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In light of the recent Oscar controversy, where the 20 Oscar nominees for top acting awards were all white, I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Hollywood is a satanic cult
  2. Black (and white) entertainers who make it to the “top” are mired neck deep in this cult and have paid some unspeakable price for their fame
  3. Entertainers are the worst possible role models for black children. Most stand for NOTHING and in fact, promote deception in the form of anti-blackness.
  4. Whenever they are given a “mike” in the white supremacist media they are doing the bidding of their bosses (white supremacists) — no matter what it looks like.
  5. Black people should not treat these entertainers as though they have any more significance than a movie or song that we like. Once it is over, move on to more important things. We need to stop counting their money and houses and cars and focus on real issues that keep more and more black families from putting food on the table.
  6. Black entertainers have no importance in the struggles of black people and in fact, are often positioned to work against it. They would never be chosen if they had a strong love for black people and used a great deal of their money to further black causes. Their work would immediately dry up and so would the paychecks.  (Remember how quickly they pulled the plug on Arsenio’s show just for inviting Farrakhan on his show?)
  7. Black entertainers are paid to trash black male/female relationships in their professional and personal lives (like having a baby with a surrogate with a white boyfriend’s sperm) and to encourage further degradation of black life by making us appear like clowns, buffoons, low-lifes, and fools. Can anyone spell Waylan Brothers? Naturally, I’m not holding them accountable for the sins of white Hollywood but I refuse to support their participation. I don’t give a D if another black person EVER wins another award or Oscar ever. I would consider that real progress!
  8. Our parents and grandparents wisely understood the dangers of the degrading black images in the white media because they didn’t have the false props of false progress (and first black presidents) to deceive them into thinking they were “accepted” by white society.  Reality stared them in the face every day. Too bad we will have to learn that painful lesson all over again as this nation moves toward more fascism and more overt racism/white supremacy.

I believe the entire “event” was STAGED, based on the following premise:

1  – How do you get people to value something that has little or no value?

Deny it to them

2 – How do you get people to believe their outrage is legitimate and keep them locked into the “stardom” of token blacks?

Have one of your black puppet stars (on your payroll) PUBLICLY protest the injustice so black people will think something WORTHLESS is worthy of our attention and to give “street cred” to black entertainers who are not only benefiting from a corrupt system but who in fact, seldom hire other black people when conducting their business.

Jada Pinkett is locked into this corrupt Hollywood cult as much as any black person can be AKA she is beholden to that system.

(Got the Will Smith info from Abagond’s “All White Oscars” blogpost: )

Will Smith started “Overbrook Entertainment” a company which has made most of his films since 1999. The company has made around 20 movies and only two of the screen writers were black. Will Smith allowed an all white team to write the story for Muhammad Ali.

(My take on the above: I don’t believe Will Smith “allowed” an all-white team, I believe he was TOLD to hire an all-white team if he wanted to stay in good standing within the cult. The same way Oprah’s producers on her now defunct TV program were nearly all-white.  The same way I believe Kayne West was told to marry “Kim.” Black entertainers are the true “million-dollar slaves” of the 21st century, who MUST do the bidding of their satanic slave-owners or face serious retribution, and in some cases DEATH. To be accurate all non-whites are slaves within a white supremacy system.)

3 – How do you calm the savage beasts once you’ve riled them up?

Throw the starving, beaten-down black dogs a bone (with no meat on it).

“The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has approved a series of major changes, in terms of voting and recruitment, also adding three new seats to the 51-person board — all part of a goal to double the number of women and diverse members of the Academy by 2020. The changes were approved by the board Thursday night in an emergency meeting.”

Academy Overhauls Membership, Voting Rules to Promote Oscar Diversity

Do we really believe the white people in charge of the Oscars thought they wouldn’t get any pushback for their all-white nominations? Of course they knew.

How many times will we fall for the abused woman trick. Beat you one minute, embrace you the next. This is a KEY ingredient to creating mental illness in the victim and programming the victim to forever seek the abuser’s validation and love.

Notice any similarities between black people and abused women?

