Black Love Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • The End Of A Marriage

Black Gender Wars

  • What are Black Gender Wars?
  • 13 Recipes for Black Gender Wars
  • Why does the first recipe for Black Gender Wars start with slavery?

Recipe #1: Building The “Perfect Slave”

  • The TransAtlantic Slave Voyage
  • Did Africans Sell Blacks Into Slavery?
  • Terror, Torture, Murder, And Madness
  • The Destruction of the African Male Slave
  • The Destruction of the African Female Slave
  • The Destruction of the African Slave Family

Recipe #2: 500 Years Of Justice Denied

  • 500 Years Of Justice Denied
  • Willie Lynch Notwithstanding
  • Do Blacks Deserve Reparations?

Recipe #3: Racial Memories

  • Racial Memories

Recipe #4: Slave Traditions

  • Slave Traditions

Recipe #5: The Secret Shame of Slavery

  • The (Secret) Shame of Slavery

Recipe #6: The Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome

  • Building The Case For The Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome
  • The Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome Is The Foundation For Today’s Black Gender Wars
  • PTSS And ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’
  • PTSS And ‘Learned Helplessness’

Recipe #7: Racism/White Supremacy

  • What Is Racism/White Supremacy?
  • How White Supremacy Damages Black People

Recipe #8: Integration

  • Integration: American Dream Or African Nightmare?
  • The Curse of Black Skin And White Eyes
  • The Color Of Success
  • The Zebra And The Lions: A Tale Of Poisonous Individualism

Recipe #9: False Beauty Standards

  • The Beauty Con Game
  • Straight Talk About Nappy Hair
  • How The Language Of White Supremacy Penalizes Black Females
  • Why Black Female Entertainers Must Wear Weaves That Look Like Weaves
  • Straight Talk About Beauty
  • Legend Of The Purple People

Recipe #10: Degrade The Black Female

  • Six Reasons Black Females Are Degraded
  • The Tyranny Of Men

Recipe #11: Demonize The Black Male

  • Six Reasons Black Males Are Demonized
  • Flipping The Educational Script
  • Tales Of The Backside: Flipping The Hollywood Script

Recipe #12: Interracial Relationships

  • The Interracial Con Game
  • Omar Thornton Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Black America
  • My Kind Of Sista
  • For Black Folks Who Think Race Doesn’t Matter (poem)

Recipe #13: Pit The Black Male Against The Black Female

  • The Blame Game
  • The Balloon And The Basket

The Bottom Line

  • The Bottom Line: White Genetic Survival
  • Why White Supremacy Will Never End Voluntarily

The Cure: A Black Love Revolution

  • Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act
  • What If Whites Had No Power Over Blacks?


  • A (Still) Perfect Marriage (With A Happier Ending)

Black Love Counter Warfare

  • Black Love Counter Warfare Solutions & Suggestions


  • Recommended Reading/Viewing
  • Index

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