Neely Fuller Jr. on Eugenics

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An Introduction to Eugenics  (by me)

I thought it would be useful to give a brief introduction to Eugenics before listening to Mr. Fuller’s interview.

Eugenics Negro

Eugenics is a white supremacist strategy primarily used to justify the sterilization (and genocide) of nonwhites. This form of genocide is based on the belief that there are superior and inferior elements of society and the inferior elements are due to genetics NOT racist economic and educational policies.  Eugenics has roots in France, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.


In 1972, United States Senate committee testimony brought to light that at least 2,000 involuntary sterilizations had been performed on poor black women without their consent or knowledge.

sanger 2

An investigation revealed that the surgeries were all performed in the South, and were all performed on black welfare mothers with multiple children. Testimony revealed that many of these women were threatened with an end to their welfare benefits until they consented to sterilization.

The sterilization abuse (racism/white supremacy) caused many amongst the black community to suspect that “federal programs were underwriting eugenicists who wanted to impose their views about population quality on minorities and poor women.”


Eugenics supporters hold signs criticizing various “genetically inferior” groups. Wall Street, New York, c. 1915.

Native American women were also victims of sterilization abuse up into the 1970s. The organization WARN (Women of All Red Nations) publicized that Native American women were threatened that, if they had more children, they would be denied welfare benefits.

The Indian Health Service also repeatedly refused to deliver Native American babies until their mothers, during labor, consented to sterilization. Many Native American women unknowingly gave consent, since directions were not given in their native language.

350px-United_States_eugenics_advocacy_posterU.S. eugenics poster advocating for the removal of genetic “defectives” such as the insane, “feeble-minded” and criminals, and supporting the selective breeding of “high-grade” individuals, c. 1926

One of the methods that was commonly suggested to get rid of “inferior” populations was euthanasia (the practice of intentionally ending a life).

sangerMargaret Sanger – Founder of Planned Parenthood

A 1911 Carnegie Institute report mentioned euthanasia as one of its recommended “solutions” to the problem of cleansing society of unfit genetic attributes. The most commonly suggested method was to set up local gas chambers.


Eugenics is a policy that is STILL IN EFFECT IN THE 21ST CENTURY

planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities.


Courtesy of:

The Compensatory Concept Program w/ Neely Fuller Jr.
Host: Khari Enaharo

  1. GemGirl says:

    I am a black woman. I think it’s important to have proper context about different issues.

    While it’s important for blacks to be aware of white supremacy and systemic attempts to sterilize blacks, the issue of family planning should not be viewed as a problem just because of certain white agendas.

    It does not make sense for any of us regardless of race, to have more children than we can properly care for. So please, do not promote the idea that reproducing for racial survival is a better approach than black men and women doing conscientious planning about having children. Anyone can make a baby, but effort put into active parenting is far more important so people have a decent life. And there is nothing wrong with blacks being selective about who they choose to have a child with — it beats settling for someone who will be an immature parent.

    Our goal should be to raise healthy black children who know they are loved, valued and are raught not to buy into white supremacy ideology or nonsense about reproductive prowess among blacks based on melanin.

    Since blacks who are currently alive already have their quality of lives compromised due to having to fight racism, we need to protect our families and communities by limiting the number of children we have so we can properly nurture the ones already here. Everyone has limits. Reproducing just for the sake of it is not a good idea when two-parent and single-parent families already struggle on different levels to keep their families stable economically, psychologically and socially.

    We shouldn’t keep having kids if we know we cannot handle many, just for race purposes. Living in a distant future while suffering in the present is not a good way to exist. People need room for respite and joy rather than to always be focused on fighting racial battles. We are human first. White people came up with defining differences among people to promote their false ideology of racial superiority, so we should not allow them to distract from our own agenda as black people who are human beings and deserve a decent life if we are willing to expend time and effort to work toward goals.

    Women who already have enough children should not keep getting pregnant and face having to abort children, when there are options to prevent pregnancy in the first place.

    • AJ says:

      I think most of your concerns are irrelevant to the discussion that has been posted on this blog entry. The blog entry is about eugenics as a policy program, not melanin, irresponsible parenting, having children for racial survival and other issues you raised in your post.

