Talking to Black Children About Racism/White Supremacy – Part 1

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Here’s an excerpt from an email I received yesterday from a reader, who I’ll call “Miss P.”  I thought she raised such an important question that it was worthy of an entire post. If anyone has any constructive suggestions, please share!

“Hi Pam,

I work in an elementary school part-time in an affluent predominantly white suburb.  The few black students that do attend the elementary school are either from the Caribbean and Latin America (places like Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

I decided to mentor the two black students in the class I work in;  one from Jamaica and the other boy is from the U.S. I’ve purchased books from hueman bookstore and am awaiting its arrival.  I bought graphic novels about Malcolm X, MLK Jr., and Reconstruction in celebration of Black History Month and hope to read it with them.

What would your advice be in terms of discussing racism? The U.S.-born black boy’s mother wears a blonde weave.  I don’t know if her son would even be exposed to being aware of racism. The mother of the boy from Jamaica thanked me for helping her son, but I don’t know if she understands America’s history since they are from Jamaica. 

Would I be overstepping my role if I discussed racism’s role in a historical context? I looked at your book Death of A Dark Nation and I interpreted that the Save the Children & the Black Family section as a call to the parents to provide for their children this kind of education, but if the parents are too damaged themselves or from a different country is it a teacher’s responsibility? 

Also would you say that many black parents don’t teach their children about racism? I apologize for asking these questions, but my mother is Chinese so I don’t really have much of a reference point on how I should be a model to teaching black youth about racism.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Miss P


My response:

Greetings Miss P,

I want to commend you for taking on the task of educating black children about racism/white supremacy. There are no easy answers when it comes to HOW we should do it, especially if their own parents aren’t discussing OR thinking about it.

From what you said, those students are probably being over exposed to white supremacy/non-white inferiority via television and movies — on top of receiving an inferior education that teaches that white is superior and black is inferiority, so keep that in mind.

 10 Suggestions on Talking To Black Children About Racism/White Supremacy

1.  Many young people (and adults for that matter) are not interested in reading about black history (although there are some exceptions) but they might be interested in watching a movie or video (and as an added incentive make it a TV/movie/pizza evening, where a discussion will take place before, during and/or after the movie.

 2.  Discussing recent news events and giving children more insight into what they’re looking at is a good way to discuss racism because then they can see it with their own eyes and are probably talking about it with their friends, anyway, like Trayvon Martin’s death and why he died and why Zimmerman didn’t go to jail.

When discussing racism with black children we should talk TO them, not AT them, and let them express how they feel and ask questions. We should do it in small doses at a time by using historical examples and references and counter-racism information to EXPLAIN current events and why they’re happening.

Also, it’s SUPER IMPORTANT not to go ballistic, or go on a wild rant by using profanity but let the FACTS speak for themselves so they will learn to CONTROL THEIR EMOTIONS, STAY CALM, and RELY ON LOGIC when confronted with racism. (I admit, that’s an area I have to work on, myself).

3. NEVER soften (or falsify) your discussions about racism/white supremacy with a lot of inane “color doesn’t matter” or “all people are the same” or “love is color-blind” or “some blacks are racists, too” — or any of the CONFUSING “politically correct” nonsense that means the speaker is NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. The evidence speaks for itself — that there would BE no system of white supremacy if ANY of the above were true.

Believe me, the racist/white supremacists are not going to “soften” their mistreatment when it comes to how they treat our black children. In fact, they are KILLING OUR CHILDREN every day, so the idea that talking about racism will “hurt black children” makes absolutely NO SENSE when you consider the consequences that come when they DON’T understand it.

When we avoid talking about racism to our children, we are NOT doing it to protect them, we are doing it to PROTECT  OURSELVES by avoiding things that make us uncomfortable.

4. Talk HONESTLY about the entertainment industry, like WHY black males are pressured to wear dresses in movies, and  why most successful black female entertainers MUST wear weaves and blonde hair and why black male actors are NOT shown loving or making love to black females in movies and TV commercials, and why black females must be light-skinned or have a white parent to be considered “pretty,”  and how blacks are encouraged to fuss and fight and disrespect and demean each other on TV (like Tyler Perry’s buffoonery sitcoms and Sanford and Sons, Martin, etc).

In the second book, ‘Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act,’  there is a chapter called, “Why Black Female Entertainers Must Wear Weaves That Look Like Weaves.” This Chapter is also found in the third and fourth books.

5.  It would be ideal to greatly reduce or eliminate TV and movies in your home, but I believe this suggestion is unrealistic for the millions of black people who rely on it as BABY-SITTERS for their children and as escapist entertainment for themselves. What we can do at least is to monitor what children are watching and discuss the many ways that racism/white supremacy are being practiced.

