My Take on the 2016 All-White Oscar Nominations…

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In light of the recent Oscar controversy, where the 20 Oscar nominees for top acting awards were all white, I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Hollywood is a satanic cult
  2. Black (and white) entertainers who make it to the “top” are mired neck deep in this cult and have paid some unspeakable price for their fame
  3. Entertainers are the worst possible role models for black children. Most stand for NOTHING and in fact, promote deception in the form of anti-blackness.
  4. Whenever they are given a “mike” in the white supremacist media they are doing the bidding of their bosses (white supremacists) — no matter what it looks like.
  5. Black people should not treat these entertainers as though they have any more significance than a movie or song that we like. Once it is over, move on to more important things. We need to stop counting their money and houses and cars and focus on real issues that keep more and more black families from putting food on the table.
  6. Black entertainers have no importance in the struggles of black people and in fact, are often positioned to work against it. They would never be chosen if they had a strong love for black people and used a great deal of their money to further black causes. Their work would immediately dry up and so would the paychecks.  (Remember how quickly they pulled the plug on Arsenio’s show just for inviting Farrakhan on his show?)
  7. Black entertainers are paid to trash black male/female relationships in their professional and personal lives (like having a baby with a surrogate with a white boyfriend’s sperm) and to encourage further degradation of black life by making us appear like clowns, buffoons, low-lifes, and fools. Can anyone spell Waylan Brothers? Naturally, I’m not holding them accountable for the sins of white Hollywood but I refuse to support their participation. I don’t give a D if another black person EVER wins another award or Oscar ever. I would consider that real progress!
  8. Our parents and grandparents wisely understood the dangers of the degrading black images in the white media because they didn’t have the false props of false progress (and first black presidents) to deceive them into thinking they were “accepted” by white society.  Reality stared them in the face every day. Too bad we will have to learn that painful lesson all over again as this nation moves toward more fascism and more overt racism/white supremacy.

I believe the entire “event” was STAGED, based on the following premise:

1  – How do you get people to value something that has little or no value?

Deny it to them

2 – How do you get people to believe their outrage is legitimate and keep them locked into the “stardom” of token blacks?

Have one of your black puppet stars (on your payroll) PUBLICLY protest the injustice so black people will think something WORTHLESS is worthy of our attention and to give “street cred” to black entertainers who are not only benefiting from a corrupt system but who in fact, seldom hire other black people when conducting their business.

Jada Pinkett is locked into this corrupt Hollywood cult as much as any black person can be AKA she is beholden to that system.

(Got the Will Smith info from Abagond’s “All White Oscars” blogpost: )

Will Smith started “Overbrook Entertainment” a company which has made most of his films since 1999. The company has made around 20 movies and only two of the screen writers were black. Will Smith allowed an all white team to write the story for Muhammad Ali.

(My take on the above: I don’t believe Will Smith “allowed” an all-white team, I believe he was TOLD to hire an all-white team if he wanted to stay in good standing within the cult. The same way Oprah’s producers on her now defunct TV program were nearly all-white.  The same way I believe Kayne West was told to marry “Kim.” Black entertainers are the true “million-dollar slaves” of the 21st century, who MUST do the bidding of their satanic slave-owners or face serious retribution, and in some cases DEATH. To be accurate all non-whites are slaves within a white supremacy system.)

3 – How do you calm the savage beasts once you’ve riled them up?

Throw the starving, beaten-down black dogs a bone (with no meat on it).

“The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has approved a series of major changes, in terms of voting and recruitment, also adding three new seats to the 51-person board — all part of a goal to double the number of women and diverse members of the Academy by 2020. The changes were approved by the board Thursday night in an emergency meeting.”

Academy Overhauls Membership, Voting Rules to Promote Oscar Diversity

Do we really believe the white people in charge of the Oscars thought they wouldn’t get any pushback for their all-white nominations? Of course they knew.

How many times will we fall for the abused woman trick. Beat you one minute, embrace you the next. This is a KEY ingredient to creating mental illness in the victim and programming the victim to forever seek the abuser’s validation and love.

Notice any similarities between black people and abused women?

Break the chains from our mind and accept the FACT that we cannot trust the “good intentions” of those who have shown over and over and over again–that they have NONE. Let’s focus on REAL issues and stop responding whenever the DOG whistle is blown.

It’s time to get up from the table and get our own chessboard.

I confess, I’m pleased as PUNCH that no blacks were nominated for Oscars. 

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I would love to see the day when black people say, “F the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Golden Globes”, and stop begging white people (and white institutions) to validate our worth, our talent and our humanity and start doing it ourselves.

It’s like the unpopular kids who keep begging the popular kids to accept them without understanding it is their begging that gives the popular kids their power over the unpopular kids. At this late date there is no God earthly reason why black people should be surprised or shocked or dismayed or upset by our exclusion or unjust treatment in a white supremacy society, and there is no sensible reason to continue begging for crumbs of recognition that we will NEVER get — except for the most degrading roles imaginable.

It is just one more wake-up call for blacks (how many do we need?) that it is time to REDEFINE what “black progress” is. Is it white people constantly calling all the shots, and giving the money and prizes and judging when we are worthy of recognition (or a job or justice)? Is that black progress? How is that “black progress?”

The Oscars are bigger than a few nominations and crackpot fake gold statues, it is a reflection of the white supremacy politics of exclusion and control that can be seen in economics, education, war, and politics. They decide whether black schools close and the quality of education they provide. They decide whether a white policeman can commit murder and get away with it.

They even decide that a black person with a white parent is more deserving of a movie role or TV commercial or a job than a black person with two black parents. Haven’t we noticed the trend of casting mainly biracial people as the new and improved “blacks?” to the exclusion of brown and dark skinned black people?

What I would like to see is our children watching black people GET and GIVE awards for excellence in entrepreneurial endeavors, for opening new black schools and new black-owned businesses and creating new inventions and making new scientific discoveries.

The system will try to derail and distract us from the developing the REAL skills that any people need for survival and progress by hyping some BS multi-million dollar deal some black athlete or rap star with little or no education signed to make overpriced headphones and sneakers.

Until they realize we aren’t FALLING FOR THE HYPE any longer. Watch those multi-million dollar contracts dry up like water in the Sahara Desert…

Maybe, one day we’ll have reached a point in our psychological and self-esteem development where we’ll say:

“F the Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes. We’ve got real black businesses and and thriving black schools and prosperous black communities and real policing (that we do ourselves) and solid families and children who are loved and protected and nurtured who would never think “Empire” or “Scandal” or “Straight Outta Compton” or “The Butler” was a true representation of who black people are.”

“The delusion of inclusion”  – Paul Mooney, black comic


Which is exactly why I do not treat black entertainers (or whites ones) as people who are credible, reliable, admirable, or worthwhile in ANY respect. They work for the same institutions that control everything — politics, entertainment, economics, religion, employment, etc. and their black showcasing by the white supremacy system is designed to DECEIVE AND MISLEAD US.

I think this fixation over entertainment and celebrities and rock star politicians is one of the reasons we can’t get much else accomplished on a collective scale. Our focus is clearly wrong-headed when we worry more about an Oscar than we do about the LACK of sustainable black businesses or creating black educational institutions that we control.

The Bottom Line:  What kind of nation can you build when a people’s heroes and spokespeople are black comedians, entertainers, rappers, and ‘first black’ politicians (who don’t talk to us)?

The Answer:

We can’t.

It’s time to put “entertainment” in its rightful place.

At the BACK OF THE LINE in importance.




  1. Ellen says:

    So true (standing ovation). My grandparents (and ancestors before them) wanted future generations to progress not regress. Excellent commentary.

  2. Miss Pam

    The only reason why blacks praise, worship and follow celebrities is because they are RICH. If they were still the same person doing the same thing making 10.00 an hour, not one of us would give a fuck.

    It’s not the PERSON we love, it’s (false) STATUS that MONEY gives them.

    I stand by my comments much to the chagrin of my readers:

    Black people love money more that God himself.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      Amen. In my first book I told a short tale about a black basketball player who chose to come back to his community after college and work with kids instead of going for the NBA contract he was offered

      and how he discovered that nobody really cared how good he could play (he was as good as Michael Jordan) all they cared about was how much money he made

      I am a FIRM believer that the real appeal for many when it comes to pro sports is not the game itself but the GLAMOUR, prestige and MONEY that’s involved.

      If these same guys played the same game but only made, say, $60,000 a year, NOBODY WOULD WANT TO WEAR THEIR NAMES ON THEIR SNEAKERS.

      And that’s why the white supremacist system pays them a lot of money because they know that is what the real attraction is for many “fans.”


      And so they can keep sports in the minds of the public 52 weeks a year while they pass all kinds of scary laws and do all kinds of scary things to the population in PLAIN SIGHT

      I know people who can recite the sports scores from the last two years but can’t tell you who the Vice President is or what the TPP treaty is about

      Entertainment has become the true religion of the black masses.

      • Son of Ahset says:

        I agree with you 100%! This is an excellent post. I hope it goes “viral” on the social media.

        Other than the first conclusion you wrote in the piece (which had me laugh out loud–b/c it’s so true!), I really like this observation you wrote:

        “And so they can keep sports in the minds of the public 52 weeks a year while they pass all kinds of scary laws and do all kinds of scary things to the population in PLAIN SIGHT”

        This is so correct, and there is solid linguistic science behind this statement.The etymology of the word “sports” is the following:

        “c. 1400, “to take pleasure, to amuse oneself,” from Old French desporter, deporter “to divert, amuse, please, play”‘

        The WS system literally wants people constantly playing in various diversions and not thinking. I went to Africa once and I saw white males there bringing soccer balls to the youth as a “gift” so they could “play”. Even now one of the top exports from Nigeria are soccer players into the European leagues, but Nigeria doesn’t have a league of its own on par with that in Europe, but it has almost as many people as Europe. What’s going on? Blacks in many cases are only concerned with white validation and receiving their money/status from whites as you stated, and not with building our own systems of reward and validation.

        There is a Japanese pop group that recently was on the verge of breaking up called SMAP. They never received attention in the USA but they have a huge following in Asia. They have TV shows, movies, endorsement deals, tours, CDs and so on. They have been popular for almost 30 years with three generations of fans. And you can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t be making any videos begging for a Grammy nomination any time soon.

        Check out the Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization (BAIO). They have some good views about this kind of topic.