Break the chains from our mind and accept the FACT that we cannot trust the “good intentions” of those who have shown over and over and over again–that they have NONE. Let’s focus on REAL issues and stop responding whenever the DOG whistle is blown.

It’s time to get up from the table and get our own chessboard.

I confess, I’m pleased as PUNCH that no blacks were nominated for Oscars. 

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I would love to see the day when black people say, “F the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Golden Globes”, and stop begging white people (and white institutions) to validate our worth, our talent and our humanity and start doing it ourselves.

It’s like the unpopular kids who keep begging the popular kids to accept them without understanding it is their begging that gives the popular kids their power over the unpopular kids. At this late date there is no God earthly reason why black people should be surprised or shocked or dismayed or upset by our exclusion or unjust treatment in a white supremacy society, and there is no sensible reason to continue begging for crumbs of recognition that we will NEVER get — except for the most degrading roles imaginable.

It is just one more wake-up call for blacks (how many do we need?) that it is time to REDEFINE what “black progress” is. Is it white people constantly calling all the shots, and giving the money and prizes and judging when we are worthy of recognition (or a job or justice)? Is that black progress? How is that “black progress?”

The Oscars are bigger than a few nominations and crackpot fake gold statues, it is a reflection of the white supremacy politics of exclusion and control that can be seen in economics, education, war, and politics. They decide whether black schools close and the quality of education they provide. They decide whether a white policeman can commit murder and get away with it.

They even decide that a black person with a white parent is more deserving of a movie role or TV commercial or a job than a black person with two black parents. Haven’t we noticed the trend of casting mainly biracial people as the new and improved “blacks?” to the exclusion of brown and dark skinned black people?

What I would like to see is our children watching black people GET and GIVE awards for excellence in entrepreneurial endeavors, for opening new black schools and new black-owned businesses and creating new inventions and making new scientific discoveries.

The system will try to derail and distract us from the developing the REAL skills that any people need for survival and progress by hyping some BS multi-million dollar deal some black athlete or rap star with little or no education signed to make overpriced headphones and sneakers.

Until they realize we aren’t FALLING FOR THE HYPE any longer. Watch those multi-million dollar contracts dry up like water in the Sahara Desert…

Maybe, one day we’ll have reached a point in our psychological and self-esteem development where we’ll say:

“F the Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes. We’ve got real black businesses and and thriving black schools and prosperous black communities and real policing (that we do ourselves) and solid families and children who are loved and protected and nurtured who would never think “Empire” or “Scandal” or “Straight Outta Compton” or “The Butler” was a true representation of who black people are.”

“The delusion of inclusion”  – Paul Mooney, black comic


Which is exactly why I do not treat black entertainers (or whites ones) as people who are credible, reliable, admirable, or worthwhile in ANY respect. They work for the same institutions that control everything — politics, entertainment, economics, religion, employment, etc. and their black showcasing by the white supremacy system is designed to DECEIVE AND MISLEAD US.

I think this fixation over entertainment and celebrities and rock star politicians is one of the reasons we can’t get much else accomplished on a collective scale. Our focus is clearly wrong-headed when we worry more about an Oscar than we do about the LACK of sustainable black businesses or creating black educational institutions that we control.

The Bottom Line:  What kind of nation can you build when a people’s heroes and spokespeople are black comedians, entertainers, rappers, and ‘first black’ politicians (who don’t talk to us)?

The Answer:

We can’t.

It’s time to put “entertainment” in its rightful place.

At the BACK OF THE LINE in importance.




Education or Edited Dictation?
by Kelile Ntwadumela

(As seen in Journey 7 of Brother’s Perspective Magazine)

A paradox exists in education for all people of Afrikan descent, one that can be summed up with an old proverb.

The Story of the Lion cub and the Wild Boars

The story begins with a lion cub, lost and wandering, who suddenly finds himself surrounded by wild boars. The boars, natural prey of the lion, wondered what to do about the cub suddenly in their midst. They knew with him being a cub he would grow into a supreme hunter of their kind. The vegetarian boars couldn’t eat him as the lion would do to them. They thought about beating him up but quickly dashed the idea for fear of retaliation from the lions. Suddenly, the leader of the boars had an idea.