      The fact remains that most (if not all) of the concerns you interjected into this issue can only be addressed when there is a system in place (economic, educational and so on) that also serves the needs of non-white people instead of the current system which is particularly and primarily suited to the survival of powerful, wealthy white people and by extension, people classified as white in general.

      Your need to be a “mythbuster” and criticize a false construct of the non-white “irresponsible parent” has nothing to do with actual and verifiable programs designed to exterminate non-white people.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ AJ

        I agree that trying to raise healthy children who feel loved and valued is a difficult task for non-white people under the system of white supremacy. This is why it’s so important to share valuable information rather than present “feel good” information.

        And that is a major problem, how we avoid unpleasant truths and issues — all while we are still catching hell in the real world. Of course, I understand this need, since I have it, too.

        At the same time, I don’t see how we can solve a single problem we have be it economics, education, family, children, etc., without solving the problem of racism.

        We can do our best to plan for and raise our children — and the system will derail those efforts — because it’s DESIGNED to do it.

        And until we deal with that reality and oppose it with constructive thoughts, speech, and actions, nothing will change.

        • GemGirl says:

          AJ — You don’t get to tell me what I can speak about or respond to — I am a conscious and self-defining woman. You don’t get to dictate what is relevant or not. I see multiple layers to different issues.

          I don’t subscribe to white supremacy nor simply to a black agenda focused only on white supremacy since doing so can distort reality for people in various ways by focusing on external issues only while ignoring internal issues (both personal and political).

          There is no right or wrong here. I happened to introduce content I wanted to because it’s relevant to the broader issues about genocide, reproduction to keep population numbers up and family planning are among themes addressed.

          My points do not distract from the message nor change the legitimacy of the original post. Can you allow things to co-exist side-by-side.

          I have corresponded with TrojanPam via email and in some discussions separate from this website. Just because I support the overall messages promoted about the need to dismantle white supremacy, does not mean I can’t offer something else to consider about all of this.

          I even bought and read two books written by this website’s anonymous authors.

          My original post stands on its own merits. Take what is useful and discard the rest.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ GemGirl,

            I appreciate you taking the time to post your opinions — even if we might not agree on some points — because we can still learn from each other.

            I also understand the need for respite because I have the same needs — and sometimes, dealing with the issues of racism/white supremacy can overwhelm and exhaust us.

            And I appreciate your support in buying our books and hope you’ll continue to visit this blog and share opinions and information.

        • GemGirl says:

          “And until we deal with that reality, nothing will change.”
          You sound naive, TrojanPam, with the above statement. But I know you really are not naive because you continue to offer great articles and information here. But please humble yourself like we all must as human beings — regardless of race, none of us has all angles covered.

          We will never be able to change anything in one major swoop. Changes evolves through the individual and collective actions of people living life day to day.

          Your comments sounds like you will hold your breath until white people change. You will only suffocate. The problem of racism cannot be solved — black people can help reform it, but racism originates in the hearts of those who are racist and makes its way into the world. Those not actively racist participate passively in maintaining this system.

          You don’t have a monopoly on understanding unpleasant truths. I am a licensed psychotherapist.

          Different perspectives will help all of us see the whole. No one person’s perspective shows all components of the complicated realities created by systemic racism.

          • GemGirl says:

            I wish I could edit some parts of my posts where grammatical oversights happened. So please just focus on the messages, OK….and I will cut you all some slack when you hurriedly post something without fully proofreading…LOL.

            • TrojanPam says:

              @ GemGirl

              I didn’t notice the grammatical oversights but if you want to repost your first post with the corrections, I’ll post that and delete the other post

              • GemGirl says:

                Trojan Pam — Some errors were in noun and verb agreement in my subsequent responses, as I was responding quickly to various replies. Thanks for the offer to re-post my original, but it won’t be necessary.

                Trojan Pam, you and this blog have my full respect and support. As you said, we sometimes come at the issues from different angles. But I am on board with you and others who say that blacks need to be fully aware of how white supremacy manifests, influences and impacts all aspects of human existence and quality of life for us and other people.

          • TrojanPam says:

            @ GemGirl,

            I also stand by my statement — that nothing will change until we deal with the system of racism/white supremacy — as the overwhelming evidence seems to support that statement.