For example, I watched a few episodes of a TV show called, “The Good Wife,” and found it was rife with white supremacy/non-white inferiority messages. The black male law partners were pitted against each other and neither of them were ever shown with any female companionship.

The only non-white female (an Indian) with a lead role portrayed a dysfunctional, violent, anti-social sexual freak who slept with both white males and white females. All in the same vein of shows like “Scandal” that show a successful black female as the sexual plaything of a married white male — aka “a white man’s whore” role.

If you do NOT understand why any of the above is a problem, you can educate yourself by reading the book, “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation,” in particular the chapter called “Weapon #7: Entertainment” — and by reading other books about the racism in entertainment.

6. DO NOT LIE TO YOUR CHILDREN about what is going on. They are smarter and more resilient than we give them credit for. Do NOT let their first taste of racism happen in the street. PREPARE them for the reality they will be facing by TELLING THEM THE TRUTH.

I have known many ADULT black people who resent (even hate) their parents for NOT preparing them for the racism they would encounter, and I believe this is a HUGE part of the reason that so many black youth do not respect OR trust their black elders.

7. Talk about your own experiences with racism. Do NOT let our false pride, bravado, or our EGOS get in the way of saving our children from emotional, psychological or physical harm while living under a system of racism/white supremacy. Tell them THE TRUTH about what you have experienced,  how it damaged you, how it hurt you, and let them SEE that you survived it — and share whatever strategies you used to try to solve your problems.

8. Take a page out of the Jewish parental handbook by talking about racism in a way that puts the BLAME on the racists, not on their victims. Jews do not apologize for what they call “anti-Semitism.”  Why should the victims apologize OR be ashamed when racism is practiced? Tell our children the TRUTH, that there are white people who will harm them simply because they are NOT white — regardless of their looks, money, or education.

Teach them that racism is NOT a reflection on black people OR on our humanity;  it’s a reflection on the INHUMANITY of the (white) people who PRACTICE IT.  And most of all, teach them the TRUE DEFINITION of racism provided here — so they will NOT BE CONFUSED about who is practicing it AND why they are practicing it


9.  It is extremely helpful that the black adult or parent UNDERSTAND white supremacy and how it functions, but even those who lack the knowledge can still be observant and talk HONESTLY with their children about what is happening and WHY it is happening.

There are chapters in ‘Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation’ that explains black poverty, educational racism, and police brutality in a way that is easy to understand. Use that info to explain current events. Again, we should avoid lecturing and have casual conversations about the racism that we hear and read about in the news.

10. Be mindful that some black parents may object once their children start asking them questions about racism and show a greater understanding of racism. It’s sad so many black parents are ducking and dodging the truth about racism and about their own experiences.

This is a suicidal move for a people who are STILL under extreme attack by the white supremacy system. Do not be discouraged but be aware so you do not jeopardize your employment.

Some links to posts based on the book excerpts which can be found in ‘Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act’

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  1. Miss Pam:

    Most excellent advice!

    May I please add these words for her to tell her students?

    1. Never surround yourself with humanoids as EVERY interaction with them is one of violence

    2. Always be mindful of your surroundings at all times

    3. If humanoid teacher bullies or threatens you, NEVER respond as your words will be taken out of context and you’ll be deemed a “threat” to the other students. This may be grounds for the teacher to recommend that the child be placed under medication like Ritalin. Go home and tell your parent and let them address the teacher.

    4. Never take anything from a humanoid to eat or drink or bring home

    Hope that helps her a bit.

  2. TrojanPam says:

    @ diaryofanegress

    Although some might consider your suggestions extreme, the reality is black children are often victimized BECAUSE they put their trust in white “friends” and adults, like the young black male who got drunk with his white buddies, and one of them “helped” him enter a neighbor’s home where the black young man was shot to death — in the back.

    Another story I heard about was a young black male who went to a party in a white neighborhood and on leaving was accosted by several white youth and shot to death.

    And the Penn State/Sandusky scandal where mostly young black boys were raped by the white male, Jerry Sandusky, including a ten year old black boy who was RAPED in the shower and the white people who saw it did and said NOTHING about it.

    I personally know of a young black male who was arrested along with his friends for rape when the police discovered them having sex in the park with two white females. The black female who recounted this story to me was a relative of the young black male. The white girls said that the police “made them” cry rape or they were going to go to jail and notify their parents.

    I personally know young black males (one was a friend of mine) who would meet white females in the “forest preserve” (a wooded area) just to have sex, and there would be anywhere from two or more white females who would come to the black area just to have sex and then would head back to where they lived.

