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It’s important in a failing economy that black people educate ourselves about our sad financial state.

None of the things listed below represent real wealth:

  • Fancy cars and homes (we don’t manufacture or build or whose value we don’t control)
  • designer clothing, purses, and shoes by designers who don’t want us to represent their products
  • Fancy nails, toes, and permed or weaved hair that fattens the pockets of Koreans and Arabs who do not bring those dollars back to our community — they don’t buy ANYTHING from us and never will
  • Multiple credit cards (charging anywhere from 8 to 29 percent interest) from white-owned banks.
  • Or eating out in fancy restaurants that may or may not hire us — while the majority of our “restaurants” are little more than storefront takeout ribs and chicken joints or soul food. With the huge variety of cuisine, much of which we feast upon, why do we limit ourselves to the three stereotypes when it comes to opening our own restaurants? Because we see ourselves and other blacks as stereotypes. Deny it if you will…

Bottom line, we are NOT producers, we are rabid consumers who live to consume and lose what little wealth we might possess by buying things we don’t need — and can’t afford.

Even investing in the stock markets means enriching white companies that increasingly will not hire us.

What are we thinking?

The problem is we aren’t.

We are a talented people with many skills yet our fear of success (not failure), and our lack of generational experience as business owners and the resources that come from generational wealth have damaged our ability to believe we can be successful in business.

We are operating on the fumes fueled by ego NOT by knowledge. It is time to change that dynamic.

I have watched far too many black businesses fail because the owners did not do their homework, did not know basic business principles and refused to learn them, or what will sell in today’s market and what people are buying or not buying.

As an example, a new storefront business opened near me that sold overpriced clothing  in an economy where big retailers with all their resources, huge advertising budgets, and marketing expertise cannot sell their clothes.

I went into the store and I tried to feel positive but I had that familiar sinking feeling that they were doomed to fail but I wished them the best. This small black business didn’t last out the year before their business closed its doors.

Something must change if we are going to survive in this nation.

What will we do when the jobs dry up?

How will we generate our own jobs and pass those along to our children?

Something must change.

We must change the way we think, speak and do.

This video is worth a listen:  If you think it’s worth sharing, please do it!

Anyone who watches television or movies or reads magazines should know exactly what this post is about

When did black male and black female couples become obsolete?


(State Farm commercial of a black male proposing to a white female)

I have NEVER ONCE seen a commercial for a jewelry company of a black male proposing to a black female


I have watched with increasing dismay the landslide of advertising over the last two years that depicts either one of the following:

  1. A dark or brown-skinned black male with a white female (with or without children)
  2. A dark or brown-skinned black male with a racially ambiguous or bi-racial female with light skin and curly hair (with or without children)
  3. A bi-racial male and female couple
  4. A dark or brown-skinned black male alone with children who are obviously bi-racial with light skin and curly hair.
  5. Black males who are isolated from other black people and are “best buddies” with white males and females
  6. A black female (often a bi-racial female) with a white male


(A white male with a bi-racial female)

Now, some might say, “Hey, this is racial progress! It’s about ‘diversity.'”

BUT if that was true why wouldn’t there be as many black male/black female couples as there are mixed and white couples?

Why is it so rare to see a brown or dark-skinned black male with a brown or dark-skinned black female paired in a commercial AS A COUPLE with children who look black?

And why are the vast majority of the “black females” in TV commercials bi-racial?

In fact, it is rare to see a brown or dark-skinned black female on TV at all — unless she is overweight and portrayed as someone who is sexually undesirable.


(A dark-skinned black male proposing to a bi-racial, light-skinned curly-haired female)

Over 95% of “black children” in TV commercials are bi-racial when the VAST MAJORITY of black children are brown-skinned.


(The bi-racial “granddaughter of a white couple)


(A USAA Insurance commercial)

Yet, there is NO SHORTAGE of white couples in love and white parents with their children.





Yet, in spite of all the “integrated” commercials promoting interracial love, overt racism, black unemployment, murder by police of unarmed black males AND females is on the rise.

Are we really that foolish as a people to measure our “progress” (or lack of it) by the number of interracial couples and bi-racial children we see in TV commercials and TV programs? I would like to believe NOT.

An even more important question:

What are the odds that all these different and diverse companies and advertisers from insurance to jewelry retailers to mattresses manufacturers and food companies ALL promote the same IMAGES of the bi-racial person as the “new and improved  black” while deliberately excluding the image of black males and black females loving each other and reproducing with each other?

That alone should tell us that there is a very insidious and dangerous agenda at work.


I came to the conclusion years ago that there is no independent media, entertainment industry OR corporate entity in the U.S.

They are all controlled by the hidden hands and their combined willingness to promote images that run counter to the collective interests of black males and females by making it seem UNNATURAL to be together along with the promotion of black homosexuality MUST BE part of a collective secret agenda which serves ONLY ONE PURPOSE:

To reduce our ability COLLECTIVELY to love, respect, desire and REPRODUCE BLACK CHILDREN WITH EACH OTHER.

It also attacks our collective self-esteem by reinforcing our black genetic “inferiority,” a curse that can only be removed by breeding with (superior) white and non-black people to produce smarter and more attractive “black people.”

It also increases the hostility of black females toward black males collectively for their highly visible “betrayal” — even though this betrayal is largely manufactured by the advertising and media industry.

And it increases the level of despair and dysfunction with the black female population many of who will never marry BUT who will at the same time raise the NEXT BLACK GENERATION.

If the mother of a nation is not protected and respected so she can pass that self-esteem along to her children, that nation is doomed for EXTINCTION. (which, perhaps, is the end goal?)

It is easy to see the massive self-esteem damage in the way some of our sisters reject their beautiful, God-given hair and bodies in order to imitate that which they see as more beautiful on the TV and movie screen. And how many have given up the fight to have a respectful relationship with a man because they do not believe (deep down) that they deserve one.

This self-contempt and deep-seated anger often evolves into contempt — even hatred — for her mirror images:


Who then become her competition for a shrinking supply of black males able and willing to commit to an “inferior” black female.

One thing that is often overlooked:

the disgust and resentment of the white collective in response to these images, both white males AND white females. Make no mistake. Contrary to all the media propaganda, the majority of white people do NOT approve of interracial relationships between blacks and whites and MAY take out this resentment in the form of more police abuse, more unjust jury trial outcomes, more black unemployment, and more discrimination against blacks, in particular, the black male.


Another FACT:

The white birth rate worldwide is in a serious decline to such an extent that there is a worldwide panic that whites will soon be extinct.

But, unlike black people collectively, when whites collectively see something that threatens their survival


Regardless of how cruel or unethical their methods might be.


As I have explained in detail in all my books, by programming the highly melanated black male to breed with white females instead of other equally melanated black females, he will create bi-racial children who for the most part will:

  1. will look nothing like him or his family members
  2. will not be part of the black struggle against white supremacy
  3. who will in all likelihood be greatly white identified
  4. will divorce themselves from their “black side”causing a fracture in the continuation of the black family (whereas whites work hard to maintain a family legacy that continues for GENERATIONS)
  5. and will in all likelihood marry and breed with a white person until the third generation will look and function as white people, effectively wiping out any connection to their “black side” WHILE INCREASING THE WHITE POPULATION WITH MORE GENETICALLY MELANATED (FERTILE) ‘WHITE PEOPLE.’
  6. And one of the most important points of all is WHY THE DARKEST-SKINNED BLACK MALE IS USUALLY THE ONE WHO IS PORTRAYED WITH A WHITE FEMALE:  BECAUSE OF HIS MELANIN. By impregnating the white female, the dark-skinned, highly melanated black male is actually INCREASING the fertility of future white generations because there is a great likelihood that his bi-racial children will MARRY AND BREED WITH A WHITE PERSON.

In essence, the black male who breeds with a white female (and the black female who breeds with a white male) will BUILD NOTHING THAT CONTRIBUTES TO FUTURE BLACK GENERATIONS.

Not a power base.

Not an economic base.

NOTHING that will help to eliminate the system of white supremacy.

And are promoting their own genetic self-genocide.

This has been MY experience based on many years of observation. Others might disagree.

Now, the only question that must be asked is what is the END GOAL of their agenda toward the most melanated people on this planet?

And what should be our intelligent, self-respecting response?

Do we CONTINUE to financially support the advertisers who so disrespectfully promote our own demise?

Do we CONTINUE to let the television babysit (program) our brown and dark-skinned children and watch programs and commercials that make them obsolete?

Or do we start challenging these images by TALKING ABOUT THEM with other black people and come up with an action plan that hits them in their POCKETS and lets them know that we are not the brain-dead, remote-controlled black robots they take us for?

I will end here so all can digest what has been written as food for thought.

One more thing:

Please share this link with others.

We must stop being armchair quarterbacks OR accept the dire consequences of our apathy and our share of the blame for what happens to us as a people.


Again I ask the question: why are black people the only so-called racial minority being used to promote Hillary?

Yes, yes, I know the obvious answer is:

“Beyonce and Jay-Z will drive young black people to the polls for Hillary!”

However, using that logic, why aren’t Hispanic and white rock stars hosting rallies for Hillary to drive young Hispanics and whites to the polls for Hillary?

(If anyone has heard of this, please post the link here).

It just seems to me–and I could be wrong–that BLACK PEOPLE are always pushed out front to promote corrupt white politicians. Is this a subtle psychological attempt to LINK BLACK PEOPLE WITH WHITE CORRUPTION AND WRONG-DOING in the minds of white AND black people?

A sort of psycho slight of hand?

The Beyonce and Jay-Z Clinton Rally reminds me of the 2016 Summer Olympics when the corrupt then Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley trotted Oprah, Michelle and Barack Obama to Copenhagen in 2009 to woo the natives so they would pick Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Turns out, it was a failed strategy before it began. Not only did Daley lose face and his job as Mayor (he was forced to not run for re-election), Oprah’s show ended shortly after.


Oprah & the Obamas stomping for Daley


Michelle Obama, Oprah, & former Mayor Daley

“A stunned silence fell over the thousands of people gathered in downtown Chicago a few moments ago when the International Olympics Committee announced that the voting for the Summer 2016 games site had come down to Rio and Madrid. Chicago didn’t make it past the first round of votes, despite days of lobbying by Oprah Winfrey (shown here entering the Bella Center in Copenhagen this morning) and the Obamas.”

I remember thinking back then — WHY would Daley choose four black people (Michael Jordan refused to go) to represent Chicago instead of a MULTI-RACIAL group of celebrities to represent a MULTI-RACIAL event like the Olympics?


I had a sneaking suspicion that this was a sneaky, deceptive way of practicing racism/white supremacy while making it appear like something else.

And that there is something in the powerful white psyche that LOVES to showcase black people when they are UP TO NO GOOD.

A little background history on Daley:


Former Mayor Daley


Jon Burge

In 1982, then Cook County State’s Attorney Richard M. Daley and his first assistant, Richard Devine were specifically informed by Police Superintendent Richard Brzeczek that Andrew Wilson (a black male) had been tortured at Area 2 police headquarters by Jon Burge. Daley and Devine rejected Brezeczek’s request to investigate, and Daley chose instead to publicly commend Burge rather than to prosecute him. As a result, scores of additional African American men were tortured by Burge and his men during the next decade.

You can see it in EVERY news conference by a public official. There will always be that black male or black female standing RIGHT BEHIND the white politician as they lie and mislead the public.

Again, I must ask the same two questions:

If black voters do NOT determine the presidential election, why is the Clinton campaign constantly wooing black voters?


What is she going to do that will be so horrific it requires more black scapegoating?

This is something we need to seriously think about.

Abagond’s latest blogpost is worth sharing here. Ironically, he still seems to prefer Hillary to Trump.

I will leave it to all to draw your own conclusions regarding what I consider the HIGHLY BIASED NATURE, pro-Clinton media coverage of this presidential election.

It is also up to you to decide WHOSE INTERESTS a Hillary Clinton presidency really represents.

Unless you belong to the white ONE PERCENT, I am hard-pressed to understand how anyone could think she will serve theirs.

As a prelude to his post, I thought the information below was a useful addition:

This infographic below created by Jason at Frugal Dad shows that almost all media comes from the same six sources.

That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983.

By 1992 that number had dropped by half. By 2000, six corporations had ownership of most media, and today five dominate the industry: Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany and Viacom.


(Abagond’s Plog Post)

Hillary Clinton and the news media



Some of what we know about Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the press. It goes way beyond (not) answering their questions:

  • maria-cardonaPaid shills (what the media calls “a supporter of Hillary Clinton” or “Democratic strategist”):
    • Stephanie Cutter: NBC, ABC, CNN
    • Maria Cardona: CNN
    • Hari Sevugan: CBS, MSNBC
    • Lynda Tran: CBS, MSNBC
  • clinton-foundationClinton Foundation donors to her “pay to play” charity:
    • AOL: owns of Huffington Post
    • Bloomberg
    • Comcast: owns NBC, MSNBC
    • George Stephanopoulos of ABC News
    • Google
    • Hearst Corporation: owns King Features Syndicate, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping and other magazines and newspapers.
    • Howard Stringer of CBS News
    • James Murdoch of News Corp, which owns Fox News
    • PBS
    • Public Radio International
    • Reuters
    • Time Warner: owns CNN, HBO, etc
    • Twitter
    • Viacom
    • Washington Post Company: owns the Washington Post

Clinton campaign donors:

  • CBS Television
  • Comcast, owner of NBC News, MSNBC
  • News Corp, owner of Fox News
  • Time Warner, owner of CNN
  • Walt Disney, owner of ABC

To the read the rest of his blogpost click here:


A recent headline:

“Historically Black Church in Mississippi Burned and Vandalized
Vandals apparently sprayed the words “Vote Trump” on the 111-year-old Baptist church.”

Now is the time to USE OUR HEADS and THINK LOGICALLY.

Ask yourself:

Who benefits from this church burning?

Certainly NOT Trump or his supporters

Why not?

because it could drive potential voters–black and white–over to Hillary’s side

So, who benefits by making it appear that Trump and his supporters are incorrigible racists?

Unlike Hillary?

Wouldn’t this church burning make blacks run screaming hysterically to the polls to vote for Hillary?

And why is it so important for blacks to vote for her?

We don’t have the numbers to sway the election in either direction.

I know we think we do, but our vote has NEVER determined a presidential election.

We don’t even have the numbers (or political power) to elect a GOVERNOR.

That being said, why is it important to constantly prime and pump up black voters for the Democratic machine candidate?

And how will our collective, overwhelmingly Democratic vote be used against us to blame us for the outcome once Hillary is (s)elected?


What is she going to do that will be so horrific it requires more black scapegoating?

If we want to be MORE than mindless black puppets on a white supremacist string, we better START USING OUR HEADS.

and the BRAINS God gave us

Because, puppets, once they’ve outlived their usefulness–


Now is the time to USE OUR HEADS and THINK LOGICALLY.

‘Drawn and Quartered’: Podesta Suggests Cheryl Mills Approved Clinton Email Server


Cheryl Mills (black female)

In a batch of hacked emails released by Wikileaks Tuesday morning, there was a conversation that gave some more insight into what Hillary Clinton‘s campaign advisers think about her private email server, as well as who they think allowed it in the first place.

In an email thread from July 2015 between Clinton campaign chair John Podesta (white male) and adviser Neera Tanden (non-black, non-white female), Tanden asked, “Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email? And has that person been drawn and quartered?”


Podesta  (white male) simply replies, “Don’t you think Cheryl?” suggesting that former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills was the one who gave Clinton the go-ahead for setting up her infamous email system.

Tanden responded to this by saying, ” I repeat, why hasn’t this person been drawn and quartered?”

Of course, this is just a guess on Podesta’s part, and not an outright confirmation. But these emails show that while Clinton herself may claim publicly that using the private server was simply a “mistake,” the attitude behind the scenes was much more serious.


John Podesta


Neera Tanden

Drawn and quartered?

