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Here’s an excerpt from an email I received yesterday from a reader, who I’ll call “Miss P.”  I thought she raised such an important question that it was worthy of an entire post. If anyone has any constructive suggestions, please share!

“Hi Pam,

I work in an elementary school part-time in an affluent predominantly white suburb.  The few black students that do attend the elementary school are either from the Caribbean and Latin America (places like Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

I decided to mentor the two black students in the class I work in;  one from Jamaica and the other boy is from the U.S. I’ve purchased books from hueman bookstore and am awaiting its arrival.  I bought graphic novels about Malcolm X, MLK Jr., and Reconstruction in celebration of Black History Month and hope to read it with them.

What would your advice be in terms of discussing racism? The U.S.-born black boy’s mother wears a blonde weave.  I don’t know if her son would even be exposed to being aware of racism. The mother of the boy from Jamaica thanked me for helping her son, but I don’t know if she understands America’s history since they are from Jamaica. 

Would I be overstepping my role if I discussed racism’s role in a historical context? I looked at your book Death of A Dark Nation and I interpreted that the Save the Children & the Black Family section as a call to the parents to provide for their children this kind of education, but if the parents are too damaged themselves or from a different country is it a teacher’s responsibility? 

Also would you say that many black parents don’t teach their children about racism? I apologize for asking these questions, but my mother is Chinese so I don’t really have much of a reference point on how I should be a model to teaching black youth about racism.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Miss P


My response:

Greetings Miss P,

I want to commend you for taking on the task of educating black children about racism/white supremacy. There are no easy answers when it comes to HOW we should do it, especially if their own parents aren’t discussing OR thinking about it.

From what you said, those students are probably being over exposed to white supremacy/non-white inferiority via television and movies — on top of receiving an inferior education that teaches that white is superior and black is inferiority, so keep that in mind.

 10 Suggestions on Talking To Black Children About Racism/White Supremacy

1.  Many young people (and adults for that matter) are not interested in reading about black history (although there are some exceptions) but they might be interested in watching a movie or video (and as an added incentive make it a TV/movie/pizza evening, where a discussion will take place before, during and/or after the movie.

 2.  Discussing recent news events and giving children more insight into what they’re looking at is a good way to discuss racism because then they can see it with their own eyes and are probably talking about it with their friends, anyway, like Trayvon Martin’s death and why he died and why Zimmerman didn’t go to jail.

When discussing racism with black children we should talk TO them, not AT them, and let them express how they feel and ask questions. We should do it in small doses at a time by using historical examples and references and counter-racism information to EXPLAIN current events and why they’re happening.

Also, it’s SUPER IMPORTANT not to go ballistic, or go on a wild rant by using profanity but let the FACTS speak for themselves so they will learn to CONTROL THEIR EMOTIONS, STAY CALM, and RELY ON LOGIC when confronted with racism. (I admit, that’s an area I have to work on, myself).

3. NEVER soften (or falsify) your discussions about racism/white supremacy with a lot of inane “color doesn’t matter” or “all people are the same” or “love is color-blind” or “some blacks are racists, too” — or any of the CONFUSING “politically correct” nonsense that means the speaker is NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. The evidence speaks for itself — that there would BE no system of white supremacy if ANY of the above were true.

Believe me, the racist/white supremacists are not going to “soften” their mistreatment when it comes to how they treat our black children. In fact, they are KILLING OUR CHILDREN every day, so the idea that talking about racism will “hurt black children” makes absolutely NO SENSE when you consider the consequences that come when they DON’T understand it.

When we avoid talking about racism to our children, we are NOT doing it to protect them, we are doing it to PROTECT  OURSELVES by avoiding things that make us uncomfortable.

4. Talk HONESTLY about the entertainment industry, like WHY black males are pressured to wear dresses in movies, and  why most successful black female entertainers MUST wear weaves and blonde hair and why black male actors are NOT shown loving or making love to black females in movies and TV commercials, and why black females must be light-skinned or have a white parent to be considered “pretty,”  and how blacks are encouraged to fuss and fight and disrespect and demean each other on TV (like Tyler Perry’s buffoonery sitcoms and Sanford and Sons, Martin, etc).

In the second book, ‘Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act,’  there is a chapter called, “Why Black Female Entertainers Must Wear Weaves That Look Like Weaves.” This Chapter is also found in the third and fourth books.

5.  It would be ideal to greatly reduce or eliminate TV and movies in your home, but I believe this suggestion is unrealistic for the millions of black people who rely on it as BABY-SITTERS for their children and as escapist entertainment for themselves. What we can do at least is to monitor what children are watching and discuss the many ways that racism/white supremacy are being practiced.

For example, I watched a few episodes of a TV show called, “The Good Wife,” and found it was rife with white supremacy/non-white inferiority messages. The black male law partners were pitted against each other and neither of them were ever shown with any female companionship.

The only non-white female (an Indian) with a lead role portrayed a dysfunctional, violent, anti-social sexual freak who slept with both white males and white females. All in the same vein of shows like “Scandal” that show a successful black female as the sexual plaything of a married white male — aka “a white man’s whore” role.

If you do NOT understand why any of the above is a problem, you can educate yourself by reading the book, “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation,” in particular the chapter called “Weapon #7: Entertainment” — and by reading other books about the racism in entertainment.

6. DO NOT LIE TO YOUR CHILDREN about what is going on. They are smarter and more resilient than we give them credit for. Do NOT let their first taste of racism happen in the street. PREPARE them for the reality they will be facing by TELLING THEM THE TRUTH.

I have known many ADULT black people who resent (even hate) their parents for NOT preparing them for the racism they would encounter, and I believe this is a HUGE part of the reason that so many black youth do not respect OR trust their black elders.

7. Talk about your own experiences with racism. Do NOT let our false pride, bravado, or our EGOS get in the way of saving our children from emotional, psychological or physical harm while living under a system of racism/white supremacy. Tell them THE TRUTH about what you have experienced,  how it damaged you, how it hurt you, and let them SEE that you survived it — and share whatever strategies you used to try to solve your problems.

8. Take a page out of the Jewish parental handbook by talking about racism in a way that puts the BLAME on the racists, not on their victims. Jews do not apologize for what they call “anti-Semitism.”  Why should the victims apologize OR be ashamed when racism is practiced? Tell our children the TRUTH, that there are white people who will harm them simply because they are NOT white — regardless of their looks, money, or education.

Teach them that racism is NOT a reflection on black people OR on our humanity;  it’s a reflection on the INHUMANITY of the (white) people who PRACTICE IT.  And most of all, teach them the TRUE DEFINITION of racism provided here — so they will NOT BE CONFUSED about who is practicing it AND why they are practicing it


9.  It is extremely helpful that the black adult or parent UNDERSTAND white supremacy and how it functions, but even those who lack the knowledge can still be observant and talk HONESTLY with their children about what is happening and WHY it is happening.

There are chapters in ‘Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation’ that explains black poverty, educational racism, and police brutality in a way that is easy to understand. Use that info to explain current events. Again, we should avoid lecturing and have casual conversations about the racism that we hear and read about in the news.

10. Be mindful that some black parents may object once their children start asking them questions about racism and show a greater understanding of racism. It’s sad so many black parents are ducking and dodging the truth about racism and about their own experiences.

This is a suicidal move for a people who are STILL under extreme attack by the white supremacy system. Do not be discouraged but be aware so you do not jeopardize your employment.

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