Black Male/Female Relationships

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Black Male/Female Relationships 1

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Black Ladies and Babies

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Ladies, Don’t Go The ‘Baby’ Route

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Male/Female Relationships


Black Males Should Never Hit Black Ladies

(According to Mr. Fuller’s code, all black females are ladies)

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Black Males Have to Stop Shucking

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Marriage Vows

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What is Love?

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Personal Ads in a White Supremacy System

(added 9/19/12)

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Excerpted from Neely Fuller Jr audio and video  interviews, articles, and ‘The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Code Book’ by Neely Fuller Jr.


  2. Hammarou says:

    Listening to Neely Fuller makes one feel like fighting RWS is a futile endeavor, and that we’re powerless to do anything about it. He makes White people seem like these invincible and almighty GODS who we can NEVER defeat. There’s a fine line between being realistic about the world and our current condition and being defeatist. A lot of times Mr. Fuller sounds very dispirited in his talks; which erodes any hope, morale and/or motivation to even want to do anything (who wants to go into battle knowing already that you’ve lost the fight and there’s nothing you can do about it?). If racists are THAT powerful and omnipotent, then what’s the point in even challenging them? What’s the point in talking and wasting our time about this? There’s nothing that we can do about it anyway (except beg racists to stop being racists). Wouldn’t it be better and more productive to accept our servitude, deal with our mistreatment as best we can and just resign ourselves to our fate of perpetual mistreatment?

    • Jahmi says:

      Your absolutely right… Just the same way we’re told we should never fight them, because they have all the weapons…. What the point of talking about a problem all the time… If there aren’t any measures to solve it…. Like talking is going to relieve your anger, white hate, misinformation, economic oppression, and the crime of slavery….

  3. Trojan Pam says:

    @ Hammarou

    Your post reminds me of one of the first times I heard Mr. Fuller speak on this topic. I was listening to a CD someone made of one of his talks and I immediately turned it off. I was thunderstruck by what he was saying!

    And then I gathered my courage and continued listening and I had to admit that his words rang with truth and THAT is why I responded the way I did

    The way I see it is

    Black people have been fed so many LIES about ourselves and white people and those “public” speakers have soft pedaled and deceived us for so long about the realities and brutalities of white supremacy that most of us are NOT prepared for what he is saying

    I compare it to someone who has been coddled while addicted to hard drugs and called a “substance abuser” and a “victim” for so long that when someone gives them the COLD HARD TRUTH about their addiction — ie, you are a CRACKHEAD and you will DIE if you continue doing drugs — they run from it.

    Most people would rather be coddled and “encouraged” with half-truths and outright lies than be told the truth. We would rather FEEL better than BE better.

    Why? Because once we know the TRUTH, we will have to CHANGE what we are doing, LOOK IN OUR MIRRORS and fix what is broken and most of us do not want to do that.

    We’d rather believe that racism can be defeated with a minimum of personal pain and involvement. Unfortunately, most of us have no clear understanding of the problem and we hide from any revelation that is too painful.

    One thing I have learned is the TRUTH hurts but it will make you STRONGER.

    Mr Fuller is not saying white supremacy cannot be defeated, I believe he is saying to defeat it we must understand the system of racism/white supremacy TO DEFEAT IT and that means facing the hard cold bitter truth about the system of white domination and humbling ourselves and putting our egos to the side to face that truth so we can get better and stronger and smarter.

    As far as accepting our servitude being productive, that ship has sailed. White supremacy has evolved into a stage where black life and black labor has become OBSOLETE. The next stage is GENOCIDE, often by our own hands as we literally BREED ourselves out of existence.

    There are too many black and non-white people on the planet, period. It is not due to “over-population” it is due to the reality of white infertility and a declining white birth rate. At some point the white supremacists KNOW they will not have the numbers to maintain this system and the most efficient remedy is to kill and sterilize and lock up as many non-white people as inhumanly possible

    This system is waging war against us and ignoring this war and resigning ourselves to this war is signing our own death warrants.

    I say to you, to anyone, we must gird our courage and face the reality before us THEN do something constructive to counter it — and I give many solutions in all my books.

    Stay strong!

    • Hammarou says:

      @ Trojan Pam

      I understand what you’re saying, and like I’ve already stated: “There’s a fine line between being realistic about the world and our current condition and being defeatist.” In war, morale of one’s troops is of vital importance. If you dishearten your forces by telling them that their enemies are essentially Gods on Earth and that they (your troops) are merely “children” in comparison, how can you hope for victory?

      I’ve listened to a lot of what Mr. Fuller has to say (starting back in 2009), and a current of defeatism seems to be the underlying theme of his message. Racists are all powerful and non-white people are peons in comparison seems to be what he’s implying. If that’s the “Truth”, then attempting to changing our behaviors will produce nothing when Whites have the power to force us to behave however they want; whether that’s through direct violence or a more refined form of manipulation.