He said, “This cub is young and innocent. It knows nothing and is totally helpless. Let’s take him and raise him into thinking he is one of us.” The boars gave it some thought and agreed it was a good plan, so they did just that. The plan worked, so well that the cub grew into an adult lion who ate grass like the wild boars that raised him. He was the best warning system they had while grazing, acting as a sentinel, or look out. Any time he saw lions hunting he would scream, “Oh my brothers! Oh my sisters! The wicked, bad, evil killers are coming!!!”  Then he and the boars would run for cover as quickly as possible, saving them from being hunted down.

It worked like a charm. The boars would occasionally discuss the success of their plan, in secret. How easy it is to raise someone into believing they are you. The leader said, “What you do is you transfer your identity onto him, your concerns and your fears. He will feel your concerns and fears and he will protect you. This is what man did to dogs. They transferred their fears and concerns onto the dog. They turned dogs from their hunters and competitors to their companions and protectors, domesticating them. The importance of the dog in ancient human survival is evident by his title: man’s best friend.”

One day the pride of lions surprised the herd of wild boars. As everyone scattered, the kidnapped lion ran with the boars to safety. The hunting lions naturally assumed it was one their own, trying to catch a boar for the pride. As the boars reached the hiding place, they saw the lion they had raised, but they got scared and locked him out. In all the confusion, the boars didn’t know if he was a real lion or the one they subdued. The lion begged them to let him in. They took no chances.

Soon he found himself cornered. As the lions approached, he shook with unimaginable terror. He began to plead, “Oh! You bad, wicked, evil lions please don’t eat me!!!”  The other lions were shocked, asking, “Is he joking???” When the young lion began shivering in fear, they realized he was serious. The leader of the lions said,  “Look at us, and look at you. I’d say the only difference is in your mind.”

Looking at the sniveling boars, still quivering in their hole, the elder lion said with disgust,  “The boars, the ones you thought were your people. Didn’t they turn on you? Didn’t they lock you out?”

The story ends with the young lion pondering his predicament.

“The most obvious symptom is their absence of original thought. Ask them a question and they will end up reciting what someone else thinks or thought the answer was. What do they think? Well, they never thought about it. Their education consisted of learning how to use the library and cite sources.”- Charlie Reese

The human mind is born knowing nothing. Anything we know has been given to us by someone else. Children learn first by indiscriminate imitation, they copy what they see and hear. No one is born knowing who God is, we have religion because it is given to us by society and our families. This includes our perceptions of right and wrong or good and evil, our likes and dislikes and much more. All of these are learned behaviors.

The power that comes with racism is the power to include and exclude. The power to say you are in the club or are one of us or you are not. The dominant group, who have that power can dictate the very survival of the people that they deem as outsiders or different to the point of exclusion. The dominant group has the dominant truth even if their truth is a historical lie.

By virtue of the skin color of American Afrikans that made Europeans job that much easier. They used color to justify who was master and who was slave. Whose life is worth more or less? Who is human and who is 3/5ths of a human. Who is God’s Chosen and God’s cursed? Who is more intelligent? What racial group sets the beauty standard for our nation etc. Who is a citizen and who is a refugee?

We see these things manifest in the Katrina response by FEMA and the government, the Sean Bell shooting and the Amadou Diallo shooting (Both police shootings in which the police were not convicted for brutal killings of unarmed black males), proliferation of skin bleaching in black communities, the disproportionate A.I.D.S. rate among American Afrikans and much more.

The power of education is the power to include or exclude also. That power in essence lies with the ability to include or exclude the truth. Whether that is the truth about things one needs to know in order to survive all the way to the truth about the person who is learning. That kind of power in the end is the power of life or death for those who are the recipient of inferior education. The statistics speak for themselves.