            I may very well be naive about some things but I don’t believe I’m naive about racism/white supremacy

            Regarding humbling myself, I am not sure what you mean by that, other than we are all stating our own opinions here — and all opinions are welcome, including my own

            Regardless, we don’t have to agree on every point but we can still learn from each other

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ GemGirl

      I agree 100% that we should not have children we cannot care for.

      I’m not sure why you think this post is suggesting black people should have children just for the sake of having children. Nowhere is that stated here.

      The point of this post is we should be concerned about those entities that are robbing black and non-white people of their RIGHT to reproduce at all.

      Of course, people, as you say, need room for respite — BUT that is not the purpose of this blog.

      This blog is about the system of racism/white supremacy and all the ways that it functions.

      And that is the beauty of the internet. You can pick and choose from thousands of sites and blogs, according to what you want to read at any given time.

      • GemGirl says:

        Trojan Pam — Being concerned about issues is one thing. Being obsessed with them is another.
        You write that nothing can change for blacks until white racism ends. IF THIS IS TRUE, blacks are doomed — because most whites have no incentive to change the racial status quo. Black people should focus on themselves to build from our own individual and collective strengths in order to challenge systemic oppression through our words, thoughts and actions.

        We have power to treat each other with respect and human dignity so we are strong enough to take stands against systemic racism.

        Our individual and collective growth is within our control — thus trying to change white people is a time-consuming waste, resulting in going in circles. Basic common sense about what is within one’s control can be found in the Serenity Prayer.

        In the context of my original post, why are you personalizing this? I didn’t say black people need respite from this website. I come here willing to read, knowing this is a blog about white supremacy. I said black people are human first.

        What’s funny Trojan Pam, I am essentially saying the same things that were part of books published by Trojan Horse Press. Because my points are not exactly in context, you want to control the entire conversation by making me wrong by directly supporting AJ’s attempt to silence me?

        If you look at everything I wrote in the original comment, there is nothing that attacks your original post. If black people are going to get whipped out of shape over every perceived slight, what’s the deal? That would make you a hypocrite at worst and easily threatened at the least.

        All THP books promote black awareness and responsibility while exploring how many things fit in the context of white supremacy.

        My view also is that a lot of harmful things being done to target black people do not end up impacting just black people — so this means white racism is not as easily contained as many want to think. Those in power — mostly white elites — are sociopaths for the most part. Sociopaths seek to manipulate and harm human beings regardless of race.. Some things affect all human beings regardless of race, including what’s in the food supply and environment.

        WE need to be informed — and part of this involves listening to black people like Neely Fuller, Frances Cress Welsing, the late Dr. Bobby Wright and other political progressives and black scholars whose works have not been exposed due to mainstream media blocking things.

        AND part of the journey of consciousness may include reading relevant information on websites like yours, TrojanPam.

  2. Miss Pam:

    Excellent post! We should also remember that Eugenics has progressed in more sophisticated ways such as:

    1. Monsanto food that attacks the reproductive organs

    2. Chemtrails that they spray in the air to damage sperm cells

    3. Arsenic laced tobacco products and lab-invented malt alcohol that cause breast and ovarian cancer

    4. The new plasma TV’s that attack your very blood cells (it’s called Plasma for a reason)

    5. Our clothing manufacturers that use chemically treated cotton so the poison seeps into your skin when you wear it

    And, of course, the most potent Eugenics Agenda: the homosexuality that is being pushed at our youth through the tel-lie-vision. Once our people are more awakened to this plan, we’ll be able and more equipped to fight them.

    • Timothy says:

      Excellent Words Sister. I am meditating more now. My mind now is better and my soul feel more better too.

      • Timothy

        Thank you for the kind words! Meditation is most important to our people. Being highly sensitive to external and internal forces, it “centers” us and allows us to better hear commands from the Most High.

        Do you have an altar?

        If not, please construct one. Let the ancestors guide you on what is needed on your altar and let the awakening begin!

        • Timothy says:

          Thank for your words. Your words from your blog inspired me a great deal too. I will be inspired by the ancestors for guidance. The Most High always gives us inspiration and signals in our lives. The ancestors are always with us and their spiritual power is respect by all of us.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I’d add another method to the list you provided.


      Among them, the HPP Vaccine which was widely promoted to “prevent cervical cancer.”

