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This is an amazing article I feel compelled to share.   The biggest, best kept secret on the planet is the TRUTH ABOUT AFRICANS and AFRICAN CIVILIZATIONS.

After you read this article you will be able to answer the one burning question  black and African people all over the world have asked for centuries:

Why do the most powerful whites and their white foot soldiers hate black and African people?

Which leads to four other questions that must be asked–and answered:

  1. Why do the most powerful whites want to control Africa and its people?
  2. Why are the most powerful whites committing mass genocide against blacks and Africans via man-made, genetically-designed viruses (like HIV/AIDS and Ebola),  manufactured tribal conflicts, and GMO-infected foods that cause long-term sterility and illness?
  3. And why are the vast majority of black images in TV, music, and film degrading images designed to infect us with a sense of inferiority, self-hatred, and anti-blackness?
  4. Last of all, why are they working so diligently to keep the vast majority of black and African people poor, ignorant, and uneducated?



The Article


100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans: WHY there are seldom historical buildings and monuments in sub-Saharian Africa!

To read the rest of the article, click on this link:  100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans

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I am NO FAN of Alex Jones OR Info Wars. I believe he is a rabid race-monger (a racist) and cannot be trusted. However, I do find the opinions of Dr Paul Craig Roberts and his analysis of the economy, the U.S. government, and government officials very useful in understanding what is really happening around the world.

He has decades of experience working within the government and is speaking from firsthand experience. I strongly suggest those who want a better understanding of the economy and geo-politics to do a search for him on YouTube and to check out his website:

Here is the video that provoked this post:

What I disagree with (regarding Dr. Roberts) is that President Obama is making ANY decisions (he is a puppet just like former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton). Dr. Roberts seems to waffle back and forth on this issue.

I also believe that President Obama knew full well what his role would be as the “first black president” and IN FACT, was raised, trained, vetted and educated to assume a role that would deceive the people into thinking “a change” had come when IN FACT the same policies were renewed and expanded during his administration that began during the Bush and Clinton administrations.

Case in point is the TPP signed by President Obama that some describe as “NAFTA on steroids.”

As Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, says regarding the TPP (The TransPacific Partnership):

“So what we’re going to see coming out of this deal, if it goes through—and it’s not a done deal at all yet—but if the deal is finalized and enacted and implemented, we’re going to see an expansion of the NAFTA model. That means, in the United States, more export of jobs; more downward pressure on wages, especially in the United States and throughout the 12-country region; degradation of the environment and difficulties in imposing new environmental standards; increasing pharmaceutical prices; and the creation and expansion of special powers for giant—giant foreign corporations to sue governments when they take actions that the companies say would interfere with their expected profits.”

That being said, I do not hold President Obama responsible for the administration that bears his name because he is NOT in charge. He is simply the face on his administration, an attempt to scapegoat black people as being responsible for the crimes of a white supremacy system.

That is not the same as making excuses, it is simply a matter of recognizing the DIFFERENCE between the ones who WRITE the scripts versus the ones WHO ACT IT OUT. We must keep our focus on the people who have the power, not the ones who MIMIC power.

Despite Alex Jones’s participation and presence, I think this interview is an important opportunity for black people to challenge EVERYTHING we have been told about how government and presidencies actually work–and the truth about the political and economic times we live in.

I believe Dr. Roberts is one of the most accurate analysts of our current times.

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A NY Times article in 1910 about the Union of Black Mothers and White Fathers Will Bring About Negro Elimination”

It’s obvious that some white supremacists do not believe IR sex will eliminate whites — they believe it is just the reverse. It is also more proof that the white supremacists have been fretting AND planning our genetic extermination for a long time.  I am not saying the “theories” in this article are logical or biologically correct but found it an interesting piece to add to the discussion.

(amalgamation means to combine)


1910 NY Times Article about BW marrying WM

As a follow-up to my last post — “Can Oppressed Non-White Males ‘Sex’ Their Way to Freedom?”—  I thought a Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Moment would be more than appropriate and very constructive.

(Excerpt from ‘Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” – page 162)

Five Reasons Black Males Are Encouraged To Date Interracially

1. To destroy the concept of the strong black family.

2. To encourage the black male to commit genetic self-genocide.

3. To destroy the black male’s self-respect and neutralize his will to oppose white supremacy.

4. To emotionally demoralize the black female, who is now raising 70% of the next black generation alone. The more unstable the frustrated black female becomes, the more likely she is to raise dysfunctional black children who will be no threat to white supremacy.

5. To focus the growing rage and frustration of the white male collective onto black males. It is NO coincidence that the increasing numbers of black
males who are dating white females is followed by an increase in black male unemployment, incarceration, police abuses, and police murders by
white males.


(Excerpt from “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” – page 356)

Are Black Females The Enemies Of White Genetic Survival?

Involuntary and Coerced Sterilization of Black Females

According to government documents, forced sterilization in the U.S. occurred from 1897 to the early 1980s. For example, the first sterilization law of 1929 in North Carolina, targeted the “mentally ill, the retarded, and the epileptic” to protect impaired (defective) people from parenthood. Women were targeted for sterilization for being “promiscuous, lazy, unfit, or sexually uncontrollable” individuals. Since black women were assumed to be all the above, they made up 64% of all the women who were sterilized by 1964.

Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana became the only hospital to serve poor blacks from the 1960s to the 1980s. Unbeknownst to its poor black patients, this was the site of mass involuntary sterilization programs by the U.S. government. Some black women reported that they were pressured to have a c-section (a caesarean) instead of a vaginal birth, only to later discover they had been “butchered” by a doctor who tied their tubes without their consent, rendering them infertile. It is logical to assume that the secret sterilizations of black females are STILL happening today.

Black Males: Enemies Or Allies of White Supremacy?

If blacks are genetically the most dominant, and whites are genetically the most recessive, blacks have the most (genetic) potential to make whites genetically extinct. Therefore, it is logical to assume blacks (and Africans) will be the MAIN TARGETS of global genocide.

This black genetic potential has fueled the FALSE belief and fear that the black male who breeds with the white female (and produces non-white  offspring) is the biggest threat to white genetic survival.

In reality, it is just the opposite. The majority of these black male/white female relationships will not last, even if they have children together.

The Children Born Of Black Male/White Female Unions:

1. are more likely to be raised by single white mothers;

2. may have a closer, more sympathetic bond with the white side of their family, in particular, the white females;

3. likely to be white-identified;

4. more likely to breed with whites (or other non-whites with white parent)

5. more likely to produce offspring who will merge undetected with the white population. The future generations of these black male/white female unions will produce whites who will be more fertile (due to the more melanated black male), resulting in an INCREASE in overall white fertility, which will possibly extend the life of White Supremacy and Black Oppression. Therefore, the black male who breeds with the white female represents:

The single biggest threat to black liberation and are the biggest non-white allies of racism/white supremacy.


What is the Bottom Line of this Post?

The mass media image of the black female today is either that of a white man’s whore (TV shows ‘Scandal’ & ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and most Halle Berry movies after she won the Oscar) OR an undesirable mate for any “intelligent” black male seeking a “quality” mate (the vast majority of black female images in movies and TV).

Why is this happening?


While black males are being “groomed” for the genetic, social, sexual and economic destruction of their own MELANATED GENO-TYPE (genetic & economic genocide) by breeding with white females — they are also being groomed to be the SAVIORS of white genetic annihilation.

Note that the MAJORITY of TV and SCREEN roles for “intelligent” black males ALWAYS HAS TO DO WITH RESCUING WHITE PEOPLE and WHITE HUMANITY– in particular, the white female — which I discussed in a previous post:

Have You Noticed Whenever Black Males “Crossover” in Hollywood Films…

And that “grooming” is designed to train black males to put WHITE SURVIVAL ABOVE the survival of their own people even WHILE HE IS STILL BEING MISTREATED by racist man and racist woman.

Other reasons the black male is encouraged to breed with the white female:

  • By producing more melanated babies white females will–after two generations–increase the WHITE POPULATION overall. With 30 percent of sperm from white males being “non-viable” (incapable of fertilizing a woman’s egg), a limited number of white females are being STEERED in the black male’s direction to restore the fertility of the white race. In other words, to create a NEW, more FERTILE white race.
  • To be a SEXUAL PLAYTHING for racist woman AND racist man. The TV show “Empire” is a prime example. One young black male is married to a white female (the only married black male in the show) and the other young black male is in a HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with a white male. While EVERY BLACK MALE/BLACK FEMALE RELATIONSHIP including the relationship between BLACK MOTHER and BLACK SON is a hostile, disrespectful and dysfunctional one. And black people all over the nation are ‘sucking up’ these images and storing them in our brain computers yet are puzzled by the increasing dysfunction of black male/black female relationships.
  • A black male in a relationship with a more POWERFUL white female (and all white females are more POWERFUL than all non-white males AND females in a white supremacy system) — has the EFFECT of ‘FEMINIZING’ (homosexualizing) the black male who is fooled into thinking he is her equal — which is impossible in a system of white supremacy.

To illustrate further the white supremacist INTENTION of using the black male as a personal “sexual plaything” for white females AND white males — and as their GENETIC SURVIVAL SAVIOR — check out the following videos:

(A homosexual moment OR a potential homosexual assault?)

It is time we start to understand what we are seeing and developing SELF-RESPECTING counter-racist strategies to oppose it for our SURVIVAL Or we can accept the alternative as Dr. Welsing explains:

Please share the link to this post — especially to those who are engaging in sex with whites under a system of white supremacy.

The two videos in this post pose a very important question.

Can Oppressed non-white males SEX their way to freedom?

After viewing this video hopefully you will be able to answer that question for yourself.

I am reminded of something I heard many times growing up as to the reasons some black males pursued sex with white females.  In my experience, the two most common reasons given were:

Reason #1: “I have sex with white women to get back at the white man.” 

Reason #2: “If we keep making babies with white females the U.S. will turn “brown” and we will gain power over whites.”

