Dr. Claude Anderson – Black Labor, White Wealth

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

After a poster recommended Dr. Claude Anderson, I thought he was someone we should all know more about.

Who is Dr. Claude Anderson?

Dr. Claud Anderson is president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, Inc., The Harvest Institute and WaterLand Fisheries, Inc. PowerNomics is a  company that publishes his books and produces multimedia presentations in which he explains his economic concepts


Dr. Claude Anderson’s website

  • Blacks are America’s only non-immigrant group and one of the oldest populations. They have been here since the 1500′s and were here before ninety-eight percent of all immigrant groups arrived. Yet Blacks are on the bottom of every economic, social, health, and political indicator.
  • PowerNomics® is a new concept developed by Dr. Anderson to examine race and to explain it from an unvarnished historical perspective to those who seek truth. Race is a difficult issue to examine and usually invokes political correctness, emotion and personal anecdotes. PowerNomics® is factual and based on an analysis of history.

Black Labor, White Wealth

Dr. Claude Anderson – Blacks Must Form a Community or Perish

Inappropriate Behavior: A Road Block to Empowerment

Black People Don’t Need Money/Economics, Just Obama!

  1. Prizmm says:

    Excellent, constructive recommendation! Now if Gus is able to reach and schedule Alton Maddox Esq. 2014 becomes highly informative just a few weeks in!

  2. Timothy says:

    Great Videos. We need economic growth. Also, we should learn about the pitfalls of cutthroat capitalism and the excesses of Communism too. Even Dr. King knew that the Stalinist version of Communism was filled with errors. I heard of Dr. Claude Anderson before for years. My youngest brother has one of his books. He is a very wise man. He is correct that he have to find unique ways to control and develop of our black infrastructure. We certainly need Power. It doesn’t matter where we live at, if we can’t have the Power to communicate with each other, to defend each other when we are under attack, and build up an economic base, then we don’t have real Power.

    The record economic inequality in the world is differently tied to the oppression of BLACKS by WHITES. Also, we need businesses, but we should have workers’ rights, a communal spirit, and fairness in our people. The Gilded Age proved that businesses should never treat fellow human beings unfairly. So, we should reject white supremacist ideologies while growing our own Power base or GROUP ECONOMICS that Dr. Claude Anderson eloquently talked about. Malcolm X was right to call for black solidarity and black business growth too. Also, having black self determination and having our own has nothing to do with RACISM. It is just commonsense. You will notice that folks never call Jewish folks and Asians racists for having grown their businesses or UNITING in common cause for their own interests, but we are falsely called racists (for advocating TRUE SELF-DETERMINATION).

    We have to see our vision in our own eyes not in the eyes of whites. In other words, we should love our own BEING and not imitate the evils done by WHITES. So, we should use COMMONSENSE and REASONABLE, STRONG EFFORTS TO ADVANCE OUR INTERESTS.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      You’re right, we need to build a black infrastructure and economic base, but I don’t believe this can happen until we understand racism/white supremacy and WHY we are in this condition HISTORICALLY, and begin to tackle our anti-blackness.

      Anti-blackness is destroying our relationships, marriages, children, communities, and opportunities.

      The same black people who open businesses will destroy them because of their CONTEMPT for their black customers (anti-blackness)

      the same black people who want to see more black businesses won’t patronize them because of our anti-blackness

      And many blacks, as soon as we get some money or education, we go RUNNING into a pair of white arms to give it all back to the white collective.

      To build anything you must have a strong foundation.

      To build a strong economic base you MUST have a UNIFIED PEOPLE who are willing to put their petty grievances aside and work together for the COMMON GOOD.

      Once we show a willingness to do that, we can do great things.

      • Timothy says:

        I agree. Eliminating anti-blackness is one of the biggest challenges in our community. Promoting blackness is one of the key action (out of many) that we have to take in order for us to be free since it is obvious that we a’int FREE. We aren’t free from oppression and discrimination. We are not free from economic oppression and lax job opportunities. We aren’t free from educational destruction and austerity. We can never be free until we defeat the system of white supremacy once and for all. We are not truly free until all of our people are FREE. One important thing is to FIGHT (in multifaceted ways). IF WE DON’T FIGHT, NOTHING HAPPENS. IF WE DO FIGHT, WE CAN AT LEAST PUT AN EFFORT UP TO SEE SOMETHING OCCUR.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          Exactly! Unfortunately, Blacks are still primarily viewed as “consumers and laborers.” But we CAN change the face of this. I had another interesting conversation with a sibling very recently and she proclaimed that, “if one has child-hood “issues,” chances are great that individual will carry it over into adult-hood.” I’m now re-examining my thoughts on these words. And also inclusive of my thoughts is that the results of white supremacy CAN spill over from child-hood to adult-hood. For true “freedom” to me is predicated not so on money, but the TOTAL defeat of white supremacy “practices.” By realizing what the practice is, that would give us ALL a leg up, regardless of anyone’s socio-economic status, cohesiveness and the application of “common-sense.