  3. Providence says:

    Hey Pam. I’m still trying to figure out what all the hoopla was about. SO WHAT @ #oscarssowhite, I’m more dismayed at how DUMB we look admist the Black outcry in lack of “diversity” in these fake oscars. This should NOT come as a surprise, I can’t stand it when Black people act all brand new at the devil’s tricks. We look so pathetic whining, while whites among other groups laugh at this. We DEFINITELY don’t have our priorities straight…. smh.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Providence

      I hear you,

      I think it’s the same old saw of


      Nothing really matters unless white people are present and giving the nod

      It is one of the biggest reasons we can’t build a stable black business base

      The white man’s ice will always be colder and better than a black man’s (or woman’s)

      and if that’s not available, the next best thing is Korean or Arab ice

  4. Shanequa says:

    Trojan Pam you made good points in this post. As long as our people are still begging for other races to accept us we will forever be disrespected. No one respect a race of people who refuses to do for self, always asking for others to accept them, & have no respect for their culture.

  5. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam

    You have many excellent points and I agree with you.

    One saying is true after all of these years. It is that no good fruit can come from a rotten tree. We have seen the evil fruit of Hollywood since its inception which includes: racism, sexism, xenophobia, the promotion of militarism, the glamorization of violence, and the hatred plus mocking of goodness. That is totally exemplified in its movies and other forms of media that Hollywood promotes. Films like the Butler and Get Hart either sugarcoat our history or denigrate black people. It is very unfortunate that some people want to beg so hard for receiving a golden idol of an award (which can’t save a soul) instead of dealing with the important issues that we have to deal with as black people (like education, poverty, gentrification, poisoned water in Flint, police brutality, etc.).

    During this time, we should already know what time it is. The controllers of the Oscars have no intention of promoting progressive stories about black people en masse. They only want to promote their Eurocentric agenda and show crumbs in claiming that these token crumbs relate to black progress (when it isn’t obviously). The mainstream entertainers are bounded in the system of Hollywood (which is an extension of the overall system of racism/white supremacy). It is desperate among some people to beg white acceptance from an industry that has so degraded black people for generations. The racist comments from many white elitists in Hollywood recently (including the Sony emails that we leaked in public) show the perspective of Hollywood in detail.

    At this point, boycotting the Oscars would do no good. What will do some good is the mobilization and organization of our resources (as black people) to build more black institutions that deal with education, art, film, economics, business development, science plus technology, etc. so our people collectively can benefit. Power deals with organization and building up institutions and resources that can help the masses of black people (not just the upper middle class and the rich). I do believe in self-determination. Breaking free from mental colonialism and loving our Blackness unconditionally is very important. Also, nothing changes radically unless we address poverty as many of our people have lax wages and little benefits by no fault of their own. I reject income inequality, I believe that health care should be given universally, and I oppose imperialism. We should set up our own enterprises without laissez faire capitalism as capitalism is exploitative and has harmed the masses of our people in diverse ways for centuries. We face racial and class oppression by the same evil forces that brought about the Maafa, the slave trade, etc. A revolutionary never worships capitalism. We need more scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, and other scholars in our communities. Building up our own is commonsense. We want justice. Thank you for your great commentary.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Timothy

      I agree. we have to get smarter and invest our energies in things that MATTER

    • Many great points Timothy BUT and this is BIG. These having our own is all well and great but it’s not that we haven’t tried to start building our OWN.WE have but we’ve also greatly underestimated our enemies in this system of White Supremacy, their greed,envy,backstabbing manipulative nature has allowed us to build like BlackWall street but when we do too well and surpass their expectations they then seek to destroy what we’ve built.Hence why the ideas to build and have are own are brilliant but we’re fighting an enemy that’s petty,vengeful and childish.And must have their way at any cost.
      This country is not made for us to prosper, only to divide and destroy us.White Supremacy was created by them for them to ensure their always on top and everything is played by their rules.Like Neely a Fuller said we’re still on the slave ship and plantation.We’re still being,raped maimed,killed, manipulated and hijacked it maybe in a much prettier wrapping than chattel slavery but we’re still living in bondage.This world and those controlling the world bank don’t want us to have our own.They’ve put their stamp everywhere while we’re asleep.All the money revolves and circulates from them back to them.Unless there’s a concrete plan to work apart from them we’re just going to keep heading in the same road blocks.We keep thinking it’s just that we’re not trying but it’s easier said than done.Once we understand who our enemy is and how they work then we’ll understand.There’s nothing new under the sun same shit different decade.Just remember we have built our own many times but then we get bought out threatened, killed, etc….They capitalize off our very talent and community because we’re the golden goose producing the golden eggs.If the goose suddenly moves off and decides to be their own business apart from the parasitic owner the owner will destroy it.They’d rather destroy us if they can’t control us.For fear there’ll be no need for them cause they’re really a useless talentless bunch.

      • Timothy says:


        You have made excellent points. The history of Black Wall Street (in Tulsa, Oklahoma) documents fully that we can build our own and still racists would still ham us. The recent 1985 MOBE bombing shows once again the viciousness of police brutality and anti-black murder done by extremists. Learning about our real enemy is important and establishing new, creative strategies in causing liberation is important as you have stated. The problems that we face is directly related to the system. The current system is no good and it must be replaced, so a system of justice can be established (as said by Neely and the late Dr. Frances Crees Welsing). This will have to come about via meetings, developing strategies, and establishing a program. No solution comes without a program or strategies. The powers that be don’t want us to have our own. That is why we fight in order to have our own apart from an oppressive system. We have no choice but to fight. I agree with you that we have amazing talent as black people. You have made great commentaries.

    • chuquestaquenumber1 says:

      The worse part about Get Hard was the movie poster. Kevin Hart is braiding Will Ferrell’s hair. Cornrow style. In prison the guy getting his hair braided is the “man”. The guy braiding hair is the “woman”.

      So black people get to see Kevin Hart as Will Ferrell’s b—h.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ chuquestaquenumber1

        Don’t forget about the name of the movie

        GET HARD

        There is a ton of homosexual imagery in this movie, and I believe this is why so much energy is being put into making the black female wholly unappealing to the black male. To create the environment for homosexuality.

        Pushing the black male and white female together is the union of a powerless black male with a powerful white female (in a white supremacy system, she is always more powerful than any non-white person)

        It the the back door to black male homosexuality since he becomes a SYMBOLIC FEMALE in any union with a white female. This may explain why those unions are so short-lived.

        They are waging war and it’s time we get out of denial and face that FACT

  6. joe says:

    Great post. Ur always dead on with ur thoughts. Ive meet only a few ppl who are willing to embrace a counter racisit attitude by cutting off the tv, healthy meals, and absolutely no indoctrination of any culture who has previously oppress africans around the world. That means any african who was forcefully taken out of africa during slavery and landed on an island, continent etc

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ joe

      It’s hard to overcome a lifetime of programming. Few people are 100% successful and most of us don’t have real support from family and friends, who don’t want us to change to challenge their false beliefs — even when they KNOW they believe in LIES.

      Thanks for posting your opinion. It’s always appreciated — and please share the link!

  7. Miss Pam

    Another thing that many of us never consider…

    Why can’t Spike Lee, Antoine Fuqua, the Hughes Bros, The Wayans Bros, Steve McQueen and Tyler Perry come together and start their own production company like the Weinstein Brothers? Or United Artists?The answer: because they are not and will never be for the betterment of blacks.

    Isn’t it funny how these whites will always band together and form strong groups like the Planet Hollywood group with Bruce Willis and Stallone and you never hear cries of racism. But we, as blacks, are not supposed to do the same or it’s racism against whites.

    And for some strange reason we listen and comply.

    Glamour is a witch’s term meaning “Beguiling Trick.”

    And beguiled we certainly are.

    Evil reads our stories, buys our books, listen’s to our phone conversations then sits and PLOTS how to use our weaknesses against us. This year just began and already there’s so much going on. Makes me suspicious as to why they’re ramping up their attack.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      The problem is functioning independently WITHIN a white supremacy system that is dedicated to subjugating (and controlling) black and non-white people — and too many of us seem to overlook that.

      any attempt to come together that does NOT address this and factor this in a very serious and dedicated, balls to the walls approach will FAIL.

      Whites can band together because NO ONE has dedicated centuries to ripping them apart.

      The first step to healing is ALL OF US admitting that we are sick, self-hating and group-hating individually AND collectively

      and consciously changing what we say, think and do over an extended period of time, taking baby steps, until we are ready to stand and walk

      because if we don’t build a strong foundation, any structure we build (or business) will collapse under the first white supremacist attacks

      and they will attack ANY form of black unity or self-empowerment.

      • @TrojanPam,
        Well said.Reading these posts and Negresses has got me scratching my head, wondering ;where can I find well educated black men and women like on these threads.Because I can’t, I’m surrounded by self hating,bite their tongues and hide their feelings black men and women.They’re all about shopping,buying hair giving Mr China man their hard earned coins and sex.And whatever else superficial but none of the type like on these threads discussing the hard hitting topics of how to build the black community and how racism is affecting us.But I guess that’s one of the good things of having the Internet.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Frenzhelpfrenz

          There’s a huge difference between one’s internet persona and a real life persona. Unfortunately, a lot of us talk a good game but living up to those principles we profess is a little more difficult. It’s good that we can discuss hard hitting topics but we all need to move from that to constructive behavior, to change from participants to observers.

        • Epi says:

          @ FrenzhelpFrenz:

          I can understand your feelings as well as your stance. Allow me to share this with you? Besides continually “looking at what is in front of us,” understand that our people for been subjugated and oppressed for well over 500 years. So the negative behaviors that many blacks do towards one another has had ample time to permeate many minds…for CENTURIES. Again, many of the “trickle down effects” of slavery are still being brought FORWARD to the here and now so to speak and these behaviors are often mistakenly identified as “black culturalisms.” Think about it. For example, a “delicacy” as it is now called, but formerly known as “chitlins” was food or guts that the slave owner did not want, he threw them out and slaves adopted them as a part of their “vittles.” Fast forward: now one can not only eat chitlins, they have to PAY for them and chitlins been proven to be UNHEALTHY for blacks, not to mention contributing to high blood pressure along with other maladies. Agree or not, many of the foods that blacks eat have been historically “passed down” and are unhealthy. The promising thing is that now that many blacks are now cooking from a healthier standpoint as well as eating. However, for example, the life-span of the black male is still noted to be shorter on average than the black female and WHITE male. Many blacks remain distrustful of WHITE Clinicians (recall the Tuskegee Experiment, but that is another story).

          The system of White Supremacy is omni-present right up there with racist practices. Racist whites will throw your a– under the bus without even blinking. Yet some of our own people will never entertain the thought of attempting to mend our own fences, so to speak.

          In essence, it took TIME for the “learned” behaviors to evolve, and the behaviors that we see today will also take TIME to change, at least for those of us that want change.

          Be Well,


    • Epi says:

      @ Negress:

      This is a late posting, but your description of WHY Black individuals and groups as film-makers do not bring entertainment to the screen for Black entertainment is on the money! If movie moguls such as SKG (Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen) also known as Dream Works can form an entertainment company TOGETHER (and Jonce again, Jews that DO support one another) WHY can’t Black film-makers such as the ones that you’ve mentioned do the same?

      Selfishness, greed and fear of white supremacy.