      Here’s an excerpt from the CDC — the Center for Disease Control (NOT Disease Eradication!):


      “HPV vaccines protect against Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and the diseases that are caused by HPV.

      HPV vaccination is recommended for preteen girls and boys at age 11 or 12 years. If a teenager or young adult (age 13 through 26 years old) has not gotten any or all of the HPV shots when they were younger, they should ask their doctor about getting them now.

      Preteens and teens should get all 3 doses of an HPV vaccine long before their first sexual contact, so they have time to develop protection from the vaccine. This is also the age when the vaccine will work the best since preteens have a better immune response from the vaccine than older teens.”


      At first this “vaccine” was pushed at adolescent girls allegedly to prevent ovarian cancer — NOW, they’re saying preteen boys should get it too???

      We don’t know what all the things you listed — the food, clothing, chemtrails, electronic vibrations, tobacco, alcohol, promoting and rewarding homosexuality, etc — PLUS all the vaccines and pre-school vaccinations are doing to our sexuality.

      What I DO know is I have never seen so much sexual CONFUSION in my life as I see among black people today, nor has the hostility and disconnect between black males and black females EVER been greater — in my opinion.

      WHICH is why it’s important that non-white people understand HOW white supremacy functions so we can try to raise healthy children (to the best of our ability) by understanding that we cannot trust the same entities that are killing us to CURE US.

      And that is the point of posting information like this — giving food for thought — even when we disagree.

      • Miss Pam

        The Spirits have guided me to a conclusion that EVERY black family should consider the practice of midwifery. Why? I work in a hospital. When a child is delivered, the Drs. and RN’s take that child away from his/her mother to another room with locked doors.

        What EXACTLY happens behind those closed doors?

        Only God knows.

        It’s my feeling that certain words/vibrations/vaccines are being used against us from birth to:

        Exacerbate aggression in adolescence

        Cause sexual confusion when the melanin-rich hormones testosterone and estrogen are at it’s peak ( approx 13-19 )

        Ever wonder why a child reared with loving, tender yet strict parents will bring forth a child that is overtly aggressive and almost prone to criminality? This used to boggle my senses til I did research on Eugenics and the prison industrial system.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ diaryofanegress

          who said, “When a child is delivered, the Drs. and RN’s take that child away from his/her mother to another room with locked doors. What EXACTLY happens behind those closed doors? Only God knows.”

          Excellent points! I think we — black and non-white people — have seriously underestimated the LENGTHS that the white supremacy system will go to stay in power.

          This is not just an economic or education or physical war—this is a SPIRITUAL war.

          And lately, I have begun to just scratch the surface of what I believe is happening, that the churches and the schools and the universities and the political system and the media — especially the media, and everything around us — is being used SPIRITUALLY to attack us.

          It is my instincts that are kicking in, not just the visual evidence that is right in front of us. I believe that MORE is happening behind the scenes than in front of them — and that is why I believe it is DANGEROUS to minimize what is happening

          or to believe we can just live our lives in ignorant bliss because our ignorance is KILLING US.

          thanks for putting this out there, that they may be better and safer methods of child birth than turning ourselves over to the medical institutions that are surely not run for our benefit.

          • GemGirl says:

            Indeed, Trojan Pam, spiritual warfare along with economic, psychological and other forms of oppression, are clear. White supremacy ideology is intended to destroy the souls of those that the system wants to deem as “inferior.”

            We have a choice to not believe this nonsense, and to do what we can to change things within our control. We do whatever we can do to counteract the programming. That simple.

            You asked what I meant with my statement regarding humbling yourself. I only meant what you have consistently said, which is that “all opinions are welcome.” Thanks for allowing me to clarify.

            And so regarding my original point that we can focus on raising our children to be as mentally healthy as possible, this does not discount the realities that it is a difficult task in a white supremacy system. But we must actively instill life-affirming messages within our children — the building blocks that demonstrate love and kindness to support their basic worth as human beings — even though we have no control over what other people attempt to do. That’s all. That simple.

  3. Timothy says:

    Another Great Article Sister Trojan Pam.