Did you know escaped slaves when caught were often drawn and quartered right in front of all the other slaves on a plantation?

Are we supposed to believe that a black female staffer told a rich and powerful white female boss to break the law and she felt compelled to do it?

Hillary Clinton breaks the law again (cheating on a presidential debate is against the law) and now it’s a black cog in the corrupt machinery’s fault?

There’s a pattern here which begs the following question:

Why are black people the first best choice for a SCAPEGOAT for whites and non-blacks?

Because SCAPEGOAT has defined our ENTIRE EXISTENCE in this nation and it is EASY to blame those you hold in contempt.

Those people whose self-respect and self-esteem has been so thoroughly devastated

that they will HELP YOU DO IT.

We have been used SHAMELESSLY to further everyone’s agenda


Our blind support for Clinton — in spite of ALL THE EVIDENCE revealing who she and those who support her really are — is a classic example.

How many times have we seen this scenario? Ambitious (and often morally deficient) black people who do the dirty work for their white bosses and wind up under the bus?

Well, here’s another example of what happens when you get in the snake pit with full-grown cobras when you’re just a tiny, harmless garter snake.

Hillary Clinton Supporter

CNN says:

“We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” Lauren Pratapas, a network spokeswoman, said in a statement.

“CNN never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate,” Ms. Pratapas wrote.

Really? Are we supposed to believe that Donna Brazile broke into the network’s offices and stole the questions JUST to give them to Hillary Clinton?

Or was she TOLD to give the questions to Hillary so she would be the SCAPEGOAT if the “secret” got out?

According to the presstitutes at CNN (Clinton News Network):

Ms. Brazile, who said she has changed her mobile phone number twice because of harassment related to the leaked emails, said CNN “never, never” shared advance questions with her ahead of debates or town hall-style events.

Asked to explain her emails with the Clinton campaign, she said she “seeks as much information as I can possibly get” ahead of a televised program, in part to prepare for her own on-air responses.

“I often talk to everybody before an event,” she said. “I try to learn as much as I can, share as much as I can.”

But Ms. Brazile declined to elaborate on the exchanges in question, saying: “I am not going to verify, deny, confirm or even try to make sense out of stolen emails that were hacked.”

What does that have to do with actually KNOWING the questions well enough to pass them to Hillary before the debate?

Either way, her long career with CNN is OVER. Because CNN executives (whose coverage has been totally biased in favor of Clinton) are “completely uncomfortable with what they learned” about her.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that she was slated for the chopping block anyway, and this just gave them the excuse they needed…

And why isn’t Hillary being raked over the CNN coals for CHEATING during the debate?

Trump asks a legitimate question along those same lines:

“If Mrs. Clinton received questions in advance from Ms. Brazile, why didn’t she report it?”

It’s an all too common and predictable ending for black people who allow themselves to be USED to do the white supremacists’ (like Hillary Clinton’s) dirty work.


But it is HIGH TIME to break the PSYCHOLOGICAL SLAVE CHAINS the Democrats have on the black mind — as though we must be loyal to a party that is doing NOTHING FOR US.

I’m not telling anyone to vote or not to vote.

But if you vote, vote after reviewing the facts.

Don’t let me, or Michelle Obama, or CNN or your barber or hairdresser or preacher (especially not your preacher) tell you who to vote for.

Listen to Trump’s speeches, listen to Hillary’s speeches, look at her political record, search alternative media, then weigh what you have learned to cast an informed vote — if you vote.

That’s my advice (which you are free to take or disregard)




Now that the election is nearing to a close, I wanted to share some interesting Hillary Clinton videos in the hopes of dispelling this notion that white Democrats are somehow less racist than white Republicans.

I have heard far too many black people say they feel “safer” with the Democrats in charge although it’s hard to understand what they mean by “safe” when many black inner-cities have become war zones, where black unemployment is in the mid-double-digits, where there is a rise in police brutality against black males AND black females, where 45% of black children live below poverty,  black schools being closed in Chicago by a DEMOCRATIC MAYOR (who Obama campaigned for over and over), charter schools run by corporate America, and black home ownership has dropped to its lowest levels in 40 years, and that the world has never been closer to a NUCLEAR WAR, thanks to the efforts of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s efforts to provoke Russia — all during the LAST EIGHT YEARS OF AN OBAMA DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION.

If that doesn’t SCARE YOU, no Republican boogeyman should.

Like Barack Obama, Hillary is for OPEN BORDERS – meaning, more legal and illegal immigration, cheap labor, lower wages due to more competition for jobs  — and MORE BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT.

Black employment has been devastated by DECADES of cheap illegal labor. The immigration policies of Obama and those of Hillary, who plans on EXPANDING IMMIGRATION if she is elected, should be seen as a real THREAT to our financial futures.

I have heard black women say, “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because it’s time for a woman president.”  (like it was time for a “black president?”)

Obviously, some black women believe — against all the evidence — that this white female OR any white female considers black females their equal or even worthy of consideration when it comes to women’s rights.

Some black females still identify with this rich and corrupt white female multi-millionaire who joked about the murder of the AFRICAN leader, Muammar Gaddafi. A woman who has committed numerous war crimes around the globe and who once called black youth–the PRODUCT of black female wombs– “Super predators.”

Some black women overlook or are in ignorance of the fact that NOT A SINGLE WHITE FEMALE ORGANIZATION speaks up for black female victims of rape or of police brutality and murder. Yet, we identify with a white female becoming president because we share the same genitalia?


Is the election rigged, as Trump says? Those who doubt it, should remember the Gore/Bush campaign when Gore won the popular vote but the electoral college gave Bush the presidency. And that the Bush administration ushered in the first electronic “black box” voting machines that can be easily programmed to give the results wanted.

Based on what we know about the white supremacy system, would the powers-that-be who clearly want Hillary to be president  dare steal an election to make that happen?

Frankly, I’ve questioned whether there will even be an election OR if the election will be “suspended” until Obama has finished the job the powers-that-be put him in office to accomplish but that’s the subject of a different post.

Is Hillary– the OBVIOUS CHOICE of the white supremacy elite–as bad as or possibly worse than Trump?

Judge for yourself.




(sadly, most Clinton supporters are unable to answer this question either)



In light of the fact that the majority of Americans have never heard of the TPPThe Trans-Pacific Partnership–I wanted to share a powerful interview with Dr. Roberts that clearly explains what the TPP is and what it means for the economic survival of ALL the people on the planet.

Dr. Roberts, a former Reagan administration cabinet member, is a great source of information and explanation as to what is happening behind the closed doors of the U.S. and European governments and what their end-run agenda is.

You will also see that it MATTERS NOT — who is in the “White House” or whether a politician is a Democrat or a Republican.  Do not let your “attachment” to any politician BLIND YOU TO THE REALITY that is facing all of us.

It is no accident that our politics have taken on the flavor of a circus or a rock concert with pithy sayings and carefully staged photo shoots that mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

It is no accident that we being dumbed-down and led to believe our salvation is somehow attached to disinterested, DETACHED rock star politicians, first blacks, and smiling white liberals. What you see before the camera are the MASKS they wear and after you watch this video–you really need to watch this video–you will understand exactly what I mean.

Do a search on the politicians who are supporting and  pushing for the passage of the TPP.  Then, you decide:

Friend OR foe?


Fact: In the first 24 days of 2015, police in the US fatally shot more people than police did in England and Wales, combined, over the past 24 years.



I felt compelled to do a post on this story — which I heard for the first time today — for two reasons. One, it needs to be told and hopefully, shared with other black people, especially the black parents who do NOT understand that sending their black child into a hostile, predominantly white environment is CHILD ABUSE.

While I sympathize with these well-meaning parents who want their children to have the best possible education, they should ask themselves what happens to BLACK ADULTS in predominantly white environments where blacks aren’t welcome?

They are mistreated.

The second reason is — what will a black child do when he or she is subjected to a hostile white environment without the tools to fight back?

They will be greatly mistreated

This isn’t ROCKET SCIENCE. It’s common sense.

The odds are, the child is often too confused and ashamed to tell their parents what is happening to them on a daily basis.

And it is common for the black child to develop feelings of inferiority and a dislike for their own blackness and other black people.

They often don’t even know they’re experiencing racism from teachers, school administrators and classmates. Why?


If this is true, why should our children tell us anything when we have taught them BY OUR SILENCE to keep white people’s secrets?

 Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Something far too many of us fail to grasp as we brag and boast about our children being in white schools, and white universities, like Harvard and Princeton, and having white “friends,” then wonder with dismay why our children are so “white-identified” and why so many only date or marry whites and want nothing to do with their own people, and in fact, hold us in contempt — like their white contemporaries. 

Here are the news articles. Draw your own conclusions.

Black girl almost hung by white classmates


A lawsuit has been filed against a private school in Texas by the parents of a 12-year-old black girl who suffered severe rope burn around her neck during an overnight field trip.

The Dallas Morning News ( ) reports that the family is seeking $3 million in damages.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Travis County against Live Oak Classical School in Waco and the owner of the ranch where the incident occurred.

Authorities are investigating how the girl was injured.

The family has said they believe it was a case of racially motivated bullying.

The school has said the girl was accidentally hurt when students were playing with a rope swing attached to a tree.  (???)


WACO — Authorities want to know how a 12-year-old girl ended up with a severe rope burn around her neck during an overnight campout with her sixth-grade classmates.

But the child and her mother believe they already know. The girl is black and attends a mostly white private school near a flourishing part of downtown. They believe she was the victim of a racially motivated attack, the culmination of months of bullying by her classmates.

The girl and her mother said they believe some of the girl’s white classmates intentionally placed a rope around her neck as the students played during the camping trip.

“It looked like somebody had ripped her neck apart and stitched it back together,” the girl’s mother, Sandy Rougely, said in an interview with The Dallas Morning News this week as she sat next to her daughter in their Waco apartment, far across town from Baylor University.

Live Oak Classical School said in a statement that the girl’s injuries were “caused accidentally” while the students — eight girls and 14 boys — were playing with a rope swing attached to a tree. The girl was one of two black students on the trip.

The school contends the girl’s lawyer is using race to take advantage of an accident for financial gain. The grammar school dean, Allison Buras, who went on the camp-out, did not respond to a request for comment. Instead, a member of the board of directors, Jeremy Counseller, emailed a statement to The News.

Live Oak Classical School in Waco. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News)Live Oak Classical School in Waco.

It said, in part, that “the student and some of her classmates were playing with a swing and an attached pull-rope on a field trip. The student received first aid treatment immediately after the accident by a parent chaperone who is also a physician, and she was able to enjoy the remainder of the field trip, which lasted through the next day. Live Oak takes the safety of its students seriously and is saddened that one of its family suffered an unfortunate accident and injury.”

The statement also said the attorney is trying to “exploit” the 100th anniversary “of the lynching of Jesse Washington in Waco.” The statement said the girl’s attorney, Levi McCathern, who also represents the Dallas Cowboys, asked the school to pay $2.7 million or he would make the allegations public.

‘Waco Horror’

This month marks 100 years since the most notorious lynching in Texas. In what’s known as “the Waco Horror,” a white mob snatched 17-year-old Washington from the McLennan County courthouse just after he was convicted of the murder and rape of a white woman a week earlier. The mob, dressed in suits and hats, threw a chain around Washington’s neck, dragged him through the streets and then tossed him onto a bonfire.

McCathern and attorney T.J. Jones, who works at McCathern’s Dallas law firm, said they asked for money after the school requested a financial demand in writing.

Jones said they based the figure on living expenses plus private school through 12th grade, college for the girl and her plans to pursue a law or medical degree.

None of the chaperons called the child’s mother about the injury, and none of the adults saw the children as they played on the swing and or the incident, the girl and her mother said. One of the parents, the doctor, examined her neck. The staff covered it in Vaseline and gave her ibuprofen, the girl said.

The school did not respond to follow-up questions asking why no one called the girl’s mother.

‘I think it was on purpose’

Photographs of the the girl’s injuries show that the rope cut into the skin across the front of her neck to halfway around the back.

“For Live Oak to bury their head in the sand and chalk this incident up to ‘kids being kids’ is irresponsible but, unfortunately, all too common,” said McCathern. “Their tone-deaf approach reflects an attitude that our client’s injury was not worth investigating or even informing her mother about.”

Rougely said she didn’t know about the injury until her daughter walked off the bus the following night in the school parking lot. From afar, Rougely thought her daughter wore a necklace.

The school’s statement also said: “The lawyer claimed that the student’s injuries were racially motivated, intentional attack. Live Oak takes this accusation seriously. The school interviewed all student eyewitnesses and teachers who were present and each independently established that the accusation made by the attorney is absolutely false. The injuries were caused accidentally while the students were playing with the swing and attached pull rope. The attorney was advised of the results of the interviews.”

But Jones countered: “I don’t know how you can look at her neck, at the pictures and think this was anything but intentional.” But he said even if what occurred was an accident, the way the school handled the situation was “beyond poor.”


I was especially struck by this line in the article above:

“They believe she was the victim of a racially motivated attack, the culmination of months of bullying by her classmates.”

The culmination of MONTHS of bullying? I couldn’t help wondering why wouldn’t those parents remove her from that school? But, sadly, I was not surprised.

I have heard many stories like this over the years, where the black parents were FULLY aware that their children were being targeted by white classmates and DID NOTHING TO PREVENT IT or remove their child from that particular school. This is something that truly dumbfounds me.

A war is being waged against us and especially, against our children. It is time to stop treating these incidents as “random events.” They are NOT random. They are intentional and the SYSTEM in place promotes our mistreatment by protecting the aggressors against us.

As the economy plummets — despite all the lying by those in the “white house”  who say there is a “recovery” — there will be more attempts to focus white rage ON black people.

That was the main reason Obama was (s)elected. To focus white rage against a black powerless face as more and more whites lose their jobs, homes, pensions, freedoms, and ultimately, their minds.

I hope this becomes clear to more and more people.


That being said, we cannot afford to make our children such vulnerable targets of white racists.  Talk to your children and the young people in your family about racism. Tell them what you have experienced and whatever successes you have had in countering it. Put your fears and tender egos to the side and TELL THEM THE TRUTH.

Stop cosigning on anti-black behavior and explain why the white mainstream media promotes interracial relationships and degrades black ones.

Tell them that we live under a system of white supremacy that, for us, began with slavery, and that there are people who hate them and will hurt them just because they are black.

Our children are smarter and more intuitive than we might imagine and they are capable of understanding what is right and what is wrong.

We must stop keeping white people’s secrets and stop putting our children in harm’s way in predominantly white environments.



Some in Baltimore frustrated, others seek calm after Officer Caesar Goodson found not guilty

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray, Murder Victim

Police Officers for Freddie Gray

Six Police Officers Involved in Freddie Gray’s Murder

Circuit Judge Barry Williams

Circuit Judge Barry Williams

Officer Caesar Goodson

Officer Caesar Goodson

There was a mix of frustration, calls for patience and pressure to drop the remaining cases against police officers Thursday as Baltimore processed the news that Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. was acquitted of all charges related to the death of Freddie Gray.

Troy Clay, 22, of Pigtown, was visibly shocked as he stood outside Baltimore Circuit Court with his 3-year-old daughter, Sa’Niyah, on his shoulders.

“It’s like the law don’t matter to them,” Clay said. “This is upsetting.”

But as criticism of prosecutors mounted and activists called for justice, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a prominent figure on the streets during last year’s unrest, urged residents to channel their frustration into trying to make the city and its police department better.

“I know that many of our neighbors will be disappointed and frustrated by today’s verdict, and I understand those emotions,” Cummings said in a statement. “Baltimore’s future does not rest on the outcomes of the trials surrounding Mr. Freddie Gray’s death. Baltimore’s future rests on every one of us.”

Judge Barry Williams issued his verdict Thursday morning, ending a week-long bench trial. Goodson, 46, drove the van in which Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury in April 2015. Gray died a week later, and riots ignited in West Baltimore on the day of his funeral.

