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It’s important in a failing economy that black people educate ourselves about our sad financial state.

None of the things listed below represent real wealth:

  • Fancy cars and homes (we don’t manufacture or build or whose value we don’t control)
  • designer clothing, purses, and shoes by designers who don’t want us to represent their products
  • Fancy nails, toes, and permed or weaved hair that fattens the pockets of Koreans and Arabs who do not bring those dollars back to our community — they don’t buy ANYTHING from us and never will
  • Multiple credit cards (charging anywhere from 8 to 29 percent interest) from white-owned banks.
  • Or eating out in fancy restaurants that may or may not hire us — while the majority of our “restaurants” are little more than storefront takeout ribs and chicken joints or soul food. With the huge variety of cuisine, much of which we feast upon, why do we limit ourselves to the three stereotypes when it comes to opening our own restaurants? Because we see ourselves and other blacks as stereotypes. Deny it if you will…

Bottom line, we are NOT producers, we are rabid consumers who live to consume and lose what little wealth we might possess by buying things we don’t need — and can’t afford.

Even investing in the stock markets means enriching white companies that increasingly will not hire us.

What are we thinking?

The problem is we aren’t.

We are a talented people with many skills yet our fear of success (not failure), and our lack of generational experience as business owners and the resources that come from generational wealth have damaged our ability to believe we can be successful in business.

We are operating on the fumes fueled by ego NOT by knowledge. It is time to change that dynamic.

I have watched far too many black businesses fail because the owners did not do their homework, did not know basic business principles and refused to learn them, or what will sell in today’s market and what people are buying or not buying.

As an example, a new storefront business opened near me that sold overpriced clothing  in an economy where big retailers with all their resources, huge advertising budgets, and marketing expertise cannot sell their clothes.

I went into the store and I tried to feel positive but I had that familiar sinking feeling that they were doomed to fail but I wished them the best. This small black business didn’t last out the year before their business closed its doors.

Something must change if we are going to survive in this nation.

What will we do when the jobs dry up?

How will we generate our own jobs and pass those along to our children?

Something must change.

We must change the way we think, speak and do.

This video is worth a listen:  If you think it’s worth sharing, please do it!

Anyone who watches television or movies or reads magazines should know exactly what this post is about

When did black male and black female couples become obsolete?


(State Farm commercial of a black male proposing to a white female)

I have NEVER ONCE seen a commercial for a jewelry company of a black male proposing to a black female


I have watched with increasing dismay the landslide of advertising over the last two years that depicts either one of the following:

  1. A dark or brown-skinned black male with a white female (with or without children)
  2. A dark or brown-skinned black male with a racially ambiguous or bi-racial female with light skin and curly hair (with or without children)
  3. A bi-racial male and female couple
  4. A dark or brown-skinned black male alone with children who are obviously bi-racial with light skin and curly hair.
  5. Black males who are isolated from other black people and are “best buddies” with white males and females
  6. A black female (often a bi-racial female) with a white male


(A white male with a bi-racial female)

Now, some might say, “Hey, this is racial progress! It’s about ‘diversity.'”

BUT if that was true why wouldn’t there be as many black male/black female couples as there are mixed and white couples?

Why is it so rare to see a brown or dark-skinned black male with a brown or dark-skinned black female paired in a commercial AS A COUPLE with children who look black?

And why are the vast majority of the “black females” in TV commercials bi-racial?

In fact, it is rare to see a brown or dark-skinned black female on TV at all — unless she is overweight and portrayed as someone who is sexually undesirable.


(A dark-skinned black male proposing to a bi-racial, light-skinned curly-haired female)

Over 95% of “black children” in TV commercials are bi-racial when the VAST MAJORITY of black children are brown-skinned.


(The bi-racial “granddaughter of a white couple)


(A USAA Insurance commercial)

Yet, there is NO SHORTAGE of white couples in love and white parents with their children.





Yet, in spite of all the “integrated” commercials promoting interracial love, overt racism, black unemployment, murder by police of unarmed black males AND females is on the rise.

Are we really that foolish as a people to measure our “progress” (or lack of it) by the number of interracial couples and bi-racial children we see in TV commercials and TV programs? I would like to believe NOT.