  8. Alicia says:

    I’m not surprised. Whites have shown us for a very long time that they don’t like blacks. We need a reliable black media.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Alicia

      without a wide base of dedicated black support, via REAL black businesses that can afford to SPONSOR a media, we will still have to come to the white man and woman to be sponsors

      and that is the END of an independent black media

      we have to be honest about where we are

      and decide if we are serious or just giving lip service

      because I know from PERSONAL experience, getting black people to support the efforts of other black people is HARDER than pulling teeth

      I can’t even get most folks to leave a simple book review on Amazon, which takes all of three minutes and we’re talking about having an independent black media ???

      we have to be honest about where we are

      • Alicia says:

        I know what you’re saying Trojan Pam, blacks need to understand this as a group and learn to work together more. As I think about my college years, it’s really dismal as to how blacks dealt with each other. Unlike Asians and Hispanics, blacks were not even remotely into helping and supporting each other. There are some of us, but most appear to prefer to do the opposite – fight other blacks.

        If so many carry on this behavior, we will always be under the foot of people who hate us.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Alicia

          I see black people fighting and harming each other every day.

          Our slave training created the damage that you see manifested today BUT

          it will be up to us to heal ourselves.

          Sometimes, I think we are (secretly) waiting on white people to “wake up” and fix us

          because it’s apparent far too many of us are not interested in doing it ourselves

          I don’t know what else can be said at this point

  9. Wonderful post Pam! You covered a lot of ground in this post. We don’t need validation from these people. We should know that by now right?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Kushite Prince

      Regarding the statement about a satanic cult, i’m more worried about the cult than whether people call me a nut 🙂

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Everybody:

          I’ve posted this video before. It discusses the degeneracy of Hollywood.

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            Good Afternoon Sister.

            It’s certainly an eye opening video. People don’t call it (Un)Holy(weird) for nothing. What goes on in Hollywood is certainly worse than what a lot of people realize. Degeneracy is linked to increased risk of increased emotional and psychological problems. Also, degeneracy leads into spiritual destruction. Also, doing what is right and following morality feels good anyway. When we teach or help people sincerely, we feel joy. Will Smith has been allied with the Hollywood cult for almost 3 decades now. Since Hollywood’s inception, it is immersed with sexism, racism, xenophobia, anti-family themes, and just anti-morality. Folks in that world are of the world and that is why those who follow righteousness are reviled by the world. The good news is that evil is not infallible. Evil folks will work their evil for a season, but in the end the Most High will prevail. We follow goodness. Thank you for showing the video.

          • Thank you Courtney! A very revealing video! Hopefully people can open their eyes to what’s really going on. It’s much deeper than most people know. Black people got to wake up!

            • Courtney H. says:

              @ Brother Timothy & Brother Kushite Prince:

              You are welcome and thank you. I also find this video to be eye-opening. I agree that evil can only prevail for so long, and then good will overcome it. And I do believe that more and more people are becoming aware of Hollyweird’S degeneracy.

  10. @Trojan Pam

    You said “Hollywood is a satanic cult.”
    be very careful with statements like this. People will call you a conspiracy Many black people don’t do research on the occult or secret societies. I’ve done extensive research on it myself. They are most definitely real and they have an agenda in place. But for the record,I do agree with you. People need to research fro themselves and connect the dots. It took me awhile to do it but I have a better understanding of what is being done to our people. Both mentally as well as spiritually.

    • Timothy says:

      @Brother Kushite Prince


      Hollywood itself was originally headed by many Freemasons like its first mayor George Dunlop. Jack Warner and Louis Mayer including other early Hollywood leaders were Freemasons (Freemasonry have members swear an oath that involves death and there are other secret groups like the Skulls and Bones, the OTO, etc. There is the Boule too which is filled with black people). Scientology was created by L. Ron Hubbard (Hubbard used occult views and other ideologies to develop his Scientology cult). L. Ron Hubbard was not only a racist, but he was totally deranged. Truth is a lot more interesting than fiction. Secret societies are definitely real and the Bohemian Grove is found in California too. Hollywood has promoted evil for so long that some evil people want to glamorize it, but goodness is always righteous.

      • Thanks Timothy! You broke it down quite well. Yes I know about the Boule,Skulls and Bones,L Ron Hubbard etc. I hope people do the research and open their eyes. There’s so much information out there but it’s important to know what’s going on. Too many black people are consumed with entertainment and nonsense. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

        • Epi says:

          Prince, I agree that there IS much information out there, but it’s going to take a lot of “programming of the mind” for many to even SEEK IT OUT. Face it, information is NOT going to land in your LAP. And I have observed that “intelligent” people ARE informed people.

          Good Post.


          • That is so true Phazex. We have to seek true history and get knowledge of self. I have over 200 books on black history,biology,African history,black inventors,Latin history,Japanese history,genetics and anthropology. But it was because I wanted to gain true knowledge. Too many black people don’t like to read nowadays. They get their information from the mainstream news,reality shows,gossip programs(TMZ),sitcoms and dramas. And most of these shows out negative stereotypes about black people. So we are brainwashed from birth to hate ourselves and pass on that hatred to our children. It’s a vicious cycle. And we have sellouts blacks that sell their soul fro fame and fortune. Groups like The Boule and other groups. The reply by Timothy was a great breakdown. I suggest everyone read I and do some research of their own.

  11. TiredSista says:


    Great Post! I didn’t pay this #oscars so white conversation absolutely no attention, Same gripe, a new year. I’m tired of Black People complaining about not receiving white validation from these award events instead of getting together and forming our own production companies and movie studios and black media. We have the NAACP Image Awards, the BET Awards among others but that’s nothing, gotta get gotta have that white validation.

  12. TiredSista says:

    Reblogged this on Tired Sista and commented:
    Great Post! I didn’t pay this #oscars so white conversation absolutely no attention, Same gripe, a new year. I’m tired of Black People complaining about not receiving white validation from these award events instead of getting together and forming our own production companies and movie studios and black media. We have the NAACP Image Awards, the BET Awards among others but that’s nothing, gotta get gotta have that white validation.

  13. kelley says:

    How does the Oscars affect our community? Our health? Our future? We need to get upset about real issues and real issues only.

    You said it all. Thank you.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ kelley

      Honestly, I don’t think most black people even think about the Oscars until the white media snubs us

      Considering most Oscar nominations given black people are for horrible roles, we should be pleased no one black got the nod

      • kelley says:

        You’re right. Who is really checkin for Oscar nominees like that?

        And I am pleased! A real boycott involves saying “so what?!” and moving on, not demanding we be involved. That is some backwards ass..

        We just need to stop focusing on trivial things. It’s tired.

  14. Epi says:

    ““F the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Golden Globes…”

    I have not watched them for YEARS being that I’m not addicted to the idiot box. Other than word of mouth, I’d be clueless—and don’t really care.

    What is important is what Shanequa stated: self-respect and respecting one another. THAT is the call of the day. Our people should STOP salivating for these sub-humans to validate US. Out.


    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Phazex_Female

      The addiction to white media is a huge part of our need for white validation. Until we break that addiction, self-respect and group respect will be distant reality

  15. Shanequa says:

    Will Smith’s company is just as white as the Oscars. Jada & Will Smith is only about themselves, the reason they called out the Oscars was because Will didn’t get nominated. The Smith coon so much but hurt that their white friends didn’t nominate them.

    Phyllis Hyman back in the day called out Diana Ross & Tina Turner for not hiring their people on there production team.

    • Timothy says:


      Excellent videos.

      First, RIP Phyllis Hyman.

      It is a known fact that Phyllis Hyman wanted more black institutions and she was at odds with Clive Davis. There are plenty of stories about Clive Davis and what he has done to artists. Phyllis Hyman had a great voice and she was a very talented black woman. Phyllis Hyman had a great wisdom and she was right to say that black artists should give their wealth to their own communities. Black people have great intellectual power to handle managerial situations, but the evil stereotypes have been promoted in our society (which is sick). We have to love our black identity and care for the truth. The video about Will Smith is spot on. Will Smith has many white writers and he said that racism is not that serious anymore, but he wants to promote a boycott of the Oscars. He’s a hypocrite. Will Smith is doing things similar to what the Oscars are doing. Will and Jada are doing this involving the Oscars in trying to gain some credibility, but both of them benefit from the system of racism/white supremacy. Our eyes must be on the prize. Thank you Sister for showing great insights on this issue.

      • Shanequa says:

        Brother thank you I agree with everything you stated.

      • Epi says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        I agree, RIP to Ms. Hyman, who was a very talented and intuitive sister. Now SHE was aware that like any other core group, take care of your OWN–first. Will and Jada Smith BOTH need a serious reality check. They are imminently wealthy, but if the whites that ensure that they both got paid took away their pseudo-support, they would be catching hell and not just complaining about some dam Oscar.

        It still goes back to what Sista Trojan Pam has stated. As Black folks we must CHANGE how we think, act and respond. That is, to elevate our thinking. And if we are being honest here, for many that is going to take awhile.


        • Timothy says:


          I agree with you Sister. Your wisdom is always incredible. I saw Phyllis Hyman’s story on Unsung and it was a very emotional story. We will always remember her life and her great words that taught us to love our black identity and to love the ingenuity of black creativity. Will and Jada Smith are from Generation X. They know about the struggle. They have experienced racism and discrimination. Jada Pinkett Smith has expressed great consciousness when she was in the A Different World Show. Will Smith certainly knows the truth. Yet, they still want to not cross the line and condemn white supremacy explicitly. They certainly need to wake up as you have stated.

          Yes, we have to change the way we think, act, and talk. That means we should never call black people slurs or evil language. We should work to fight for Black Unity, and we should use discernment to not support those who disrespect us as black people. Enjoy your Day Sister.

  16. Alicia says:

    Not only do Whites not like blacks but are OBSESSED with us. It’s to the point now, that I admit, I am scared of them because of this weird, scary obsession I am noting recently. I do not want to be around them too much because they, in general, have such evil desires for us.

  17. Alicia says:

    Am I the only one who feels that white racists act OBSESSED with blacks and are thinking racially and about us (as a group) at the oddest times?

    or is it just me and my experiences?

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Alicia
      No, you’re not the only one that thinks this way non black African people period have an obsession with us. They hate us then admire us but we stay on their minds constantly.

      • Alicia says:


        I try to tell myself that maybe it’s just me however I experience some strange pre-occupation with us from white racists during times when a person is supposed to be chill and minding their own business. There is a large mall somewhat close to where I live and I went there twice in the last month. It’s very diverse with lots of asians and hispanics as well as whites and blacks. Now, I KNOW it was not my imagination the type of vibes i got from the handful of whites I came across. Mind you, this happens primarily when I shop alone.