Goodson was one of six officers being prosecuted in Gray’s death and had faced the most serious charges, including second-degree depraved heart murder. He is the second officer to be acquitted.

Aides to Gov. Larry Hogan said the National Guard is standing by, and could be activated should the governor declare a state of emergency.

Goodson is the third of the officers to stand trial; neither Officer William Porter nor Officer Edward Nero were convicted. Porter’s trial ended in a hung jury in December, and he will be retried later this year. Judge Williams acquitted Nero of four misdemeanor counts last month.

After those outcomes, Goodson’s acquittal was to be expected, said Baltimore resident Prinshe Smith, who had chosen Gray to be godfather to her son, Parker.

“I’m not surprised,” she said. “If everybody else is getting off, why wouldn’t he?”

A few dozen protesters were gathered outside the courthouse as the verdict was read. One, who protested silently with half of her face painted white, carried a sign that read, “They killing us alive legally.”

Tawanda Jones, an activist whose brother, Tyrone West, died in police custody in 2013,  said she feared for her community.

“This is going to get worse now,” she said. “They just proved black lives don’t matter. We scream like they matter, but they don’t.”

Janea Rogers, 38, watched a half-built senior center near her East Baltimore home burn down during last April’s unrest. After hearing the verdict, she said she fears that the tension that led to that day’s events still remains.

“What they don’t understand is that we in the black community will not trust cops anymore,” Rogers said as she stood outside the courthouse with her two children, Sherrod, 13, and Mystique, 17. “We’re afraid now. I have to tell my children to be on their guard around cops because they might kill them and get away with it.”


What lessons can we learn from the Freddie Gray verdicts?

  1. Black life has no value under the system of white supremacy.
  2. Do NOT be fooled by the black faces of the police, the judge, or the prosecutor. They are powerless in a system of white supremacy. They are window-dressing and disposable pawns. Do not focus your anger on them.
  3. In all likelihood, the policemen and women were warned in advance that they would not have to “take one for the team” AKA would NOT be convicted or go to prison.
  4. It is also likely all the pawns and players involved knew what the ultimate outcome would be and simply played their roles.
  5. The main people who do not understand what is happening in police brutality incidents are the victims. They do not understand that police brutality, police murders, and police acquittals are NOT random events. They are the FOUNDATION of the white supremacy system of terrorism.
  6. Murdering black people is a white supremacy tradition that will continue until the victims get out of denial, educate ourselves about this system, unify with other victims, cease sexual contact with our oppressors, and develop strategies to dismantle this system.
  7. Until we are willing to do ALL the above, the terrorism will CONTINUE.


The Orlando Shootings were falsely described as the “worst mass shooting in US history”

  1. Largest mass shooting in US History

Our murders are so insignificant, they don’t rate a mention in the history books.

An Excerpt from “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation:”



Chapter 37 – Domestic Terrorism


If “terrorism” is the systematic use of terror against a “civilian or noncombatant” population to achieve political or ideological objectives, and “domestic” refers to government policies and laws that occur inside a country, then the term, “Domestic Terrorism,” is the most accurate description of what is happening to black people all over the United States…

Why Blacks Are The Biggest Targets Of Domestic Terrorism

Reason #1: The African man and woman — the first man and woman on earth — possess the MOST MELANIN, which makes them, genetically and biologically speaking, the most powerful people on the planet — and the greatest genetic threat to white survival. (See pp 49-52)

Reason #2: When one group oppresses another group, the oppressed group correctly views their oppressors as their enemy. The reverse is ALSO true. The oppressors know it is foolish (and illogical) to trust the same people they are oppressing (mistreating).

A white supremacist system logically assumes that all non-whites are “enemies of the state” and potential threats to the white status quo, which is why non-whites are ALWAYS assumed to be secretly plotting against whites. The police and court systems are used to intimidate and terrorize the oppressed to keep them from rebelling against an unfair (racist) system.

This explains why law enforcement is allowed to abuse and murder blacks at will.

It also explains why blacks and non-whites (in general) are not perceived by the white collective as “patriotic,” and in some cases, NOT citizens at all.

The oppressor class knows it is ILLOGICAL (and insane!) for the oppressed “minorities” to be loyal to the same system that is oppressing them. Sadly, some blacks do not understand how illogical (and self-disrespecting) their “loyalty” is.

Reason #3: The abuse/murder of blacks by the police provides visible “proof” to the white collective that whites are more privileged than (superior to) blacks, thus ensuring the loyalty of whites to a system that is also exploiting them, but still allows even poor whites to feel superior to blacks. This divide-and-conquer strategy by the white elites allows the continued economic and political exploitation of BOTH whites and non-whites.




An excellent analysis of the Caesar Goodson verdict by the blogger, Abagond, can be found here.

[The 2016 version of the 1977 mini-series “Roots” based on the book by Alex Haley is the story of Kunta Kinte, born free in Africa in 1750, and covers the years up to 1960 and his American descendant in America, Alex Haley.]

When I first heard about this remake, my first question was: WHY?

A friend of mine called the morning after it aired and asked if I watched the “new” Roots. I told him I hadn’t, and that I have no intention of watching it. I asked him why he thought white Hollywood is suddenly so interested in our “black his-tory?” Since he didn’t have an answer, I decided to play devil’s advocate by coming up with some possible reasons of my own:

Reason #1: White people love and respect black history so much, they have to make films about it.

This reason falls flat, considering how little of our history is told in american history books. In fact, the major textbook publishers in the nation are deleting slavery and refer to African slaves as “workers.”

Reason #2: Money — because there is more money in making films about slavery and segregation and butlers and domestic workers than any other black theme.

This makes no sense since I seriously doubt black people would rather see ourselves in chains and butler uniforms on the big screen than in contemporary love stories (of which there are very, very few, other than the type where black males harm black females).

Reason #3: White producers are making films about black slaves and butlers and domestic help out of a sense of “white guilt” and feel compelled to show the world how badly they treated us. This is the most illogical reason of all.

If white guilt ruled the behavior of powerful whites, black people would not be suffering from educational and employment racism, massive incarceration, police brutality, inferior quality food and lead-contaminated water, and inadequate medical care.


Why are Hollywood’s “black history” movies restricted to slavery and segregation themes? Why don’t they do a story about black inventors and scientists and all the thousands of great black heroes that existed then?

Because Hollywood – an extension of the white supremacy system – is determined to portray blacks as an inferior, helpless, hopelessly violent, degraded, and diminished humanity.

The real question should be:

Why are black people so eager to let the people who oppressed us continue to tell our stories? Would Jews let the Germans tell their stories? Would whites let black people tell their stories? The only people who allow others to define their history are people who are still enslaved and trapped in a slave mindset.

So, what could be the reason behind all these black revisionist films? I believe it an announcement of the intentions of the white supremacist system toward the black population as the economy fails and old-style racism rears its ugly head.

I know of black college graduates who cannot find work, even at temp agencies where whites use code words to keep from hiring black people. I know of young black, college-educated females who are cleaning white women’s houses in the south because there are no jobs for them.

I know of a young black female who posed as a white female on the Monster Jobs website and got a ton of offers but no offers when it was known she was black. Blacks are being incarcerated in prisons all across the country at record rates, working for 90 cents an hour for corporate America — the modern day slavery.

Black schools are closing, blacks are being pushed out of major urban centers, and black poverty is rising at an astronomical rate. It should be obvious the so-called civil rights clock is turning backwards.

Instead of viewing these films as flattering and/or as strictly entertainment, the black collective should be ON GUARD as to the direction we are headed in.

And stop supporting these films with our dollars and precious time .

This is NOT about not knowing OR respecting our history. Of course we should do that. What I oppose is allowing the white supremacist HOLLYWOOD and TELEVISION industry to TEACH IT.

They are waging a war against our minds and our future.  We cannot afford to be this naïve and trusting after our experiences with this system.

What happened to BLACK MUSIC?

74914_black music apr 1974 ex Roberta Flack


Classic_5_Temptations_circa_1965  James-Brown_1973

Black music used to be uplifting and inspirational.

What happened to the amazing songs black men and women sang about love, family, and broken hearts?

When talent ruled instead of look-alike cloned artists and computer synthesized music and voices?

Black music set the standard for music and drew admirers and imitators from all over the world.

Sadly, most of today’s so-called “black music” has become a weapon of mass mind and black self-esteem destruction especially for black youth and it’s content, promotion, and distribution is totally controlled by the white supremacist entertainment industry.


Vulgar, obscene and sometimes violent lyrics and “music videos” accompanied by simple-minded, brain-numbing rhyming,  synthesized music, and the computerized voices of horribly exploited young black entertainers has become the new ‘black’ standard, many of who promote time in prison as a rite of passage instead of a badge of shame.


Instead of uplifting, much of today’s black music is demoralizing.

bad rap lyrics 1

Instead of singing about love, the lyrics are sexually explicit and degrading.

bad rap lyrics 3

Instead of inspiring unity, black youth are being programmed to have a self-hating, black-hating, and often violent and anti-black-female mindset.

bad rap lyrics 2


It is no accident that black rappers with positive messages cannot get air-time on radio stations

It is no accident that talented musicians, singers, and DJs who do NOT promote black degradation cannot get a break or a contract.

The very thing that has defined us as a PEOPLE–our MUSIC-the physical manifestation of our SPIRITUAL POWER that even slavery and segregation could not diminish–is being destroyed in front of our very eyes.


We have the POWER to stop this assault.


However, despite all their best efforts to destroy us spiritually, an occasional ray of sunshine breaks through the dismal white supremacist clouds.

Smooth Mixes 925 by DJ Donald Grammer  is one of those rays of sunshine where black music is what it was always meant to be:

Music for the Soul

Please share the links!

Smooth Mixes 925

Long Songs Mix

Smooth Mixes

I thought this video was worth a post on its own. Again, I am not telling ANYONE to vote OR not to vote.

What I’m saying is IF we sincerely want to solve our problems as black people within a white supremacist system, we will have to LOOK OUTSIDE THAT SYSTEM for solutions.  And WE will have to do the necessary work to save ourselves.

The “Democrats” won’t do it

The “Republicans” won’t do it.

A “first black” President won’t do it (and we should have figured that out by now)

More black politicians (with their hands and feet tied behind their backs) won’t do it.

More black people going to the polls to cast a vote won’t do it

The sad, unfortunate truth is we will have to do it ourselves.

Once we ARM ourselves with KNOWLEDGE, with God, Mother Nature, Karma, and Universal Justice on our side,

the ORIGINAL PEOPLE will find a way to do it.

Hillary Clinton & Margaret Sanger 1

Who is Margaret Sanger?

Margaret Higgins Sanger (born Margaret Louise Higgins, September 14, 1879 – September 6, 1966, also known as Margaret Sanger Slee) was an American birth control activist, writer, and nurse. Sanger popularized the term “birth control”, opened the first birth control clinic in the United States, and established organizations that evolved into the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. (from Wikipedia)

Another opinion (which I find more accurate).

Margaret Sanger has been lauded by some as a woman of valor, but a closer look reveals that Planned Parenthood’s audacious founder had some unsavory things to say about matters of race, birth control, and abortion. An outspoken eugenicist herself, Sanger consistently promoted racist ideals with a contemptuous attitude.” —

Quotes by Margaret Sanger

“[We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

“Plan for Peace” from Birth Control Review (April 1932, pp. 107-108)

Article 1. The purpose of the American Baby Code shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies… and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.
Article 4. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit…
Article 6. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.

“America Needs a Code for Babies,” 27 Mar 1934

“Give dysgenic groups [people with “bad genes”] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization.”

April 1932 Birth Control Review, pg. 108

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Who is Hillary Clinton?

“They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators,’ ” Clinton said in 1996, at the height of anxiety during her husband’s administration about high rates of crime and violence. “No conscience, no empathy, we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.”

She is referring to BLACK CHILDREN, according to Michele Alexander, author of “The New Jim Crow,” who in an recent essay described Clinton’s endorsement of the “super-predator” concept as “racially coded rhetoric” that was used to “cast black children as animals.”

I have heard over and over from black people that the reason they vote is to “show respect for our ancestors.”

Perhaps, but wouldn’t it show MORE respect to at least do a little research on the person we’re voting for?

Or is the simple pushing of a button or marking our choices on a piece of paper “showing respect?”

I had a recent conversation with a friend about this very topic, and I commented that there were many more difficult things our ancestors did besides vote in an election. They boycotted, they organized, they put their safety and in some cases, their lives, on the line. They were fighting for more than the right to cast a ballot.

Yet, out of all the things our ancestors did during those turbulent, dangerous times, the ONLY thing most of us talk about or are willing to mimic is “the vote.”

Voting takes only minutes of our time. Voting is free. Voting is safe. And voting is something white people told us we should do — even though we haven’t benefited from it, and are mainly ignored after the election is over.

Think about the last time Hillary Clinton stepped inside those black churches.


I am not telling anyone to vote OR not vote. And I’m not interested in why anyone thinks I should. I am saying that we should at least do some homework on the candidates before we vote for them.

And if we don’t like either choice, it’s time to rethink the “lesser of two evils” argument.

If neither party has done anything for us, maybe, it is time to look at a third party

Or to reevaluate the wisdom of doing the same thing over and over and over that hasn’t worked since the first time we did it


Because we don’t wear the same clothes our ancestors wore sixty years ago

We don’t drive the same cars our ancestors did sixty years ago.

Then, maybe we shouldn’t rely on the same strategies that are sixty years old if they haven’t fixed a single problem we have.

If you vote, at least be an educated voter.

If you choose not to vote, stand firm.

You are not disrespecting anyone but yourself if you cast a vote for someone who doesn’t give a damn about you or your children.

After the election is over.





A friend sent two links this morning on former president, Bill Clinton, addressing the “Black Lives Matter” protestors. For those who haven’t seen the eye-opening (but not surprising) videos, I suggest they take a few moments to view it.

For those who missed the video of Hillary’s “super predator” comment, here it is:

It SHOULD BE EVIDENT who the Clintons are and what they represent to black people:


(minus the free hams given out around election time)

Bill Clinton is the same president whose administration created the ‘three-strikes-you’re out” policies that created the mass incarceration of black non-violent drug users.

Hillary Clinton is the same person who referred to poor and oppressed black youth as “super predators” while she and her husband committed unspeakable crimes. 

In these clips, Bill Clinton says “Black Lives Matter” protestors are defending criminals.

Translation: Any unarmed black person who is shot or murdered by the police is a natural born criminal — or in the words of Hillary Clinton:

“A super predator”

Then ole Bill delivered a DOUBLE WHAMMY by linking black people with welfare in an appeal to his WHITE AUDIENCE, many of who delight in racist stereotypes about black people despite the FACT that there are MORE whites on welfare than any other ethnic group.

And then he told the LIE of all LIES:  that black poverty is the lowest it’s been since…


In spite of the FACT that black poverty–all poverty–is skyrocketing in America.


And he showed his true colors.


Why would he do this now? Because he has to play the racial politics game as long as he can. And because he knows we have very short memories when it comes to white people (not black people).

He knows that the same black people he offended when he insulted President Obama during Obama’s re-election campaign have forgotten all about that now that a  Clinton is showing up at black churches and running for the White House.

Two Thoughts:

Black people DO NOT ELECT presidents. Our votes do NOT swing presidential elections. They aren’t enough of them.

I’ve asked myself many times:  why is all the emphasis being placed on black voters? I don’t see the same media attention being paid to Asian voters, Jewish voters, Hispanic voters, or any other ethnic group. Why us?

Here Are My Two Reasons:

1. To keep the black masses locked into the false promise of democracy. This is CRUCIAL to keep our population asleep and believing in LIES. By doing so, few of us will EVER think outside the system or outside the box or think for ourselves, and we will NEVER develop real strategies for our self-empowerment OR self-respect. We will continue to look to whites and those blacks endorsed by white (like Obama) to solve our problems.