Pics 2

“Why kill you when I can not educate you and get the same results?” – Author Unknown

The same way the media, politicians and economic experts are now speaking about the fact that the economic crisis we are experiencing is directly attributable to the past 8 years of Bush economic policy and an even longer corruption on Wall Street going back many decades. Our economical socio-political situation as American Afrikans is rooted in our past subjugation and this country’s collective and selective amnesia about American history, how history relates to our racial disharmony and how racism/white supremacy permeates our society on all levels. The racial situation has and continues to most acutely affect the former slaves of the American Government and white people.

Why is it that economists and politicians can see how the past affects the future when it comes to U.S. economics and a tight presidential campaign, yet they cannot see how history affects and influences the problems American Afrikans face every day and have faced since the first Afrikan captive landed on the shores of America? This is because they only use ‘truth’ to prove their point of view then ignore or invalidate ‘truth’ when it doesn’t coincide with their white supremacist agenda.

After Afrikans were effectively stripped of their, language, culture, spirituality, and autonomy, they were ripe to be psychologically rebuilt as the European and Arab world’s two legged beasts of burden. The same way the military verbally abuses a soldier for their first few weeks to strip them of their ego and self centered worldview then, they re-educate or domesticate him to be a part of a team and work for the greater ‘good’ of the military and the country they serve.

With ruthless efficiency the same was done to the Afrikan with more calculating, vicious, and genocidal intent. Their intent was to domesticate us so well that our mental enslavement and servitude to our former oppressors would no longer need to be overtly managed by them in a chattel slavery scenario, but it would self perpetuate if done right on a psycho-social level. Then they could subversively replace overt racism/white supremacy with a much harder to discern institutionalized racism rooted in the origins of this nations creation.

We were taught by our oppressor (racist/white supremacists) to be everything that they wanted us to be. Especially a detriment to our own people’s liberation by way of turning us against one another (anti-blackness), while making sure our allegiance was always to the all powerful “ God” ordained lords of the Earth, the European male (racist man, racist woman and racist child). That is what domination looks like in a system of white supremacy.

Education: What does it really mean?

In the Merriam Webster’s dictionary we find the following meaning for the word:

educate: educate

Main Entry: ed·u·cate Listen to the pronunciation of educate

Pronunciation: \ˈe-jə-ˌkāt\

Function: verb

Inflected Form(s): ed·u·cat·ed; ed·u·cat·ing

Etymology: Middle English, to rear, from Latin educatus, past participle of educare to rear, educate, from educere to lead forth — more at educe

Date: 15th century

transitive verb1 a: to provide schooling for <chose to educate their children at home> b: to train by formal instruction and supervised practice especially in a skill, trade, or profession2 a: to develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically especially by instruction

B: to provide with information : inform <educating themselves about changes in the industry>3: to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way <educate the public to support our position>intransitive verb: to educate a person or thing

The word educate or education is one of the most important words one can learn the meaning of if one wishes to truly understand how the world we live in functions and why certain groups of the hue-mans (white is not a color. The only race is the white race) are in the social, psychological, spiritual, economical and politically debilitated, handicapped, pacified and anesthetized situations we find ourselves in wherever we are found.

We (American Afrikans) who were the leaders of the struggle for oppressed hue-man liberation and the biggest culturally transformative force in the struggle for hue-man rights have now become complacent domesticated thinkers. Mass consumerism is our new paradigm as well as our psychological, educational and spiritual castration from our Afrikan cultural heritage.

The definition of education above has portions I highlighted that are important to study to and look into further to understand the full implications of the title of this paper. The first thing I find of importance is that it is root in the term educatus, latin for to rear as in raise. Take for example raising a child. It implies what we all know to be true. The first place a child learns is from its’ parents starting with the mother.

It also implies that there is a level of emotional involvement because one has to care about a child (a mother symbol) to raise or nurture and eventually teach a child. Our children go to under funded schools thinking that ill-equipped racist suspect teachers care for them and are teaching them the truth. As a result of this our children are then falsely lulled into accepting outright lies as fact because of the idea (natural assumption) that all teachers love what they do and who they teach.

In some cases it is true but in a lot of cases it is not. They have been taught the same lies they are teaching the children and they are ordained by the system to teach these lies by granting them a degree in institutions of so called higher learning. We can tell this is true by the fact that American children as well as adults are some of the most ignorant people in the world. Thus spawning a TV show that is a hit called “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” Yet history shows our children have and continue to get inferior education leading to the large numbers of drop out/incarceration rates and the high and growing rates of gang affiliation.