          Thank you, Brother Timothy. I am learning much from you!

          • Timothy says:


            You’re Welcome Sister.

            You have many great points. The self hatred is found not only in some children, but in some adults too. Freedom is definitely related to the elimination of white supremacist practices or what we call eliminating the slavery mentality. That means that we should always treat black people with dignity and respect, stand up for our community, and use activism to build up our infrastructure. This is an international struggle too. Black human beings live in Colombia, France, Africa, Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, etc. Therefore, we appreciate the contributions and the courage of black people in the African Diaspora. We are in solidarity with them. We are one with them. Monetary wealth alone doesn’t equate into real freedom as you mentioned. Real liberation deals with growing our own institutions, our legacies being spread into future generations, the ownership of our power, using power to help our people, the cultivation of land (as land is related to liberation as taught by Malcolm X), and a shift in consciousness to always love our black heritage (our black skin, our hair, and our phenotypes are Beautiful as Black is Beautiful).

            Thank you for your commentaries.

      • Virginia Ramos says:

        Ever so true. No, It can’t be done just by our thoughts of actions. But, There is a Supernatural
        all mighty power that can make it happen for our Black Race of people, and now is the time for us all to call on him through our constant fervent prayer through his precious Son, Jesus Christ. So Let’s all Keep praying to God in the name of his son Jesus Christ to watch everything turn around for our people.

    • Steve schmengle says:

      wow. I have listened to this guy Anderson a few times. He is a racist! The biggest threat to the black community are black women! Babies having babies. Guys having 10 kids by 8 women. No fathers then these monster are released to the streets. The subset black community age 13-28 has huge problem. What is a 14 year old doing robbing a 7-11. The really bad mantra that is spoken and woven into the black community. ‘You are acting too white’ , how very destructive. Charles Barkley recently said this in an interview. He said black culture won’t amount to anything until,this is changed and it ain’t the white folks fault. Recently it occurred to me black folks
      can be racist too. No really? Wow! We all are prejudice to a degree. Mine is not color ( I am a white 62 years old- I have a black son in law and mixed grand babies who are my world) my prejudice is language. If you talk ghetto or have that attitude or southern red ect and talk that way . I have huge prejudice. Talk intelligently it all melts away. Education is the key! This needs fixed by the black community itself! Identify the problem-black women having babies unwed and fix it cause they are doomed.

      • Mariama says:


        You sound like the typical racist troll. Whites like you amaze me. You have absolutely nothing to do besides going on black sites looking to incite hostility. Unfortunately, you are so typical. You are not wanted here and our problems and challenges are none of your concern. So do yourself a favor and leave. You dont want to get that knowledge thrown in your face which will have you looking like a fool. I wish you a good day.

        • Timothy says:


          Amen Sister.

          The system of white supremacy is very real and it has been documented by tons of scholars. We have every right to stand up for our blackness and believe in truth plus justice.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Mariama

          This is how white supremacy functions. The main weapon is DECEPTION. To maintain this system, you must convince your victims that the system does not exist. Keep that in mind any time you are dialoguing with a person like Steve. He will NEVER TELL YOU THE TRUTH.

        • jazz says:

          “steve” is only repeating the same rhetoric he’s heard from his Self-hating black son in law, It would not surprise me one bit if steve’s black son in law has been running his mouth about black females to him and other whites around him. No community is to be blamed on WOMEN. What a sexist coward him, and his black son in law is!

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Steve schmengle

        If i wanted to go tit for tat I could remind you of all the white female baby-mommas of black males OR that out-of-wedlock births are growing fastest in the nation among the white female population. I would not be surprised if you had quite a few white baby mommas in your own family. In fact, I’d bet money you do.

