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When I ran across this story on another website, I knew it was a story that deserved to be told.

Reading the story brought back my early days of surfing the Internet and my first amateur attempts at building my own website. I registered my first domain name with Network Solutions and had no idea that a black man created the company NOR was I aware that this same black man created the revolutionary Dot-Com naming phenomenon.

So, without much ado (or unnecessary commentary by me), here’s an excerpt from the article about the brilliant and largely unknown Internet visionary, Emmit McHenry.

Please share this story with others, especially with young black people who are being programmed to believe that the most successful blacks MUST BE entertainers, athletes, and political puppets — when in reality, there are thousands of black creators, innovators, inventors, and visionaries who will never become black household names.

Faces of Black History – Emmit McHenry

(an excerpt)

image_thumb17Emmit McHenry, founder of Network Solutions

In 1979, Emmit McHenry and a few associates started an engineering company which they named Network Solutions. For 16 years, he and his partners toiled away and built a solid company. They could not get money from any financial institutions so they mortgaged their properties and maxed out their credit cards.

They were good engineers who were awarded with many contracts but the gem within Network Solutions was a contract with the National Science Foundation to create the U.S. Government’s and World first domain name addressing system for the Internet. This was back when the Internet was just a government project, and its commercial potential hadn’t been realized.

Emmit McHenry created a complex computer code whereby ordinary people can now surf the web or have e-mails without studying computer science. He created what we know today simply as .com.

On Dec. 31 1992, Network Solutions got the contract that would make the company a legacy. After the government reviewed several company proposals, The National Science Foundation Department selected Network Solution as manager of domain names registration service for the Internet.

The contract was for $1 million a year for five years. Network Solution had the sole authority to develop and issue Internet system for Web addresses. Network Solution developed .com, .net, .edu, and. gov. so people could communicate on the Internet.

At the time Network Solutions already was handling other sensitive engineering projects for the government. To keep up with the demands the company needed to hire more workers and buy new equipment, but the fixed $1 million a year contract proved to be a constrained because no matter how many names the company registered, it could not charge more.

Over the years demand for domain names increased and the company staff grew to 400 employees. Emmit applied to the government to charge directly for the domain names as the request for names continued to increase by the thousands. The government refused and continued to pay the company $1 million a year for as many requested domain names.

Emmit went to wealthy high profile Blacks and they all refused to invest in his company. He tried the financial institutions and Wall Street and they also said no. In the meantime the government kept insisting if he could not keep up with the volume they would break the contract.

In 1995 Emmit sold Network Solutions to Science Applications International Corp (or SAIC) for 4.8 million plus personal and business debt. In a few months the government gives SAIC the rights to charge $70.00 per year for each domain name plus royalty on any other created domain names, the same request Emmit made and was refused.

With millions of people and companies requesting domain names there was a bidding war to buy the new cash cow SAIC had just acquired. A Wall Street Company called VeriSign, Inc. was the winner. SAIC flipped the newly purchase 4.8 million company to VeriSign, Inc. for $21 Billion within a year.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

More info on Emmit J. McHenry

Please share this story with others, especially young black people!

Neely Fuller Jr. on Eugenics

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An Introduction to Eugenics  (by me)

I thought it would be useful to give a brief introduction to Eugenics before listening to Mr. Fuller’s interview.

Eugenics Negro

Eugenics is a white supremacist strategy primarily used to justify the sterilization (and genocide) of nonwhites. This form of genocide is based on the belief that there are superior and inferior elements of society and the inferior elements are due to genetics NOT racist economic and educational policies.  Eugenics has roots in France, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.


In 1972, United States Senate committee testimony brought to light that at least 2,000 involuntary sterilizations had been performed on poor black women without their consent or knowledge.

sanger 2

An investigation revealed that the surgeries were all performed in the South, and were all performed on black welfare mothers with multiple children. Testimony revealed that many of these women were threatened with an end to their welfare benefits until they consented to sterilization.

The sterilization abuse (racism/white supremacy) caused many amongst the black community to suspect that “federal programs were underwriting eugenicists who wanted to impose their views about population quality on minorities and poor women.”


Eugenics supporters hold signs criticizing various “genetically inferior” groups. Wall Street, New York, c. 1915.

Native American women were also victims of sterilization abuse up into the 1970s. The organization WARN (Women of All Red Nations) publicized that Native American women were threatened that, if they had more children, they would be denied welfare benefits.