    Had the police caught them in the bushes, these young black males would surely have been arrested for “rape.”

    I’m sure there are horror stories of young black females being victimized but I suspect that many times these “missing young black female” statistics are due to them trusting the wrong people and their stories never being told.

    Case in point, I remember a time when I was in my early 20s and I was riding my bike on the Chicago Lakefront and I was approached by three or four white males about my age who offered me a ride on their boat. Now, why would four guys want to take one woman out on their boat? I rejected the offer and remember thinking later that I probably would have never been seen again. It would be so easy to rape and kill a black female and dump her body in Lake Michigan and they would be long gone before I was found and of course, the Chicago police would have never looked for my killers. I was very lucky that time.

    There are so many stories of black people being naive and “hanging out” with white friends or with in white establishments where they wind up either being victimized, beaten, arrested, sent to prison, raped, or killed.

    AND it is a FACT that black children are the most likely to be labeled “educationally disabled,” retarded, or over aggressive — and the quick remedy is usually a devastating regimen of drugs to GUARANTEE a lifetime of intellectual inferiority.

    I don’t know what it will take for US — BLACK ADULTS — to take the threat to our children seriously. If we do not, we should not be all shocked and surprised when our children are destroyed right in front of our eyes.

    We are running out of time to “get our act together.”

    • Miss Pam:

      When I realized, about 11 years ago, that we were at war with humanoids, I realized that NO action is too extreme to protect myself. That’s why I wrote the post on “10 things every black person should have.”

      The biggest issue I see, in my humble opinion, is we allow our children free reign over themselves with zero thought to the consequences. This new young generation of “moms and dads” do not want to be parents…they want to be their children’s FRIENDS. Children do not need a mommy who wishes to dance like Beyonce and a daddy who wishes to be a “pimp.”

      They need stable, constant, never ending STRUCTURE from birth.

      We are too lazy and lackadaisical with our children and when they make all the wrongs choices, we punish them for it and wonder “where they went wrong”! My dear, please do not think me too harsh but for some of us, running out of time is a GOOD THING. Even animals in nature know when to walk away from members of their herd/ flock/ tribe that are unstable.

      My concern is for those of us that are still trying. My heart goes out to them. Our “window”, however small, may be closing shut. I pray for some kind of divine intervention.

      As for our young, black men that cannot stay away from Yurugu’s daughter…


      Miss Pam, Drakkor is a sex demon for a reason. There is a reason why our children are being lead astray, again…OUR OWN FAULT, by the wet chicken-smelling demon. I honestly do not know what to say anymore about this. I’m saddened but not surprised.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ diaryofanegress

        Dr. Welsing has always said that black people should not have children until they are in their 30s. Our family stability took a serious turn for the worse when the “War on Drugs” aka “The War on Black People” took effect and started sending mothers and fathers to prison for drug offenses. Then they flooded our communities with crack and assault weapons and removed stable employment and hired illegal immigrants to do the jobs poor and working class blacks USED TO DO.

        Now, we’ve got two generations of children raising children, and I see the effects of this every day, black people who have no home training, who weren’t raised properly or given any moral values.

        Their damaged parents (or parent) fed, clothed and housed (sometimes poorly) them then released them onto the streets, clueless and ripe to be picked off by whoever wants to take a shot at them and now these children are having children and are raising them the same way they were raised.

        This might sound harsh, but look around. Parents and children getting tattoos and piercings together, hanging out all night at the clubs, dressing like their children, wearing expensive shoes and clothing and jewelry (without a dime in the bank), wearing their pants hanging off their asses, dropping out of school, showing no interest in learning or being educated or getting a skill, etc

        We just want to “live large” like the black people we see on the TV

        We don’t understand that we are in a SYSTEM of white supremacy and are being ACTED UPON by that system and we are NOT the ACTORS.

        Everything we do we have been PROGRAMMED to do to our own self-destruction and the destruction of our offspring BUT we continue to do it because we don’t see anything wrong with our behavior — and you better NOT try to correct our children or us or we will come for you.

        I hear black adults putting down black youth as though black children were hatched out of eggs and we had nothing to do with their condition. It’s a lie that we could say we love our children AND then blame them for failing under a system designed to destroy them while we SAT on our hands and did little to nothing to stop it from happening.

        I think our mentalities, guided by the white supremacist media via TV, movies, comedy shows, music, and materialism, are worse today than they’ve ever been.

        As far as young (and not so young) black males who are addicted to white flesh, they will have to learn THE HARD WAY.