        Most people, hispanics and asians and blacks were minding their own businesses while they shopped. The white females mostly too. However, twice in one particular shopping store ( won’t mention the name), I could feel two different white males watching me while I shopped as if they wanted to follow and attack in some sort of way. I know it was not just my imagination.

        I was in the aisle and I began to feel someone watching me and acting as if they wanted to follow me and pull some move of domination over or something. I partially turned and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a young white couple.

        The second time I was shopping and minding my own business like every one else ( well, I thought every one else) and I turned around and there was this white male who wanted to look me dead in the eyes. As I passed him, trying to focus on what i needed to pick up in the different sections of the store, I felt like an angry vibe,

        Somethings I’ve noticed is that:

        – many white racists or white supremacists are ANGRY at blacks

        – many white racists or white and non-white white supremacists feel they need DOMINATE over blacks in all sorts of odd situations, from the mall, to walking and elsewhere.

        – many white supremacists feel they need to CONTROL blacks or a black in some sort of way.

        Maybe I should make more of an effort to not be by myself when I go to certain areas.

        • Shanequa says:

          @ Alicia
          I understand were you coming, but please keep watching your surroundings where you travel. Our people aren’t save anywhere we travel and its getting worse. Too be honest when I’m in a surrounding around non black Africans especially white people I’m alert 24/7. The hatred non black Africans have for us is getting worse each day. When Obama get out of office hell will break loose for us, we’re getting close to the climax right now the drama is building up. Our people are in a world of surprises when we reach the climax of our struggle.

        • @Shanequa,
          You’re absolutely not crazy.I’ve experienced the same thing on several occasions with them.And just yesterday one nasty one asked me if I was in the line and pushed it’s cart up on me when I responded without looking up at it.It saw I was in the line waiting especially when there was another register with a shorter line but it couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be in my space with his popped down Asian woman and this was on a military base.I was so tempted to push the cart back on it but then I knew how that would turnout so I took the high road and kept it moving plus this is the Sunny State with Trayvon and ignorant bigots are too many to count.The slightest BS can get somebody killed.

    • Epi says:


      I do not believe that you are over-reacting. Like you, I have learned to listen to my “gut” feeling. One of the examples that I experience often is not only with racist whites and their foot soldiers, but with other races as while at the same time seeing other blacks that are “clueless.” Some examples are:

      * After greeting colleagues in my department for the day, OFTEN I receive the SAME “nervous” greeting throughout the day “how’s it going?” They act very “tentative” towards me/us at times. .

      * I am not a quiescent individual.However I do OBSERVE a lot and I am, for the most part, “quiet” in the WORK SETTING and this makes them very nervous.

      *If I am in a department meeting, for another example, and there are “pauses” or “mini breaks” during the meeting, rest assured that EYES are focused on the black male and female.

      *There have been conversations by and by about racism. I plainly state what it is, who is at an advantage and how it affects the lives of Blacks and other races in all areas of the daily modalities of living. I do not sugar-coat it. Oddly, enough, there are other blacks that look to me for “leadership” on committees and such, that they cannot seem to find within themselves. My stance has always been “be your own leader.”

      *This example leaves me BAFFLED when one of these racists, foot soldiers or another race tells me time and time again when discussing President’s Senior Staff meetings, strategic planning, institutional effectiveness, etc. that “you plan, speak and write so well” to “you know, you’re an intelligent person.” Duh! Though I graduated from an HBCU, I have never placed stock in these so-called Ivy-League schools.

      *At work-shops, seminars, juries, etc. oftentimes whites see it as a “given” that they will assume the role of keeping the group informed or or even being a facilitator. And yes, if I feel the need to speak out, then I do.

      *So, these are just a few examples of what myself and many blacks have to deal with daily. . Many of these sub-humans are NOT the “sharpest knives in the drawer,” yet THINK that they are. Blacks have the capability for intelligence just as much as any other race (recall the Bell Curve?) and unfortunately other races “feed into” yet this and other stereotypes while at the same time many of our black people and other races look to whites for direction and validation.

      No, you are not over-reacting. Not by a long-shot.


  18. Jada Pinket-Smith is a mess.She clearly doesn’t have her priorities straight.Especially since she’s giving the worthless Oscars more attention than her own children.This is the same woman who has left child rearing to her child.And it shows any woman who thinks a child should be allowed to do as they please as if they were adults without any real adult supervision can’t be taken seriously.Her son wears dresses and her daughter the opposite.Her children show the confusion her household is in and here she is starting confusion again over some nonsense Oscar nomination under the guise of “the black movement” Jada and Will ain’t been black since they both “moved on up”.A once beautiful,youthful black woman who has me stumped on what she did to her face that now has her looking older than her mother and who’s even consigned on her messing up her face.
    She hasn’t made very great decisions and have only led us into further turmoil with her selfish intentions.I haven’t paid much attention to the Oscars drama cause it’s intentions are disingenuous.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Frenzhelpfrenz

      I advise people to see the entertainment world as a cult–in fact, a satanic cult. The cult members are under the control of cult leader or leaders. They have an initiation ritual. They have to earn their way into the cult by any number of ways. They do what they’re told. They allow their children to be abused and sexually exploited. They marry who they told to marry. And the penalties for disobedience can be expulsion from the cult, even death.

      This could explain some of the mysterious deaths and “suicides” of cult members.

      If we keep in mind the way a cult works, we will understand why so many black cult members do such bizarre and anti-black things. I’m not saying all black entertainers fit this category but I believe the most successful ones do and some of the least successful just didn’t make the “cut.”

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Frenzhelpfrenz
      Thank you!!! Furthermore nothing surprise me of the Smith children being homosexuals especially the numerous homosexual roles Jada has played including Will. Furthermore, its a known fact the Smith’s are swingers and this family has completely assimilate into European culture. Jada was a beautiful attractive black woman back in day but now hard face looks hard up just like Janet Jackson. Both of these were beautiful sisters.

  19. Devin Grace says:

    In regards to film industry and the Oscar awards, I’m seriously thinking how do I encourage people to get over the addiction of movies and T.V. until we develop some control of our image. I’m currently reading “The Destruction of the European Jews” by Raul Hilberg I’ve learned so far that Joseph Goebbels is largely the reason the German citizens accepted the mass murder of the Jews. Because he was in charge of the Nazi propaganda machine he had free reign to depict the Jews in media/entertainment any way he saw fit. The interesting thing I find is he had many monkey cartoons produced, and always described the Jewish people as a disease akin to lice or compare their living habits to vermin. This translated to the German people an animal worth killing or a disease being worthy of no life or existence. Fast forward to our reality and there is reason to believe either Hollywood advised the Nazis or Hollywood took a page straight out of the Goebbels playbook. Our current depiction in the media or all forms of entertainment show us much the same way, I believe we are shown worse to people because as I study I realize people felt sorry for Jews but people only pretend to be sorry about the plight of non-white (black) people. I say pretend because millions died to save the Jewish people and we get lip service on the news networks and fake tears from suspected racists. I ran an experiment the month of January I was really surprised to see how every image of non-white people on T.V. was less than the image shown for animals on Natgeo or Discovery networks I came to the realization this is why PETA fights for the rights of animals and other animal rights organizations fight harder for the rights of animals than people fight for the equality of non-white (black) people in the world we exist. Thank you for reading my thoughts

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Devin Grace

      You’re right, and this is something Dr. Welsing talked about and what I wrote about–the danger of racist imagery for a people targeted for genocide.

      The images of black people go out ALL OVER THE WORLD – from buffoonery like Tyler Perry sitcomes, to the Prancing Elites (a pack of homosexual, feminized black males who call each other “girl”), to criminals and drug dealers and gangbangers and illiterate, rebellious youth, and whores and bitches and THOTs. and shows like Empire, etc.

      And let’s not forget the music that degrades black life and black sexuality, to the ignorant black comedians talking about doo-doo, and pee-pee and p&ssy, and dyck, etc.

      And the endless stream of black faces on Jerry Springer and Maury Povich who clearly lack a moral foundation of any kind

      I have been telling people for YEARS that this mindless, brainless support of degraded black images will lead to our demise. That we are being deliberately staged for genocide in such a way that when it happens the rest of the world will think they are better off without us.

      Previous black generations understood the dangers. The assimilated, integrated blacks actually believe white people would NEVER put us in concentration camps.

      That would never happen….

      • Shanequa says:

        @ TrojanPam
        Your statement brings truth, our people are heading to there own demise with the help of white supremacy & themselves.

      • reality_check says:

        I’m with you Pam, I’ve been speaking about the building of concentration camps and reservations on American soil for YEARS. Most people think I’m paranoid. Black people today are comatose at the wheel, I don’t know what it will take for us to wake up. They are closing our schools, firing us, not hiring us, literally taking our homes away from us (gentrification), killing our children, killing our men, and disenfranchising our black businesses (see: gentrification) and we STILL don’t see it.

        I have said over and over again, that blacks still won’t believe our demise even when we are corralled and herded off to camps, reservations and plantations.

        It’s so sad.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ reality_check

          You would think it would be obvious there is a problem regarding ‘black progress’ but many of us are still locked into a fantasy world.

          We know but we don’t want to know

          some even think our sexual relationships with whites will insulate us

          the only answer for black survival is BLACK UNITY

          but it is hard to impossible to unify people who do not like each other

          That’s why educating ourselves about white supremacy is so important.

        • Epi says:

          @ Reality-Check:

          “They are closing our schools, firing us, not hiring us, literally taking our homes away from us (gentrification), killing our children, killing our men, and disenfranchising our black businesses (see: gentrification) and we STILL don’t see it.”

          I’m aware that no one person has “all the answers.” What we are looking at IS disheartening and makes one wonder WHAT you can SAY or DO to “wake up masses of people” who, as Shanequa stated, “do not even like one another, let alone work collectively” yet are SLEEPING on the subtle to in-your-face-antics of these racists. Maybe misery DOES like company…I don’t know, But I DO know how can any one of our people THINK that they are less than deserving? The ONLY thing that these sub-humans hold over Blacks and other non-black people is MONEY. They are morally bank-rupt and no further statement needs to be made after this. Again, “truth stands on it’s own and needs NO support.” Which is why racists fight tooth and nail to maintain and control MONEY which opens the door for many, many other areas for dictums on discriminatory practices, actions, life-styles, the economy, etc. The list goes on.

          Blacks in the 60’s “got it” before many of our people in the 70″s that became educated and then adopted the mind-set of “I got mine, you get yours” and looked DOWN upon the brothers and sisters less educated. And their moral fiber is what again? I was taught that each one bring another one OUT. What happened to that? If you know that a parent, for example, is NOT enlightened in knowledge of self and unable to TEACH their off-spring, is that the time that both the parent and the child is left to their own devices?

          The bottom line is that we cannot do ANYTHING progressive until we at least begin respecting one another. Maybe not like one another, but at LEAST respect one another young to old, old to young, light to dark, dark to light, educated or not, etc.