2.  To use black people to manipulate and sway the white voters who vote along racial/racist lines so they will vote the way the white supremacists want them to vote. By making black people the MAIN FOCUS of presidential elections, this also TRANSFERS some of the rage that the white masses feel toward their government TOWARD us.

While it is not a total transfer of rage, black people (black bodies) provide an acceptable TARGET and a BUFFER ZONE to absorb some of the growing anger of the white population. All you have to do is read the comments after the Bill Clinton videos.

In other words WE BECOME THE SCAPEGOATS for the ruling white minority that is robbing everyone of their money and financial futures.

And for those who say, “My ancestors died for our right to vote” I say this:

1.  they did NOT die for the right to vote in a FRAUDULENT ELECTION where the needs of their people would be ignored. They fought for the right to vote because they thought it MEANT SOMETHING — and in their day it probably did to a degree. They wanted to have the SAME rights whites had, and that included the right to use a public bathroom or eat in a restaurant. Had they known what the vote would have become, maybe, they would have focused on something more meaningful — like ECONOMICS.

2.  They did NOT believe going into a voting booth once every four years was an effective way to overcome their oppression. They were fighting on other fronts besides voting rights. They were ACTIVE and ENGAGED.

3.  Just as we do not dress or talk or live the way our ancestors lived 60 YEARS AGO, there is NO reason to believe we must be locked into the SAME strategies that are OVER A HALF CENTURY OLD — especially when those strategies did not work.

4.  I do NOT believe our ancestors would be “honored” by our contributions that pretty much amount to nothing more than pushing a button or marking off a square on a ballot once every four years.






because you’re going to need them.


I ran across this on a Facebook page and thought it was worth posting here as a lesson in what black adults, parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older cousins should NEVER do.

fake ass post on wendy's facebook page

February 15 ·

Stopped to get dinner for my son and the guy behind us in the drive-thru yells to my son, “Hurry up fucken nigger!” When I got to the window I asked to pay for his order. I wrote this on the back of his receipt and asked the cashier to hand it to him with his food. My son asked me why I paid for his food if he was mean, I explained that being nice to nice people is easy, you have to be nice to mean people, that’s the hardest thing to do.

The wrongheadness of this critical “teaching moment” reminds me of a truism that I’ve repeated many times on my blog.

No one respects ANYONE who does not respect themselves.

Try to imagine someone you know–at work or socially–who is always trying to please or impress someone else who clearly does not like them.

At best, you pity them.

At worst, you despise them.

But the one thing they will NEVER do is get your respect.

Or the respect of the person whose favor they are trying to win.

Did this black mother actually believe the white male who called her son a “nigger” is going to be changed by her gesture? Is he going to stop being a racist because of a free fast-food meal?

We must STOP TEACHING OUR CHILDREN to seek approval from ANYONE–male, female, black or non-black–who does not treat them correctly. 

And it starts with teaching them to VALIDATE THEMSELVES instead of looking to other people and material things to do it.

We have to lead by example by reducing OUR psychological dependence (due to our own low self-esteem) on luxury cars, clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, rims, and other things that are literally bankrupting us — that have NOTHING TO DO with our value as human beings.

The sad part is had this been another black person, say another black female who said,  “Hurry up fucken black bitch!” — it is highly doubtful this black mother would have offered to pay for her meal. And the comment probably would have escalated into an argument or a physical confrontation.

Which reveals another glaring truth–if I am correct.

Her gesture had LESS to do with being a “Christian,” and more to do with WHITE VALIDATION — pleasing, appeasing, appealing, bowing, and begging whites to accept us, like us, and approve of us.

She is teaching her son the same fatal lesson that has led many of our black male and female youth into SETTING THEMSELVES UP TO BE ABUSED by those whites and non-whites whose validation they seek.

This abuse to has led to a growing epidemic of mental illness, self-hatred, drug abuse, anti-social behaviors, anti-blackness, confusion, sexual exploitation, rage, and suicide among black youth.

And increases their rage and lack of respect toward black adults for NOT equipping them with the tools of psychological survival in an often hostile white world.

What would have been a correct response in my opinion?

To turn to her son and say, “The white man who just called you a nigger is not ignorant, he is a racist/white supremacist. He knows exactly what he is doing.”

Then she should roll up the window and drive away to put distance between herself and her son and a potentially violent racist. And once they got home safely, she would have an INFORMED conversation with her son about racism/white supremacy.

If you think this post is constructive, please SHARE IT

I must be frank. I am AMAZED at the naivete of people who keep believing in politicians who have done NOTHING FOR THEM.

And who only talk about “black issues” when they WANT SOMETHING from us.

This is NOT about who is better for blacks — Hillary or Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.

This is about black people who keep believing in liars because they tell the sweetest lies that we obviously want to hear. This is also true of other voters– white, brown, yellow and red– however, black people are at a crucial juncture in our survival here


For the record, I do not support ANYONE who is well known enough to get a seat at the white supremacist media and political tables. And that goes for the black faces as well.

If we do not understand BY NOW that the system is RIGGED and that NO ONE is going to “save us” from it, especially and including those who have BENEFITED FROM IT — then GOD help us.

Yes, it is just that serious.

Hillary Clinton has been in the top echelons of government for over TWENTY YEARS and has SAID and DONE NOTHING to make this country or the lives of black people better.

She JOKED about the murder/assassination of an AFRICAN LEADER – Muammar Gaddafi — whose main crime was wanting to liberate his people and other African nations from the TYRANNY of European rule and the U.S. dollar standard.

So, why would she get so much black support?

Because she’s the wife of Massa Clinton? We now know that Clinton had one of the most ANTI-BLACK administrations in modern history and was responsible for the astronomical rise in mass incarceration of black men and women.

Is it because she’s a “woman?”

Why would that matter to a THINKING black person who is being exploited and oppressed by WHITE WOMEN and WHITE MEN?

Or are we just falling for the “party line” of  — “It’s time for a woman president.”

The same way we fell for “It’s time for a black president.”

What did we get out of that deal other than a lot of T-shirts and buttons and posters and magazine covers and some cinematic moments?

Is that all we require to feel good about being black and to get our vote?

In all honesty, there is a huge price to pay when one begins to  THINK FOR ONE’S SELF.

You will find yourself criticized, attacked and ostracized by the people closest to you.  That is why so few people do it.

Most of us would rather be “popular” than be FREE.

If we do not learn the very life essential/survival skill of not being SUCKED IN by the dazed and hypnotized and foolish and wishful thinkers and lazy-minded and delusional and white-validation-seekers at ANY COST black people among us

Then we should not be surprised when life becomes even more difficult and dangerous for the masses of black people here and worldwide.

I’m not telling anyone who to vote for. I’m not even telling you to vote.

I doubt that I’ll waste a second of my precious time at the polls this year because the president has already been selected. That’s what I believe.

I also know that PARTICIPATING IN A FRAUD actually STRENGTHENS and LENGTHENS the duration and intensity of that fraud.

In other words,




because you’ll need them.

This video made some good points, and is a reminder as to WHO Hillary Clinton really is and why black people MUST resist being sucked into more self-deception

If you don’t share anything I’ve written, please share this video.

We must stop being such easy prey for white supremacy deception.


A humorous but accurate tidbit from the Republican Corner:



Given the huge number of articles, blogposts, and head-scratching conversations about black entertainers, and why they do the things they do, and why some become more successful than others, and why so many exhibit anti-black behavior, I have come to a not-so-surprising conclusion:

The white supremacist, mainstream entertainment industry is a CULT.

This includes actors, actresses, comedians, dancers, singers, talk show hosts, game show hosts, talking heads, news anchors, news reporters, political commentators, and in many cases — even politicians (who are really little more than entertainers who use charm, guile, personality, and lies (via a pre-approved, written script) to con the masses on the behalf of their hidden political bosses).

Some people (like myself) believe all the above is part of the same Satanic Cult. Regardless, the way this industry functions certainly fits my definition of a CULT.

Let’s begin with the definition:

What is a cult?

For the purposes of this post, a cult:

  • is a group of people devoted to a set of behaviors and goals defined by a “leader” or “leaders”
  • the members give up the right of self-rule in exchange for membership
  • is headed by a small but powerful leadership group that control the cult members, often through fear and intimidation using public ridicule, criminal charges, loss of income and/or career, and even threat of death, or the death of a loved one (a sacrifice).
  • often requires money or property transfer to the cult leader(s) (via managers, agents, and IRS agents)
  • controls the members physically, intellectually, financially, emotionally, and sexually
  • has secret initiation rituals that are usually of a sexual, homosexual or pedophilia nature
  • forces the members to do what they’re told to do–regardless of the member’s personal preferences and beliefs

Examples of Famous Cults

  1. Hollywood and the mainstream entertainment industry
  2. The United States political system of (mock) Democrats and Republicans
  3. Mega Preachers, Pastors, Priests, and Popes
  4. The Branch Davidians
  5. The Manson Family
  6. Heaven’s Gate
  7. Peoples Temple
  8. Scientology
  9. The Unification Church
  10. The Children of God
  11. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  12. The Twelve Tribes

It has become a daily occurrence (and a colossal waste of time), for tens of thousands of frustrated and angry black people to scratch our heads over the antics of black entertainers and celebrities, and ask:

“Why did he or she say or do that?”

“Why does he or she only date whites?”

“Is so and so a homosexual?”

“When did so and so become a homosexual?”

“Why doesn’t he or she ever speak out against injustice or use their money to help black causes?”

“Why doesn’t he or she hire black people?”

“Why is he or she always talking bad about black people?”

And on and on and on it goes…

Rather than waste my limited brain resources over black celebrities, I have found an answer that helped me understand their behaviors and to NOT take it personally (because it isn’t).


And they exhibit some or all of the following behaviors:

They engage in sexual perversion and/or experimentation


Will and Jada Smith

(they have admitted to being ‘swingers’ — the meaning of which is open to anyone’s interpretation)

They allow their children to be abused and sexually exploited.


Jaden Smith, son of Will & Jada Smith

(who was tapped to model women’s dresses for a major fashion designer)

They marry who they are told to marry.

kim-kardashian-kanye-west  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Wanda Sykes & wife 2

Wanda Sykes & pregnant white wife

Wanda Sykes explained in a “comedy routine” why she went with a white sperm donor instead of a black one to conceive her two children with her wife, who’s white.

“What if we have a little bi-racial girl? I can’t leave that girls hair up to this white lady! I can’t do that to her…. I couldn’t leave my baby’s hair in this white lady’s hands! She would f–k her hair up! You ever see those bi-racial kids and the white mother just has no idea what to do with the hair so the hair’s just all matted up, never been combed, and lint and car keys and Q-tips all in their s–t?!”

(I believe it is a time-tested, almost foolproof FORMULA Hollywood (and corporate America) blacks use to further their careers: date/marry/breed with a white person and/or “come out” as a homosexual even past the age of 40 (like Sykes). Why?


(The value of coming out as a homosexual has MAXIMUM value only when the significant other is a WHITE person)

They do what they are told to do


Jamie Foxx as “Wanda”


Ving Rhames

They say what they are told to say (or say what they think their ‘leader’ want them to say)


Steve Harvey  (Quote: “I don’t care about slavery.”)

(Try to imagine a Jewish entertainer saying, “I don’t care about the Holocaust” and see if he or she is still working the next day)

They do NOT control their “empires” but are little more than figureheads to fool the black masses


Oprah Winfrey


Eric Logan President of Harpo Studios & Own Network

Erik Logan, president of OWN and Harpo Studios

FYI — Oprah does NOT own a TV network. Ownership requires an FCC License. She does NOT have an FCC license. No black person in America has an FCC License. This is the reason Bill Cosby was NOT ALLOWED to purchase NBC.  Oprah is a contractor and a figurehead to mask the LACK of real black progress.

And the penalties for disobedience can be expulsion from the cult, even death. This could explain some of the mysterious deaths and “suicides” of cult members.

Whitney Houston 1

Whitney Houston

michael jackson 1

Michael Jackson

Phyllis Hyman 1

Phyllis Hyman (who spoke up about black entertainers hiring other blacks)


Jimi Hendrick (some suspect it was murder because he allegedly wanted to take ownership of his own music)

They are “famous” for making anti-black statements about black people, even to the extent of denying their heritage and are usually given MORE AIRTIME in white supremacist media as a reward


Raven “I am not black!” Symone

Stacey dash

Stacey Dash

(Quote: “If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards, and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black.”)

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby


“You’ve got to stop beating up your women because you can’t find a job, because you didn’t want to get an education and now you’re (earning) minimum wage,” Cosby said. “You should have thought more of yourself when you were in high school, when you had an opportunity.”

“I can’t even talk the way these people talk, ‘Why you ain’t,’ ‘Where you is’ … and I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk,” Cosby said then. “And then I heard the father talk … Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth.”

(For whatever reasons, Bill Cosby–who never finished college–fell out of favor with his “bosses,” lost his protection, and is facing criminal charges for multiple rapes).

If we keep in mind the way a cult works, we will understand why so many black cult members do AND say such bizarre and anti-black things and often succumb to drug use, alcohol, sexual perversion, rape, and mental illness.

All black (or white) entertainers do not necessarily fit this category but I believe the most successful ones do and some of the least successful ones either operate on the fringes of the cult OR attempted to join the cult but didn’t make the cult “cut.”

My goal in doing this post is not to promote ‘conspiracy theories’ or to divert our focus away from white supremacy. Nor is this a black-entertainer-bashing post. This is a COMMENTARY about their behavior based on my own observations.

This CULT is the ESSENCE of white supremacy — the domination of black/non-white people by white people/institutions — to the detriment of those black/non-white people.

The entertainment industry is a perfect visual example of this domination and the many, many ways it victimizes non-whites and rewards them for the degradation of self and of their own people.

Seeing their behavior as CULT BEHAVIOR will help to clarify what this anti-black, anti-self behavior really represents.

It is NOT a reflection of who black people are OR what our value is as human beings.

It is a deliberate strategy to destroy black people on EVERY  level using the power of media, imagery, and programming.

So, the next time you hear Steve Harvey say he doesn’t care about slavery, or Raven Symone says she isn’t black, it is possible that they are functioning as cult members who have been programmed and are under the control of their white supremacist bosses.


In light of the recent Oscar controversy, where the 20 Oscar nominees for top acting awards were all white, I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Hollywood is a satanic cult
  2. Black (and white) entertainers who make it to the “top” are mired neck deep in this cult and have paid some unspeakable price for their fame
  3. Entertainers are the worst possible role models for black children. Most stand for NOTHING and in fact, promote deception in the form of anti-blackness.
  4. Whenever they are given a “mike” in the white supremacist media they are doing the bidding of their bosses (white supremacists) — no matter what it looks like.
  5. Black people should not treat these entertainers as though they have any more significance than a movie or song that we like. Once it is over, move on to more important things. We need to stop counting their money and houses and cars and focus on real issues that keep more and more black families from putting food on the table.
  6. Black entertainers have no importance in the struggles of black people and in fact, are often positioned to work against it. They would never be chosen if they had a strong love for black people and used a great deal of their money to further black causes. Their work would immediately dry up and so would the paychecks.  (Remember how quickly they pulled the plug on Arsenio’s show just for inviting Farrakhan on his show?)
  7. Black entertainers are paid to trash black male/female relationships in their professional and personal lives (like having a baby with a surrogate with a white boyfriend’s sperm) and to encourage further degradation of black life by making us appear like clowns, buffoons, low-lifes, and fools. Can anyone spell Waylan Brothers? Naturally, I’m not holding them accountable for the sins of white Hollywood but I refuse to support their participation. I don’t give a D if another black person EVER wins another award or Oscar ever. I would consider that real progress!
  8. Our parents and grandparents wisely understood the dangers of the degrading black images in the white media because they didn’t have the false props of false progress (and first black presidents) to deceive them into thinking they were “accepted” by white society.  Reality stared them in the face every day. Too bad we will have to learn that painful lesson all over again as this nation moves toward more fascism and more overt racism/white supremacy.