        Any man who chooses to support and love his enemies while abandoning his community and the women who raised him has NOTHING COMING. That’s not me saying it, the EVIDENCE IS EVERYWHERE. Look at the unemployment and poverty and incarceration rates among black people.

        How can our response to this kind of racist oppression be to DATE, MARRY, AND BREED WITH THE SAME PEOPLE WHO REPRESENT OUR OPPRESSION?

        That is PURE INSANITY — and at some point we will have to face the horrible consequences of being such a blind, foolish, and rebelliously stubborn people who want NOTHING to do with knowing OR acting upon the TRUTH about our condition.

        My main concern is for those who are trying to do something, I have decided I will not waste a lot of valuable time trying to wake people who are pretending to be asleep.

        Have no worries, they will be FORCED awake soon enough. Take care!

      • Phazex_Female says:


        You are doing exactly what you should be doing—opening the eyes of our masses of people. True that we DO have brothers and sisters that never wanted to be parents, but this is why we have brothers and sisters such as we have on this site to guide those that want to see “that new dawn” for us all. For “negativity can only feed on itself.”

        Give yourself “a pat” on the back for what you HAVE accomplished for I’d rather be one of many that tries attempts to change our position in these United Snakes and globally as opposed to “leading others, like black people to the slaughter, in white supremacy.



    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks you so much for this advice, It is a reminder that has to be voiced

  3. mstoogood4yall says:

    great post, I wondered the same thing of how to talk to kids about this if I have some one day. I want them to know the truth in ways they can understand. they need to know the difference of how they will be treated compared to whites. I was fortunate to have my mom teach me when I could understand about how I would be treated differently and not to do what my white friends did. she was right, I will never forget going to a store with my white friend when I was in elementary school and the people following me around but not my friend, my mom explained to me why.
    this pic sums up the differences in the way black parents have to have the talk with their kids compared to white parents.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ mstoogood4yall

      I’m glad your mom didn’t duck and dodge the question of why you were treated differently than your white friend.

      Unfortunately, many black parents are so THRILLED that their black children have been “accepted” by their white friends that they avoid the topic of racism altogether.

      As I have said many times before, I understand that confronting racism can be an uncomfortable (and intimidating) topic but what other choice do we have?

      To continue to let our children come out into the world BRAND NEW and get their brains, and hearts, and minds and bodies trashed?

      That is totally incorrect behavior

  4. Timothy says:

    Excellent words from everyone here like usual. Also, one advice is that I would allow black children to learn how their struggle is linked to black people in the world. The struggle for black liberation in Jamaica is similar to the struggle in America. We are one people. For example, many people of black Caribbean descent from Marcus Garvey to Kwame Ture worked with Brothers and Sisters in the States as a means to fight against the evil system of WHITE SUPREMACY. Pan-Africanism is a great concept to love. We have to be honest with black children. Children will soak up information from tons of stimuli. If we give them the real truth about our condition and how white racism has oppressed us for so long (from the Birmingham Church being bombed killed innocent black girls to the extrajudicial evil murder of Trayvon Martin), then children can be better prepared to deal with it and FIGHT WHITE SUPREMACY IN their daily lives. Also, we should not only talk about our injustice. We should talk about our contributions and our real HISTORY.

    Many of our people don’t know our REAL HISTORY from our technological contributions to our rich legacy spanning THOUSANDS OF YEARS. They should be told that they are gifted, they are somebody, and they are BLACK & BEAUTIFUL. We have to encourage intellectual development not just athletic endeavors. There can be private meetings between black teachers and black families including black students to educate, inspire, and make suggestions with each other on how to develop the social well-being of black children.

    We all had experiences of racism and we have to open up about our experience to children, so they can be knowledgeable of not being alone. They are not alone. Excellent words Sister Trojan Pam.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree, and it is up to US – black people — to teach our children their history. We also teach our history by the way we treat each other. When black adults don’t get along, when we defame and disrespect and degrade each other WE are telling our children that being black means we are inferior.

      When we call each other niggers and niggas and bitches and hos and dawgs, etc, and talk dirt about other black people, we are teaching our children that being black means you are inferior.

      When we praise whiteness and near-whiteness and shun black people as lovers and BRAG about having a white man or a white woman or whiter-looking children we are teaching our children that being black means you are inferior.

      It’s not just poor or young blacks who do this, educated blacks do it only they might not stand on a street corner when they say nasty things about other black people.

      Integration and the white-controlled media have done a real number on our minds and I don’t see it getting any better because we are breaking our necks to imitate what we see on TV and rushing into interracial relationships with white and non-black people as though this was the answer to our GROWING OPPRESSION.

      because we don’t see the VALUE in other black people OR in UNIFYING with other black people.