An even more important question:

What are the odds that all these different and diverse companies and advertisers from insurance to jewelry retailers to mattresses manufacturers and food companies ALL promote the same IMAGES of the bi-racial person as the “new and improved  black” while deliberately excluding the image of black males and black females loving each other and reproducing with each other?

That alone should tell us that there is a very insidious and dangerous agenda at work.


I came to the conclusion years ago that there is no independent media, entertainment industry OR corporate entity in the U.S.

They are all controlled by the hidden hands and their combined willingness to promote images that run counter to the collective interests of black males and females by making it seem UNNATURAL to be together along with the promotion of black homosexuality MUST BE part of a collective secret agenda which serves ONLY ONE PURPOSE:

To reduce our ability COLLECTIVELY to love, respect, desire and REPRODUCE BLACK CHILDREN WITH EACH OTHER.

It also attacks our collective self-esteem by reinforcing our black genetic “inferiority,” a curse that can only be removed by breeding with (superior) white and non-black people to produce smarter and more attractive “black people.”

It also increases the hostility of black females toward black males collectively for their highly visible “betrayal” — even though this betrayal is largely manufactured by the advertising and media industry.

And it increases the level of despair and dysfunction with the black female population many of who will never marry BUT who will at the same time raise the NEXT BLACK GENERATION.

If the mother of a nation is not protected and respected so she can pass that self-esteem along to her children, that nation is doomed for EXTINCTION. (which, perhaps, is the end goal?)

It is easy to see the massive self-esteem damage in the way some of our sisters reject their beautiful, God-given hair and bodies in order to imitate that which they see as more beautiful on the TV and movie screen. And how many have given up the fight to have a respectful relationship with a man because they do not believe (deep down) that they deserve one.

This self-contempt and deep-seated anger often evolves into contempt — even hatred — for her mirror images:


Who then become her competition for a shrinking supply of black males able and willing to commit to an “inferior” black female.

One thing that is often overlooked:

the disgust and resentment of the white collective in response to these images, both white males AND white females. Make no mistake. Contrary to all the media propaganda, the majority of white people do NOT approve of interracial relationships between blacks and whites and MAY take out this resentment in the form of more police abuse, more unjust jury trial outcomes, more black unemployment, and more discrimination against blacks, in particular, the black male.


Another FACT:

The white birth rate worldwide is in a serious decline to such an extent that there is a worldwide panic that whites will soon be extinct.

But, unlike black people collectively, when whites collectively see something that threatens their survival


Regardless of how cruel or unethical their methods might be.


As I have explained in detail in all my books, by programming the highly melanated black male to breed with white females instead of other equally melanated black females, he will create bi-racial children who for the most part will:

  1. will look nothing like him or his family members
  2. will not be part of the black struggle against white supremacy
  3. who will in all likelihood be greatly white identified
  4. will divorce themselves from their “black side”causing a fracture in the continuation of the black family (whereas whites work hard to maintain a family legacy that continues for GENERATIONS)
  5. and will in all likelihood marry and breed with a white person until the third generation will look and function as white people, effectively wiping out any connection to their “black side” WHILE INCREASING THE WHITE POPULATION WITH MORE GENETICALLY MELANATED (FERTILE) ‘WHITE PEOPLE.’
  6. And one of the most important points of all is WHY THE DARKEST-SKINNED BLACK MALE IS USUALLY THE ONE WHO IS PORTRAYED WITH A WHITE FEMALE:  BECAUSE OF HIS MELANIN. By impregnating the white female, the dark-skinned, highly melanated black male is actually INCREASING the fertility of future white generations because there is a great likelihood that his bi-racial children will MARRY AND BREED WITH A WHITE PERSON.

In essence, the black male who breeds with a white female (and the black female who breeds with a white male) will BUILD NOTHING THAT CONTRIBUTES TO FUTURE BLACK GENERATIONS.

Not a power base.

Not an economic base.

NOTHING that will help to eliminate the system of white supremacy.

And are promoting their own genetic self-genocide.

This has been MY experience based on many years of observation. Others might disagree.

Now, the only question that must be asked is what is the END GOAL of their agenda toward the most melanated people on this planet?

And what should be our intelligent, self-respecting response?

Do we CONTINUE to financially support the advertisers who so disrespectfully promote our own demise?

Do we CONTINUE to let the television babysit (program) our brown and dark-skinned children and watch programs and commercials that make them obsolete?