I believe the entire “event” was STAGED, based on the following premise:

1  – How do you get people to value something that has little or no value?

Deny it to them

2 – How do you get people to believe their outrage is legitimate and keep them locked into the “stardom” of token blacks?

Have one of your black puppet stars (on your payroll) PUBLICLY protest the injustice so black people will think something WORTHLESS is worthy of our attention and to give “street cred” to black entertainers who are not only benefiting from a corrupt system but who in fact, seldom hire other black people when conducting their business.

Jada Pinkett is locked into this corrupt Hollywood cult as much as any black person can be AKA she is beholden to that system.

(Got the Will Smith info from Abagond’s “All White Oscars” blogpost: )

Will Smith started “Overbrook Entertainment” a company which has made most of his films since 1999. The company has made around 20 movies and only two of the screen writers were black. Will Smith allowed an all white team to write the story for Muhammad Ali.

(My take on the above: I don’t believe Will Smith “allowed” an all-white team, I believe he was TOLD to hire an all-white team if he wanted to stay in good standing within the cult. The same way Oprah’s producers on her now defunct TV program were nearly all-white.  The same way I believe Kayne West was told to marry “Kim.” Black entertainers are the true “million-dollar slaves” of the 21st century, who MUST do the bidding of their satanic slave-owners or face serious retribution, and in some cases DEATH. To be accurate all non-whites are slaves within a white supremacy system.)

3 – How do you calm the savage beasts once you’ve riled them up?

Throw the starving, beaten-down black dogs a bone (with no meat on it).

“The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has approved a series of major changes, in terms of voting and recruitment, also adding three new seats to the 51-person board — all part of a goal to double the number of women and diverse members of the Academy by 2020. The changes were approved by the board Thursday night in an emergency meeting.”

Academy Overhauls Membership, Voting Rules to Promote Oscar Diversity

Do we really believe the white people in charge of the Oscars thought they wouldn’t get any pushback for their all-white nominations? Of course they knew.

How many times will we fall for the abused woman trick. Beat you one minute, embrace you the next. This is a KEY ingredient to creating mental illness in the victim and programming the victim to forever seek the abuser’s validation and love.

Notice any similarities between black people and abused women?

Break the chains from our mind and accept the FACT that we cannot trust the “good intentions” of those who have shown over and over and over again–that they have NONE. Let’s focus on REAL issues and stop responding whenever the DOG whistle is blown.

It’s time to get up from the table and get our own chessboard.

I confess, I’m pleased as PUNCH that no blacks were nominated for Oscars. 

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I would love to see the day when black people say, “F the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Golden Globes”, and stop begging white people (and white institutions) to validate our worth, our talent and our humanity and start doing it ourselves.

It’s like the unpopular kids who keep begging the popular kids to accept them without understanding it is their begging that gives the popular kids their power over the unpopular kids. At this late date there is no God earthly reason why black people should be surprised or shocked or dismayed or upset by our exclusion or unjust treatment in a white supremacy society, and there is no sensible reason to continue begging for crumbs of recognition that we will NEVER get — except for the most degrading roles imaginable.

It is just one more wake-up call for blacks (how many do we need?) that it is time to REDEFINE what “black progress” is. Is it white people constantly calling all the shots, and giving the money and prizes and judging when we are worthy of recognition (or a job or justice)? Is that black progress? How is that “black progress?”

The Oscars are bigger than a few nominations and crackpot fake gold statues, it is a reflection of the white supremacy politics of exclusion and control that can be seen in economics, education, war, and politics. They decide whether black schools close and the quality of education they provide. They decide whether a white policeman can commit murder and get away with it.

They even decide that a black person with a white parent is more deserving of a movie role or TV commercial or a job than a black person with two black parents. Haven’t we noticed the trend of casting mainly biracial people as the new and improved “blacks?” to the exclusion of brown and dark skinned black people?

What I would like to see is our children watching black people GET and GIVE awards for excellence in entrepreneurial endeavors, for opening new black schools and new black-owned businesses and creating new inventions and making new scientific discoveries.

The system will try to derail and distract us from the developing the REAL skills that any people need for survival and progress by hyping some BS multi-million dollar deal some black athlete or rap star with little or no education signed to make overpriced headphones and sneakers.

Until they realize we aren’t FALLING FOR THE HYPE any longer. Watch those multi-million dollar contracts dry up like water in the Sahara Desert…

Maybe, one day we’ll have reached a point in our psychological and self-esteem development where we’ll say:

“F the Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes. We’ve got real black businesses and and thriving black schools and prosperous black communities and real policing (that we do ourselves) and solid families and children who are loved and protected and nurtured who would never think “Empire” or “Scandal” or “Straight Outta Compton” or “The Butler” was a true representation of who black people are.”

“The delusion of inclusion”  – Paul Mooney, black comic


Which is exactly why I do not treat black entertainers (or whites ones) as people who are credible, reliable, admirable, or worthwhile in ANY respect. They work for the same institutions that control everything — politics, entertainment, economics, religion, employment, etc. and their black showcasing by the white supremacy system is designed to DECEIVE AND MISLEAD US.

I think this fixation over entertainment and celebrities and rock star politicians is one of the reasons we can’t get much else accomplished on a collective scale. Our focus is clearly wrong-headed when we worry more about an Oscar than we do about the LACK of sustainable black businesses or creating black educational institutions that we control.

The Bottom Line:  What kind of nation can you build when a people’s heroes and spokespeople are black comedians, entertainers, rappers, and ‘first black’ politicians (who don’t talk to us)?

The Answer:

We can’t.

It’s time to put “entertainment” in its rightful place.

At the BACK OF THE LINE in importance.




Education or Edited Dictation?
by Kelile Ntwadumela

(As seen in Journey 7 of Brother’s Perspective Magazine)

A paradox exists in education for all people of Afrikan descent, one that can be summed up with an old proverb.

The Story of the Lion cub and the Wild Boars

The story begins with a lion cub, lost and wandering, who suddenly finds himself surrounded by wild boars. The boars, natural prey of the lion, wondered what to do about the cub suddenly in their midst. They knew with him being a cub he would grow into a supreme hunter of their kind. The vegetarian boars couldn’t eat him as the lion would do to them. They thought about beating him up but quickly dashed the idea for fear of retaliation from the lions. Suddenly, the leader of the boars had an idea.

He said, “This cub is young and innocent. It knows nothing and is totally helpless. Let’s take him and raise him into thinking he is one of us.” The boars gave it some thought and agreed it was a good plan, so they did just that. The plan worked, so well that the cub grew into an adult lion who ate grass like the wild boars that raised him. He was the best warning system they had while grazing, acting as a sentinel, or look out. Any time he saw lions hunting he would scream, “Oh my brothers! Oh my sisters! The wicked, bad, evil killers are coming!!!”  Then he and the boars would run for cover as quickly as possible, saving them from being hunted down.

It worked like a charm. The boars would occasionally discuss the success of their plan, in secret. How easy it is to raise someone into believing they are you. The leader said, “What you do is you transfer your identity onto him, your concerns and your fears. He will feel your concerns and fears and he will protect you. This is what man did to dogs. They transferred their fears and concerns onto the dog. They turned dogs from their hunters and competitors to their companions and protectors, domesticating them. The importance of the dog in ancient human survival is evident by his title: man’s best friend.”

One day the pride of lions surprised the herd of wild boars. As everyone scattered, the kidnapped lion ran with the boars to safety. The hunting lions naturally assumed it was one their own, trying to catch a boar for the pride. As the boars reached the hiding place, they saw the lion they had raised, but they got scared and locked him out. In all the confusion, the boars didn’t know if he was a real lion or the one they subdued. The lion begged them to let him in. They took no chances.

Soon he found himself cornered. As the lions approached, he shook with unimaginable terror. He began to plead, “Oh! You bad, wicked, evil lions please don’t eat me!!!”  The other lions were shocked, asking, “Is he joking???” When the young lion began shivering in fear, they realized he was serious. The leader of the lions said,  “Look at us, and look at you. I’d say the only difference is in your mind.”

Looking at the sniveling boars, still quivering in their hole, the elder lion said with disgust,  “The boars, the ones you thought were your people. Didn’t they turn on you? Didn’t they lock you out?”

The story ends with the young lion pondering his predicament.

“The most obvious symptom is their absence of original thought. Ask them a question and they will end up reciting what someone else thinks or thought the answer was. What do they think? Well, they never thought about it. Their education consisted of learning how to use the library and cite sources.”- Charlie Reese

The human mind is born knowing nothing. Anything we know has been given to us by someone else. Children learn first by indiscriminate imitation, they copy what they see and hear. No one is born knowing who God is, we have religion because it is given to us by society and our families. This includes our perceptions of right and wrong or good and evil, our likes and dislikes and much more. All of these are learned behaviors.

The power that comes with racism is the power to include and exclude. The power to say you are in the club or are one of us or you are not. The dominant group, who have that power can dictate the very survival of the people that they deem as outsiders or different to the point of exclusion. The dominant group has the dominant truth even if their truth is a historical lie.

By virtue of the skin color of American Afrikans that made Europeans job that much easier. They used color to justify who was master and who was slave. Whose life is worth more or less? Who is human and who is 3/5ths of a human. Who is God’s Chosen and God’s cursed? Who is more intelligent? What racial group sets the beauty standard for our nation etc. Who is a citizen and who is a refugee?

We see these things manifest in the Katrina response by FEMA and the government, the Sean Bell shooting and the Amadou Diallo shooting (Both police shootings in which the police were not convicted for brutal killings of unarmed black males), proliferation of skin bleaching in black communities, the disproportionate A.I.D.S. rate among American Afrikans and much more.

The power of education is the power to include or exclude also. That power in essence lies with the ability to include or exclude the truth. Whether that is the truth about things one needs to know in order to survive all the way to the truth about the person who is learning. That kind of power in the end is the power of life or death for those who are the recipient of inferior education. The statistics speak for themselves.

Pics 2

“Why kill you when I can not educate you and get the same results?” – Author Unknown

The same way the media, politicians and economic experts are now speaking about the fact that the economic crisis we are experiencing is directly attributable to the past 8 years of Bush economic policy and an even longer corruption on Wall Street going back many decades. Our economical socio-political situation as American Afrikans is rooted in our past subjugation and this country’s collective and selective amnesia about American history, how history relates to our racial disharmony and how racism/white supremacy permeates our society on all levels. The racial situation has and continues to most acutely affect the former slaves of the American Government and white people.

Why is it that economists and politicians can see how the past affects the future when it comes to U.S. economics and a tight presidential campaign, yet they cannot see how history affects and influences the problems American Afrikans face every day and have faced since the first Afrikan captive landed on the shores of America? This is because they only use ‘truth’ to prove their point of view then ignore or invalidate ‘truth’ when it doesn’t coincide with their white supremacist agenda.

After Afrikans were effectively stripped of their, language, culture, spirituality, and autonomy, they were ripe to be psychologically rebuilt as the European and Arab world’s two legged beasts of burden. The same way the military verbally abuses a soldier for their first few weeks to strip them of their ego and self centered worldview then, they re-educate or domesticate him to be a part of a team and work for the greater ‘good’ of the military and the country they serve.

With ruthless efficiency the same was done to the Afrikan with more calculating, vicious, and genocidal intent. Their intent was to domesticate us so well that our mental enslavement and servitude to our former oppressors would no longer need to be overtly managed by them in a chattel slavery scenario, but it would self perpetuate if done right on a psycho-social level. Then they could subversively replace overt racism/white supremacy with a much harder to discern institutionalized racism rooted in the origins of this nations creation.

We were taught by our oppressor (racist/white supremacists) to be everything that they wanted us to be. Especially a detriment to our own people’s liberation by way of turning us against one another (anti-blackness), while making sure our allegiance was always to the all powerful “ God” ordained lords of the Earth, the European male (racist man, racist woman and racist child). That is what domination looks like in a system of white supremacy.

Education: What does it really mean?

In the Merriam Webster’s dictionary we find the following meaning for the word:

educate: educate

Main Entry: ed·u·cate Listen to the pronunciation of educate

Pronunciation: \ˈe-jə-ˌkāt\

Function: verb

Inflected Form(s): ed·u·cat·ed; ed·u·cat·ing

Etymology: Middle English, to rear, from Latin educatus, past participle of educare to rear, educate, from educere to lead forth — more at educe

Date: 15th century

transitive verb1 a: to provide schooling for <chose to educate their children at home> b: to train by formal instruction and supervised practice especially in a skill, trade, or profession2 a: to develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically especially by instruction

B: to provide with information : inform <educating themselves about changes in the industry>3: to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way <educate the public to support our position>intransitive verb: to educate a person or thing

The word educate or education is one of the most important words one can learn the meaning of if one wishes to truly understand how the world we live in functions and why certain groups of the hue-mans (white is not a color. The only race is the white race) are in the social, psychological, spiritual, economical and politically debilitated, handicapped, pacified and anesthetized situations we find ourselves in wherever we are found.

We (American Afrikans) who were the leaders of the struggle for oppressed hue-man liberation and the biggest culturally transformative force in the struggle for hue-man rights have now become complacent domesticated thinkers. Mass consumerism is our new paradigm as well as our psychological, educational and spiritual castration from our Afrikan cultural heritage.

The definition of education above has portions I highlighted that are important to study to and look into further to understand the full implications of the title of this paper. The first thing I find of importance is that it is root in the term educatus, latin for to rear as in raise. Take for example raising a child. It implies what we all know to be true. The first place a child learns is from its’ parents starting with the mother.

It also implies that there is a level of emotional involvement because one has to care about a child (a mother symbol) to raise or nurture and eventually teach a child. Our children go to under funded schools thinking that ill-equipped racist suspect teachers care for them and are teaching them the truth. As a result of this our children are then falsely lulled into accepting outright lies as fact because of the idea (natural assumption) that all teachers love what they do and who they teach.

In some cases it is true but in a lot of cases it is not. They have been taught the same lies they are teaching the children and they are ordained by the system to teach these lies by granting them a degree in institutions of so called higher learning. We can tell this is true by the fact that American children as well as adults are some of the most ignorant people in the world. Thus spawning a TV show that is a hit called “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” Yet history shows our children have and continue to get inferior education leading to the large numbers of drop out/incarceration rates and the high and growing rates of gang affiliation.

Statistics on American K-12 Public Education

While most parents think their children are receiving a quality education, the majority of American students are falling behind their international counterparts. The consequences to the country are dramatic. – The Broad

Definition 1a of education says: to train by formal instruction and supervised practice. This is pretty explicit. To be trained by formal instruction and supervised practice, means to do things they way that those in control of the day to day lives of the people of their country has taught one to do it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that what they’re teaching is relevant or accurate.

These white Americans (supremacists) are descendants of people that once believed and taught out right superstition in some cases with death as the option for those that oppose. They taught nonsense like the world was flat and that the Sun revolves around the Earth. When the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun and the fact that the world is round is something Nile Valley Africans had known since well over 10,000 B.C.

The Nile Valley Stellar Calendar which dates to 10,000 B.C. as taught by Dr Yosef ben Jochannan and others and the Nabta Playa Astronomical observatory (the world’s oldest at that) located in Nubian Egypt which dates back to 9560 B. C. is proof of that. Yet these truths are not taught. Originally when their “facts” were taught to Africans it was done with a whip, a bible, a noose, gun and an overseer (If white people truly believe they are the most powerful, intelligent God ordained rulers of the Earth, why must they go through such extraordinary means to convince American Afrikans they are inferior?).

Now it is done with a pen and notebook, blackboard and television, radio, music, videos, motion pictures, mass media, video games, entertainment, the internet etc and the battle ground is as it always was the hue-man mind. They always understood that freedom is not a physical condition but a state of mind. Proper education fosters that paradigm shift as the Autobiography of Malcolm X is the best example of this transformative process.
This must not happen at all costs. A truly educated people wouldn’t stand or sit for what we have for the last 500 years.