      We’ll complain about racism and “white people” and how we’re treated on the job (racism/white supremacy), and how terrible it was that Zimmerman went free (racism/white supremacy), and how we didn’t get a promotion or that car or house loan or why the policeman stopped us without cause or how we were followed in a store by security (racism/white supremacy)

      and make NO CONNECTION between our incorrect “romantic” choices (rewarding our oppressors) and the INCREASE in racism in this country.

      It’s as though we think we can SEX and KISS and MARRY and BREED our way out of our dilemma when it is obvious (or should be) that black males and females will HAVE TO COME TOGETHER FOR OUR MUTUAL PROTECTION AND SURVIVAL.

      The white supremacy system is coming after us, purging us from our historically black neighborhoods, reducing student loans and forcing historically black colleges to close their doors, taxing us out of our homes, purging us from the corporate workplace, closing black schools and building more prisons, bringing in more illegal and immigrant labor to remove us from even lower-paying occupations, and purging black elected officials from office and putting them into prison while letting corrupt white officials operate freely.

      the more interracial relationships/marriages (DIVIDE AND CONQUER) we engage in, the worse our plight becomes.

      This historical pattern of behavior by oppressed non-white people in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, etc to sex and breed with their white oppressors has ALWAYS led to a two-class separation between lighter blacks and darker blacks where the lighter-blacks (with a white parent) are used by whites to oppress the darker blacks — when in reality, both the lighter-skinned and darker-skinned blacks were mistreated.

      so in EFFECT, black people are breeding their OWN ENEMIES who are usually more loyal to their white parent and whites in general while often secretly despising the blacker side of their families and blacks in general. You can see this in the behavior of some prominent blacks (who have a white parent), and the disdain and disconnect toward the black masses in general.

      Unfortunately (or fortunately), when this economy reaches critical mass (and this isn’t far off), and blacks are deprived of basic resources, their white “lovers” are going to go back to “white town” where the resources are more plentiful,

      AND more importantly, where their black partners WILL NOT BE WELCOME.

  5. Shanequa says:

    @ Trojan Pam you made excellent points on this post. We might be physically free from those chain but our minds are mentally locked in chain. Yes, our black children are an easy target just as our black adults. Its bad enough when our people see black entertainers like Beyoncé on several white own media outlets our people believe we had made progress, a black family in the white house our people still believe we had made progress but it’s all an illusion. Our people believe we can now trust white people as well as have them for friends, but when their white counter part show there true colors, black people are still surprise that racism still exist. Again it’s 2014 black people are still surprise that racism still exist that tells you a lot right there we haven’t made progress as a people. Also it ‘s not save for black people period to be the only one or in a very small group when they are the only black surrounded by non blacks. These black males & females who are in these interracial relationships are for a rude awaken as well as their biracial children.
    I work with the public schools district working with our black children everyday who are mostly from low income neighborhoods. I have met some of those black children parents an the parents are getting younger by the age. No morals or family values is being taught in the home, some of those children parents are on drugs, and in jail. On top of that the school I work at the majority of the staff is white males & females, non black Hispanic males & females, and then a very small staff of black males & females teachers. What makes that even worst the school is in a predominately black & non black Hispanic neighborhood. Furthermore, a lot of those teachers at the school aren’t certified and several of them don’t have degrees in majoring in education. On top of that with the population shift its an equal amount of blacks & non black Hispanic students because several years ago the school use to be predominately black but the Hispanic population has grown. You even have non black teachers looking down on black children an you know when these non black teachers go home they have a field day of laughs talking about those black children & parents in front of their friends & family members.
    Our youth are so misguided they wouldn’t even know when they are being target as victims of white supremacy. I have dealt so many of our young black male & female children that are dealing with self hate issues. When I’m at work I still get on our young little black females about playing with non black females hair and hearing them say to their non black female classmates “y’all got some good hair.” I tell them all the time we have good hair too, why don’t you play with some ones hair that looks like yours an give them a compliment. One time I seen a teenage black male that kept trying to flirt with this non black Hispanic female who didn’t want to bother with him or near him. It was a black female who spoke up an told the black male, “to leave her alone because she doesn’t want you around her.” I have even seen when the non black Hispanic students doesn’t want to be bother with the black students but only need them when its convenient for them.
    Our Black Men, Women, & Children Are About To Be Hit With A Rude Awaken. In the words of Dr. John Henry Clark, “We Have No Friends.”

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Shanequa

      Thanks for sharing!

      I believe the white supremacist media AND the incorrect behavior and lack of guidance by black adults and parents have created a black crisis unlike anything ever seen before.