        You fixate on a black youth robbing a 7-11 while white people rob you blind, stealing your homes, taxes, jobs, and even the lives of your young people in wars. And steal billions of dollars and resources from the rest of the world.

        But I decided you are too ignorant and ill-informed to engage you in a dialogue. It would be a complete waste of my valuable time.

        the only reason I’m leaving your post up is as an EXAMPLE of how racists think so we can be prepared in real life to deal with them.

        Thanks for making my job easier.

      • You are nothing more than a typical small minded, ignorant, hate consumed bigot. You and many like you troll so called “Black” sites to spew your racist rhetoric in an effort to bring joy to your miserable life. As for your son in law I’m sure you two deserve each other and your grand kids (with the father and grand father they have been cursed with) just seem to be damned at the very beginning of their precious lives.

  3. Shanequa says:

    I read this book last year by him an he speaks the truth. I even read several other books by him as well.

  4. kowaba says:

    @ Trojan Pam

    Thanks for the videos especially the last video. Dr. Anderson is awesome and worked much of his life helping and spreading the message to black people. He not only provided a plan to Black America, but he also implemented it and lived out as an example. It took me awhile to understand his five story building analogy, but he is dead on. In order for us to have a counter message against white supremacy we would need media, education, and an economy. But the first thing is for black people to understand Racism White Supremacy.

    I remember the first time it really dawned on me as an adult how screwed up my thinking became from white supremacy was when I was more worried about what this white woman would think than my own well being. Then I thought to myself why do I care what she thinks, the whole WS system takes care of her anyway. I still get that thought pattern at times and have been working on changing it. So I can see why many black people are not on board, perhaps they don’t realize that they are harboring all of this anti-blackness.

    • Steve schmengle says:

      White supremacy what are you talking about. This life in the USA is the most even playing field in the world! Get educated , speak well play the rules and be successful. Don’t be playing a victim !

      • kowaba says:

        @Steve Schmengle

        Actually the playing field is not level. I don’t know what world you are living in. I’ve had white people tell me that I have it easy because I am black. Then I ask them would they want to be black. I am going to ask you. Do you want to be black? Doubt it. I’ve never heard a white person say they want to be black after I ask them that question.

        You are saying that I am not educated at all. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. I love to learn! I love studying foreign languages for instance. I go to museums and lectures in my spare time. You are being racist. Why do you care so much to come on a forum for black people and down us? White supremacy is very real. And I don’t know why you’d bring up your son in law and grandchildren. It doesn’t prove anything since you are still a racist.

        Quit making assumptions because you are just making an ass of yourself.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ kowaba

          This is how white supremacy functions. The main weapon is DECEPTION. To maintain this system, they must convince their victims that the system does not exist. Keep that in mind any time you are dialoguing with a person like Steve. He will NEVER TELL YOU THE TRUTH.

  5. Mariama says:

    I have watched several videos on Dr. Claude Anderson and he is so on point. It is a shame that most blacks are not listening to his wisdom. I agree with everything that he says. One thing that I noticed with too many blacks is that they dont seem to appreciate their real and genuine leaders until they are ancestors.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Mariama

      I think it’s like trying to program a Windows PC with a well-designed Mac program. It does not compute.

      Dr Anderson might as well be speaking a foreign language because the concept of self-reliance will crash some black brain computers because it goes against their programming.

      • Mariama says:

        You know Pam, you are right. I really, I mean I really try not to RESENT blacks who see their entire world through the eyes of white folks. I keep saying to myself “Really?” It is 2014 and Dr. Anderson has been doing this work for over 40 years. If it weren’t for all this technology, I doubt that I would have ever heard of him. But, I really love and support black businesses. I loathe the idea that there are too many of our people are so jealous and petty that they would not spend one dime on their fellow “brother” or “sister’s” business. I know that you keep saying that our people have serious mental problems and of course, they do. But, there is a time to stop all the foolishness and nonsense and WAKE UP!!

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Mariama

          I don’t believe we can EMBRACE Dr. Anderson’s philosophy until we deal with our ANTI-BLACKNESS

          and that is something most of us refuse to do.

          That being said, I think it would be wise for us as individuals to learn how to be entrepreneurs and producers and get away from being nothing but consumers.