      If Black people are in as hopeless and wretched a position as Mr. Fuller states, and Whites are as powerful as he believes, then counter racism is an exercise in futility; we’re just wasting our time. Why? Because children cannot defeat Gods.

      • Trojan Pam says:

        @ Hammarou

        I understand what you’re saying.

        Keep in mind that Mr. Fuller is well into his 80s and he has seen and lived through a lot and has been talking about white supremacy for over 40 years. And now he sees the cavalier back-sliding of the black masses into mass materialism and entertainment obsession .

        I admit I am often discouraged and fatalistic about our future. It is difficult to see our people in the condition we are in collectively and so many so blithely ignorant and arrogant about our plight and so anti-black and contemptuous of each other.

        the only advice I have is to take what you can use from Mr. Fuller, Dr. Welsing, me, and others who are attempting to have a dialogue about racism/white supremacy and find a constructive way to make a difference.

        In all my books I advocate being a LEADER OF ONE. Mr. Fuller has said many times that he is not a black leader and advises that people think for themselves, independently because in his words if anyone had the solution, there would be no system of white supremacy

        take what you can use and run with it.

      • purushakti says:

        Mr. Fuller served in two branches of the Armed Forces. He served in the Army during the Korean War Conflict for his first term. For his second term, he served in the Air force during the Little Rock 9 era where 9 black youths went to an all white high school during desegregation. During this time, he wrote the first six pages of his book called The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: a textbook, workbook, for Victims of White Supremacy. He carried these six pages around for years. Expanding the book as situations presented themselves; the book eventually grew from six pages to 1,300 pages. These pages were kept in a suitcase. When he left the military in 1984, he organized the pages into a more comprehensive form by placing them in note binders. He is currently expanding this book according to our modern-day use of words.

        Maybe he’s just another agent trained by the Army. Who knows what did they really do to him? Was he programmed, maybe unconsciously, to have an influence over people like Dr. Cress Welsing, as she herself acknowledged ? I’m just wondering. Is this even possible? That would be a very clever move.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ purushakti

          I totally disagree with that premise. Here are my reasons.

          1. I cannot imagine an agent who spends nearly their entire lifetime exposing their trainers without their “work” being publicized by their benefactors.

          What purpose then would his “training” serve?

          If Mr. Fuller was an “agent” why wasn’t he given a public platform like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama, all of who have been appointed and annointed by the white supremacists as our so-called “black leaders” if his propaganda benefited the system of white supremacy?

          Mr. Fuller operates in near obscurity and that is probably the only reason he is still walking and talking–the tiny number of people who have heard of him.

          2. I have never seen an agent who did not benefit financially from their work, such as the white counter-racist Tim Wise who has profited handsomely from his so-called “anti-racist” work that allegedly exposes the system of racism. Wise has appeared on TV many times, is an author, and is a frequent invited guest for many events. He is able to feed his white family off the backs of the victims of racism without suffering any consequences.

          Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama, have ALL BENEFITED FINANCIALLY from their work “exposing” racism.

          Mr Fuller has not benefited financially from his “work,” has never appeared on national TV or radio. He is, in fact, probably poorer than most of the people in his audience.

          That doesn’t sound very clever to me.

          But we are all free to think independently however we choose.


          • Shaking Spear says:

            Mr Fuller’s work should be viewed only as a self help book, in fact the best self help book available to Black People. It is unfortunate that most people, including Counter Racist have not really studied his book. There is nothing in the book that tells you how to end White Supremacy. This book is a great book with an illogical conclusion, which will tell you the extent of Mr. Fuller’s defeatist and/or confusion with regards to White Supremacy: (Essentially)If you kill a White Person, then you should kill your self to prove to White People that you are serious about ending White Supremacy. ( Compensatory Justice).” So even in our death we should be trying to prove something to White People…totally illogical for human beings to act in this manner (self preservation). The book discusses primarily what White Supremacy is and how it works. Also, the other thing that escapes Mr. Fuller is that White Supremacy exist because White People have the ability to kill us and we lack the ability to prevent them from doing so. Until we have the ability to prevent them from ultimately killing us , then White Supremacy will for ever exist. This is our true assignment in ending White Supremacy. Black People must make the weaponary if White Race Soldiers obsolete as they made our ancient weapons. Codification may minimize us getting in trouble with White People, but it will never end it…all Black People were extremely codified during cattle slavery, in other words we new how to act around White People to prevent trouble with them. How did that work out for us? Lastly, the word confusion is thrown around a lot in Counter Racists discussions but what is not realize is that when one study the etymology of War and confusion, they mean the same thing, splintering, fractured, aimlessly, etc, we are confused and or war. Nevertheless, Mr Fuller’s work should be as prevalent as the Bible among Black People, for it is that important and meaningful. It’s a hard read, but well worth the effort, and each section should be read and studies no less than 20 times to really get an understanding if White Supremacy, so buy the damn book!

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