“Historically Black Church in Mississippi Burned and Vandalized”

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized


A recent headline:

“Historically Black Church in Mississippi Burned and Vandalized
Vandals apparently sprayed the words “Vote Trump” on the 111-year-old Baptist church.”


Now is the time to USE OUR HEADS and THINK LOGICALLY.

Ask yourself:

Who benefits from this church burning?

Certainly NOT Trump or his supporters

Why not?

because it could drive potential voters–black and white–over to Hillary’s side

So, who benefits by making it appear that Trump and his supporters are incorrigible racists?

Unlike Hillary?

Wouldn’t this church burning make blacks run screaming hysterically to the polls to vote for Hillary?

And why is it so important for blacks to vote for her?

We don’t have the numbers to sway the election in either direction.

I know we think we do, but our vote has NEVER determined a presidential election.

We don’t even have the numbers (or political power) to elect a GOVERNOR.

That being said, why is it important to constantly prime and pump up black voters for the Democratic machine candidate?

And how will our collective, overwhelmingly Democratic vote be used against us to blame us for the outcome once Hillary is (s)elected?


What is she going to do that will be so horrific it requires more black scapegoating?

If we want to be MORE than mindless black puppets on a white supremacist string, we better START USING OUR HEADS.

and the BRAINS God gave us

Because, puppets, once they’ve outlived their usefulness–


Now is the time to USE OUR HEADS and THINK LOGICALLY.

  1. Mariama says:


    The more I read and watch, the clearer everything is becoming. I just don’t see how anybody can’t see what this fraudulent election is about. But, I really do believe that there are people out there who are waking up. I have talked to quite a few recently. And one thing that I will always remember is to pay attention to WORDS. The media loves to trick and deceive its viewers by manipulating words. And Hillary is no different. I find it to be quite pitiful, embarrassing and demeaning when she uses black folks to do her dirty work.

    The other day, I just saw a clip of the singer Mary J. Blige singing to Hillary Clinton about serious issues facing the black community. I just could not believe what I was seeing. It is so obvious what the media is trying to do. I really wish more people would wake up.

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Mariama

      I understand clearly why people do not like Trump. I get that. What I don’t get is the BLINDNESS regarding Hillary Clinton when she has a RECORD OF POLITICAL MISDEEDS and blood all over her hands. Her support of the TPP. Her involvement in the MURDER of the Libya leader. Her joking about killing people. Her harassment of Bill Clinton’s rape victims. Her BREAKING the law over and over again with a private email server and destroying evidence, and the Clinton Foundation stealing BILLIONS of dollars from the devastated Haitians.

      What is it they see that redeems her after her crime spree against hundreds of thousands of people from Libya to Haiti?

      And how is Trump’s NON-POLITICAL record worse than what I have just described?

      Since I have posted my last four posts, I’ve lost about three subscribers.

      I will continue posting what I believe is constructive regardless of who it offends.

      • Mariama says:


        I agree with you 1000%. The more I learn about Hillary, the more Trump looks like a choir boy. As far as the loss of four subscribers, all I can say is good riddance. To me, people like that are dead weight.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ Mariama

          If you examine her POLITICAL RECORD, which involves lying, committing crimes, condoning the rape of a 12-year-old girl, helping her husband cover up his numerous sexual assaults (rape, not “groping a crotch”), her foundation’s theft of the Haitian donations, her pushing for the passage of the TPP (which makes all of us corporate slaves), the murder of African leader and laughing about it, and overseeing the killings of thousands of Syrians and Libyans, and the mysterious deaths of six or more people connected to her campaign, some of who were going to testify against her.

          how is Donald Trump’s record as a corrupt businessman worse than that???

          It is hard to fathom the logic of people who see otherwise. I really don’t get it.

          • Mariama says:


            I haven’t heard about some of the crimes that you listed. I definitely haven’t heard about her condoning the rape of a twelve year old child. I will check out the other things that you mentioned that the mainstream media hasn’t talked about. I must admit that I am disappointed with myself that I didn’t take the time to really look at Barack Obama’s profile before I voted for him. I was just so happy to see a black man and black woman in the White House. I didn’t know then what I know now. And I really do cringe at my past ignorance.

  2. Timothy says:

    @Sister Trojan Pam

    First, anyone responsible for the burning and vandalizing of the Mississippi should be prosecuted. Regardless of who is responsible for this, this action is evil and has no justification. Also, about 33 million people have already voted so far, which is about 1/4 of the total electorate. These 2 major candidates are very unpopular and massive early voting shows that tons of people want to see this election to end as soon as possible. We certainly have to use our minds and understand that this election has been geared to promote the interests of those who are in control of the Electoral College and the governmental structures of power. People have the right to legitimately expose the tactics of the Hillary campaign that exploit the grievances of black people for the sake of advancing power (not true black independence). Trump is not a hero too. Trump is the overt face of white racism. At the same time, we condemn racism and we desire a real system of justice for our communities worldwide.

    We have to use our minds. God gave us minds for a reason.

  3. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Timothy

    I hear what you’re saying

    Trump is the face of rich white supremacy AND so is Hillary.

    How can one thing be true without the other being just as true?

    That is where you lose me.

    • Timothy says:

      @Sister Trojan Pam

      To be clear I believe that both Hillary and Trump are the faces of rich white supremacy. If I didn’t mention that before, now I will mention it now. I want to be clear on that point. Both should be exposed. I understand your sentiments Sister.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Timothy

        I think we are more in agreement than disagreement.
        But I respect your right to disagree when we do.

        • Timothy says:

          @Sister Trojan Pam

          I certainly agree with you on many issues. I definitely respect your words in exposing the Democratic establishment. Yes, I respect your right to disagree with me as well. We desire the same goal, which is black liberation. It may not come in our lifetimes, but we will show the truth nevertheless. Sometimes, the truth is unpopular and you are right to show the truth when even it is unpopular. I always have a great respect for you and for your information.

  4. Trojan Pam says:

    I have realized something odd

    Most of the people who come to my blog are either self-identified as “counter-racists” or claim to be interested in knowing more about it.


    As soon as I criticize a white supremacist like Hillary Clinton they start defending her as though one white supremacist (Clinton) is better than another (Trump).

    And some get irritated and angry enough to unsubscribe

    This is very strange behavior but it does explain the lack of collective black progress

  5. Anthony C says:

    First of all, I agree and I don’t understand why black people don’t do research it’s plain to see that she is just as bad as Trump (minus all the yelling). Like you said think logically because none of these candidates are good for us we have to look out for ourselves. Peace!

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Anthony C

      Most of the people I have met who have defended Clinton cannot tell me ONE THING she’s done in all her YEARS in office that benefited black people. Their only defense is they dislike Trump and that’s their right but I think after being bamboozled for the last eight years by a Democratic presidency that we would be tired of being played and pimped by the Democrats

      That doesn’t mean they should vote for Trump but he doesn’t have a political record to compare with Hillary’s.

      We all need to do more research before we vote

  6. Shanequa says:

    Black people are so in love with The Clinton’s that they will overlook there wrong doing in which they have place upon black people. Even with proof & facts we have of the Clinton’s being openly racist our people will pull out the docile card & overlook it.

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