What is Education used for by the wider society?

According to definition 2a to educate is: to develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically especially by instruction b: to provide with information : inform & definition # 3: to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way <educate the public to support our position>intransitive verb: to educate a person or thing

Education as outlined above is essentially the control of the flow and or integrity of information in order to affect a desired future result in those being educated. As we can see none of the parts of the definition stipulate that education is based on truth or integrity. It is just basic control of information. When the oppressed is being educated the question is what for?

American education as we know it in my opinion is really edited dictation. Since American education is largely based on memorization of concepts and ideas dictated to you by someone older, educated (also domesticated in their thinking) and qualified by the white people (white supremacists) in power who are the owners of the information and the dominant group to confer and pass on the information they themselves received and are just regurgitating to you.

They edit or doctor it in the way they see fit and tailor make it specifically in order to control anything from self perception to ones understanding the world and one’s place in it. Control of these aspects of perception makes for potent formula of mind control and behavioral soothsaying. This is why in America there are astronomical amounts of prisons being built instead of viable educational institutions.

They are preparing a place to make free use of the under educated, poor, politically unaware, socially and economically oppressed groups of this country which includes all of the nonwhite people within its borders. This is why the school drop out rate for people of Afrikan descent is so abysmal. The drop out rate directly coincides with the prison statistics. The drop out rate coincides with the lack truth and the lack of inclusion of the multicultural historical perspective that coincides with the multicultural reality America is as a nation.

Definition # 3 says: definition # 3: to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way <educate the public to support our position>intransitive verb: to educate a person or thing

If we now know that to educate someone is to persuade or condition them to feel or act in a certain way. Then this is the ultimate meaning behind this article. Those in control of the daily existence of American Afrikans know that an inadequate education is an almost guaranteed one way ticket to prison. This is the ultimate meaning behind providing an inferior education.

Education is essentially the control of the flow and integrity of information. By controlling the quality of the knowledge you put into a hue-man being you can generally predict his future behavior. If high quality information is placed in an individual then he or she will not allow themselves to be used by a system that was founded and still operates on racism/white supremacy and its byproducts; corruption, economic piracy and rogue capitalism they would seek to change it.

In order to keep things as they are, our education remains inferior. I want to ask; when did Nat Turner seek to change his circumstances? After reading the Bible and learning about how real Xtians are supposed to treat their fellow man. Realizing his captors were not practicing what their holy book or their God preached and he set to freeing himself by any means necessary. Freedom for him was a state of mind first. Then he sought to make it a physical condition.

They do not want us to formulate our own ideas about what freedom looks like, that way we will never be able act on it by changing how we deal racism/white supremacy (using effective counter racist practices.) They want us to continue to be ineffective at thwarting racism, so they can further refine their racist behaviour.

If low quality information or lies are put into an individual, first of all they will not think very far past basic survival. They will have no options in terms of making a legal living simply because no one will hire the ignorant or uneducated. For all of us, you have to be indoctrinated into the system in order get anywhere within it, even if it is founded on racism/white supremacy. This leaves them with few choices outside of crime as a means of survival, thus making their chances of going to jail almost 100%.

The other part of the definition also states to persuade someone to feel or act in a desired way. The question is for American Afrikans what are they trying to persuade you of?

They spent 300 plus years convincing us that God ordained them to kidnap, own, abuse, and kill us at will. They legally kept us uneducated, then told us we were stupid and contributed nothing to the advancement of hue-man civilization. They sought to erase us from history by making one of the world’s earliest civilizations Egypt a non Afrikan country with no connection to Black Afrikans.

All the while in 1822 Champollion and others were discovering the roots of hueman civilization as we know it in Egypt and Nubia, the Maangamizi (Middle Passage) was in full swing and they were kidnapping Afrikans in the western part of the continent as hue-man chattel to work on their plantations. They kidnapped us because they refused to labor to build their own newly stolen country for themselves, yet the eternal stereotype is that Blacks are lazy.

Something we say about each other constantly, following in their footsteps. Then when they finally allowed us to get an education it is of the most inferior quality. As they build astronomical amounts of prisons instead of better schools. Do they want to persuade us to be successful hue-man beings or are they herding us like cattle towards the free involuntary servitude of the Penal System?

Even the sentence in definition 3 it says: Educate the public to support our position. It doesn’t say whether their position is right or wrong. It is automatically assumed they are always on the right side of an issue as most of us do with the American government. That is how white supremacy works. White people are are always on the right side of an issue even when practicing racism.

It also assumes that the public cannot think for themselves so instead of giving them the facts so they can make an informed decision they seek to persuade the public to support their position. Just as the facts are there were no WMDs in Iraq but President Bush tried to “persuade” the public to support chasing Saddam instead of Bin Ladin. We have to truly understand how the meanings of words show the underlying intent behind the historical nullification of any real upward mobility for people of Afrikan descent. And the continued refinement of racism using words and ideas to confuse victims of racism.

Putting Our Unity in Perspective

We must realize it is in our collective coming together that we can analyze these issues and seek to find ways to collectively rise to the pinnacle of political, economic, spiritual and educational power and become more autonomous.

Ngugi wa Thiongo puts the motivation for our unity in perspective: “It is often asked, why study African Caribbean and African American literature? What is the connection between the African and the West Indian and the African American?

A) We have the same bio-geographic roots: the people of the West Indies and African America are Africans who, a few hundred years ago, were brutally uprooted from the African Continent.

B) We have shared the same past of humiliation and exploitation under slavery and colonialism. We have also shared the glorious past of the struggle the fight against the same force.

C) Equally important, we have the same aspirations for the total liberation of black people in the world.

We will do to remember Africans are a fundamentally communocentric people. Any deviation from this truth is anti-historical in that it completely defies how Africans built nations, civilization and cultures in the past and how they attained strength and respect through unity. As is displayed in the Setswana Proverb, “kgetsi ya tsie e kgonwa ke go tshwaraganelwa,” All Africans the globe over must be drawn to realize we are one people. Our motivation is interdependent and the spread of information is vital to our cause.

Using history to uncover our communocentric origins and utilizing an Afrikan cultural paradigm to restore a Pan Afrikan agenda is the only solution to our dilemma every where Afrikans are found. Every one from Marcus Garvey to Malcolm X all the way to Dr Chancellor Williams in his magnum opus: The Destruction of Black Civilization gives us an outline of the history of our unity as well as the factors that have lead to our
problems unifying today.

With the research he presented, he also outlines the importance of our unity to our future in the same book. Hopefully we can take heed to greatest of our leaders all of whom shared a common theme though they took different approaches to our issues as a race. They stated clearly that lack of knowledge of self and our lack of unity is at the core of our problems as a people. Stopping the practice of anti-blackness is the number one thing American Afrikans (ALL Afrikans) can do dismantle the system of racism/white supremacy.

White peoples success at dominating all non-white people is the infusion of cultural self-hatred in the groups they dominate. That self hatred for Afrikan people is the acute manifestation of anti-blackness in the form of disrespect of our elders, urban crime, murder, rape, black male verbal/physical abuse of black females, black female verbal/physical abuse of black males. Making disparaging statements about other black people in the presence of whites or directly saying these things to white people.

Snitching on one another for reasons of personal gain. If the people in power cannot depend on us to help them abuse us by our abuse of one another, if we see ALL white people as racist suspects (which they are at minimum) we could avoid a lot of the tragedies we experience at the hands of police, on the job and the average white citizen (Ie: George Zimmerman).

All of the answers to our problems can be arrived at by educating ourselves about the system of racism/white supremacy what it is and how is works and Afrikan history. The fact that white people make up less than 10% of the world population but they control 90% of its’ resources is proof enough. The only reason white people still run things is because the over 90% of the non white people subjugated by racism are actively and passively supporting their system of white supremacy. Whether it is anti-blackness or just by being consumers instead of manufacturers, we all contribute the most towards their success at abusing and subjugating us.

If we look back at the proverb of the lion and the wild boars. Let’s just call American Afrikans the lions and white people the wild boars. The wild boars (white people) trained the lion (black man) to loathe himself (become white identified) and he did their job for them (protect them from other lions. Oops I mean niggers).

But eventually he was treated like the enemy (a nigger) because he was never fully accepted he was always their enemy (a nigger). Only when he ceased to be of use to them because all lions (I mean, niggers) look alike did they show their true colors. Many of us (Black people) spend so much time looking for white validation, that when other blacks try to expose the truth of our brain washing (brain-trashing) and how that supports the system of white supremacy we are willing die or kill our own to defend white people.

“A people without knowledge of it’s past is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Mosiah Garvey


  • Merriam Webster’s Dictionary
  • Ancient Africa’s Black Kingdoms Website Article: How to Control People by Charlie Reese
  • A Chronology of the Bible by Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan
  • Story of the Lion and the Wild Boar African Proverb taught by Naba La Moussa Morodenibig R.I.P.
  • The Broad Residency: American Educational Statistics
  • Culture as a Weapon (The Liberator Magazine Vol. 8.1) by Gugulethu Neo Bodibe
  • The Destruction of Black Civilization by Dr Chancellor Williams

Suggested Reading:

  • Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation by Anon
  • Racial Matters: The FBI’s Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972 by Keneth O’Reilly
  • The Isis Papers by Dr Frances Cress-Welsing
  • The United Compensatory Code/System/Concept by Neely Fuller Jr.
  • Yurugu and Let the Circle Be Unbroken by Dr Marimba Ani

No words can describe the personal loss I am feeling regarding the passing of one of the greatest black ladies and humanitarians who have ever walked this earth, so I would rather let Dr. Welsing speak for herself:

children are the only future


Dr Welsing 4

Dr Francis Cress Welsing 3

Dr. F.C. Welsing

If we TRULY want to honor Dr. Welsing’s LIFETIME of work

We must pick up the mantle and continue the fight for justice.

We have to stop being OBSERVERS and become PARTICIPANTS.

Find something to do and some way to make a difference.

Even the smallest things, like an act of courtesy or kindness

COSTS YOU NOTHING and reaps SPIRITUAL dividends.

One way to start is by changing the way we SEE and TREAT OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.



Black Males and Black Females — STOP MISTREATING EACH OTHER

Take the Pledge of Allegiance For Black People






The huge price increase on Amazon for the paperback copy of “Isis Papers” is due to unscrupulous book dealers taking advantage of the demand since Dr. Welsing’s passing. Give it a few weeks and I’m sure the price will come down. In the meantime, here are some links to the book and the eBook version:

The House of Nubian is selling it for $17.95 (not sure how many copies he has on hand, you might want to email or call first)


The price for the Kindle version is only $9.99.

Let’s put our money where our hearts are.


Queen Mother Welsing

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016

I just received an email from a black female I’ll call Stacy:

“Have you noticed that the commercials on TV have almost completely eliminated the black female especially if there is a black male on scene. The new black female is the white woman.”

My response:

“I have, and it’s true in the movies as well. It should be clear (to anyone with two working eyes) that the white supremacist system wants black males with ANYONE BUT a black female

(for fear we’ll BREED more black babies and somehow, find a way to unify with each other)

They would rather see a black male with a white, Asian, or Hispanic female or even lying in bed with a white male in a homosexual relationship


If you doubt this, check out the TV commercials with black males surrounded by white people and often paired up with a white female while black females are usually ABSENT

Check out the movies and TV shows where the black male rescues and partners up with white and Hispanic females but NEVER partners up with a black female —

that’s if she can be found in the movie or TV show to begin with EXCEPT as ‘wallpaper’ (a non-speaking role)

And check out the movies and TV  shows where the black female is the side whore of a  white male who grudgingly agrees to have sex with her AND that she is ALWAYS the one who initiates sex?


she is in a “relationship”  (if you can call it that), with a married white male (Scandal) who will NEVER leave his white wife for a black whore

Or in a “committed” relationship with a white male who does not value or respect her (like “How to Get Away With Murder”)

Perhaps because she is always portrayed as a BLACK WHORE who sleeps around– with white men, biracial men engaged to white women,  and, yes, even with white females

But she will NEVER be seen loving, kissing, hugging,  or sexing a black male because that is TABOO


that doesn’t stop the black audience from spending our money AND time watching our humanity degraded and the all too fragile black male/black female relationship being shred to bits right before our eyes

Surprisingly, the ABSENCE of black females from the lives of TV and Movie black males doesn’t stop the millions of REAL-LIFE (and, often SINGLE) black females from FLOCKING to TV shows and movies that degrade us, marginalize us, inferiorize us, and make us INVISIBLE in the lives of black males

In shows like EMPIRE that push interracial sex, homosexuality, and disrespect between black male and black female, and disrespect between black son and black mother down our throats while the ONLY EDUCATED AND MARRIED BLACK MALE

“wifes-up” a blond white female

On the FOX TV NETWORK–of all networks

(Did you know the TV show script for  “Empire” is written by a white person?)

The white supremacists KNOW their programming WORKS  and they know far too many of us don’t have the will OR the SELF-RESPECT to stop watching our own degradation

If I sound too harsh (I make no apologies for it), try to imagine the REVERSE:

Black people writing and producing films and TV shows that degrade the white male/white female relationship or show white women as black males’ whores and white males ONLY saving and rescuing black females

Dr. Kambon once said, “Black people are serious about not being serious.”

It’s hard to argue the point as the white supremacist TV set babysits our children and literally destroys their self-respect right before our eyes

So, it’s pretty clear what kind of CROP we will be reaping in the coming future:

  • black males who are super-white identified and low-self-esteemed who rely HEAVILY on white validation
  • mentally ill, demoralized, angry black females who will raise the next generation


And we will shake our heads and wring our hands and bemoan the future of the ‘black race” for YEARS TO COME

But it is not too late.

Each individual can take a stand and stop supporting white supremacy in ALL forms of entertainment — including, the Tyler Perry BUFFOONERY sitcoms — and at the least STOP PAYING FOR IT.

Because whether we realize it or not, this programming is SEEPING into our brains and DIRECTING our behavior toward each other

And I don’t care how smart you think you are, or how smart I think I am, it is SOAKING into our brain cells and poisoning us against ourselves AND each other and you can see the growing detachment, resentment, mistrust, and uneasiness between black people — male AND female.

The white supremacists are working NIGHT AND DAY, 24-7 to make sure that we are so confused and self-hating and black-hating that by the time they MAKE THEIR MOVE AGAINST US

It won’t matter what they do to other black people — and my greatest fear is

They might be right…

I talk about all the above at length in my book, “Black Love is a Revolutionary Act” and “The Interracial Con Game”

And even if you never read one of my books, I want you to start making your own observations (if you haven’t already)

And talk to other black people, talk to your family and friends and your children and coworkers about it.

Just DO SOMETHING and prove Dr. Kambon was wrong.

When he said, “Black people are serious about not being serious.”


This is an amazing article I feel compelled to share.   The biggest, best kept secret on the planet is the TRUTH ABOUT AFRICANS and AFRICAN CIVILIZATIONS.

After you read this article you will be able to answer the one burning question  black and African people all over the world have asked for centuries:

Why do the most powerful whites and their white foot soldiers hate black and African people?

Which leads to four other questions that must be asked–and answered:

  1. Why do the most powerful whites want to control Africa and its people?
  2. Why are the most powerful whites committing mass genocide against blacks and Africans via man-made, genetically-designed viruses (like HIV/AIDS and Ebola),  manufactured tribal conflicts, and GMO-infected foods that cause long-term sterility and illness?
  3. And why are the vast majority of black images in TV, music, and film degrading images designed to infect us with a sense of inferiority, self-hatred, and anti-blackness?
  4. Last of all, why are they working so diligently to keep the vast majority of black and African people poor, ignorant, and uneducated?



The Article


100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans: WHY there are seldom historical buildings and monuments in sub-Saharian Africa!

To read the rest of the article, click on this link:  100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans

(Please share this link with everyone you know!)