Or do we start challenging these images by TALKING ABOUT THEM with other black people and come up with an action plan that hits them in their POCKETS and lets them know that we are not the brain-dead, remote-controlled black robots they take us for?

I will end here so all can digest what has been written as food for thought.

One more thing:

Please share this link with others.

We must stop being armchair quarterbacks OR accept the dire consequences of our apathy and our share of the blame for what happens to us as a people.


Again I ask the question: why are black people the only so-called racial minority being used to promote Hillary?

Yes, yes, I know the obvious answer is:

“Beyonce and Jay-Z will drive young black people to the polls for Hillary!”

However, using that logic, why aren’t Hispanic and white rock stars hosting rallies for Hillary to drive young Hispanics and whites to the polls for Hillary?

(If anyone has heard of this, please post the link here).

It just seems to me–and I could be wrong–that BLACK PEOPLE are always pushed out front to promote corrupt white politicians. Is this a subtle psychological attempt to LINK BLACK PEOPLE WITH WHITE CORRUPTION AND WRONG-DOING in the minds of white AND black people?

A sort of psycho slight of hand?

The Beyonce and Jay-Z Clinton Rally reminds me of the 2016 Summer Olympics when the corrupt then Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley trotted Oprah, Michelle and Barack Obama to Copenhagen in 2009 to woo the natives so they would pick Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Turns out, it was a failed strategy before it began. Not only did Daley lose face and his job as Mayor (he was forced to not run for re-election), Oprah’s show ended shortly after.


Oprah & the Obamas stomping for Daley


Michelle Obama, Oprah, & former Mayor Daley

“A stunned silence fell over the thousands of people gathered in downtown Chicago a few moments ago when the International Olympics Committee announced that the voting for the Summer 2016 games site had come down to Rio and Madrid. Chicago didn’t make it past the first round of votes, despite days of lobbying by Oprah Winfrey (shown here entering the Bella Center in Copenhagen this morning) and the Obamas.”

I remember thinking back then — WHY would Daley choose four black people (Michael Jordan refused to go) to represent Chicago instead of a MULTI-RACIAL group of celebrities to represent a MULTI-RACIAL event like the Olympics?


I had a sneaking suspicion that this was a sneaky, deceptive way of practicing racism/white supremacy while making it appear like something else.

And that there is something in the powerful white psyche that LOVES to showcase black people when they are UP TO NO GOOD.

A little background history on Daley:


Former Mayor Daley


Jon Burge

In 1982, then Cook County State’s Attorney Richard M. Daley and his first assistant, Richard Devine were specifically informed by Police Superintendent Richard Brzeczek that Andrew Wilson (a black male) had been tortured at Area 2 police headquarters by Jon Burge. Daley and Devine rejected Brezeczek’s request to investigate, and Daley chose instead to publicly commend Burge rather than to prosecute him. As a result, scores of additional African American men were tortured by Burge and his men during the next decade.

You can see it in EVERY news conference by a public official. There will always be that black male or black female standing RIGHT BEHIND the white politician as they lie and mislead the public.

Again, I must ask the same two questions:

If black voters do NOT determine the presidential election, why is the Clinton campaign constantly wooing black voters?


What is she going to do that will be so horrific it requires more black scapegoating?

This is something we need to seriously think about.

Abagond’s latest blogpost is worth sharing here. Ironically, he still seems to prefer Hillary to Trump.

I will leave it to all to draw your own conclusions regarding what I consider the HIGHLY BIASED NATURE, pro-Clinton media coverage of this presidential election.

It is also up to you to decide WHOSE INTERESTS a Hillary Clinton presidency really represents.

Unless you belong to the white ONE PERCENT, I am hard-pressed to understand how anyone could think she will serve theirs.

As a prelude to his post, I thought the information below was a useful addition:

This infographic below created by Jason at Frugal Dad shows that almost all media comes from the same six sources.

That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983.

By 1992 that number had dropped by half. By 2000, six corporations had ownership of most media, and today five dominate the industry: Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany and Viacom.