Statistics on American K-12 Public Education

While most parents think their children are receiving a quality education, the majority of American students are falling behind their international counterparts. The consequences to the country are dramatic. – The Broad

Definition 1a of education says: to train by formal instruction and supervised practice. This is pretty explicit. To be trained by formal instruction and supervised practice, means to do things they way that those in control of the day to day lives of the people of their country has taught one to do it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that what they’re teaching is relevant or accurate.

These white Americans (supremacists) are descendants of people that once believed and taught out right superstition in some cases with death as the option for those that oppose. They taught nonsense like the world was flat and that the Sun revolves around the Earth. When the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun and the fact that the world is round is something Nile Valley Africans had known since well over 10,000 B.C.

The Nile Valley Stellar Calendar which dates to 10,000 B.C. as taught by Dr Yosef ben Jochannan and others and the Nabta Playa Astronomical observatory (the world’s oldest at that) located in Nubian Egypt which dates back to 9560 B. C. is proof of that. Yet these truths are not taught. Originally when their “facts” were taught to Africans it was done with a whip, a bible, a noose, gun and an overseer (If white people truly believe they are the most powerful, intelligent God ordained rulers of the Earth, why must they go through such extraordinary means to convince American Afrikans they are inferior?).

Now it is done with a pen and notebook, blackboard and television, radio, music, videos, motion pictures, mass media, video games, entertainment, the internet etc and the battle ground is as it always was the hue-man mind. They always understood that freedom is not a physical condition but a state of mind. Proper education fosters that paradigm shift as the Autobiography of Malcolm X is the best example of this transformative process.
This must not happen at all costs. A truly educated people wouldn’t stand or sit for what we have for the last 500 years.

What is Education used for by the wider society?

According to definition 2a to educate is: to develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically especially by instruction b: to provide with information : inform & definition # 3: to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way <educate the public to support our position>intransitive verb: to educate a person or thing

Education as outlined above is essentially the control of the flow and or integrity of information in order to affect a desired future result in those being educated. As we can see none of the parts of the definition stipulate that education is based on truth or integrity. It is just basic control of information. When the oppressed is being educated the question is what for?

American education as we know it in my opinion is really edited dictation. Since American education is largely based on memorization of concepts and ideas dictated to you by someone older, educated (also domesticated in their thinking) and qualified by the white people (white supremacists) in power who are the owners of the information and the dominant group to confer and pass on the information they themselves received and are just regurgitating to you.

They edit or doctor it in the way they see fit and tailor make it specifically in order to control anything from self perception to ones understanding the world and one’s place in it. Control of these aspects of perception makes for potent formula of mind control and behavioral soothsaying. This is why in America there are astronomical amounts of prisons being built instead of viable educational institutions.

They are preparing a place to make free use of the under educated, poor, politically unaware, socially and economically oppressed groups of this country which includes all of the nonwhite people within its borders. This is why the school drop out rate for people of Afrikan descent is so abysmal. The drop out rate directly coincides with the prison statistics. The drop out rate coincides with the lack truth and the lack of inclusion of the multicultural historical perspective that coincides with the multicultural reality America is as a nation.

Definition # 3 says: definition # 3: to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way <educate the public to support our position>intransitive verb: to educate a person or thing

If we now know that to educate someone is to persuade or condition them to feel or act in a certain way. Then this is the ultimate meaning behind this article. Those in control of the daily existence of American Afrikans know that an inadequate education is an almost guaranteed one way ticket to prison. This is the ultimate meaning behind providing an inferior education.

Education is essentially the control of the flow and integrity of information. By controlling the quality of the knowledge you put into a hue-man being you can generally predict his future behavior. If high quality information is placed in an individual then he or she will not allow themselves to be used by a system that was founded and still operates on racism/white supremacy and its byproducts; corruption, economic piracy and rogue capitalism they would seek to change it.

