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It was no surprise to learn that European mapmakers — as far back as the 16th century — DELIBERATELY reduced the size of the African continent, but I had no idea by how much until I compared the maps below.

Map A (updated in 2013?) shows Europe and Africa as roughly the same size while North America is larger than both. This is FALSE.

world-continent-mapMAP A:  THE WHITE SUPREMACIST VIEW OF AFRICA  (the version taught in school)


The composite map below (Map B) is not 100% accurate — for example, all of China does not fit inside Africa —  but it is more accurate when comparing the size of the African continent to Europe and the United States.

True_Size_Of_AfricaMAP B: AFRICA  (and the countries/continents that could fit inside it!)

This is just ONE more piece of evidence that:

1) we live under a system of white supremacy/black inferiority — even when it comes to making maps.

2) the system of white supremacy relies on LIES, DISTORTIONS, AND DECEPTION to minimize, marginalize, and inferiorize African people, even to the extent of making it appear that the African continent is much smaller than it actually is.

3) referring to Africa as the “Third World” is another method used to minimize, marginalize, and inferiorize African people (which is why I refuse to use the term to describe people of color)

4) black people should NEVER, EVER rely on Hollywood films, for example, the Butler, 12 Years a Slave, Red Tails, Django Unchained, 42 (movie about Jackie Robinson) — regardless of how many black names are attached to it — to teach us about our past history OR our present, lest we be as DECEIVED as we have been about the TRUE SIZE of the African continent.

There is TOO MUCH EVIDENCE for us to blindly support these films as fact OR to assume that a “Hollywood” production is the intellectual equivalent of sitting in a legitimate classroom or reading a book on black history.

I wrote a post about whether “The Butler” is a “black” film and after researching it, I concluded it WAS NOT. (click here to read it).

We are FAR TOO TRUSTING as a people to allow the same people who have distorted and whitewashed our TRUE AFRICAN AND AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY  to teach it to us — AND our children — as we sit inside a movie theater.

Since Map A is probably the one most likely to be shown in black grammar and high schools, please share this information with as many black children, youth and adults as possible. This map provides another opportunity to talk to black children about racism/white supremacy. E SUPREMACY = FALSEHOOD

“Map dishonesty” — featured in the TV show, ‘The West Wing’ – season 2-episode 16