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I just received an email from a black female I’ll call Stacy:

“Have you noticed that the commercials on TV have almost completely eliminated the black female especially if there is a black male on scene. The new black female is the white woman.”

My response:

“I have, and it’s true in the movies as well. It should be clear (to anyone with two working eyes) that the white supremacist system wants black males with ANYONE BUT a black female

(for fear we’ll BREED more black babies and somehow, find a way to unify with each other)

They would rather see a black male with a white, Asian, or Hispanic female or even lying in bed with a white male in a homosexual relationship


If you doubt this, check out the TV commercials with black males surrounded by white people and often paired up with a white female while black females are usually ABSENT

Check out the movies and TV shows where the black male rescues and partners up with white and Hispanic females but NEVER partners up with a black female —

that’s if she can be found in the movie or TV show to begin with EXCEPT as ‘wallpaper’ (a non-speaking role)

And check out the movies and TV  shows where the black female is the side whore of a  white male who grudgingly agrees to have sex with her AND that she is ALWAYS the one who initiates sex?


she is in a “relationship”  (if you can call it that), with a married white male (Scandal) who will NEVER leave his white wife for a black whore

Or in a “committed” relationship with a white male who does not value or respect her (like “How to Get Away With Murder”)

Perhaps because she is always portrayed as a BLACK WHORE who sleeps around– with white men, biracial men engaged to white women,  and, yes, even with white females

But she will NEVER be seen loving, kissing, hugging,  or sexing a black male because that is TABOO


that doesn’t stop the black audience from spending our money AND time watching our humanity degraded and the all too fragile black male/black female relationship being shred to bits right before our eyes

Surprisingly, the ABSENCE of black females from the lives of TV and Movie black males doesn’t stop the millions of REAL-LIFE (and, often SINGLE) black females from FLOCKING to TV shows and movies that degrade us, marginalize us, inferiorize us, and make us INVISIBLE in the lives of black males

In shows like EMPIRE that push interracial sex, homosexuality, and disrespect between black male and black female, and disrespect between black son and black mother down our throats while the ONLY EDUCATED AND MARRIED BLACK MALE

“wifes-up” a blond white female

On the FOX TV NETWORK–of all networks

(Did you know the TV show script for  “Empire” is written by a white person?)

The white supremacists KNOW their programming WORKS  and they know far too many of us don’t have the will OR the SELF-RESPECT to stop watching our own degradation

If I sound too harsh (I make no apologies for it), try to imagine the REVERSE:

Black people writing and producing films and TV shows that degrade the white male/white female relationship or show white women as black males’ whores and white males ONLY saving and rescuing black females

Dr. Kambon once said, “Black people are serious about not being serious.”

It’s hard to argue the point as the white supremacist TV set babysits our children and literally destroys their self-respect right before our eyes

So, it’s pretty clear what kind of CROP we will be reaping in the coming future:

  • black males who are super-white identified and low-self-esteemed who rely HEAVILY on white validation
  • mentally ill, demoralized, angry black females who will raise the next generation


And we will shake our heads and wring our hands and bemoan the future of the ‘black race” for YEARS TO COME

But it is not too late.

Each individual can take a stand and stop supporting white supremacy in ALL forms of entertainment — including, the Tyler Perry BUFFOONERY sitcoms — and at the least STOP PAYING FOR IT.

Because whether we realize it or not, this programming is SEEPING into our brains and DIRECTING our behavior toward each other

And I don’t care how smart you think you are, or how smart I think I am, it is SOAKING into our brain cells and poisoning us against ourselves AND each other and you can see the growing detachment, resentment, mistrust, and uneasiness between black people — male AND female.

The white supremacists are working NIGHT AND DAY, 24-7 to make sure that we are so confused and self-hating and black-hating that by the time they MAKE THEIR MOVE AGAINST US

It won’t matter what they do to other black people — and my greatest fear is

They might be right…

I talk about all the above at length in my book, “Black Love is a Revolutionary Act” and “The Interracial Con Game”

And even if you never read one of my books, I want you to start making your own observations (if you haven’t already)

And talk to other black people, talk to your family and friends and your children and coworkers about it.

Just DO SOMETHING and prove Dr. Kambon was wrong.

When he said, “Black people are serious about not being serious.”