In order to keep things as they are, our education remains inferior. I want to ask; when did Nat Turner seek to change his circumstances? After reading the Bible and learning about how real Xtians are supposed to treat their fellow man. Realizing his captors were not practicing what their holy book or their God preached and he set to freeing himself by any means necessary. Freedom for him was a state of mind first. Then he sought to make it a physical condition.

They do not want us to formulate our own ideas about what freedom looks like, that way we will never be able act on it by changing how we deal racism/white supremacy (using effective counter racist practices.) They want us to continue to be ineffective at thwarting racism, so they can further refine their racist behaviour.

If low quality information or lies are put into an individual, first of all they will not think very far past basic survival. They will have no options in terms of making a legal living simply because no one will hire the ignorant or uneducated. For all of us, you have to be indoctrinated into the system in order get anywhere within it, even if it is founded on racism/white supremacy. This leaves them with few choices outside of crime as a means of survival, thus making their chances of going to jail almost 100%.

The other part of the definition also states to persuade someone to feel or act in a desired way. The question is for American Afrikans what are they trying to persuade you of?

They spent 300 plus years convincing us that God ordained them to kidnap, own, abuse, and kill us at will. They legally kept us uneducated, then told us we were stupid and contributed nothing to the advancement of hue-man civilization. They sought to erase us from history by making one of the world’s earliest civilizations Egypt a non Afrikan country with no connection to Black Afrikans.

All the while in 1822 Champollion and others were discovering the roots of hueman civilization as we know it in Egypt and Nubia, the Maangamizi (Middle Passage) was in full swing and they were kidnapping Afrikans in the western part of the continent as hue-man chattel to work on their plantations. They kidnapped us because they refused to labor to build their own newly stolen country for themselves, yet the eternal stereotype is that Blacks are lazy.

Something we say about each other constantly, following in their footsteps. Then when they finally allowed us to get an education it is of the most inferior quality. As they build astronomical amounts of prisons instead of better schools. Do they want to persuade us to be successful hue-man beings or are they herding us like cattle towards the free involuntary servitude of the Penal System?

Even the sentence in definition 3 it says: Educate the public to support our position. It doesn’t say whether their position is right or wrong. It is automatically assumed they are always on the right side of an issue as most of us do with the American government. That is how white supremacy works. White people are are always on the right side of an issue even when practicing racism.

It also assumes that the public cannot think for themselves so instead of giving them the facts so they can make an informed decision they seek to persuade the public to support their position. Just as the facts are there were no WMDs in Iraq but President Bush tried to “persuade” the public to support chasing Saddam instead of Bin Ladin. We have to truly understand how the meanings of words show the underlying intent behind the historical nullification of any real upward mobility for people of Afrikan descent. And the continued refinement of racism using words and ideas to confuse victims of racism.

Putting Our Unity in Perspective

We must realize it is in our collective coming together that we can analyze these issues and seek to find ways to collectively rise to the pinnacle of political, economic, spiritual and educational power and become more autonomous.

Ngugi wa Thiongo puts the motivation for our unity in perspective: “It is often asked, why study African Caribbean and African American literature? What is the connection between the African and the West Indian and the African American?

A) We have the same bio-geographic roots: the people of the West Indies and African America are Africans who, a few hundred years ago, were brutally uprooted from the African Continent.

B) We have shared the same past of humiliation and exploitation under slavery and colonialism. We have also shared the glorious past of the struggle the fight against the same force.

C) Equally important, we have the same aspirations for the total liberation of black people in the world.

We will do to remember Africans are a fundamentally communocentric people. Any deviation from this truth is anti-historical in that it completely defies how Africans built nations, civilization and cultures in the past and how they attained strength and respect through unity. As is displayed in the Setswana Proverb, “kgetsi ya tsie e kgonwa ke go tshwaraganelwa,” All Africans the globe over must be drawn to realize we are one people. Our motivation is interdependent and the spread of information is vital to our cause.