The Indian Health Service also repeatedly refused to deliver Native American babies until their mothers, during labor, consented to sterilization. Many Native American women unknowingly gave consent, since directions were not given in their native language.

350px-United_States_eugenics_advocacy_posterU.S. eugenics poster advocating for the removal of genetic “defectives” such as the insane, “feeble-minded” and criminals, and supporting the selective breeding of “high-grade” individuals, c. 1926

One of the methods that was commonly suggested to get rid of “inferior” populations was euthanasia (the practice of intentionally ending a life).

sangerMargaret Sanger – Founder of Planned Parenthood

A 1911 Carnegie Institute report mentioned euthanasia as one of its recommended “solutions” to the problem of cleansing society of unfit genetic attributes. The most commonly suggested method was to set up local gas chambers.


Eugenics is a policy that is STILL IN EFFECT IN THE 21ST CENTURY

planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities.


Courtesy of:

The Compensatory Concept Program w/ Neely Fuller Jr.
Host: Khari Enaharo

Much thanks to Kemetia M. Africa for graciously using her time to create a fantastic audio version of chapter three of Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation!’   Please check out her thought-provoking blog at  InnerStanding Ishness.

Please share these clips with others, especially those who do not read books.

Trojan Horse Chapter Three – Read by

By Kemetia M. Africa

(InnerStanding Ishness)

To read a free excerpt or to purchase this book

Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation – Chapter 3 (part 1 of 2)



Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation – Chapter 3 (part 2 of 2)



Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation – Chapter 3 as one continuous playlist



To download the sound clip right-click on the link below and choose “Save Link As” to the location of your choice

Download link for Chapter 3 part one

Download link for Chapter 3 part two

The Context of White Supremacy (C.O.W.S.)  welcomes Mr. Herndon Davis. Mr. Davis is an author, consultant, producer and TV/Radio personality focusing on issues of diversity through the lens of pop culture.

racism is white supremacy

C.O.W.S. Program Description

Mr. Davis penned a blog post that went viral; he detailed his decision to ditch his White pal of sixteen years. He offers a bevy of details on the their companionship through the years and how generous his White buddy had been.

But closer scrutiny of online political commentary started Mr. Herndon to thinking. It seems that “damn Obama” was the catalyst for a cascade of White angst and overt vitriol that could only be categorized as Racist.

When he decided to part ways, the White man branded Mr. Davis a “radical” and a Racist.

We’ll see if Mr. Davis has other “White friends” and if this incident has further informed his understanding of what it means to be White.

racism is white supremacy

Program Audio Clip Below  from  Sunday, January 19, 2014

PART 1 –


PART 2 –

Mr. Herndon Davis’s Blogpost

Link to C.O.W.S. Download Page

Much thanks to Kemetia M. Africa for graciously using her time to create a fantastic audio version of the first two chapters of Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation!’   Please check out her very constructive blog at  InnerStanding Ishness.

Please share these clips with others, especially those who do not read books.

Trojan Horse Chapter One & Two Read by

By Kemetia M. Africa

(InnerStanding Ishness)

To read a free excerpt or to purchase this book

Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation – Chapter 1 (part 1 of 2)

Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation – Chapter 1 (part 2 of 2)

Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation – Chapter 2 (part 1 of 2)

Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation – Chapter 2 (part 2 of 2)

Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation – Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 as one continuous playlist

Due to double-digit black unemployment, the lack of permanent, living-wage-paying jobs, the skyrocketing cost of college tuition, and blatant racism in the job market, many young black people are turning to the military as an alternative, hoping to learn a skill and create some sort of financial future.

At the same time, there has been an increase of the number of ROTC programs (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps sponsored by the United States Armed Forces) in black high schools  across the United States, even while many black schools are closing their doors.

Joining the military seems to be the best alternative for a large number of black youth who do not want to wind up permanently unemployed, working in slave-wage temporary jobs, or rotting away in the prison-industial-complex.


That being said, I thought it was super-important to reblog Abagond’s post on LaVena Johnson to give young black males AND females–who are considering a career in the military–some LIFE-SAVING food for thought.

If you’ve ever consider sharing anything I’ve posted, this is the one post you should share with as many young people, neighbors, friends, family, coworkers, parents, and grandparents, as possible.

LaVena Johnson   (Reblogged from Abagond’s Blog)


LaVena Johnson (1985-2005), an American soldier, was the first female soldier from Missouri to die in the Iraq War. The Army called it suicide. Her parents say she was beat up, raped, shot in the head and then dragged to a storage tent that was set on fire to destroy the evidence.

