Black Love is a Revolutionary Act

The Biggest Problem in Black America is NOT crime, drugs, poverty, or inferior schools. It’s the BLACK GENDER WAR between the black male and black female.

If you are looking for a book on how to put the romance back in your love life, this book is not for you. The kind of “black love” this book promotes has nothing to do with bubble baths or candlelight dinners.

Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act reveals the SECRET WAR that has been waged against the Black Man, Black Woman, and Black Family for the last 500 years that has devastated black male/black female relationships, marriages, families, and communities — and what WE MUST DO to save them.


  • What are Black Gender Wars?
  • The 13 Recipes for Black Gender Wars
  • The Interracial Con Game
  • The Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome
  • Willie Lynch Notwithstanding
  • Six Reasons Black Females are Degraded
  • Six Reasons Black Males are Demonized
  • The Blame Game
  • What if Whites Had NO POWER Over Blacks?
  • and much more…

This politically-incorrect book also provides a blueprint for healing our relationships and ensuring our psychological, economic, and genetic survival!

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