Using history to uncover our communocentric origins and utilizing an Afrikan cultural paradigm to restore a Pan Afrikan agenda is the only solution to our dilemma every where Afrikans are found. Every one from Marcus Garvey to Malcolm X all the way to Dr Chancellor Williams in his magnum opus: The Destruction of Black Civilization gives us an outline of the history of our unity as well as the factors that have lead to our
problems unifying today.

With the research he presented, he also outlines the importance of our unity to our future in the same book. Hopefully we can take heed to greatest of our leaders all of whom shared a common theme though they took different approaches to our issues as a race. They stated clearly that lack of knowledge of self and our lack of unity is at the core of our problems as a people. Stopping the practice of anti-blackness is the number one thing American Afrikans (ALL Afrikans) can do dismantle the system of racism/white supremacy.

White peoples success at dominating all non-white people is the infusion of cultural self-hatred in the groups they dominate. That self hatred for Afrikan people is the acute manifestation of anti-blackness in the form of disrespect of our elders, urban crime, murder, rape, black male verbal/physical abuse of black females, black female verbal/physical abuse of black males. Making disparaging statements about other black people in the presence of whites or directly saying these things to white people.

Snitching on one another for reasons of personal gain. If the people in power cannot depend on us to help them abuse us by our abuse of one another, if we see ALL white people as racist suspects (which they are at minimum) we could avoid a lot of the tragedies we experience at the hands of police, on the job and the average white citizen (Ie: George Zimmerman).

All of the answers to our problems can be arrived at by educating ourselves about the system of racism/white supremacy what it is and how is works and Afrikan history. The fact that white people make up less than 10% of the world population but they control 90% of its’ resources is proof enough. The only reason white people still run things is because the over 90% of the non white people subjugated by racism are actively and passively supporting their system of white supremacy. Whether it is anti-blackness or just by being consumers instead of manufacturers, we all contribute the most towards their success at abusing and subjugating us.

If we look back at the proverb of the lion and the wild boars. Let’s just call American Afrikans the lions and white people the wild boars. The wild boars (white people) trained the lion (black man) to loathe himself (become white identified) and he did their job for them (protect them from other lions. Oops I mean niggers).

But eventually he was treated like the enemy (a nigger) because he was never fully accepted he was always their enemy (a nigger). Only when he ceased to be of use to them because all lions (I mean, niggers) look alike did they show their true colors. Many of us (Black people) spend so much time looking for white validation, that when other blacks try to expose the truth of our brain washing (brain-trashing) and how that supports the system of white supremacy we are willing die or kill our own to defend white people.

“A people without knowledge of it’s past is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Mosiah Garvey


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Suggested Reading:

  • Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation by Anon
  • Racial Matters: The FBI’s Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972 by Keneth O’Reilly
  • The Isis Papers by Dr Frances Cress-Welsing
  • The United Compensatory Code/System/Concept by Neely Fuller Jr.
  • Yurugu and Let the Circle Be Unbroken by Dr Marimba Ani

No words can describe the personal loss I am feeling regarding the passing of one of the greatest black ladies and humanitarians who have ever walked this earth, so I would rather let Dr. Welsing speak for herself:

children are the only future


Dr Welsing 4

Dr Francis Cress Welsing 3

Dr. F.C. Welsing

If we TRULY want to honor Dr. Welsing’s LIFETIME of work

We must pick up the mantle and continue the fight for justice.

We have to stop being OBSERVERS and become PARTICIPANTS.

Find something to do and some way to make a difference.

Even the smallest things, like an act of courtesy or kindness

COSTS YOU NOTHING and reaps SPIRITUAL dividends.

One way to start is by changing the way we SEE and TREAT OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.



Black Males and Black Females — STOP MISTREATING EACH OTHER

Take the Pledge of Allegiance For Black People






The huge price increase on Amazon for the paperback copy of “Isis Papers” is due to unscrupulous book dealers taking advantage of the demand since Dr. Welsing’s passing. Give it a few weeks and I’m sure the price will come down. In the meantime, here are some links to the book and the eBook version:

The House of Nubian is selling it for $17.95 (not sure how many copies he has on hand, you might want to email or call first)


The price for the Kindle version is only $9.99.

Let’s put our money where our hearts are.


Queen Mother Welsing

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016