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Given the huge number of articles, blogposts, and head-scratching conversations about black entertainers, and why they do the things they do, and why some become more successful than others, and why so many exhibit anti-black behavior, I have come to a not-so-surprising conclusion:

The white supremacist, mainstream entertainment industry is a CULT.

This includes actors, actresses, comedians, dancers, singers, talk show hosts, game show hosts, talking heads, news anchors, news reporters, political commentators, and in many cases — even politicians (who are really little more than entertainers who use charm, guile, personality, and lies (via a pre-approved, written script) to con the masses on the behalf of their hidden political bosses).

Some people (like myself) believe all the above is part of the same Satanic Cult. Regardless, the way this industry functions certainly fits my definition of a CULT.

Let’s begin with the definition:

What is a cult?

For the purposes of this post, a cult:

  • is a group of people devoted to a set of behaviors and goals defined by a “leader” or “leaders”
  • the members give up the right of self-rule in exchange for membership
  • is headed by a small but powerful leadership group that control the cult members, often through fear and intimidation using public ridicule, criminal charges, loss of income and/or career, and even threat of death, or the death of a loved one (a sacrifice).
  • often requires money or property transfer to the cult leader(s) (via managers, agents, and IRS agents)
  • controls the members physically, intellectually, financially, emotionally, and sexually
  • has secret initiation rituals that are usually of a sexual, homosexual or pedophilia nature
  • forces the members to do what they’re told to do–regardless of the member’s personal preferences and beliefs

Examples of Famous Cults

  1. Hollywood and the mainstream entertainment industry
  2. The United States political system of (mock) Democrats and Republicans
  3. Mega Preachers, Pastors, Priests, and Popes
  4. The Branch Davidians
  5. The Manson Family
  6. Heaven’s Gate
  7. Peoples Temple
  8. Scientology
  9. The Unification Church
  10. The Children of God
  11. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  12. The Twelve Tribes

It has become a daily occurrence (and a colossal waste of time), for tens of thousands of frustrated and angry black people to scratch our heads over the antics of black entertainers and celebrities, and ask:

“Why did he or she say or do that?”

“Why does he or she only date whites?”

“Is so and so a homosexual?”

“When did so and so become a homosexual?”

“Why doesn’t he or she ever speak out against injustice or use their money to help black causes?”

“Why doesn’t he or she hire black people?”

“Why is he or she always talking bad about black people?”

And on and on and on it goes…

Rather than waste my limited brain resources over black celebrities, I have found an answer that helped me understand their behaviors and to NOT take it personally (because it isn’t).


And they exhibit some or all of the following behaviors:

They engage in sexual perversion and/or experimentation


Will and Jada Smith

(they have admitted to being ‘swingers’ — the meaning of which is open to anyone’s interpretation)

They allow their children to be abused and sexually exploited.


Jaden Smith, son of Will & Jada Smith

(who was tapped to model women’s dresses for a major fashion designer)

They marry who they are told to marry.

kim-kardashian-kanye-west  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Wanda Sykes & wife 2

Wanda Sykes & pregnant white wife

Wanda Sykes explained in a “comedy routine” why she went with a white sperm donor instead of a black one to conceive her two children with her wife, who’s white.

“What if we have a little bi-racial girl? I can’t leave that girls hair up to this white lady! I can’t do that to her…. I couldn’t leave my baby’s hair in this white lady’s hands! She would f–k her hair up! You ever see those bi-racial kids and the white mother just has no idea what to do with the hair so the hair’s just all matted up, never been combed, and lint and car keys and Q-tips all in their s–t?!”

(I believe it is a time-tested, almost foolproof FORMULA Hollywood (and corporate America) blacks use to further their careers: date/marry/breed with a white person and/or “come out” as a homosexual even past the age of 40 (like Sykes). Why?


(The value of coming out as a homosexual has MAXIMUM value only when the significant other is a WHITE person)

They do what they are told to do


Jamie Foxx as “Wanda”


Ving Rhames

They say what they are told to say (or say what they think their ‘leader’ want them to say)


Steve Harvey  (Quote: “I don’t care about slavery.”)

(Try to imagine a Jewish entertainer saying, “I don’t care about the Holocaust” and see if he or she is still working the next day)

They do NOT control their “empires” but are little more than figureheads to fool the black masses


Oprah Winfrey


Eric Logan President of Harpo Studios & Own Network

Erik Logan, president of OWN and Harpo Studios

FYI — Oprah does NOT own a TV network. Ownership requires an FCC License. She does NOT have an FCC license. No black person in America has an FCC License. This is the reason Bill Cosby was NOT ALLOWED to purchase NBC.  Oprah is a contractor and a figurehead to mask the LACK of real black progress.

And the penalties for disobedience can be expulsion from the cult, even death. This could explain some of the mysterious deaths and “suicides” of cult members.

Whitney Houston 1

Whitney Houston

michael jackson 1

Michael Jackson

Phyllis Hyman 1

Phyllis Hyman (who spoke up about black entertainers hiring other blacks)


Jimi Hendrick (some suspect it was murder because he allegedly wanted to take ownership of his own music)

They are “famous” for making anti-black statements about black people, even to the extent of denying their heritage and are usually given MORE AIRTIME in white supremacist media as a reward


Raven “I am not black!” Symone

Stacey dash

Stacey Dash

(Quote: “If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards, and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black.”)

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby


“You’ve got to stop beating up your women because you can’t find a job, because you didn’t want to get an education and now you’re (earning) minimum wage,” Cosby said. “You should have thought more of yourself when you were in high school, when you had an opportunity.”

“I can’t even talk the way these people talk, ‘Why you ain’t,’ ‘Where you is’ … and I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk,” Cosby said then. “And then I heard the father talk … Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth.”

(For whatever reasons, Bill Cosby–who never finished college–fell out of favor with his “bosses,” lost his protection, and is facing criminal charges for multiple rapes).

If we keep in mind the way a cult works, we will understand why so many black cult members do AND say such bizarre and anti-black things and often succumb to drug use, alcohol, sexual perversion, rape, and mental illness.

All black (or white) entertainers do not necessarily fit this category but I believe the most successful ones do and some of the least successful ones either operate on the fringes of the cult OR attempted to join the cult but didn’t make the cult “cut.”

My goal in doing this post is not to promote ‘conspiracy theories’ or to divert our focus away from white supremacy. Nor is this a black-entertainer-bashing post. This is a COMMENTARY about their behavior based on my own observations.

This CULT is the ESSENCE of white supremacy — the domination of black/non-white people by white people/institutions — to the detriment of those black/non-white people.

The entertainment industry is a perfect visual example of this domination and the many, many ways it victimizes non-whites and rewards them for the degradation of self and of their own people.

Seeing their behavior as CULT BEHAVIOR will help to clarify what this anti-black, anti-self behavior really represents.

It is NOT a reflection of who black people are OR what our value is as human beings.

It is a deliberate strategy to destroy black people on EVERY  level using the power of media, imagery, and programming.

So, the next time you hear Steve Harvey say he doesn’t care about slavery, or Raven Symone says she isn’t black, it is possible that they are functioning as cult members who have been programmed and are under the control of their white supremacist bosses.