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The Context of White Supremacy (C.O.W.S.)  welcomes Mr. Herndon Davis. Mr. Davis is an author, consultant, producer and TV/Radio personality focusing on issues of diversity through the lens of pop culture.

racism is white supremacy

C.O.W.S. Program Description

Mr. Davis penned a blog post that went viral; he detailed his decision to ditch his White pal of sixteen years. He offers a bevy of details on the their companionship through the years and how generous his White buddy had been.

But closer scrutiny of online political commentary started Mr. Herndon to thinking. It seems that “damn Obama” was the catalyst for a cascade of White angst and overt vitriol that could only be categorized as Racist.

When he decided to part ways, the White man branded Mr. Davis a “radical” and a Racist.

We’ll see if Mr. Davis has other “White friends” and if this incident has further informed his understanding of what it means to be White.

racism is white supremacy

Program Audio Clip Below  from  Sunday, January 19, 2014

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Mr. Herndon Davis’s Blogpost

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