(Abagond’s Plog Post)

Hillary Clinton and the news media



Some of what we know about Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the press. It goes way beyond (not) answering their questions:

  • maria-cardonaPaid shills (what the media calls “a supporter of Hillary Clinton” or “Democratic strategist”):
    • Stephanie Cutter: NBC, ABC, CNN
    • Maria Cardona: CNN
    • Hari Sevugan: CBS, MSNBC
    • Lynda Tran: CBS, MSNBC
  • clinton-foundationClinton Foundation donors to her “pay to play” charity:
    • AOL: owns of Huffington Post
    • Bloomberg
    • Comcast: owns NBC, MSNBC
    • George Stephanopoulos of ABC News
    • Google
    • Hearst Corporation: owns King Features Syndicate, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping and other magazines and newspapers.
    • Howard Stringer of CBS News
    • James Murdoch of News Corp, which owns Fox News
    • PBS
    • Public Radio International
    • Reuters
    • Time Warner: owns CNN, HBO, etc
    • Twitter
    • Viacom
    • Washington Post Company: owns the Washington Post

Clinton campaign donors:

  • CBS Television
  • Comcast, owner of NBC News, MSNBC
  • News Corp, owner of Fox News
  • Time Warner, owner of CNN
  • Walt Disney, owner of ABC

To the read the rest of his blogpost click here:


A recent headline:

“Historically Black Church in Mississippi Burned and Vandalized
Vandals apparently sprayed the words “Vote Trump” on the 111-year-old Baptist church.”

Now is the time to USE OUR HEADS and THINK LOGICALLY.

Ask yourself:

Who benefits from this church burning?

Certainly NOT Trump or his supporters

Why not?

because it could drive potential voters–black and white–over to Hillary’s side

So, who benefits by making it appear that Trump and his supporters are incorrigible racists?

Unlike Hillary?

Wouldn’t this church burning make blacks run screaming hysterically to the polls to vote for Hillary?

And why is it so important for blacks to vote for her?

We don’t have the numbers to sway the election in either direction.

I know we think we do, but our vote has NEVER determined a presidential election.

We don’t even have the numbers (or political power) to elect a GOVERNOR.

That being said, why is it important to constantly prime and pump up black voters for the Democratic machine candidate?

And how will our collective, overwhelmingly Democratic vote be used against us to blame us for the outcome once Hillary is (s)elected?


What is she going to do that will be so horrific it requires more black scapegoating?

If we want to be MORE than mindless black puppets on a white supremacist string, we better START USING OUR HEADS.

and the BRAINS God gave us

Because, puppets, once they’ve outlived their usefulness–


Now is the time to USE OUR HEADS and THINK LOGICALLY.

‘Drawn and Quartered’: Podesta Suggests Cheryl Mills Approved Clinton Email Server


Cheryl Mills (black female)

In a batch of hacked emails released by Wikileaks Tuesday morning, there was a conversation that gave some more insight into what Hillary Clinton‘s campaign advisers think about her private email server, as well as who they think allowed it in the first place.

In an email thread from July 2015 between Clinton campaign chair John Podesta (white male) and adviser Neera Tanden (non-black, non-white female), Tanden asked, “Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email? And has that person been drawn and quartered?”


Podesta  (white male) simply replies, “Don’t you think Cheryl?” suggesting that former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills was the one who gave Clinton the go-ahead for setting up her infamous email system.

Tanden responded to this by saying, ” I repeat, why hasn’t this person been drawn and quartered?”

Of course, this is just a guess on Podesta’s part, and not an outright confirmation. But these emails show that while Clinton herself may claim publicly that using the private server was simply a “mistake,” the attitude behind the scenes was much more serious.


John Podesta


Neera Tanden

Drawn and quartered?

Did you know escaped slaves when caught were often drawn and quartered right in front of all the other slaves on a plantation?

Are we supposed to believe that a black female staffer told a rich and powerful white female boss to break the law and she felt compelled to do it?

Hillary Clinton breaks the law again (cheating on a presidential debate is against the law) and now it’s a black cog in the corrupt machinery’s fault?

There’s a pattern here which begs the following question:

Why are black people the first best choice for a SCAPEGOAT for whites and non-blacks?

Because SCAPEGOAT has defined our ENTIRE EXISTENCE in this nation and it is EASY to blame those you hold in contempt.

Those people whose self-respect and self-esteem has been so thoroughly devastated

that they will HELP YOU DO IT.

We have been used SHAMELESSLY to further everyone’s agenda


Our blind support for Clinton — in spite of ALL THE EVIDENCE revealing who she and those who support her really are — is a classic example.