  6. c.andrews says:

    I know I am going against the grain with most of the posters on here but, I have listened to the Mr. Andersons’powernomics videos and read some information about his program. It all sounds good and I am not at all against our people creating better economic opportunities for ourselves but a lot of our people are making the mistake of thinking that everything will be fixed if we can only get some “green power”.I dont understand why so few of us fail to understand that Racism/White supremacy rules and trumps economics as well as the other major areas of life activities like entertainment, sex, religion etc., We need to study our history and examine specifically the ;lives of Marcus Garvey who had a great economic system for our people at that time but the RWS brought him down swiftly and with no mercy, same thing with the “black wall street” of Tulsa Oklahoma.I believe that most of our enrgies should go into solving and eradicating the system of Racism/White Supremacy and the rest of the problems including economics can be solved on our lunch break as Mr. Fuller pointed out . I am not saying that we should not attempt to build our economic base as a people but it should be in the proper context and I personally think Mr. ANderson’s Powernomics program is critically lacking in the overall scheme of our issues. That be just my opinion……

    • Kushite Prince says:

      What area do you think he’s lacking? I thought it was a great book. I think the major problem is that black people love to talk,talk,talk. But there’s no action. It’s hard to get black folks to do anything but they love to criticize and debate. I’m not speaking about you specifically. I mean in general. We can’t come together and become a collective force against our oppressers. Even though throughout history great minds have had some great ideas and plans. We never can seem to come together as a unit. It really gets frustrating at times. *sigh*

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ c.andrews

      I agree with most of what you said.

      I’ve said on many occasions as well that until we understand (and ultimately, dismantle) the system of white supremacy AND greatly reduce (and ultimately, eliminate) the plague of anti-blackness (which would happen once racism/white supremacy was elminated), that we will not be able to build any kind of black economic base.

      We should not PRETEND that the white supremacists are just going to sit on their hands and watch our build our own economic base. Of course, that won’t happen. HISTORY should have taught us as much with Reconstruction, the Black Codes, Jim Crow, and Black Wall Street, and of course, the honorable Marcus Garvey.

      EVERY SINGLE TIME black people have tried to form any sort of economic power or independence, white people have dismantled our efforts. Nothing has changed. In fact, things have gotten MUCH WORSE.

      That’s why the global warming initiative is being used to stop African nations from building a manufacturing base. Once a people are able to adequately produce and provide for themselves, it is VERY DIFFICULT to enslave them.

      But, I thought it was still a good idea to make people acquainted with the idea of economic power if it encourages us to see a different future for ourselves AFTER the real work is done (eliminating white supremacy).

    • @candrews-U are correct! Money alone will not resolve the issues plaguing the African American community. Take a look at all the “hood rich” folks who “make it” by whatever means, and what they typically do with their wealth. Take a look at the legitimately well to do African Americans, and what they do with their wealth. Most don’t put money back into the community. They blow money or stash it for their own futures with out a care for the next black person or the future of the black community. We are still riddled with the effects of the strategies used to pit our ancestors against each other and make and make docile slaves out of them because the strategies look different than the ones we see on movies and read about. Those strategies to keep us divided are still in effect today. However, I do wish to address the fact that Mr. Anderson does not limit his analysis to financial empowerment. Although he does stress the fact that we need money to gain power, money is only the 1st tier of his proposed solution. There are 4 other parts of his proposal that must be included to make it an effective strategy. He talks about the solution, and addresses the reasons why we are in the place we’re in to begin with. He speaks on the mental conditioning of not only black people to form a certain perception of the black race, but also the fact that other races have to be similarly mentally conditioned to make the strategies used by WS to make them effective, as well. The thought process has to be corrected. The perceptions black people have of ourselves, and everyone around us have to change before unity as a people can be achieved. Mr. Anderson stresses unity as a key factor in the success of ANY well reasoned strategy to improve conditions in the black community. He speaks about the divide. He speaks about educating and informing the African American community, making people aware of why we are on the lowest rung of success as a whole, and how the WS system has accomplished that end. Mr. Anderson talks about the difficulties in correcting the situation, and explains how his strategy for self-reliance in the African American community can be achieved. I totally agree with u that money alone will never solve our problems. Our lack of unity, and corrupted thought processes makes wealth in the individual hands moot in the scheme of empowering us as a people. We need to gain an understanding of what was done to our ancestors and how, and how that information is directly related to the condition of our people today. Fortunately, finances are not the totality of Mr. Anderson’s strategy, but are the foundation upon which the other parts depend. The biggest challenge is to recondition the minds of our people so that unity is possible. Money is the foundation of this strategy for advancement, but the work has to start with addressing the lack of understanding that keeps our people from embracing the power that lies in numbers and unity. **TJMO**

  7. Kushite Prince says:

    Great post! How did I miss this one??lol Anderson is one of my heroes! Everyone should read his books. It will change your worldview. It definitely changed mine.