    Eugenics is a derivative of the mentality of white supremacy. It is a totally evil agenda. This agenda has been around for thousands of years. We all know that it is immoral to use coercive sterilization against any human being at any circumstance. It is obvious that BLACK PEOPLE are inferior to no other people groups in the world. Black people are dynamic, intelligent, and must fight oppression in order for us to be truly FREE. Also, we see that the global population growth has declined as a percentage per decade since 1960. The UN and other experts believe that the the total global population will decline in the future decades. Eugenics have been used for genocidal purposes since eugenics is linked to the murder of humanity, especially HUMANS OF COLOR.

    The Third Reich used eugenics on our people and others (and they have gathered their research from American and British eugenics as well as a means to conduct their perverse activities). In fact, Hitler was aided by the Western big banks that allowed him to gain power. Regardless of our feelings on abortion, we have to be 100 percent opposed to eugenics, forced sterilization, and forced population control without question. As for the environment, we have to care for the environment. Caring for NATURE is part of our black African culture and it is a great part of true SPIRITUALITY. We should endorse clean air, clean water, and clean trees. We should all be wise when caring for children, but caring for children (and being wise in how to care for children) is never an excuse to advance some EUGENICS agenda (as you have eloquently stated).

    The antidote to EUGENICS is LOVE FOR BLACK PEOPLE, the appreciation of our great BLACKNESS, and doing constructive work to improve the conditions in our community (we should know about organic foods, GMOs, and other like minded issues). Independent efforts to help our community and our people can counter react the acts of eugenics. Great Job Sister.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      I hadn’t planned to write this but while I was listening to Sister Kemetia’s reading of Trojan Horse Chapter Three on Youtube I came across the Neely Fuller video and decided to post it.

      I’m certainly no expert on “eugenics” and so I created the post on the fly — hoping I would be more accurate than inaccurate because the last thing I want to do is to mislead anyone with misleading statistics.

      However, I think it’s super important to make the connection between eugenicist (and white supremacist) Margaret Sanger and her being the FOUNDER of Planned Parenthood.

      We are being super naive (and foolish) to believe that the same entities that are devastating us also want to SAVE us.

      We must shake off this slave-like AND child-like belief that the “master” can also be benevolent toward his and her slaves.

      Self-respect requires we be TWICE as suspicious whenever the “system” attempts to guide and control (aka destroy) our reproductive abilities.

      • Timothy says:

        Exactly Sister. Margaret Sanger’s words were disgraceful and Planned Parenthood has never explicitly mentioned an apology for their ties to the eugenics movement at all.

        It is obvious that our oppressor is not interesting in our LIBERATION, but in the exploitation and DOMINATION of black people. Just like the Democrats and the Republican seek our submission not LIBERATION.

        We have the right to respect our dignity and our reproductive abilities.

        So, Sister Trojan Pam, you are a sincere and a strong person. We all encourage you to keep on researching and fighting the good fight for our people. I am about to leave too. I have learned a lot from you. Me, diaryofanegress, and others encourage you and we all hope that the Most High will send you even more massive blessings in your life. Have a Great Day Sister.

  4. Miss Pam

    One more thing before I must depart…

    The Mossad has many “shells” on the internet whose sole purpose is the 3 D’s:


    This is not to say that EVERY melanin-rich person must agree with our posts and ideas. We are not a monolithic group and that’s ok. However…

    When we see that certain commenters have naught to add but distraction, it’s my number one clue as to their agenda. Ignore or block them. Do not engage them for Yurugu comes in many forms with one sole purpose:

    To rob you of your asili.

  5. TrojanPam says:

    @ GemGirl

    It was not my intention to personally attack you.

    I did not agree that you should be silenced. I agreed with his premise about it being difficult to raise well-adjusted children within a system of white supremacy.

    That being said, we can always agree to disagree on the points where we disagree.

    And we are all still learning.

    • GemGirl says:

      Thanks for clarification, TrojanPam. Yes, we are all still learning.

      But how sad that paranoia can seem to run rampant over one example — rather than people refraining from assessing each other until they know what “patterns” are demonstrated in overall comments by individuals.

      diaryofanegress writes (and it is obvious what her implications are): “Miss Pam…One more thing before I must depart…The Mossad has many “shells” on the internet whose sole purpose is the 3 D’s: Distract Deny Derail.”

      My original post had no such intentions to deny, distract and derail. They were simply comments offering a different angle to the original topic.