Even as a young girl, I knew the reasoning behind these statements was illogical, but I didn’t know why.

I do now.

At the risk of stepping on some sensitive toes, I’m going to tackle the TENDENCY of some non-white males to EQUATE SEX (with white females) with having POWER (being “equal” to white males).

Here’s a written excerpt from the “speech” the Syrian male in the video makes:

“Europe has become old and decrepit, and needs human reinforcement.  No force is more powerful than the human force of us Muslims. Oh Muslims, the Germans say, in their economic reports, that they need 50,000 young workers. Throughout Europe, all the hearts are enthused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead, but they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in our midst. We will give them fertility. We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries.”

Then, let’s look at what some Syrian women (who have been left behind in war-torn Syria) have to say:
let’s tell the truth even if it hurts.

As I was listening to the two videos I saw a very CLEAR parallel between the thinking of these desperate Syrian males and some black males in the U.S.–and other black and non-white males around the world.

What all those “groups” have in common is they have been disenfranchised, driven, and/or kidnapped from their homelands and left impoverished, powerless, and oppressed victims of white supremacy. As a result of their psychologically traumatized condition, some have wrongfully equated HAVING SEX with their oppressors’ females (white females) as a blow against their oppression and a blow against the dominant white male.


Let’s follow the historical pattern that occurs when one group dominates another group:

When one group of men CONQUERS another group of men, part of the bounty (LOOT) is the freedom to have sex (whether forced or voluntary) with the women of the conquered men.

We have seen this dynamic all throughout history. Unlimited SEXUAL ACCESS to the women and children is a SHOW OF POWER (however inhumane) and PROOF of CONQUEST.

It is PROOF that the CONQUERED MALES have been defeated and cannot protect their women and children from the whims of CONQUERORS, be it rape, servitude, or murder.

This “show” of power can also take the form of PUBLICLY DISRESPECTING AND/OR KILLING the women and children of the CONQUERED MALES as we have seen with relentless degradation of black females in the mainstream media and in the real life MURDERS of Sandra Bland and Trayvon Martin whose murderers were NEVER brought to justice.

HOWEVER, THE REVERSE IS TRUE when the CONQUERED MALE attempts to use SEX as a weapon against the CONQUERORS.

When the CONQUERED MALES seek out sex with the women of the CONQUERORS, they are actually reinforcing their own POWERLESSNESS by making SEX  a PRIORITY over their own liberation and freedom.

In other words, they are DEMONSTRATING THEIR OWN IMPOTENCE by placing p**ssy above the liberation of their own people AND are ensuring their continued oppression and enslavement as CONQUERED MALES.

Under the mask of “fighting the power”  they have bought into the LIE that the white male’s ice is colder and his women are HOTTER.

Subsequently, the FEMALES of the CONQUERED lose respect for the CONQUERED males of their group and will eventually lose hope for their own liberation and that of their children.

As they watch the CONQUERED MALES make the females of the CONQUEROR a PRIORITY, they will feel demeaned, marginalized, and resentful toward the CONQUERED MALES of their group who are supposed to be their PROTECTORS and LIBERATORS. And some females will seek sanctuary in the arms (and beds) of the CONQUERORS who are powerful enough to protect and provide for them.

What some CONQUERED MALES do NOT understand is:

The CONQUEROR’S FEMALES are his FEMALE WARRIORS who use their bodies to help maintain the power of the CONQUEROR. They know this also maintains their superior positions as the FEMALES of the CONQUEROR. They KNOW their POWER (and superior positions) comes from the white male power structure EVEN when they are sharing a bed with a black or non-white male.

By ENHANCING the fertility of the dying CONQUERORS via impregnating their females and producing more MELANATED offspring, the CONQUERED MALES are effectively sealing their OWN FATE AS THE PERMANENTLY CONQUERED.

Because in REALITY (if we keep it real):

If the CONQUERORS (really) wanted to stop the CONQUERED males from having sex with their females, they would KILL THEM.

Prior to integration in the U.S. this is exactly what happened if a black male was caught having sexual intercourse with a white female. He effectively signed his own death sentence.


LOGIC tells us  that when  the CONQUEROR POPULATION pushes sexual intercourse and breeding offspring with the CONQUERED they are doing this to MAINTAIN THEIR POWER as the CONQUERORS — by DISTRACTING AND DERAILING the will, the time, the energy, AND the understanding needed by the CONQUERED to overcome their oppression.

I have explained at length the folly of thinking that “breeding” with the white female to “brown” a predominantly white nation in my first three books in the “Interracial Con Game” chapters:

One more thing to consider:

Whites are ALREADY a minority on the planet, constituting LESS than 10 percent of the world’s population. The world is already predominantly BROWN yet the system of white supremacy STILL dominates the other 90-plus non-white percent.

Obviously, breeding more non-white people is NOT THE ANSWER TO ending white supremacy.

So, the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this post — Can Oppressed Males Sex Their Way to Freedom?”

is a resounding NO
 As one Syrian woman said near the end of the video:
remember the wisdom of her words:
“We all have to be one hand to get our rights back.”

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