There are at least 13 other such “suicides”.

LaVena Johnson was an honour student. She played violin. She lived in suburban St Louis, her father a doctor. By all accounts she was a happy soul. Her parents had hoped she would go to university. Instead, deeply affected by 9/11, she joined the Army, like her father and grandfather before her.

In May 2005 the Army sent her to Iraq.

On July 17th she talked to her mother by telephone. She seemed in good spirits. She talked about coming home for Christmas: “Don’t decorate the tree without me.”

On July 19th a soldier with a black book knocked on her parents’s door. He regretfully informed them of their daughter’s death. Her 20th birthday became her wake.

The Army says her boyfriend of two months sent an email from his home in Kentucky to break up with her. She printed out the emails and set them and the tent on fire. She shot herself in the head with her M-16.

Her father did not believe it. At her height (5 foot or 1.52m) an M-16 would have blown off her head.

The Army sent him its autopsy report with xeroxed black-and-white pictures. It said she had a busted lip, broken teeth, scratch marks on her neck, chemical burns to her genitals but no serious injuries apart from the gunshot.

The gunshot was on the left side of her head. LaVena Johnson was right-handed.

The pictures seemed airbrushed. Her father noticed they came from a CD-ROM. The Army said he had no right to it. He was able to get it under the Freedom of Information Act.

The CD-ROM had the original colour pictures:

  • She had been struck in the face with a blunt instrument.
  • Her nose was broken, her teeth knocked back.
  • The upper part of her body had bruises, scratches and teeth marks.
  • A flammable liquid had been poured on her back and right hand and set on fire.
  • Lye was coming out of her vagina, meaning she had been raped (lye destroys DNA evidence).
  • Her body had been dragged.

The tent she was found in belonged to KBR, a military contractor, a spin-off of Vice President Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

CBS News paid for a second autopsy. Her body was taken from the grave. Parts of her tongue, vagina and anus were missing. Her neck was broken. All things the Army did not report in its autopsy.

Neither CBS nor ABC reported the story, despite spending thousands on it. Essence magazine printed a watered-down account. All three make money from Army ads. For Essence those ads are make-or-break – and are aimed at black women.

The Army says the case is closed.


Warning: Study says 1 in 3 Women RAPED in the Military

Source: American Journal of Industrial Medicine

The view of women as sexual prey rather than as responsible adults has always been part of military culture. Women today are indispensable to the military. Nevertheless, one woman soldier observed: “There are only three things the guys let you be if you’re a girl in the military – a bitch, a ho, or a dyke.”

Not all military men see women soldiers this way, but too many do. The hostility is shown by undermining women’s authority, denying promotions, denigrating their work, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.


  • A 2004 study of women veterans from Vietnam and all wars since, who were seeking help for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), found that 71% said they were sexually assaulted or raped while serving.
  • The VA study (referenced in the title above) was funded by the Army Medical Research Department and found that 30% of women veterans said they were raped while serving. That is almost one in three.
  • Thirty seven percent of the attempted raped and raped women in the VA study also reported being raped more than once and 14% of them reported being gang raped. This study also discovered that 75% of raped women in the military failed to report it.

Although this is an epidemic, it is not being treated as one.

An Epidemic of Male-on-Male Rape in the US Military

The Pentagon estimates that last year 13,900 of the 1.2 million men on active duty endured sexual assault while 12,100 of the 203,000 women in uniform experienced the same crime — or 38 men per day versus 33 women per day. Yet the Defense Department also acknowledges “male survivors report at much lower rates than female survivors.”

The Washington Times reported “The Defense Department estimates 19,000 sexual assaults occur each year, but only 17 percent are ever reported. In 2010 … 8,600 victims [who reported were female, an incredible 4 percent of the women in the military that year], and 10,700 victims were male, reported the Service Woman’s Action Network.”

(In other words we have no idea how many males and females are being raped who either do not report it or are “silenced” the way LaVena Johnson was silenced).

In its latest report on sexual assault, the Pentagon estimated that 26,000 service members experienced unwanted sexual contact in 2012, up from 19,000 in 2010. Of those cases, the Pentagon says, 53 percent involved attacks on men, mostly by other men.

Though women, who represent about 15 percent of the force, are significantly more likely to be sexually assaulted in the military than men, experts say assaults against men have been vastly under-reported.