      I am as supportive of black progress as anyone, but shouldn’t we all look at whether we are practicing double standards in ascribing negative motives to others while overlooking ourselves?

      diaryofanegress introduced the idea of mid-wivery as an option for blacks to give birth to prevent from hospitals from having full control.

      A legitimate point to consider. But it’s off the subject — yet I wouldn’t dare accuse diaryofanegress of “Distract. Deny and Derail.”

      There is often hypocrisy when assuming bad intentions about other “melanin rich” people (as diaryofanegress descirbes it). I have read some posts by diaryofanegress on her own blog and found some of her articles intriguing. I simply ake what is useful due to understanding that we come to our awareness in different ways.

      So why must there be this “collective” assault on others who differ in some way? If introducing related concepts in response to a particular post leads to comments attacking the character and motives of each other, are we as blacks not playing directly into white supremacy thinking?

      White supremacy ideology creates confusion for many people of all races. When some folks think they are the only black people who care or the only blacks who have a clue, perhaps in their attempts to justify accusing other blacks of ill intent, they are seeking a way to feel they are somehow special, as if they presume to be more aware than all others.

      This would be an ego-based assumption and false, since none of us can possibly know how much others have studied and learned independent of systemic programming we are all initially socialized to believe.

  6. larissa says:

    @trojan pam
    Have you considered doing a post on a World War Three Scenario, given the current conflict in Syria and the conflict in Ukraine which has also draw in Russia and the USA? Just asking.

  7. LBM says:

    How interesting that so many of our brothers are coerced into giving away their DNA. Indeed eugenics is multi-pronged from the media attack on Black women to make us “undesirable” for mating to Bill Gates making it clear that he aims to help curtail the population of Africa through vaccinations and other “philanthropic aid’.

    I agree with diaryofanegress. Don’t allow anyone to derail the topics at hand. I’ve had the number of children I’ve had within the marriage bond and within our financial capabilities. That did not prevent my daughter’s pediatrician from suggesting Gardasil. The law suit against North Carolina’s forced sterilizations included women that had one child as well as some with no children.
    (NaturalNews) The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is gaining a reputation for funding technologies designed to roll out mass sterilization and vaccination programs around the world. One of the programs recently funded by the foundation is a sterilization program that would use sharp blasts of ultrasound directed against a man’s scrotum to render him infertile for six months. It might accurately be called a “temporary castration” technology. Read more about it here:

    Learn more:

    It’s important to keep in mind that there’s an anti-human element among us humans. They look like humans in the basic ways but their very survival necessitate they attack human development in all ways. This is regardless of what humans do or don’t do.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      Unfortunately, one of the main reasons (some) blacks seek white and Asian lovers/spouses is they don’t WANT their children to look like them (too black) because they openly or secretly believe black is inferior — which means they must be inferior as well. That’s the poison that we walk around with due to 500+ years of white supremacy/black inferiority programming.

      And thanks to our collective addiction to entertainment (movies, TV, music), we are taking in double and triple doses every time we turn on the TV set or sit in a movie theater.

      It’s a uphill battle trying to convince most of us that our powerful DNA is one of the main reasons we are being attacked by the white supremacists.

      I agree with you on the rest.

  8. Matu says:

    Hi Trojan Pam,

    AS much as I love Dr. Fuller, I have to admit, he’s sorely lacking in terms of CONCRETE, TANGIBLE, EVERYDAY TACTICS AND STRATEGIES to combat white supremacy. I listened to the clip (which looped twice btw, so a lot of it was repeat), and when the interviewer asked what SPECIFIC ways we can combat/fight/pushback against ws, Dr. Fuller stopped short at just saying that “talking about it” is a useful tactic. I agree that in order to make others aware of ws, we must “talk” about it, but after we “talk” what do we “DO”? Dr. Neely is extremely thought-provoking and detailed in his explanation of ws, but unfortunately falls short in terms of HOW Blacks can be EMPOWERED by taking back our IDENTITIES, DIGNITY AND POWER in this oppressive system of ws. I think Dr. Claude Anderson has far better suggestions on TACTICS, which is what I’m sure others hunger for, myself included. I have some ideas, but I just wanted to know if others here understand my perspective.