          Out….I’m really wondering about this. smh….


  20. Trojan Pam says:

    @ ALL

    I advise people to see the entertainment world as a cult–in fact, a satanic cult. The cult members are under the control of cult leader or leaders. They have an initiation ritual. They have to earn their way into the cult by any number of ways. They do what they’re told. They allow their children to be abused and sexually exploited. They marry who they told to marry. And the penalties for disobedience can be expulsion from the cult, even death.

    This could explain some of the mysterious deaths and “suicides” of cult members.

    If we keep in mind the way a cult works, we will understand why so many black cult members do such bizarre and anti-black things. I’m not saying all black entertainers fit this category but I believe the most successful ones do and some of the least successful just didn’t make the “cut.”

  21. Omay Farlane says:

    I’m not interested in the Oscars. Why the Black Community continues to try to be accepted in a group, celebration or awards that are mostly white most of the time? They could have their own awards show to display positive films, because honestly if you’re not portraying a slave, a maid or a criminal, you cant win anything.

  22. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    What do you think of this?

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I have listened to the video from both Brothers. They made great points about contracts and the industry in general. The contracts have sabotaged the lives of so many black people. There is a problem where some of our people seek white acceptance so bad that they will even degrade themselves in trying to get it. Yet, there is no acceptance made by the racists. There is only exploitation and humiliation shown by the enemy. Many folks want individual selfishness, a lust of money, and a disregard of their own black people. That is why many people sellout. Some folks just want white folks to love them so much that they abhor the black community in general, which is a disgrace. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain the Knowledge of Self, so we know who we are up against, our value, and what we must do in order to establish black liberation. One great point that they made is about how black people can own our own art and increase plus control our institutions. The fact is that the vast majority of the people who control the Oscars, the Golden Globe, and the Electoral College are white males. So, white supremacists are in control of this corrupt system (that includes Hollywood). They are not in the interest of uplifting black people. So, that is why we need to promote talented black people who can express themselves and establish our own distribution centers too (which can promote our stories accurately). Thank you for showing the video.

      In the final analysis, we have to build.

  23. reality says:

    Agreed 100 % the Oscars is a joke (a bad one at that) . The fact that black entertainers would want to stand in from of their oppressors to be awarded a statue that has no value is amazing to me. Look at all( or most )of the black winners and nominees , their roles are disgraceful . Winning an award for playing a maid who defecates in a pie and calls that justice?( Octavia Spencer in The Help)
    Playing a waitress who’s husband is arrested and son is killed by the a white supremacist and ends up rewarding his bad behavior with sex!!!!! (Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball)
    Denzel Washington playing a dirty cop in training day. Diahann Carroll playing a welfare queen in Claudine must I go on ? When will we realize that the best option is to be invisible than be seen in a negative light. Black people pick your poison!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ reality

      I agree. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to be upset that a black person didn’t demean themselves enough to be nominated.

      That’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing!

    • Epi says:

      @ Reality:

      I agree with all that you stated. Interestingly enough, TODAY I will be viewing and then giving a critique along with others about the movie, “Claudine” starring black actors Diahanne Carroll and James Earl Jones. Though I’ve never viewed this film, in discussing it with others, I think that it gives voice to the struggles of single motherhood, critiques the 70’s welfare system–then and now, and celebrating what we need MORE of: black love and family unity.

      Then, later this month, I will be attending a forum on “COINTELPRO 101.” For those that are not aware was this was, COINTELPRO (a portmanteau derived from COunter INTELigence PROgram) was a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations. The forum will also give an introduction to the FBI counter intelligence program and will show how the Civil Rights Movements of the 60’s were disrupted including it’s damaging affects on social activists and the movement for equality. Definitely looking forward to attending this.


  24. Epi says:

    “A blast from the past” (And the winner is…)

    This article was shared with me this today by a comrade in California. I vaguely recall hearing about this “Oscar” night by family, friends and comrades. And, as the article inferences, not much has changed in Freakwood (Hollyweird). Read 1 of 2 parts:

    Forty-two years before the #OscarsSoWhite debate, a lone woman of color stood up against Hollywood.

    In 1973, Native American actress and activist Sacheen Littlefeather refused Marlon Brando’s Oscar in front of millions of viewers. On Brando’s behalf, she used the opportunity to make a political statement decrying the stereotyping of Native Americans in movies and TV, and to support American Indian Movement activists at Wounded Knee, S.D. Some in the audience booed, but others found it inspiring even years after the event. Jada Pinkett-Smith recently wrote to Littlefeather saying that watching a clip of the Oscars speech provided validation for her “boycott” of the Oscars this year.

    For those watching that night, everything probably seemed normal as presenters Roger Moore, who was about to take over from Sean Connery as the new James Bond, and Liv Ullmann, a favorite of director Ingmar Bergman, read off the lead actor nominees. The nominee pool was actually more diverse than it is this year: It included Paul Winfield, who, had he won for his performance in “Sounder,” would have been the second black winner of the award in Oscars history.

    Brando won for his role in “The Godfather.”

    But he wasn’t there to accept the honor. Instead, Littlefeather took the stage. When Moore tried to hand her the Oscar, she held her hand up and politely refused it.

    The audience didn’t get to hear the contents of the letter that Brando gave her to read aloud that night, which included comments on not only the academy, but on the effects of racism in Hollywood in general:

    It’s hard enough for children to grow up in this world. When Indian children watch television, and they watch films, and when they see their race depicted as they are in films, their minds become injured in ways we can never know.

    Her words were met with a mixture of applause and booing, an analog to the mixed reactions this year to the #OscarsSoWhite discussion, both online and in the academy.

    Littlefeather says she was effectively blacklisted in Hollywood after her speech, but she received support from civil rights figures such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, Coretta Scott King, who thanked her for her gesture. Since then, Littlefeather has taught at universities, been involved with film projects such as the 2009 “Reel Injun,” a 2009 documentary that explores how Native Americans are portrayed in Hollywood, and continued in her activism.

    Littlefeather spoke with The Times via phone at her home in Northern California and shared her thoughts on the #OscarsSoWhite conversation.

    The #OscarsSoWhite conversation started online with a black woman named April Reign. Some compare what she started to what you did in 1973.

    I think April is on the ball, she’s with it. I think she’s got it going on. I’m so happy the conversation is happening.

    Recently a lot of the conversation has been stuck in a black-versus-white question, but many are pushing for more diversity, the idea that there should be room for everyone on the screen. Reign says one of the issues is that too many people assume that only movies about straight white males will bring in big audiences.
    Absolutely. It’s amazing. Really, it’s about representation of everybody, everybody who isn’t being shown right now. And about showing all of the culture.

    And not just stereotypical roles.

    Yes. How many Native American sitcoms are there? There should be tons, we have the greatest sense of humor in the world! There’s a sitcom in Canada called “Mohawk Girls,” and it’s great. It’s just about growing up. It’s funny for everyone, but there are cultural things that really resonate if you’re Indian, if you’ve been on a reservation. We live in a diverse society and we all need our stories to be told, and we deserve to be represented accordingly on movies and television. And what April said was right. Everybody buys tickets to that movie house.

    What did you think of Jada Pinkett Smith’s video?

    When I heard about it, I immediately thought that I had to talk to her. I wrote her an email, congratulating her on her stance, because it was something that really needed to be done. That was an act of courage.

    Did you hear back from her?

    Yes, she wrote me back, the same day.

    What did she say?

    I’m not very tech savvy, but I can just read it to you from my computer screen:

    “Dear Sacheen Littlefeather: I am deeply honored that you took the time to write me. I am very aware of who you are and I have watched your speech at the Oscars many times. Your speech and the position you and Mr. Brando took was a much needed validation for my position. Thank you for being one of the brave and courageous to help pave the way for those of us who need a reminder of the importance to simply be true. I will cherish your words and sentiments in hopes that our paths may cross in this lifetime. Until then may the Great Spirit guide us all and may Mother Earth continue to keep us in her compassionate embrace. In friendship, Jada Pinkett Smith.”

    That was her response.

    Many credit your Oscars speech with bringing attention to the occupation by American Indian Movement activists at Wounded Knee in South Dakota.

    Marlon Brando was an excellent strategist, and he knew that that year, the Academy Awards would be broadcast via satellite, to millions of people all over the world. The FBI had put a news blackout on Wounded Knee, so that people couldn’t hear from [the activists]. This was a way to get around that. When people saw that broadcast, all hell broke loose. It put a lot of attention on the FBI’s actions.

    You used your time at the podium to spotlight the issue in a way that people couldn’t ignore.

    Yes, and the government was madder than hell. Afterward, they came looking for me, and told everyone in the studios in Hollywood not to hire me, or they would shut them down. That’s how it was. I was the subject of a big exclusion. There’s an old saying, if you don’t like the message, you kill the messenger. And I was the messenger. I was blacklisted, or you could say “redlisted.” Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, they didn’t want me on their shows.
    Some of the negative things people have said about you remind me of some of the negative things people say about Black Lives Matter activists.

    People have to be really hurting, and to be extremely marginalized, to start feeling like no one cares, you know, to want to start Black Lives Matter. To get to the point that you feel there’s no other way, that you have to say that “black lives matter,” because people don’t get it otherwise. Racism is so prevalent within our society, it’s like breathing air. We have to unlearn, and relearn, and re-educate. And I think that the entertainment industry is part of that re-education. A lot of people don’t read books today. Where do they get their education? Movies, television and things like that. That’s why it’s so important, it’s a bigger picture than just entertainment.

    Last week President Obama said that he thinks “the Oscar debate is really just an expression of this broader issue of are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot.”

    He gets it, knowing that we all have to tell our stories. The more the merrier. I’m happy he said that. We can’t leave people of color out.

    Can you talk more about that moment at the Oscars in 1973? In the actual footage of the ceremony, you can hear people booing at you.

    Oh, I got threats. They said, “Why did they send a woman to do a man’s job?” [The people backstage] said they’d give me 60 seconds, or they’d arrest me. John Wayne was in the wings, ready to have me taken off stage. He had to be restrained by six security guards. Afterward people questioned my authenticity, they said I wasn’t even Indian.

    It must have been difficult to be on the receiving end of so much anger.

    Maybe. But later I heard from Coretta Scott King, the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, saying that I had done the right thing. And I heard from Cesar Chavez, who congratulated me. And many leaders of the Native American movement. That’s when I knew I was doing the right thing. And I got letters, from everyone. I still do, from all over the world, thanking me… I’m just hoping that Jada Pinkett Smith doesn’t get a big backlash from taking her position.

    Is a backlash something that worries you?

    Oh, they can’t do anything to me anymore. I’m between here and dirt. I’m going on 70 years old. Me and the Creator are OK. [laughs]

    Do you think people who speak out today about the Oscars should be worried?

