie. smh

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      Was that the black male who went looking for help after a car accident and the police shot him?

      We better wake up and start paying attention instead of acting like these are isolated incidents.

  28. LBM says:

    “….if I have kids, and they will also suffer from white supremacy”

    This is exactly why we have to fight this menace.
    Let’s love our babies, our young, enough to want and work for a world that is not anti-human dominated

    .Like Dr.Welsing has said, what else do we have to do?

      • TTNYCRN says:

        @LBM and TrojanPam

        If you guys have the chance, watch this video from Louis Farrakhan.I may not always agree with Farrakhan but he is one of the few black leaders we have that speaks the truth about white supremacy. This is the link-

  29. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    It is wrong that black people have to worry about this.

  30. […] After the Trayvon Martin Verdict What Can Black People Do? Part Five […]

  31. Adeen says:

    Black people need to stick together and band together to break down this racist, oppressive system. The acquittal should tell us that America doesn’t care about us and still favors Whites. We need each other more than ever

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