I am NO FAN of Alex Jones OR Info Wars. I believe he is a rabid race-monger (a racist) and cannot be trusted. However, I do find the opinions of Dr Paul Craig Roberts and his analysis of the economy, the U.S. government, and government officials very useful in understanding what is really happening around the world.

He has decades of experience working within the government and is speaking from firsthand experience. I strongly suggest those who want a better understanding of the economy and geo-politics to do a search for him on YouTube and to check out his website:

Here is the video that provoked this post:

What I disagree with (regarding Dr. Roberts) is that President Obama is making ANY decisions (he is a puppet just like former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton). Dr. Roberts seems to waffle back and forth on this issue.

I also believe that President Obama knew full well what his role would be as the “first black president” and IN FACT, was raised, trained, vetted and educated to assume a role that would deceive the people into thinking “a change” had come when IN FACT the same policies were renewed and expanded during his administration that began during the Bush and Clinton administrations.

Case in point is the TPP signed by President Obama that some describe as “NAFTA on steroids.”

As Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, says regarding the TPP (The TransPacific Partnership):

“So what we’re going to see coming out of this deal, if it goes through—and it’s not a done deal at all yet—but if the deal is finalized and enacted and implemented, we’re going to see an expansion of the NAFTA model. That means, in the United States, more export of jobs; more downward pressure on wages, especially in the United States and throughout the 12-country region; degradation of the environment and difficulties in imposing new environmental standards; increasing pharmaceutical prices; and the creation and expansion of special powers for giant—giant foreign corporations to sue governments when they take actions that the companies say would interfere with their expected profits.”

That being said, I do not hold President Obama responsible for the administration that bears his name because he is NOT in charge. He is simply the face on his administration, an attempt to scapegoat black people as being responsible for the crimes of a white supremacy system.

That is not the same as making excuses, it is simply a matter of recognizing the DIFFERENCE between the ones who WRITE the scripts versus the ones WHO ACT IT OUT. We must keep our focus on the people who have the power, not the ones who MIMIC power.

Despite Alex Jones’s participation and presence, I think this interview is an important opportunity for black people to challenge EVERYTHING we have been told about how government and presidencies actually work–and the truth about the political and economic times we live in.

I believe Dr. Roberts is one of the most accurate analysts of our current times.

if you find this information constructive PLEASE PARTICIPATE by sharing the link.

A NY Times article in 1910 about the Union of Black Mothers and White Fathers Will Bring About Negro Elimination”

It’s obvious that some white supremacists do not believe IR sex will eliminate whites — they believe it is just the reverse. It is also more proof that the white supremacists have been fretting AND planning our genetic extermination for a long time.  I am not saying the “theories” in this article are logical or biologically correct but found it an interesting piece to add to the discussion.

(amalgamation means to combine)


1910 NY Times Article about BW marrying WM

As a follow-up to my last post — “Can Oppressed Non-White Males ‘Sex’ Their Way to Freedom?”—  I thought a Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Moment would be more than appropriate and very constructive.

(Excerpt from ‘Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” – page 162)

Five Reasons Black Males Are Encouraged To Date Interracially

1. To destroy the concept of the strong black family.

2. To encourage the black male to commit genetic self-genocide.

3. To destroy the black male’s self-respect and neutralize his will to oppose white supremacy.

4. To emotionally demoralize the black female, who is now raising 70% of the next black generation alone. The more unstable the frustrated black female becomes, the more likely she is to raise dysfunctional black children who will be no threat to white supremacy.

5. To focus the growing rage and frustration of the white male collective onto black males. It is NO coincidence that the increasing numbers of black
males who are dating white females is followed by an increase in black male unemployment, incarceration, police abuses, and police murders by
white males.


(Excerpt from “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act” – page 356)

Are Black Females The Enemies Of White Genetic Survival?

Involuntary and Coerced Sterilization of Black Females

According to government documents, forced sterilization in the U.S. occurred from 1897 to the early 1980s. For example, the first sterilization law of 1929 in North Carolina, targeted the “mentally ill, the retarded, and the epileptic” to protect impaired (defective) people from parenthood. Women were targeted for sterilization for being “promiscuous, lazy, unfit, or sexually uncontrollable” individuals. Since black women were assumed to be all the above, they made up 64% of all the women who were sterilized by 1964.

Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana became the only hospital to serve poor blacks from the 1960s to the 1980s. Unbeknownst to its poor black patients, this was the site of mass involuntary sterilization programs by the U.S. government. Some black women reported that they were pressured to have a c-section (a caesarean) instead of a vaginal birth, only to later discover they had been “butchered” by a doctor who tied their tubes without their consent, rendering them infertile. It is logical to assume that the secret sterilizations of black females are STILL happening today.

Black Males: Enemies Or Allies of White Supremacy?

If blacks are genetically the most dominant, and whites are genetically the most recessive, blacks have the most (genetic) potential to make whites genetically extinct. Therefore, it is logical to assume blacks (and Africans) will be the MAIN TARGETS of global genocide.

This black genetic potential has fueled the FALSE belief and fear that the black male who breeds with the white female (and produces non-white  offspring) is the biggest threat to white genetic survival.

In reality, it is just the opposite. The majority of these black male/white female relationships will not last, even if they have children together.

The Children Born Of Black Male/White Female Unions:

1. are more likely to be raised by single white mothers;

2. may have a closer, more sympathetic bond with the white side of their family, in particular, the white females;

3. likely to be white-identified;

4. more likely to breed with whites (or other non-whites with white parent)

5. more likely to produce offspring who will merge undetected with the white population. The future generations of these black male/white female unions will produce whites who will be more fertile (due to the more melanated black male), resulting in an INCREASE in overall white fertility, which will possibly extend the life of White Supremacy and Black Oppression. Therefore, the black male who breeds with the white female represents:

The single biggest threat to black liberation and are the biggest non-white allies of racism/white supremacy.


What is the Bottom Line of this Post?

The mass media image of the black female today is either that of a white man’s whore (TV shows ‘Scandal’ & ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and most Halle Berry movies after she won the Oscar) OR an undesirable mate for any “intelligent” black male seeking a “quality” mate (the vast majority of black female images in movies and TV).

Why is this happening?


While black males are being “groomed” for the genetic, social, sexual and economic destruction of their own MELANATED GENO-TYPE (genetic & economic genocide) by breeding with white females — they are also being groomed to be the SAVIORS of white genetic annihilation.

Note that the MAJORITY of TV and SCREEN roles for “intelligent” black males ALWAYS HAS TO DO WITH RESCUING WHITE PEOPLE and WHITE HUMANITY– in particular, the white female — which I discussed in a previous post:

Have You Noticed Whenever Black Males “Crossover” in Hollywood Films…

And that “grooming” is designed to train black males to put WHITE SURVIVAL ABOVE the survival of their own people even WHILE HE IS STILL BEING MISTREATED by racist man and racist woman.

Other reasons the black male is encouraged to breed with the white female:

  • By producing more melanated babies white females will–after two generations–increase the WHITE POPULATION overall. With 30 percent of sperm from white males being “non-viable” (incapable of fertilizing a woman’s egg), a limited number of white females are being STEERED in the black male’s direction to restore the fertility of the white race. In other words, to create a NEW, more FERTILE white race.
  • To be a SEXUAL PLAYTHING for racist woman AND racist man. The TV show “Empire” is a prime example. One young black male is married to a white female (the only married black male in the show) and the other young black male is in a HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with a white male. While EVERY BLACK MALE/BLACK FEMALE RELATIONSHIP including the relationship between BLACK MOTHER and BLACK SON is a hostile, disrespectful and dysfunctional one. And black people all over the nation are ‘sucking up’ these images and storing them in our brain computers yet are puzzled by the increasing dysfunction of black male/black female relationships.
  • A black male in a relationship with a more POWERFUL white female (and all white females are more POWERFUL than all non-white males AND females in a white supremacy system) — has the EFFECT of ‘FEMINIZING’ (homosexualizing) the black male who is fooled into thinking he is her equal — which is impossible in a system of white supremacy.

To illustrate further the white supremacist INTENTION of using the black male as a personal “sexual plaything” for white females AND white males — and as their GENETIC SURVIVAL SAVIOR — check out the following videos:

(A homosexual moment OR a potential homosexual assault?)

It is time we start to understand what we are seeing and developing SELF-RESPECTING counter-racist strategies to oppose it for our SURVIVAL Or we can accept the alternative as Dr. Welsing explains:

Please share the link to this post — especially to those who are engaging in sex with whites under a system of white supremacy.

The two videos in this post pose a very important question.

Can Oppressed non-white males SEX their way to freedom?

After viewing this video hopefully you will be able to answer that question for yourself.

I am reminded of something I heard many times growing up as to the reasons some black males pursued sex with white females.  In my experience, the two most common reasons given were:

Reason #1: “I have sex with white women to get back at the white man.” 

Reason #2: “If we keep making babies with white females the U.S. will turn “brown” and we will gain power over whites.”

Even as a young girl, I knew the reasoning behind these statements was illogical, but I didn’t know why.

I do now.

At the risk of stepping on some sensitive toes, I’m going to tackle the TENDENCY of some non-white males to EQUATE SEX (with white females) with having POWER (being “equal” to white males).

Here’s a written excerpt from the “speech” the Syrian male in the video makes:

“Europe has become old and decrepit, and needs human reinforcement.  No force is more powerful than the human force of us Muslims. Oh Muslims, the Germans say, in their economic reports, that they need 50,000 young workers. Throughout Europe, all the hearts are enthused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead, but they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in our midst. We will give them fertility. We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries.”

Then, let’s look at what some Syrian women (who have been left behind in war-torn Syria) have to say:
let’s tell the truth even if it hurts.

As I was listening to the two videos I saw a very CLEAR parallel between the thinking of these desperate Syrian males and some black males in the U.S.–and other black and non-white males around the world.

What all those “groups” have in common is they have been disenfranchised, driven, and/or kidnapped from their homelands and left impoverished, powerless, and oppressed victims of white supremacy. As a result of their psychologically traumatized condition, some have wrongfully equated HAVING SEX with their oppressors’ females (white females) as a blow against their oppression and a blow against the dominant white male.


Let’s follow the historical pattern that occurs when one group dominates another group:

When one group of men CONQUERS another group of men, part of the bounty (LOOT) is the freedom to have sex (whether forced or voluntary) with the women of the conquered men.

We have seen this dynamic all throughout history. Unlimited SEXUAL ACCESS to the women and children is a SHOW OF POWER (however inhumane) and PROOF of CONQUEST.

It is PROOF that the CONQUERED MALES have been defeated and cannot protect their women and children from the whims of CONQUERORS, be it rape, servitude, or murder.

This “show” of power can also take the form of PUBLICLY DISRESPECTING AND/OR KILLING the women and children of the CONQUERED MALES as we have seen with relentless degradation of black females in the mainstream media and in the real life MURDERS of Sandra Bland and Trayvon Martin whose murderers were NEVER brought to justice.

HOWEVER, THE REVERSE IS TRUE when the CONQUERED MALE attempts to use SEX as a weapon against the CONQUERORS.

When the CONQUERED MALES seek out sex with the women of the CONQUERORS, they are actually reinforcing their own POWERLESSNESS by making SEX  a PRIORITY over their own liberation and freedom.

In other words, they are DEMONSTRATING THEIR OWN IMPOTENCE by placing p**ssy above the liberation of their own people AND are ensuring their continued oppression and enslavement as CONQUERED MALES.

Under the mask of “fighting the power”  they have bought into the LIE that the white male’s ice is colder and his women are HOTTER.

Subsequently, the FEMALES of the CONQUERED lose respect for the CONQUERED males of their group and will eventually lose hope for their own liberation and that of their children.

As they watch the CONQUERED MALES make the females of the CONQUEROR a PRIORITY, they will feel demeaned, marginalized, and resentful toward the CONQUERED MALES of their group who are supposed to be their PROTECTORS and LIBERATORS. And some females will seek sanctuary in the arms (and beds) of the CONQUERORS who are powerful enough to protect and provide for them.

What some CONQUERED MALES do NOT understand is:

The CONQUEROR’S FEMALES are his FEMALE WARRIORS who use their bodies to help maintain the power of the CONQUEROR. They know this also maintains their superior positions as the FEMALES of the CONQUEROR. They KNOW their POWER (and superior positions) comes from the white male power structure EVEN when they are sharing a bed with a black or non-white male.

By ENHANCING the fertility of the dying CONQUERORS via impregnating their females and producing more MELANATED offspring, the CONQUERED MALES are effectively sealing their OWN FATE AS THE PERMANENTLY CONQUERED.

Because in REALITY (if we keep it real):

If the CONQUERORS (really) wanted to stop the CONQUERED males from having sex with their females, they would KILL THEM.

Prior to integration in the U.S. this is exactly what happened if a black male was caught having sexual intercourse with a white female. He effectively signed his own death sentence.


LOGIC tells us  that when  the CONQUEROR POPULATION pushes sexual intercourse and breeding offspring with the CONQUERED they are doing this to MAINTAIN THEIR POWER as the CONQUERORS — by DISTRACTING AND DERAILING the will, the time, the energy, AND the understanding needed by the CONQUERED to overcome their oppression.

I have explained at length the folly of thinking that “breeding” with the white female to “brown” a predominantly white nation in my first three books in the “Interracial Con Game” chapters:

One more thing to consider:

Whites are ALREADY a minority on the planet, constituting LESS than 10 percent of the world’s population. The world is already predominantly BROWN yet the system of white supremacy STILL dominates the other 90-plus non-white percent.

Obviously, breeding more non-white people is NOT THE ANSWER TO ending white supremacy.

So, the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this post — Can Oppressed Males Sex Their Way to Freedom?”

is a resounding NO
 As one Syrian woman said near the end of the video:
remember the wisdom of her words:
“We all have to be one hand to get our rights back.”

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Christopher Columbus white joggerChristopher Columbus = Old World Gentrification

The Full Transcript


Back off me

Back off me

Back the fuck off me

Back the fuck off me

Back the fuck off ME

Don’t fucking come back here

I’ll kill you

With one punch

You’re messing with the wrong guy

I fight for a living

You’re messing with the wrong guy

‘scuse you, pal

You push your stroller into people?

Your baby could get hurt

Your baby could get hurt

I fight babies like you, baby

You’re new in the neighborhood

I came to this neighborhood

The only reason white people like you are living here

Is because I settled this fucking neighborhood

For you

Don’t push your stroller into my legs

Don’t push your stroller into my legs

White privilege! White fucking privilege!

You push your stroller right into me

And all I said was, “Excuse you”

And then you said, “Fuck you”

Fuck you!

Fuck you

You white trash

You fucking white trash

Look how the black cop is afraid to take charge. And how the aggressive white male totally ignores his presence. He knows he is in NO DANGER from a black male — EVEN WHEN HE’S WEARING A UNIFORM AND BADGE and carrying a gun. That white male knows the black cop is not going to accidentally shoot him or use brute force. He knows that black cop can’t arrest him UNLESS a white cop is present to SANCTION the arrest.

Had that been two black men arguing on a street corner and one of them was ignoring a white police officer and putting his hands in his face there would be a dozen cops surrounding those two black males within five minutes and someone would wind up in handcuffs, in an ambulance, or in the morgue.

THAT is what WHITE PRIVILEGE looks like.

It is also MORE PROOF that white people are NOT IGNORANT about racism. White people–including white children– know white people are MORE PRIVILEGED (have more rights) than black and non-white people.

DON’T BE FOOLED by the LIE that white people are afraid of black people, ESPECIALLY dark-skinned black men. If this was true a dark-skinned black male in a policeman’s uniform with a badge and a gun SHOULD BE THE MOST FEARED BLACK MALE IN AMERICA. We can easily see in the video that this not the case.

DON’T BE FOOLED by their claims of being unaware or ignorant. Denial and deception go HAND IN HAND with maintaining the system of white supremacy/white privilege.