      I don’t know how this will change until we get that RUDE AWAKENING

  6. Shanequa says:

    Also our past black generations & family members kept quiet about a lot of thing about racism. They only told us what they thought we should hear an held the other pieces of the story back so they want have to retell the horrors of the actual story of what each generation have witness.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Shanequa

      our collective psyches have been battered beyond belief but our attachment and loyalty to white people is so deeply ingrained that many of us WON’T talk about racism HONESTLY because it seems disloyal to our tormentors

      We have been well-trained.

  7. Pamela says:

    I think that your suggestions for talking to our children about racism are good, even though I do not agree with your views on sexuality. I have tried to educate my now-adult child about racism in this society and have encouraged her to learn about her own history first. Also, since I have absolutely no faith in this country and do not see things getting better for us here, I have strongly advised her to think about living the rest of her life elsewhere, since she likes foreign languages and cultures (not African ones, unfortunately). When she leaves here, I am out of here also. This country is rotten to the core and lousy with incorrigible racists, and I am sick of it. The planet is big and diverse, therefore there are other, better places to live.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Pamela

      Hopefully, your daughter will not chose a predominantly European nation, as racism/white supremacy is the RULE there, as well. It is just more hidden, in part because non-whites and African people constitute such a minority.

      However, as the global economy collapses (and it is), what we are seeing is a RESURGENCE of the old-style racism in Europe and Scandinavian countries. I am in constant email contact with black people who live in predominantly white countries throughout Europe and Russia and all of them report that it is becoming increasingly dangerous for non-white people in places like France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, etc.

      Many black people have a very myopic and largely fictional view of whites outside the U.S. as being “more tolerant” and “less racist” BUT if that were true, where did the racist whites in the U.S. originate from?


      Of course, in places like the U.S. where the sheer number of blacks represent competition for jobs and housing, etc, the more hostile whites are going to be toward blacks and non-whites. Now, that the European economies are suffering and unemployment among whites is rising, this is leading to cries to export (or kill) the “foreigners” (aka non-whites aka niggers). You can google this and see for yourself, news reports about the rising racism in Europe.

      The evidence is overwhelming, both historical AND more recent — that racism/white supremacy is a GLOBAL problem, from Africa to the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Iraq, Iran, France, Canada, Russia, China, etc.

      Wherever whites come into contact with non-whites — racism/white supremacy is the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE — and it is a problem that black people will not be able to run away from no matter where they go in the world. That’s why we need to get out of denial, stop rewarding whites with our bodies, sex, love, and genetics, and find a way to come together for mutual survival.

      That is why I feel so strongly about the importance of understanding the system of racism/white supremacy so we will not be naive when dealing with whites no matter where we live in the world. Blacks in the U.S. are making the same mistakes over and over because we do NOT understand this system.

      That being said, I completely understand your desire and intent to leave this country, and hope you and your daughter will find a place on the planet that is a better and safer place to live than the U.S.

      • Pamela says:

        @Trojan Pam

        Thanks so much for replying Trojan Pam, and thank you for wishing myself and my daughter well. Believe me, I am all too aware of how extensive white supremacy is on the planet and I understand the effects of it. It is like a disease that has infected almost every country and society in existence. It is the number one WORST catastrope to happen to the world in history, and I do not exaggerate. Whites are a clever, cunning, and ruthless group of people that have managed to set themselves up as the dominant authority everywhere they have gone, and this has been an utter disaster for black people in particular. I am aware of the news reports about what is happening in Europe as well and I can clearly see how the economic situation is causing them to lash out at the people they perceive as ‘the problem.’ This kind of reaction has happened before and you know what it has led to, historically.

        You are absolutely right when you say that black people, especially in this country do not fully understand their system, nor do we understand how these racists think. They are extremely clever manipuators who know how to use psychology to their advantage. If they weren’t, then they would have never been able to do what they have done, nor would they have been so successful. That is why trying to use logic and common sense in responding to their racism does not work, nor does praying and waiting for some higher being to correct the situation. That will never happen, and the sooner we face up to that, the better. We have to understand that we are dealing with a race of narcissistic sociopaths who are quite unique because they do not have the ability to coexist with or accept other people who are different from them.

        Whether we will wake up in time to save ourselves is yet to be seen, but I’m not betting on it. Because of their insidious psychological manipulation the sense of ourselves as a collective, rather than a bunch of individuals who are on our own was destroyed long ago and I don’t know how we will ever get it back.

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ Pamela

          I agree with you that white supremacy is a disease that has infected the entire planet and that this madness is bringing the world to the brink of a nuclear war — all to expand and maintain the system of white supremacy.

