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Again I ask the question: why are black people the only so-called racial minority being used to promote Hillary?

Yes, yes, I know the obvious answer is:

“Beyonce and Jay-Z will drive young black people to the polls for Hillary!”

However, using that logic, why aren’t Hispanic and white rock stars hosting rallies for Hillary to drive young Hispanics and whites to the polls for Hillary?

(If anyone has heard of this, please post the link here).

It just seems to me–and I could be wrong–that BLACK PEOPLE are always pushed out front to promote corrupt white politicians. Is this a subtle psychological attempt to LINK BLACK PEOPLE WITH WHITE CORRUPTION AND WRONG-DOING in the minds of white AND black people?

A sort of psycho slight of hand?

The Beyonce and Jay-Z Clinton Rally reminds me of the 2016 Summer Olympics when the corrupt then Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley trotted Oprah, Michelle and Barack Obama to Copenhagen in 2009 to woo the natives so they would pick Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Turns out, it was a failed strategy before it began. Not only did Daley lose face and his job as Mayor (he was forced to not run for re-election), Oprah’s show ended shortly after.


Oprah & the Obamas stomping for Daley


Michelle Obama, Oprah, & former Mayor Daley

“A stunned silence fell over the thousands of people gathered in downtown Chicago a few moments ago when the International Olympics Committee announced that the voting for the Summer 2016 games site had come down to Rio and Madrid. Chicago didn’t make it past the first round of votes, despite days of lobbying by Oprah Winfrey (shown here entering the Bella Center in Copenhagen this morning) and the Obamas.”

I remember thinking back then — WHY would Daley choose four black people (Michael Jordan refused to go) to represent Chicago instead of a MULTI-RACIAL group of celebrities to represent a MULTI-RACIAL event like the Olympics?


I had a sneaking suspicion that this was a sneaky, deceptive way of practicing racism/white supremacy while making it appear like something else.

And that there is something in the powerful white psyche that LOVES to showcase black people when they are UP TO NO GOOD.

A little background history on Daley:


Former Mayor Daley


Jon Burge

In 1982, then Cook County State’s Attorney Richard M. Daley and his first assistant, Richard Devine were specifically informed by Police Superintendent Richard Brzeczek that Andrew Wilson (a black male) had been tortured at Area 2 police headquarters by Jon Burge. Daley and Devine rejected Brezeczek’s request to investigate, and Daley chose instead to publicly commend Burge rather than to prosecute him. As a result, scores of additional African American men were tortured by Burge and his men during the next decade.

You can see it in EVERY news conference by a public official. There will always be that black male or black female standing RIGHT BEHIND the white politician as they lie and mislead the public.

Again, I must ask the same two questions:

If black voters do NOT determine the presidential election, why is the Clinton campaign constantly wooing black voters?


What is she going to do that will be so horrific it requires more black scapegoating?

This is something we need to seriously think about.