    • AJ says:

      I certainly understand your perspective and Claude Anderson does have some good ideas in the area of economics. In the book “Blueprint for Black Power”, Amos Wilson also gives several great suggestions that average people can do. The book was written 20 years ago, but it is still very relevant. Pam posted on the subject of economics about two months ago. If you didn’t see that post I would suggest going back and reviewing it. I commented on a new co-op investment opportunity that has just been proposed which is a good start to economic empowerment for Black people. Moreover, there is a Black-owned bank that offers online accounts for anyone in the USA. It is a good idea for us to use our own banks instead of the criminally owned and operated “too big to fail” banks. Here is their web address:

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Matu

      Thanks for reminding me about Dr. Claude Anderson. I will post some youtube videos of his lectures.

  9. Matu says:

    Thanks AJ for the reply. I recall the articles on Economic Violence, this was in late Nov/Dec 2013. I vaguely recall a list made by another poster/commenter about simple every-day things Blacks can do to counter racism. I think every Black needs this information circulated via a manifesto so its ingrained, repeated and recycled. Here is my list so far. I’m still adding as I learn….

    1. Every Black household should subscribe to at least one Black-owned magazine/newspaper (Black Enterprise). This information will circulate info on important announcements, boycotts, Black business opportunities, invitation for bids on contracts, franchising opportunities, etc.

    2. Every Black person should ALWAYS ask for Black Heritage stamps from their local post office.

    3. Every Black person should own an account with a Black owned bank — and for those who don’t live near one can open one with an online Bank as AJ posted in his comment.

    4. Every Black person should seek the professional services of other Blacks — Black doctor, lawyer, accountant/tax preparer, etc.

    5. Every Black person should be fairly acquainted with their local Black Chamber of Commerce and seek out and regularly patronize Black owned businesses — local baker, dry-cleaner, mechanic, florist, restaurant, etc.

    6. Education begins in the home. Every Black household must contain a library (it can just be a bookcase with some books/magazines) that contain Black literature from the autobiography of Malcolm X, to Blacks in the Bible, to African Civilization, to Powernomics.

    7. Every Black must parent turn off the TV, and instill a love of reading in their children. When the TV comes on, make it a family event and teach the children what you’re all watching.

    8. Every Black parent must understand that the education system in this country is designed to make American children sheeplike drones — with Black children suffering even worse. Social engineering takes root the minute our children enroll in school. Black parents must be aware of this and mentally and socially prepare our children on this new plane of warfare, by instilling a strong sense of identity, purpose and love in our little ones by educating them on their own rich history FIRST. DON’T ALLOW THE SCHOOL SYSTEM TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILD.

    9. Every Black person must understand the principle of Public Praise and Private Criticism. We have a lot of dirty laundry, but it never serves a useful purpose to discuss our issues among “enemies”.

    10. Black mothers should try to breastfeed their newborns as much as possible. Studies show that breast-fed children grow to be healthier, slimmer and smarter adults.

    11. Every Black person should know how to cook healthy foods, and avoid the SAD diet (standard american diet). The overwhelming majority of Black people (and Americans at large) die from poor health (cardiovascular disease, cancers) than anything else. These are largely preventable by consuming more fresh fruits and veggies and cutting down on fast food, SAD food, and yes, SOUL food.

    12. The Black community is a mess because the Black Family Unit is broken. Strong families drive strong communities. Everything begins in the home. Blacks must strive to get married FIRST before having babies. Studies consistently show this is socially, psychologically, emotionally, mentally and economically more beneficial for the children and the family as a whole.

    13. A strong family unit fosters Black love and mutual admiration and respect. Black parents must instill these values and provide positive self-reinforcement in their children, so their children can grow to love other Blacks and pro-create with each other.

    14. Every Black person must understand that marriage is economically beneficial, making it easier to build generational wealth. Combining 2 incomes makes it easier (and tax-friendly) to purchase a home, build a stock portfolio, and invest in retirement, and college savings account, all appreciating assets.

    15. Every Black household must protect their families and investments by purchasing a term life (not whole, which is a scam) insurance policy, and their health with a good health insurance policy. Thanks to Obamacare, health insurance is more accessible and affordable to Blacks.

    16. Every Black person should limit their consumption to needs items (food, bills, car/house note, etc), and try to spend their hard earned disposable income on APPRECIATING assets, where their money can make MORE MONEY or something that would better themselves (ie education/certification). Avoid spending money on silly depreciating items, such as expensive cars, bling, expensive shoes/bags, air jordans, designer clothes, weaves, etc.