    I think everyone should speak their piece. If you can’t speak out, write it. I think people should make statements. If you’re not going to watch, say why. I made a statement, and that’s why we’re having this conversation today. Everyone should express themselves, just like they say in that song.

    What about Chris Rock? He’ll be hosting the Oscars, and a lot of people have called for him to either boycott it, or to make a statement. Do you think he should say something?

    I think Chris Rock will say something, in his own way. He’s an incredibly intelligent person, incredible comedian. I think that he will make jokes that will go far over people’s heads. I was watching videos of Richard Pryor [who hosted the Oscars in 1977, and also joked about the lack of black nominees] the other night. He injected such humor and brilliant thinking into his sketches. He talked about racism in a way that no one else could, in the way he addressed it. Charlie Hill, too, he was our Indian comedian. He talked about the missionaries trying to commit or convert us, in this really brilliant way.

    Charlie Hill also appeared on Richard Pryor’s show in 1977.

    Right. There are so many things to say through comedy. Chris Rock could do that. It’s a terrific challenge, but I think he can pull it off.

    What do you think average moviegoers, who aren’t in the academy, should do if they think that representation in film and television is an important issue?

    Let your dollars talk. Your dollars are the ones that make the difference. Support the films and the actors that you want to see again and again. That includes independent films. We should support them too, and independent actors and actresses. You know, truth lasts forever, over the decades of time. It doesn’t go away. It resonates from one generation to the next, far beyond the time I will go to my grave. We have become a generation of diversity. We have mixed the coffee with the cream, so to speak. People have blended together. That is our truth. And our films should reflect that.

    Form your own opinion here. But what does stand out is that once again, another black entertainer is seeking WHITE validation. Why did Marlon Brando not include BLACK stereotyping in why he was refusing the Oscar and why did Littlefeather not include this in the speech that she presented?

    Because, once again Blacks were not inclusive, yet continue to beg to be “let in.”

    Just sayin…


    (Just think, with all of the millions of government dollars that Black entertainers have earned, they cannot even form a production company among themselves, say, like DreamWorks. Ah well…

    (And please correct me if I erred here, not sure.

  25. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    What do you think of these?

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Good Afternoon Sister

      Those 2 videos accurately shows the psychology, the tactics, and the agenda of racist Hollywood. Hollywood is controlled by mostly white males. Its movies serve the agenda of white supremacy. Hollywood readily show shows and movies that bash and degrade black people, especially black women. That is why reality TV shows (many of them owned by Viacom) are just plain anti-black. We are in a war for our survival and we always reject white validation. Black people have amazing talent and many people want to exploit black talent for co-option and slandering us in general. There is no question that Hollywood is very racist. I agree with the narrator in exposing Bill Maher as a closet bigot. Maher is known to disrespecting Muslims and supporting the evil war on terror. As for Asians, he exposed the lie that Asian people are more racist than white Hollywood executives who run Hollywood. Yet, it is important to note that a lot of anti-black racism exists in Asia.

      The handwriting is on the wall about the vicious system of racism/white supremacy. I certainly liked how the Brother used statistics, examples, and history to validate his views. He is right that black people should create our media and increase the power of our institutions. We have the power to make the change via self-determination. We don’t need Hollywood to be free. We can be free by using our own constructive actions. The 2 videos are very interesting. We should have Power, Justice, and Liberation. Thank you for showing them.

      Have a Blessed Weekend Sister 🙂

      Bless You.

  26. LBM says:

    Excellent post PAM.

    Much of our responses here need to be also posted on pop sites that discuss these matters so the seeds are planted – so it’s understood that not ALL of us are falling for the nonsense. I’ve sent the original post to my email list

    Those of us who feel there’s not enough support for our progressive thinking must keep in mind that we haven’t even been off the literal plantation for as long as we were on it. On top of that, we’ve continued to be under attack. So what I see is that forward movement is not going to be dependent on mass movement but a dedicated consistent core few. Just as you said concerning the o-scars, let it be known that it’s NOT IMPORTANT, NOT RELEVANT, to some of us. Instead of re-acting to the re-actors let it be known that WE know anti-black hollyweird images were being promoted at the same time and by the same whites who were supposedly being genocided in europe.

    We have common black males reacting to child support through ball players and other entertainers rather than out of concern for their own children. Crazy. Black women denying their own innate desire to reproduce themselves by being influenced to “expand options” – what “options?” Options to create even more individuals who will reject you on the basis of color and hair texture?

    I agree with whoever said we’ve got to invalidate these images, this “enterTRAINment” that trains us against each other, against ourselves. We must constantly ask ourselves what is important and have we decided what is important to us or have we allowed others – hollyweird – to decide what’s important for us.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ LBM:

      Good points. I agree.

    • Timothy says:


      I agree with you.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ LBM

      As usual, you made some excellent points. The dangers of our obsession with white supremacist entertainment — and EVERYTHING we look at is white supremacist entertainment, whether it’s a black face promoting it or not — can be seen in our increasing hostility toward each other.

      Much of this is due to the subliminal element that seeps into our subconscious like a deadly poison. And that message is always:

      white is superior to black
      black is only good when its associated with white
      black plus black is a bad thing

      If black people collectively, do not change what we think, say and do, we should expect more of what we are already getting

  27. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    I know that this is OT, but I found this article to be interesting:

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      Good Afternoon Sister

      I have read the article.

      The article was great to show black history involving World War II. Black people fought fascism overseas and another form of oppression in America (which dealt with racism and Jim Crow apartheid). African American women worked hard in the factories, the shipyards, and in other occupations in America. Unfortunately, black women were facing racism and sexism back then. The 1943 riots in Los Angeles and Detroit were very deadly as white mobs attacked and murdered black people in both cities. A. Philip Randolph (a well known advocate of labor rights) had to threaten FDR with a march on Washington to just fight for anti-discrimination policies in the federal industries. Many black people worked in factories during the Great Migration (when millions of black people migrated into the North, the Midwest, and the West Coast for economic opportunities and a better life. In those places, racism and discrimination still existed like in the South).

      Black women fought for fairness and equality for a long time. The black women who, sacrificed for a better future back then, should receive all of the respect in the world. Black history is our history and it is world history too. I do know more about World War II (which involved events like the Battle of Stalingrad, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Shoah, and Hiroshima) than many years ago. The events of World War II set up a foundation for the growth of the modern day civil rights movement as the article has accurately mentioned. Many WWII and Korean War veterans were leaders of the civil rights movement. Also, black women were strong leaders of the civil rights movement too like Ella Baker, and Fannie Lou Hamer including Septima Clark. So, people should know about this story and many others. A lot of Brothers and Sisters courageously fought for justice back then, so we could live in this generation.

      Thank you for showing this very important piece of information Sister.

      Black History will always Matter and Black is Beautiful. 🙂

  28. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Here is another article about the Oscars:

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      As for the other links, I don’t believe that a boycott will not do any good at this point involving the Oscars. We should try to build and organize our own institutions to show the films that we want and use our power to build in our black communities. We should own and control our own distribution companies and work with pan-African organizations too. Also, we should never spent a cent to people who degrade black people. Not supporting anti-black racists in Hollywood is a great thing to do.

      As for black mothers who have mental illness, family support, community support, and public resources are necessary to help those who suffer mental illness. All levels of government and our communities should be part of the solution. An African proverb said it best. It will take a village to solve this problem. Selfish individualism will not work since we are all in this together as black people. People with mental illness deserve compassion, love, and support. These are our people and we want these mothers to experience joy and tranquility in their lives. Mental illness being discussed openly in our community is still taboo to a certain extent. That should end. We express prayers to any mother with mental illness issues. You have a great light Sister in you showing compassion to black people. Like always, I appreciate your wisdom.

  29. Epi says:

    Meryl Streep responds to movie diversity backlash: ‘We’re all Africans really’

    Business Insider Anjelica Oswald Feb 11th 2016 12:44PM

    Thursday, February 11, 2016

    Streep: “We’re All Africans Really”

    When asked about the lack of diversity in the all-white jury for the Berlin International Film Festival, Meryl Streep, who’s serving as this year’s jury president, responded by telling reporters that “we’re all Africans really.”

    She elaborated, “There is a core of humanity that travels right through every culture, and after all we’re all from Africa originally. Berliners, we’re all Africans really.”

    Streep is leading the seven-member jury for the first time, and though she offered the above response for the question, she did say she is committed to including members “of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions.”

    If we are ALL Africans really, WHY are we not ALL treated with dignity, respect and more importantly, equally?

    I’ll let someone else tell it.


    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Phazex_Female

      I’m not shocked at the statement from Streep. This is exactly how they view us as black people, so no black person should seek white acceptance to a bourgeois, token existence. Also, white people have ancestors who are a hybrid of Neanderthals and humans (who are Africans). We seek liberation and we want to express ourselves in our own terms. I totally agree with you. The silliness and the offensive nature of Streep’s comments should come as no surprise. This is why we should form more black self awareness and realize that power that we have inward, so outward solutions can come about. Black Unity is a must.

      • Sharon53 says:

        @ Phazex_Female
        Meryl Streep’s comments remind me of something Mr. Neely Fuller once said about us referring to ourselves as African Americans. He suggested that we refer to ourselves as black or non-white. He is against the term African-American because some whites can also refer to themselves as African American. One such person is Mrs. John Kerry, who is a white female married to former presidential candidate John Kerry. Mrs. Kerry tells people she is African-American because she was born in Zimbabwe, which is in Africa.
        Mr. Fuller stated “any time you hear any new term before you repeat it; think about what you are saying. They are ‘word masters’.”

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Sharon53

          Those are interesting, great points to think about. The word Black is a powerful word and we are black people. The word Black has been abhorred by racists, but we embrace with our Blackness with passion and love.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      The article made the great points about double standards. We know that black people are viewed in more negative terms than white people on average in society. We should live in a society where anybody, who does domestic violence, is condemned regardless of skin color, but we don’t live in that world. Black people who do domestic violence are treated harsher in society than white people who had done it. One example is that one white male named Stephen Collins from Seventh Heaven (which was a TV show from the 1990’s) admitted to sexually violating innocent human beings. The media in a sick fashion gave him a more of a platform to express his views and this white male is not arrested or tried in a court of law. Another example is Charlie Sheen who has assaulted women and did other evil deeds and he has not experienced extensive prison time for his actions. We should criticize any person who has done domestic violence regardless of skin color. Innocent black men have been readily labeled with false “violent, brutish” stereotype all of time. We know how black women are slandered too. Society must change. Structural racism and class oppression are serious problems in the world. We want to defeat domestic violence and racism completely. Thank you for showing the link. The link has great wisdom from that study.

      Bless you. 🙂

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Bless you, too, Brother. 🙂

        I agree with everything that you said about the double standards in the media coverage of domestic violence cases. The study just proved what Black people (and some White people) have been saying along about these racist double standards. Thank you for reading the article and your thoughtful comments.