          It is definitely a PLAGUE on the entire planet and all life on the planet, be it plant, animal, mammal, insect, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, the rapid extinction of entire species, the disappearing rainforests, the melting ice glaciers, the endless ecological disasters, the toxic food, water, and air — can all be traced back to the wicked desire of white supremacists to DOMINATE AND CONTROL EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATH — including Mother Nature.

          Every so-called ecological organization exists to correct the damage created by white supremacy. It’s like you burning my house down then patting yourself on the back for building me a one-room shack in its place. I wouldn’t need a damn shack if you hadn’t burned my house down (!)

          Your journey to find a new and better “homeland” than the U.S. reminds me of a book written by Randall Robinson titled, “Quitting America.” Mr. Robinson once stated that he had developed a “dull dislike for white people” due to their endless and tiresome practice of racism. He is now living in St. Kitts.

          I don’t see a time where white people collectively will EVER stop the practice of racism/white supremacy — because they believe it is in their best interests to dominate non-white people and also they want to maintain their “white privileges” (the unfair advantages and rewards they get simply for being white).

          In addition, once you have greatly victimized someone (or a people) you will NEVER let them get off their knees because of the possibility of revenge.

          White people collectively KNOW they have earned great retribution (and Karma) for their CRIMES against black and non-white people – much as they might deny it, and deny it they do, loudly and clearly.

          However, I could care LESS about all the protestations and denials of their OWN barbaric history because I know this sociopathic behavior means they feel NO SHAME about the harm they have caused people and animals and the planet itself, NOR do they intend to stop.

          And this is something blacks and non-white people need to understand. You cannot shame anyone out of being a racist.

          I often compare the people who practice racism to roaches who flee when the light comes on. A roach is not “ashamed” of crawling on your food or bed or kitchen countertops. Shame is NOT the reason it runs or hides. It hides because it wants to EVADE DETECTION and DESTRUCTION.

          A roach is simply acting on its NATURAL INSTINCTS and is HARD-WIRED to behave a certain way. That’s why RQACHES act the same way all over the world.

          Shame is NOT a natural instinct. Shame is something that MUST BE TAUGHT to an entity or being that has the CAPACITY to feel shame and is willing to change its behavior.

          Racist/white supremacists know right from wrong. They are not confused about racism OR the harm they are causing. However, when EXPOSED they will flee from the light and hide until it is safe to come out again and crawl over your kitchen floor. Part of hiding means LYING and finding ways to BLAME THEIR VICTIMS for their own victimization.

          It is the FEAR OF EXPOSURE, NOT SHAME that guides the behavior of those who are caught practicing racism.

          That is why I caution black and non-white people to stop wasting valuable time trying to “shame” racism out of existence. Stop looking for empathy and sympathy and understanding and acceptance by those who practice it. There is NO SHAME IN A RACIST — ONLY THE FEAR OF EXPOSURE — just like the roach.

          Non white people constitute more than 90% of the world’s population. Collectively, we have the CAPACITY to smash the white minority FLAT BUT do not have the WILL to do so.

          That is why the white supremacy system works overtime to confuse and disorient the non-white masses into believing otherwise, into believing they need the white minority and that they are lucky to find a white person to be a friend, lover or spouse.

          So, the racist/white supremacists can evade CAPTURE AND DESTRUCTION.

          Just to be clear I am not calling white people “roaches” I am simply observing that the behavior of a racist — once EXPOSED — is similar to that of a ROACH — in my opinion, rather than the behavior of a truly remorseful human being.

  8. kowaba says:

    Fantastic Post, Trojan Pam!

    Thanks to everyone who commented. I hope we can all benefit from this information!

  9. TTNYCRN says:

    Great post TrojanPam. Even though I am not a parent yet, this is indeed great information when I hopefully get placed in that role of fatherhood later in my life. You know TrojanPam, I feel that my generation of black people(the ones born in the 1980s and 1990s) are so lost with the misguided hip-hop, being a baller, etc. Nevertheless, we have to continue our fight to ensure that the next generation(when we have children) will be upstanding and productive human beings in the face of white supremacy.

    p.s. Growing up in New York City, I got very confused with the issues of race/white supremacy due to New York’s so-called “diversity”. As I got older, I realized that all of the diverse,multicultural and international cities in America(New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia) are some of the biggest white supremacist places on Earth. Go figure, lol!