    17. Black women should try to avoid sewing human dna into their hair. Hair carries energy.

    18. Every Black person must patronize a Black owned biz, even to their own inconvenience.

    19. Every Black person must understand the power of family-owned business and nepotism. There is no shame in it.

    20. Every Black person must stay informed with what’s going on in their area with the local NAACP chapter, or other community group. Become a member if possible. Know your rights and exercise them. Don’t be afraid nor intimidated by police, lawyers, judges, or anyone else in the criminal justice system. The Sanford PD underestimated Trayvon Martin’s family because too many Black families don’t exercise their rights when a loved one is violated.

    • kowaba says:

      Thanks for sharing your fantastic list! I agree with your statement about Mr. Fuller Jr. I feel like much of his work is theoretical and idealistic. Of course, it is true that it is a white and non-white dichotomy, but simultaneously there seems to also be a non-black and black dichotomy. Those who are non-black, non-white I would say are buffers and may be considered probationary white until they are recruited into the white supremacist ranks. I think next up for becoming white are the latin americans that look Italian like Cubans etc. Either way these buffers are not helping black people; instead not only are they not helping us they are harming us in the process. If you read Dr. Anderson’s book, POWERNOMICS he discusses an economic plan, but his other book Black Labor, White Wealth really provides a reference point because of its historical context. I didn’t even know that the Indians here owned slaves until I read his book AND that they owe their former slaves, black people, reparations!!!

      The Code does provide a good start though. Have you heard of Edward Williams? He wrote a book called How to Support and Defend the United States Constitution. This book provides practical applications on what to do when faced with racism in the workplace. Trojan Pam’s book also provide practical applications that every black person can do.

      I think what would be really important for us would be to see each other as an African Diaspora. I notice that people get ethnicity, race, and nationality confused. If more black people understood these concepts and understood what racism really is (power dynamics) then it would help us a lot. I look at it this way:

      ethnicity: a social group of people who identify with each other based on common ancestral, cultural, social, or national experience. (wikipedia definition)
      nationality: Are you a citizen of that country that is can you hold a passport for that country?
      race: A social construct (dependent on phenotype) based on a country’s racial structure or hierarchy.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Matu

      A very constructive list of things we can do, most of which are things we CAN do.

  10. kowaba says:

    Thank you, Trojan Pam for writing this article. I think it is so important for us, black people to be aware of eugenics and its many forms. Learning more about black history, particularly portions that are not taught in the schools, I’ve found that the white people in this country have used several different ways of ensuring that the black population does not become the majority through sterilization, driving out black people from their towns etc. It’s on many fronts and can become overwhelming.

    I’ve tried to research Argentina’s history. There were several cities in Argentina in the 1800s that had majority black population now Argentina’s black population is pretty much non existent. Theories of how the Argentinian government eliminated the black population abound like not providing healthcare to black citizens, putting the men on the frontlines during wars, with a low number of black men to be mates to black women; black women then may be pushed into a corner to become mates with white males, AND driving out black citizens to neighboring countries. Looking at U.S. history all of these things have happened thusfar. It’s crazy the parallels one can find by studying other countries with people of the African Diaspora.

    Thank you again for all of your work and effort!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ kowaba

      More evidence that white supremacy is a GLOBAL system that is practiced even in those nations that APPEAR to be independent of white rule. In reality, white supremacy poison has spread to every corner of the globe but I believe it is a DYING SYSTEM that will be destroyed by its own corrupt hand.

  11. Matu says:

    Thanks Pam — this is an ever-growing and dynamic list which shall keep growing as I continue to learn and observe.

    Thanks Kowaba — I’ve listened to EVERY youtube by Dr. Claude Anderson, and now its only left for me to buy ALL his books which I have every intention of doing. I just checked out Mr. Edward Williams, and it appears the first 107 pages of his book are available online! What a treat, I love reading stuff like this (counter-racism), so I’ll definitely add him to my list to read his book as well — thanks for sharing!

  12. Please! Do not forget Honorable Dr. Amos Wilson and Rev. Phil Valentine and Dr. Ray Hagins. These brilliant men or brilliant and we need to honor them every day and make sure all blacks know of them. I am going to do that.

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