        May you have a blessed weekend, Brother. 🙂

  30. Epi says:


    Mo’Nique says that Director, Lee Daniels cheated her, Gabourey Sidibe out of Millions in “Precious” Movie Deal

    Reported by Liku Zelleke

    Oscar winning actress and comedienne Mo’Nique said she was paid only $50,000 and was offered an inconsequential back-end deal for her co-starring role in “Precious.”

    The movie, of course, was an instant hit and went on to gross $47.5 million at the domestic box office.

    Mo’Nique made the statement during an interview with Variety as the world gets ready for the Academy Awards that will be held on Sunday. She said that the only reason she signed the contract was because she trusted director Lee Daniels, who was a friend.

    “There was a backend, in all fairness. But the end it was behind, it was the double triple quadruple backend,” she said. “Because Lee Daniels was my friend, he said, ‘This is what.’ And we said, ‘Okay.’ That movie made a lot of money all over the world. And again you have to ask yourself, ‘Why is it that we don’t take part in it [financially]?’ Myself and Gabourey Sidibe, we should have become multi-millionaires off that movie, had we been given the right information. We weren’t given the right information. If you’re not given the right information, it doesn’t allow you to negotiate fairly.”

    The friendship with Daniels did make it past that deal (well, sort of), it seems. When asked if she still talked to him, Mo’Nique said, “I haven’t spoken to Lee Daniels in a while. But when I say someone is my friend, I don’t say that lightly. Whenever my friend is ready to have a conversation, I’m right here.”

    She added, “I never stopped speaking to him. I don’t like the play on words… Sometimes people don’t have [friends]; it’s Hollywood. You ever have a friend that they just get to show off? You still love them, but you have to let them get through it. And when they get finished showing off and they knock on the door and they open it up and they come with their arms extended and you hug them. That’s all that is. Whenever he’s ready to reconnect, I’m right here. I’m a connector.”



    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Sister Epi:

      Thank you for providing the excerpt. This just shows how Monique got screwed over. Lee Daniels is supposed to be a friend of hers, but he back stabbed her and Gabourey. A lot of people will throw under the bus in order to save themselves. It’s a shame.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Phazex_Female

      Monique being exploited like this is wrong. Lee Daniels is a sellout of the highest order. He even admitted that he is a sellout. Lee Daniels has said disturbing words about the black community for years. He said that white people should say the N word if they want to. He supported the Butler, which whitewashed the history of the civil rights and Black Power movements. He supports Empire and he has made disrespectful comments about black women too. The Hollywood industry is known for shady contracts, exploitation, and movies that degrade black people. The people who control the industry want money too at the expense of black human beings and things must change. I appreciate you showing the information.

  31. Courtney H. says:

    This is a video of a web series called “Knocked Down” that is based and filmed in Stockton, California. It deals with gangs, so there is a lot of violence and profanity. However, this is one of many series on the web that shows that you don’t need Hollyweird to create your own series or movies. This videos shows the first episode of the first chapter of the series. The series is done by a Brother named Ansar Muhammad.

    Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      I do witness more and more black people created their own webseries in the Internet and independently in other arenas. The “Knocked Down” series is based in Stockton, California. That is a city in the north central part of California and they have experienced economic issues recently. Also, its population has increased rapidly since the year 2000. The webseries is emotional and it shows events that unfortunately go on in communities across America (like robberies, murder, and assaults). It certainly takes a multifaceted approach in changing the reality that we live in. The series does focus on the reality for black pain, which is real. One person in the story goes to prison to 15 years and go home to meet up with his Sister (whose mother passed away) and his nephew. You know how I feel about the profanity, etc. Yet, this series realistically shows what gangs do, how petty and evil senseless violence is, and how we have to come together as one black people if we want to be truly free. Thank you for showing the video Sister.

      You’re always a Blessing. 🙂

      Bless You.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Brother Timothy:

        Thank you for watching the video. I’m watching the second episode of Chapter 1 now. It seems to be a very interesting series that deals realistically with gang life in this community.

        You have obvious done your research. I looked up into on Stockton early this morning out of interest in this series (,_California). I just think it’s great that people who want to tell their stories in their own way realize that they don’t have to go the Hollyweird route. These stories are well-made (even though some of the acting is amateurish). However, this program seems very interesting.

        Thank you for your comments! 🙂

  32. Epi says:

    Moments after a colleague asked me if I watched the Oscars recently and I replied “no” without giving an explanation, I found this news brief while browsing on AOL:

    Stacey Dash makes awkward appearance at Oscars

    Stacey Dash made an appearance at the Oscars, and it may go down as the most awkward moment of the evening.

    The “Clueless” actress, who is now making a name for herself by giving her opinions about things on Fox News, was welcomed to the stage by host Chris Rock after a very funny sketch imagining black actors in some of the year’s biggest movies.

    “I can not wait to help my people out, ,” she declared to little (if any) laughter from the various stars populating the Dolby Theatre.

    Also Read: Stacey Dash Says ‘BET Lies to American Black People’ About Racism

    Then she walked off stage, and the show went on.

    The surprise appearance was a nod to her controversial statement on Fox News last month that “there shouldn’t be a black history month,” because “we’re all Americans, period.”

    This black woman really IS “clueless” apparently knowing very little about the history of her people.

    • That was supposed to be funny and it fell very FLAT!lol I’m sure it was Chris Rock’s idea to have her on. No one laughed at all. You could hear Dash needs to go sit her ass down somewhere!

  33. @ Everybody
    Here’s Rock’s opening monologue. He seems like he was poking fun at blacks more than whites. He poked fun at Will Smith,Spike Lee,Jada Pinkett,Rihanna etc. He also made a horrible joke about a black grandmother swinging from a tree! He was joking about lynching?? This is a new LOW to get white laughs. How can he make fun of the suffereing of our people like that? Has he no conscious? In the joke he ws saying that back in the fiftes and sixties blacks didn’t protest the Oscars because we were being lynched and raped. In other words,we had more important things to worry about. As if to say that we don’t right now. It’s a way to say that “things aren’t bad anymore”..which whites love to say all the time. I think Chris was really sucking up to his 90% white audience in this monologue. Timothy,Courtney,Trojan Pam,Epi..what do you guys think?

    • Epi says:

      @ the Prince:

      Though I never watch the Oscars, looking at Chris Rock’s monologue, he WAS making Black people the brunt of his “jokes.” And I am not all surprised. Bear in mind, that these people in Freakwood, etc. make sure that Chris Rock gets paid so even if Chris Rock is aware of the evils of white supremacy, his sense of justice (if he has any at all) is not going to over-ride his getting paid.

      End of story but Chris Rock is not alone in emulating these types of behaviors. “He has plenty of company.” Entertainers, etc. and people in every day walks of life do this as well. smh…


      • You said it! It’s like you read my mind! In the end they all want that damn paycheck! He had to keep the rich white elite happy. So we were the butt of the jokes!!! Otherwise would they have allowed him to host if he didn’t do that? I think you know the answer.

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Epi, Timothy, and Kushite Prince:

          I agree with your statements.

          Here is a video about why Black celebrities should speak out on social issues:

          Any thoughts? Enjoy! 😀

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            My belief is that black celebrities and black people in general are obligated to speak against injustice and promote the interests of black people (especially grown black people). On this issue, I agree with the Sister 100 percent. We have mental slavery in our community. Collective solutions are needed in our community. Muhammad Ali opposed the Vietnam War, he supported blackness, and he stood up for the human dignity of black women by his own words. Today, some black people refuse to talk about real issues relevant to black people. He made many interesting points about LeBron James. TD Jakes and other mainstream preachers want to get more money while promoting the evil prosperity gospel. There should be accountability and we should support justice in our black community. The black community heavily supported these black celebrities and these celebrities should speak on the liberation of black people. Some celebrities get money out of the black community send money to mostly the white community (since mostly white males own most of the corporations in the Western world. The owners control the players and the infrastructure of mainstream society).

            The evil people are not in our interests, so we should have value for ourselves and stand up for our human rights as black people. Therefore, we have to grow consciousness, help others, and think as a community. We have to move as a community as black people. Black people supply a huge amount of capital in the American economy. So, we can develop our infrastructure to empower ourselves. Speaking out against injustice is never a huge burden. Our black ancestors suffered genocide, lynchings, and death. Speaking out is the least that any black person can do in confronting injustice. This is a great video Sister. 🙂

        • Epi says:


          Nothing should be more important to Black entertainers, sports figures, etc. than self-respect and integrity. It is very obvious that many are sorely lacking in these areas.

          Recall when many of these public-heads were raw, uncut and unpolished in the beginning of their careers? Yet, some did “keep it real” as the saying goes. A few actually did respect their own people. Now look at how the face of this has changed? From the thug all the way to the prolific actor, many fell or fell deeper into the dictums of white supremacy. And for those who did not and have not complied? Oftentimes when one hears about them from the mainstream media to “Black” media, they are often vilified. For other Blacks, they hold a continual need for white validation as if to say, “look at me, am I doing good?” Even at the expense of their own black people.

          Case in point, Chris Rock made a laughingstock of Jada Pinkett, Lee Daniels had a hand in virtually getting Mo’Nique black-balled in Freakwood (Hollywood) as examples. To ensure that they are not “kicked out of the Dog-out Black-people club and to get PAID.
          I do not believe that it is unrealistic to strive for our OWN awards shows and the like. Hispanics caught the clue many years ago and hold their own Grammy’s, Oscars and the like Why don’t Blacks follow the same example? Because of the need for White validation is why. Unfortunately, for those Blacks that are in the lime-light, that are able to do so, coupled with, again, the trickle-down effects of slavery, their mind-sets carry “one more day me and mine are going to survive.” Agree or not. There is absolutely NO reason why (example) Blacks, just like Jews, cannot band together and form our own production companies. We have more than enough wealthy Blacks that can do this. Yet, they will not. Does this feed into the thinking of I cannot allow you to get ahead of me? And these same individuals will not adopt the mind-set of other races as in, “let US make some money togethr.” There is nothing “illegal” being done by this action. Oh, sure there would be some bru ha ha’ing. By the same token, efforts to open “Jewish” temples, for example, no one blinks an eye and sees does not see that action as racist. What I am saying is that as Black people, we should care LESS what others think of our actions in matters concerning our Black people. Again, agree or not. And lest we forget? Our black people are the very same masses of people that helped many of these entertainers to become wealthy.