  8. Emma Lavon says:

    So much knowledge In your video.

  9. I love Powernomics and Cooperative Economics in General! This is why we here at First Black America…. http://www.FirstBlackAmerica.com … have been promoting Dr. Claude Anderson since we started back in 2012. We also Promote All Black owned Businesses and Organizations so that you can find the Over 4 million Black or African American owned Businesses and Organizations that are in the United States! So if you want to do more than just talk about it….. Come and Find out what we are doing about it!

  10. Mac says:

    Black this black that! What is the result of children being raised in a broken home. Higher percent of that child developing some type of emotional issue! What is the result of a women being raped several times over or being kidnapped by force from their love ones never to see them again. She develops issue with herself and even more. Why do we forget the 400 year struggle. It is actually that same women I talk of, how can it just disappear just because you wasn’t there. The scares that were born are still evident. How many generations are effected by simply not having a father. Yet years of being enslaved are not acknowledged. While black people were persecuted several times over, white were building this strong foundation that you speak of. What is one of the largest expenses in business? Labour! Imagine the labour is free, not for a year but for the life time of your business. Not only is it free but you can employ as many workers as you please. Ask anyone what would the status of their business be. How much financial freedom would you have. Imagine the colour of your skin enabled a better way of life. These are true facts of the ways of white people and count to why they are so better off. Do not forget jewish people were given £millions in compensation for the atrocities that they incurred, blacks were given nothing. Infrastructure was built way in advance before blacks were even given freedom, yet blacks are expected to be at the same place as whites. The finances the education was in favour of whites yet blacks are expected to be in the same place as whites. All you so called writers or academics that constantly bash black people. Go to Africa and see the scares of slavery, go to ghana and understand what was taken. The strongest men the strongest women, go and actually find out what white people actually took and done, and stop expecting whites and blacks to be equal when even today as we speak the is no equality.

  11. Levan says:

    any moves we need to make within the Black Nation. Im all for it.

  12. demetrus thompson says:

    Hold in place, black folks, you will alsways get someone to try every angle available to lead you away, we have tried all this intergration and minority procedures and programs and we are always on the bottom tier or completely left out. Even if you do not agree with everthing he says, all he says is verifiable and factual, do not be deterred by those who want you to join them, in their beliefs, they are not and have never suffered as we have and do not or will not understand, why we feel the way, we do, these are the same people who want you to forget how we arrived in this predicament and think we are even now, that is not possible and you are a fool, if you believe that, don’t think because we are no longer in chains and being whipped and killed or because we have a black president, things have changed for the better, somethings yes, but in our totallity we are still , where we were a 165 years, ago, stand fast, black folk, we need a new beginning, the others, have not worked.

  13. The real truth of the subject matter is that there is no such thing as a Black Person or a White Person. If you Identify as either of those or Negro, Colored, African American, etc, you are placing yourself under the Jurisdiction of as paper corporation! I am not a Minority. I am fully autonomous and I have a Nationality. I am a real American! An Al-Moroccan. I am a Moorish-American. So….

    ******ATTENTION BLACK PEOPLE***** You are NOT BLACK! ~ Go to https://www.FirstBlackAmerica.com to find out who you are and then we can go from there!

  14. Albert B says:

    Dr Anderson is correct on everything he speaks. Are current black leaders aren’t doing anything to put his words into action.

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  16. Terry L. Armstead says:

    Good presentation. But let’s seriously start talking about how we can stop the future racist attempts to thwart what Dr. Anderson speaks about on this video. What protocols can be put in place to eradicate attacks against black economic development to come? After all, these things are being attempted within the system of white supremacy, where still there are whites who want to sabotage what we’re doing in this country, not to mention the coons that assist them (we have to do something decisive against them too). It seems our job to build is two fold: Build capital, and industry; build liberation and independence from white supremacy; exclusive new black political and economic institutions, to include a constitution; a government; a military; a police force, and an education system. All can be engaged at the same time. There must be an ideological component to what we do as well.

    Let us consider the benefit of a provisional government with all it’s trappings as we build economic empowerment.

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