    • LBM says:

      I feel what you’re saying TTNYCRN but fortunately the “diversity” of NYC is exactly what made it a great place to raise my children. I came of age in Harlem with Clark, Ben, Welsing, Jeffries, etc. My children had the benefit of the independent schools that came out of the Brownsville/Oceanhill struggle for community control of schools.Most are gone now. My children were taught fencing and swimming and martial arts by black instructors. The Senegalese cabbies and vendors helped us with some Wolof before we went to Senegal. The African Islamic community in Brooklyn brought more diversity with their dance, dress, food. The Caribbean community – I’m just saying – if a parent wants (or at least wanted) to ground their child in things African-centric, NYC was the place. There’s plenty “diversity” for those who don’t socialize with white dominators on their own time….Now if one equates “diversity” with being around racists, big city/small town, won’t matter.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ TTNYCRN

      The biggest weapons used against the black masses is confusion via integration and interracial sex. The two together have ripped us apart in a way that will be hard to rebuild.

      It’s up to us to win our minds and souls back and stop expecting those who stole them to just “give them back.”

  10. TTNYCRN says:

    I forgot this point TrojanPam- In New York now, we have a mayor with a black wife and I know for sure that the black people will not experience heaven on Earth either!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ TTNYCRN

      The mayor is there by design, to further confuse and divide the black masses and make it appear that black males and black females do better (at least financially) when APART.

      I strongly suspect that black people are going to catch even MORE HELL under this new mayor — but some will be confused that he can practice racism even when married to a black woman

      We have to GET SMARTER as a people and stop being so easily fooled by outward appearances.


  11. Mariama says:

    As the proud mother of an eight year old girl, I am always talking to her about our struggles and accomplishments and how it is important for blacks to build with each other. Unfortunately, I have also been talking to her about crimes against our people, ie: lynchings, kidnapping, slavery etc. In the beginning, I used to feel a little guilty considering her age at the time (around 6 or 7). But I figured that I would explain things to her in small doses. She is very bright and insightful and can be quite precocious at times. She “knows” the difference between white and black folks (in terms of our spirit, culture, etc). She has been aware of this since she was a year old. And she is not immune to the reports shown on TV (Trayvon Martin and the countless others). I feel that it is extremely important for black parents to educate their children on the realities of racism. To not do so would be murdering your children psychologically, mentally, and spiritually.

  12. Adeen says:

    Great post. Black children should know their history so that they can learn the struggles of their ancestors and not give into White supremacy ideals the media promotes out there. It is sad that the current Black generation is lost and don’t care to learn about slavery, Jim Crow etc and worship Lil Wayne instead. We really need to talk to the youth about their history because if they aren’t careful, they can lose their rights and privileges again

  13. LBM says:

    Recently went to a viewing of American Promise(PBS, Sundance) which is a film that followed two black boys from K-12 who attended an “elite” prep school in NYC. Had a very lively discussion with parent’s and “educators” who were debating the perceived opportunities vs the emotional price of putting the boys in an environment that provided absolutely no support of their culture or ethnic selves. I told the group I considered it to be child abuse to put a black child in an environment in which he/she was the only – or one of very few – black child , especially when the teaching staff was all white. There was some respectful debate but the nastiest pushback came from a couple of folk who were adamant that it didn’t matter the race of a child’s teachers. I told them that Black folk are the only people that say that.
    I think the documentary can still be seen online. It raises many, many questions about many things but the fact that we adults refuse to envision a better world (fight white domination) and send these young people into the snake pit so pitifully unprepared -then have the nerve to expect positive results from them is…abusive to say the least.

    • Courtney H. says:


      I watched that very program on PBS about two weeks ago. It was very interesting. I was also thinking about how the young man who remained at the mostly-White school was having all kinds of academic problems and ended up not getting into any of the Ivy League or top-tier universities, whereas the young man who transferred to the mostly-Black school did much better, even though he had academic problems, too, but eventually improved on them. Your comments on the program and Q & A session are very eye-opening.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ LBM

      I have seen so many black parents absolutely BEWILDERED when the black boy or girl they sent into an all-white environment doesn’t have any black friends, only wants to date white people, dislikes other black people and views them as “aliens” and in fact, sometimes has little respect even for that black parent.

      I understand why they think a white school offers a better education but when will we learn that “education” is more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic

      Your education PROGRAMS your values and teaches you WHO is valuable.

      I think black people overall are afraid to think seriously about racism, perhaps, because we feel so helpless against it

      but we have to stop sticking our heads in the sand and then expect the results to be good.

      Here’s the link to the video for those who want to watch it (it will only be available on-line until March 5, 2014)

      Thanks for sharing the info AND for speaking up! so many of us are too afraid to be honest about racism–especially in front of other people

  14. big moe says:

    White people are the walking dead for real!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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