          I am of the same opinion as Brother Timothy that, “racism is just as vicious now as it was in the 1960’s.” And it is definitely unrealistic for one to think that we are now living in a post-racial society. Just yesterday, I viewed a friend’s clip of a KKK Rally in Texas with yes, physical altercations. The crux of the rally was that local police “allowed” the KKK to hold the rally. Post-racial? Sure. The history of racists shows that they “protect and insulate one another.” Talk about circling their wagons! This is one of the reasons that I often state that we have to look at what is in front of us. Just recently, Donald Trump was attempting to clear up why he did not disavow former Klansman, David Duke: (Washington CNN ) Donald Trump is trying to clean up a racially charged controversy Monday, February 29th, after he refused to disavow former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke over the weekend. When asked about his comments on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Trump blamed a “bad earpiece.” Really? The bottom line is once again, White media protecting a White man. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
          The message bears that as Brother Timothy stated, “we should never ally with White racists or Black sell-outs. We have already lost much because of the ethnocentrism and inferiority complexes.

          • Thank you for that! You know the racist media will always protect the white man. That is one thing that will never change. They always look out for each other. This is how white supremacy operates. Trump is nothing but a “softer” version of David Duke. But to be honest,none of the candidates will improve the lives of black people. They’re all the same to me. Colonel Sanders and Killary Clinton wont save black either. They’re all racist crooks in my opinion.

            • Epi says:


              I agree with you. Lest we all forget, Donald Trump is the “Poster Child” that is the face of racist, conservative whites that “want our country back.” Sure, many of the candidates running ARE racist, and many white Amerikkans are aware that their race IS dying out. However, they want to retain that small nucleus of power and Donald Trump would be instrumental in helping them to achieve much if elected. “Examine” his political platform.

              In a sense, he is white Amerikka’s “last hope” to see this

              And the band played on…

              • That’s true Epi. He is definitely their poster child. And their race is dying out which is why they are in such a panic. Their days are numbered. But we have to keep in mind that they wont go out without a fight. We have to be prepared for anything. They have a very barbaric nature and a bloodthirsty nature.

    • Courtney H. says:

      @ Kushite Prince:

      Thank you, but the video was blocked because of Disney copyright rules, so I wasn’t able to watch. However, from your description, the monologue was definitely sick!

      Here is a video about diversity and Oscars (this was before the Oscar ceremony last night). Any thoughts?

    • Timothy says:


      I watched the video from him on Youtube and I am thinking “where is the militancy.” We know that nothing is shown by chance in the mainstream level. Chris Rock is being paid to give a monologue to decrease the fears of whites while targeting black people (without exposing how black puppets ultimately serve the white oligarchy). His jokes about people being lynched, which is offensive. I would never joked about our people being lynched. Also, just like in the 60’s, today, we have black people being lynched, raped, killed, and oppressed by white racists today. I have listened to Chris Rock and I hear a lack of revolutionary thinking. I see a total sugarcoating of the viciousness of the agenda of Hollywood.

    • Shanequa says:

      @ Everybody watch this clip in the link below.
      @ Courtney H thanks for posting the video
      The 2016 Oscars express there real feeling on how they feel about us furthermore they use black coons to entertain them. This clip rub me the wrong way the black men & women were all emasculate & defeminatize. Whooping Goldberg looks like a defeminatize asexual black mammy in a janitor suit cleaning, the other black woman looks a stereotypical defeminatize, asexual, loud mouth agressive black woman, and they had to emasculate the black man by putting on a dress. This clip basically celebrate every stereotype Hollywood like showing of us including throwing homosexuality into it.

      • Courtney H. says:

        @ Shanequa:

        Thank you for posting the video. It was AWFUL! Good grief! That was supposed to be funny?! You are absolutely right in your response to the video clip — everything that you said was on point!

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Shanequa

        The Oscar skit is truly disgusting. This proves once again how the power structure exploits black people to promote an agenda of degrading black people. It shows many stereotypes about black people like from black people being submissive, too aggressive, the emasculation of black men, etc. It also establishes how Chris Rock was used not to confront the Oscars’
        overt racism. He was used to downplay the bigotry found in Hollywood and to decrease the fears of whites while promoting false guilt among black people. He wants to criticize black people with jokes while ignoring how the evil from the 1960’s in lynchings, discrimination, rape, etc. still exist in our generation. Also, the Oscars are controlled by the mostly white oligarchy. The Oscars have no interest to change radically and our talent is beautiful. We don’t need the Oscars to promote our talent and our value. Our dignity is worth more than money and some people do all sorts of things for money. The clip has Hollywood laughing at us instead of promoting real change. Thank you for showing the link Sister.

    • You got to love Harvey! He speaks the truth whether people like it or not! You have to respect that.

      • Does Harvey ever NOT use profanity??lol

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Courtney

        First, the video was long indeed.

        Harvey have made many important points on this issue. People like Chris Rock and Whoppi Goldberg are two faced. On some cases, they want to act like they are down. Then, on other instances they want to degrade their people. Goldberg is known for supporting Ted Danson years ago wearing black face. Chris Rock expressed a monologue that joked people at the expense of the dignity of black people. Oprah is silent since Oprah knows the truth about the situation. Quincy Jones is a talented producer and has supported the powers that be in Hollywood for years. Many white people in the audience laughed at Chris Rock’s words making fun of Jada Pinkett Smith and Rihanna (who are 2 black women). He degraded black women in public, which shows what Chris Rock is all about. Quincy Jones dismissing any boycott shows that he has compromised his principles.

        He or Quincy talks about Ferguson (when Ferguson has nothing to do with the Oscars), but people in Ferguson have every right to stand up against police terrorists. Also, strategic boycotts have worked in our history. Many of these black celebrities bow down to white society literally. Pharell has made New Black, post racial statements too. Making jokes about lynching, etc. is wrong period. I don’t agree with Harvey’s usage of profanity and slurs, but he’s right on exposing the contradictions and racist deceptions in Hollywood. He is right that Don Lemon is compromised and has thrown black people under the bus on many issues in CNN. Lemon is wrong to not be offended by a joke about a grandmother being lynched. My parents and grandparents suffered Jim Crow. Lemon is a traitor and disrespects our black people. Today, we have Klan rallies, some racists promoting bigoted actions, books in Texas that sugarcoated slavery, white girls wearing T-shirt with the N word on it, and other anti-black hatred in 2016. The agenda of white supremacy is real and it must be exposed and ended. Trump is a notorious racist, sexist, xenophobe, and Islamophobe. No black person should support Donald Trump. Racism is as vicious now as it was back in the 1960’s. There is an international portrayal (by multinational corporations who control the US film industry) of black people in the negative way. Hollywood is more than a fraternity. It is an international entity that makes billions of dollars every year to promote the agenda of the establishment. So, we have to embrace reality and act accordingly (we shouldn’t support any celebrity that disrespects us. We should never ally with white racists or black sellouts). In the final analysis, we love our black image and we want to be independent as black people.

        Thank you for showing the video. 🙂

        • Courtney H. says:

          @ Brother Timothy:

          Thank you for taking the time to watch that long video. I greatly appreciate it.

          Harvey made a lot of great points in that video; that’s probably why it is more than an hour long. I agree that I don’t like it when he uses profanity and slurs, but he was telling the absolute truth. I don’t have to repeat what you said, since you made point-by-point analysis of the video excellently.

          Again, thank you for watching the video and commenting. 🙂

          • Timothy says:

            @Sister Courtney

            You’re Welcome Sister. 🙂

            Harvey does have a lot of insights on issue as he is from Chicago and knows about white racism firsthand. It is always great to learn information from many of our people, so we can grow intellectually and realize how slick and evil the enemy is. You’re blessed like always. You have shown your views excellently too. As black people, we won’t back down. Our ancestors were fighters and we will fight for justice.

  34. Just an observation I had last night. This might mean nothing but I’m just throwing it out there. I had a co-worker that was once locked up in jail for a brief time. He told me the white prisoners were mostly racist skinheads. He said they had tattoos of the number 88 on them. He found out the 88 was code for Heil Hitler. Since H is the eighth letter in the alphabet. Also on Twitter there was a hashtag going around called Oscarssowhite. This was the 88th Academy Awards as well. Could just be a coincidence . But when it comes to Hollywood and how they operate……you never know.

    • Timothy says:

      @Kushite Prince

      There are many meanings of numbers. 88 is 11 x 8. 11 in the occult refers to destruction, dissension, and 11 is the number of the New Age or new occult order. Back in the day, I knew of these things. According to Crowley, 11 is a number of magic itself. So, 88 has significance to people. Racist skinheads follow Hitler, who promoted the evil actions of murder, genocide, etc.

      • You’re really good with these numbers Timothy. I’ve been studying sacred numerology and gematria for years myself. The elite sacrifice entertainers all the time. I’ve also heard the number 11 is also looked at as a portal or gateway. It’s because the number 11 looks like a doorway.I think that’s why people like Whitney Houston dies on Feb 11,fashion designer Alexnader McQueen Feb 11, comedian Robin Williams Aug 11,actor John Ritter Sept 11 among others. And you’re correct about the number 88 and Hitler. If people did more research on occult numbers they would realize what’s going on in Hollywood. But they know people are lazy and brainwashed by television. We have become a nation of zombies. So they know the masses wont search for truth. They are happy living in a synthetic reality. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

        • Thanks Timothy. Everything you said is true! They stole all our knowledge from Africa and copied it. We are the originators…they are a poor imitation of our great ancestors. And you’re correct about the nature,DNA and the universe. You are a very well studied man. It’s always great to get your insight on these issues. Thanks I appreciate it a lot.

  35. This is a great video by rapper Vigalantee. He breaks down how Chris Rock wanted to make white people comfortable. And it’s hard to disagree with him in this video.

  36. reality_check says:

    I think you all are being a tad bit unrealistic.

    I don’t understand the back and forth about Chris Rock and everyone else associated with the Oscars. Everyone reading this blog SURELY understands that ALL successful black folk involved in Hollywood have sold themselves and their people out to get “put on” in the industry. You guys already know that.

    At this point, you all should expect it.

    Another thing- if it wasn’t Chris Rock steppin and fetchin then surely it would be some other black Hollywood coon to take his spot as there is no shortage in our community of black folks willing sell themselves for the promise of mainstream success.

  37. Courtney H. says:

    @ Everybody:

    Here is a video about the 10 most racist movies of all time:

    Warning — some of the images shown in the video are disturbing. Enjoy! 😀

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Courtney

      The Top 10 videos are very interesting. Old school Disney cartoon movies are heavily racist. Some of them are banned today, except in Youtube. Also, Jim Crow is notoriously evil. Racist stereotypes are evil. The video shows that racism, bigotry, and unwarranted intolerance has no place in any society. The video excellently showed the evil stereotypes found in the racist films. Racism is always linked to genocide. Black people, and other people experienced genocide by racist people. I do see recent films as well, which proves once again that Hollywood still advances racism, materialism, sexism, and other evils. I knew that Birth of a Nation would be number one. We believe in justice.

      Thank you for showing the video Sister. 🙂

      • Timothy says:

        @Sister Courtney

        You’re Welcome Sister Courtney. Your wisdom is incredible and I certainly enjoy watching the information that you show here.

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