To better ILLUSTRATE this point check out my blogpost — “Is a White Anti-Racist an Oxymoron?’

When the aggressive white male said he ‘settled” the black/non-white neighborhood for white people, he meant an area isn’t settled AKA “civilized” UNTIL white people live there. He knows exactly what he’s saying. He is NOT ignorant about racism OR how it is practiced.

White people KNOW they are displacing black and non-white people from their homes, villages, communities, and countries all over the planet, including here in the U.S.,  in EVERY major city in this nation — but white privilege means they have the RIGHT to take whatever they want regardless of who is already there — be they Native Americans, Africans, Palestinians, Mexicans, Aboriginals (in Australia) — and regardless of who owns what they want to take.

THAT is what white privilege looks like under the system of white supremacy.

Furious 7 movie image BM no BW(Count ’em — four black males, one white male, one white female, one hispanic female, zero black females)

Have you noticed that whenever black males “crossover” in Hollywood films that black females are usually absent? At best we may be background noise but never women of any importance or substance.

Actors like Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Lawrence Fishburne, Will Smith, Danny Glover, Cuba Gooding are almost NEVER paired with a black female especially if that black male is an attractive, smart, brave, educated professional male.

The black male actor is almost always engaged in saving white girls, white females or white humanity. The black male actor — with a tiny number of exceptions — is NEVER engaged in saving black girls, black children, black women, or black humanity in general.

The list of these movies is FAR  too long for me to attempt that here but suffice it to say that black females are INSIGNIFICANT  in the screen lives of black actors in movies like:

  • Red Tails
  • All Vin Diesel films
  • All ‘The Rock’ flims
  • 95% of Samuel L. Jackson & Morgan Freeman films
  • Will Smith films
  • Denzel Washington films (after winning the oscar)
  • Lawrence Fishburne

On those rare occasions where a black male and black female are “paired” in a Hollywood film the scenario is ALMOST ALWAYS:

  • the black female being harmed or stalked or betrayed by a black male (Waiting to Exhale, For Colored Girls, The Perfect Guy)
  • Or the black male is struggling alone because some no-good black woman betrayed or abandoned him (“The Pursuit of Happyness” where the black female in question is never seen on screen).

What is NEVER MISSING is the white female either as a sexual partners OR a friend/colleague.

RED TAILS IMAGE(black males risking lives for white supremacy system — not ONE black male was involved or in contact with a black female)

denzel movie 2(black male saving/assisting white female)

denzel movie 3(black male saving white female/white humanity)

usher movie 1(black male risking life for white female)

Will Smith movie with WW(black male “focused” on white female)

Z for Zachariah movie imageMovie Description: Following a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, a scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and a miner (Chris Pine) compete for the love of a woman (Margot Robbie) who may be the last female on Earth.

(This is how the white supremacists see the ideal black/white combination. The black male for his melanin and the sexual plaything for white females AND white males; the white male who will be in charge of this new world; and the white female who will be impregnated by the black male to ensure white genetic survival and who will serve as the black male’s “handler.” (she keeps him in line via her vagina). Since the products of black female wombs are undesirable, the black female is non-existent in this imaginary (and delusional) white supremacy fantasy world. If you want to understand why, check out my book, “The Interracial Con Game.”

Yes, there are a few movies and TV shows that pair the black female with the white male but their unions are often of a disrespectful and sexually exploitative nature  (like “Scandal” and “How To Get Away with Murder” TV shows).  However, these black female/white male unions are a drop in the bucket compared to the films/TV shows that pair the black male with the white or non-black female.

In contrast, the unions between black males and white females in Hollywood films are SELDOM abusive, disrespectful or antagonistic. The black male is usually RESPECTFUL, considerate, RESPECTFUL, loyal and RESPECTFUL to the white female even to the extent of risking his life to aid, assist and rescue her — EVEN WHEN SHE DOES NOT DO THE SAME IN RETURN.

The white female is not only the ALLY of the black male, she’s his ‘best friend’.

while in real life, the black male (and female) are catching HELL from racist man AND racist woman the moment we step outside that movie theater…

This white supremacist PROGRAMMING seeps into the conscious and unconscious minds of black males and females who consume this white supremacist entertainment fare and creates division, dislike, anger, resentment, contempt, and even HATRED toward each other.

This PROGRAMMING results in more:

  • Anti-blackness
  • More anti-black-female-ness
  • More anti-black-male-ness
  • More destructive and predatory black male/black female relationships
  • More anti-black-self and self-hatred among black people
  • More white identification
  • A greater need for white validation
  • More interracial sex between blacks and whites
  • More confusion
  • and MORE WHITE SUPREMACY in real life

black people wake up and stop falling for the con game

Ten remedies to counter this programming:

  2. Black females — STOP disrespecting ourselves by supporting any films that make us INVISIBLE in the lives of black boys and men OR that portray black males as our enemies. It is HIGH TIME, sisters, that we start respecting ourselves. Ask yourself — would white females support movies that made them invisible in the lives of white men? Of course not. Then why are we? Let our pride show in our CHOICES not in our clothing or hairstyles and education. None of that takes the place of TRUE SELF-ESTEEM.
  3. Black males — STOP disrespecting your girls and women by supporting any films that make us INVISIBLE in the lives of black boys and men OR that portray black females as your enemies. Brothers, how can you let the white media turn you against your black mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, daughters, friends, and lovers? We are the ONLY allies you have. Cherish us while there is still an US left to cherish.
  4. Black parents — STOP allowing the TV/movie theater to raise our children. Due to excessive TV/movie watching our children are operating at a DANGEROUS LEVEL of anti-blackness and anti-self. We must do everything humanly possible to reverse this curse.
  5. Find more intellectually stimulating activities for your children — like board games, puzzles, books, building blocks and toys that involve THINKING CREATIVELY — instead of sitting them in front of a BOOB-TUBE  for hours — unless it is your goal to raise a houseful of brainwashed BOOBS.
  6. If you must see a particular film DO NOT PAY TO SEE IT. Wait until they come to your local library and see them for FREE (there are other ‘ways’ to see free movies but in the interest of not promoting illegal activity, I will not list them here).
  7. Start supporting more black independent films made here, in Africa, and the Caribbean. You must be on guard for the skin color issues of many black filmmakers and support those that create EMPOWERING images of black people in all shades and complexions.
  8. Talk to your children about the white supremacy in movies and TV shows. Even if you don’t think they are listening, THEY HEAR EVERY WORD YOU SAY.
  9. Whenever you’re confused about the “rightness” or “wrongness” of a Hollywood movie, just reverse the color of the characters–for example, instead of an innocent black male dying to save two little white girls (The Green Mile) imagine it is an innocent white male giving up his life to save two little black girls —  then ask yourself:  would white people support this movie? If they would not, why are WE? 
  10. When all else fails this is my personal mantra:

If it comes out of a Hollywood (TV/movie) studio — the question isn’t IS white supremacy being practiced — but HOW white supremacy is being practiced.  Once we accept this TRUISM, we will understand what we are looking at.


We must become a smarter and more self-respecting people for our children’s sake.

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the complete videos but Sistah Soulja is spitting enough truth to make this post worthwhile.

Note the demeanor of the privileged and noteworthy blacks present WHO KNOW SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH — but do not offer her one shred of support and either sit there quietly (afraid of angering their white ‘benefactors/bosses”) OR are actively trying (and failing) to derail the points she’s making — like Cornel West, a TENURED YALE PROFESSOR.

These videos illustrate better than any words I could ever write about the DANGER in blindly supporting or following ANY high profile black person who is rewarded by the white supremacy system in the form of Ivy League tenure, TV shows, movies, awards, and high-sounding, POWERLESS political positions — and that includes the White House.

The white supremacy system is NOT GOING TO REWARD black people who challenge it.

It ONLY rewards those blacks who are useful in DECEIVING and DISENFRANCHISING the black masses.

And I have NOT found ONE EXCEPTION to this rule.

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What is the real message behind the recently HIGHLY PUBLICIZED MEDIA COVERAGE of racist assaults and murders against black people?

It is NOT  what some people might think. This is my take on it–and you are free to agree OR disagree:

I believe these incidents are being PUBLICIZED not because the media is exposing injustice. It is NOT being done to “shame” white people, white society, or the individual whites responsible for the assaults and murders. It is NOT being done to discourage the violence OR to reduce the odds that this will happen again. Actually, it is just the opposite:

Keep in mind that as the economy winds down, and the social, financial, and psychological instability and fears expands within the white and non-white U.S. populations, the goal is to KEEP THE FOCUS ON BLACK PEOPLE — and other non-white people (aka “Muslims” and “illegal immigrants” aka brown niggers).

The TV “cameras” are on black people almost ALL THE TIME. On what we are doing or not doing starting with President Obama and Bill Cosby and any random number of black athletes and talking heads.

Racism/white supremacy and police brutality and mistreatment is a DAILY STAPLE of American life for black people.  Male and female. Young and Old.  In wheelchairs, in baby strollers, in cars, unarmed, the homeless, or with their hands in the air.  Why is our mistreatment a daily occurrence on America’s TV screens? Why now?

I believe one of the reasons there is so much coverage LATELY is due to a subconscious form of PROGRAMMING that is taking place.

By constantly showing black people–black adults, males, females, pregnant females, old, young, boys and girls (what’s next? black babies?) — being mistreated and killed by police and racists then blasting it all over the media

the society is being PROGRAMMED to think a certain way about black people…

It is NOT about shaming racists or exposing racism.


My best analogy would be a “fat girl” (please bear with me for using a politically incorrect term) who is constantly being picked on and called names, etc for being ‘fat.’

At first, there might be a few onlookers who think, “Wow, why are they doing that to her? Being fat is not a crime. That’s so wrong!”

But after a while they get USED TO SEEING IT and after a while, they hardly notice it and it begins to LOOK AND FEEL NORMAL

There will be those who will start to believe, maybe, just maybe, she deserves it.

And will draw one or more of the following conclusions:

1) there must be something wrong with her if everyone is picking on her

2) If she changes herself and lose weight (or her blackness or whatever else is “wrong” with her) the bullying will stop

3) I’m glad it’s not me.




After a while the mistreatment of “certain people” begins to take on a form of NORMALCY that is extremely dangerous for the “fat girl” and anyone who falls into that category.  This programming actually INCREASES the number of people doing it.

Who will see mistreatment of black people as the NORM and as NORMAL BEHAVIOR.

IF the Rodney King and Eric Gardner-type videos actually DISCOURAGED police brutality why hasn’t it decreased? Why haven’t most of the offenders gone to prison?

Do we really believe that police brutality against black people is something NEW to the white mainstream news media and the white collective and that they are shocked and ashamed when they see it?

OR are they more likely to blame police brutality on the “bad behavior” (and bad nature) of black people and see it as a GOOD and NECESSARY THING?

Check out the on-line comments most white people post AFTER these incidents and judge for yourself.

These highly publicized incidents along with movies like “The Purge” and “Planet of the Apes” are setting the stage for what is to come.

Wholesale attacks against black people in the event of a societal collapse.

I am not trying to frighten you — I am trying to warn you that


Because it is a gross contradiction for:

Black males to rail against racism while practicing ATTEMPTED SEXISM against black females, which sadly, often includes a sexual and romantic ‘boycott’ against black females in favor of non-black females. Black females constitute more than HALF of any potential human resources for black males in the event of a collapse. NOT THE ASIAN OR WHITE OR HISPANIC FEMALE. Be very clear about this. You must put your SURVIVAL ahead of your false EGOS and your desire to commit self-and-genetic-genocide.

Because it is a gross contradiction for:

Black females to rail against racism and the negative portrayals of black females while JUSTIFYING our often petty mistreatment of other black people. Black males constitute HALF of any potential human resources for black females in the event of a collapse. NOT THE ASIAN OR WHITE OR HISPANIC MALE. Be very clear about this. We need black men just like they need us. We must put our SURVIVAL ahead of our false EGOS and our desire to visit our pain upon other black people.

Because it is a gross contradiction for:

Black males AND females to rail against racism while spending time in bed, on-line and in bars and clubs trying to seduce OR be seduced by white people and to literally breed ourselves out of existence. (have you noticed nearly all the “black” adults and children in TV commercials are so-called bi-racial?).

It is time to PUT OUR FOOLISH BEEFS with each to the side and work as hard and as fast as we can toward respecting, loving and UNIFYING with each other.

I’m not naive. I know this message is far too little, and far too late, and that total black or even a majority black unity is an impossibility,

However, we can work within the BLACK CIRCLE we live and work in to squash our white supremacist-manufactured beefs, to be more courteous, kind, helpful, and SANE toward other black people.

In short, to RESPECT other black people the way we want to be respected. And to teach our children by our EXAMPLE.

This will increase our COLLECTIVE self-respecting responses to racist oppression and will help us to REGAIN some of our sanity and self-respect back. Because we are a CREATIVE PEOPLE–I suspect, the most creative people on earth. We will find NEW STRATEGIES against our oppression and will have the backing OF KARMA and the UNIVERSE on our side to get back what was taken from us. But, only if our minds are RIGHT.



A second reason to publicize racism against black people is to wage psychological warfare/terrorism against the black mind – and to create more pressure, more anger, more rage, and more stress on black people . Because stressed-out people are NOT progressive, problem-solving, solutions-creating people. When the minds and emotions are chaotic, the behavior becomes chaotic.

All of this stress actually FEEDS into our anti-blackness and our black inferiority complexes, because like that “fat girl” who was being bullied, she may develop intense self-loathing and loathing for other girls like herself in reaction to her own mistreatment.

As this publicized mistreatment of other black people seeps into our conscious and unconscious mind, some will start to internalize those feelings and may start to visit our self-hatred onto other black people.


ANYTHING we see on mainstream media be it TV news, videos, TV shows like “Empire” and “Scandal” or politicians or news pundits or Yale professors like Cornel West bad-mouthing other black people (but never white people),  or Cornel West and Al Sharpton going ‘at it,’ OR Dr. Ben Carson on Fox News, or talk show hosts like Wendy Williams talking bad about other black people like Rhianna —

ANYTHING that has anything to do with black people that is shown on white mainstream media is ALWAYS designed to do TWO THINGS:

  1. Promote the system of white supremacy  (to extend its life and power)
  2. Promote anti-blackness and black inferiority (and the lack of value of black life)

And I have found NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

(a video of the fight started by a white female)


forgive black and white








By Gus T. Renegade

Former President Bill Clinton admitted that white U.S. public health officials betrayed, lied to and trampled the human rights of African-American victims of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.

We’re sorry.

Elwin Wilson lynched Black dolls as a white kid. He graduated to leading a racist gang assault on future Congressman John Lewis. Nearly a half century after the attack, Wilson embraced Rep. Lewis and begged forgiveness.

I’m not a racist.

Planet of the Apes (2001) star Mark Wahlberg wasn’t buying Skittles or committing strong-arm robberies as a teen. He spent his youth terrorizing Black children. Wahlberg and company hurled rocks while yelling, “We don’t like black n*ggers,” and “Kill the n*gger,” according to court records. Devotion to white terrorism compelled him to continue brutalizing non-white people. But this was simply “affluenza” or juvenile tomfoolery; Wahlberg’s an accomplished thespian and reformed entrepreneur hoping to pad his prospectus with a pardon.

I have Black friends.

“$40 Million Slave” author William Rhoden submits that, “African-Americans have been in the forgiveness business for centuries.” Unfortunately, this Black industry is a subsidiary of the global conglomerate of white supremacy. Being the eternal target of white aggression forces Black people to perpetually respond to, and often, excuse white sadism. Our relationship with whites is sorry. The volume of racist atrocities against Black people exceeds all library and hard drive space. The niggardly mea culpas are predictably decades late, unaccompanied by restitution and barely complete before the next offering of white cruelty.

General and child psychiatrist and “Isis Papers” author Dr. Frances Cress Welsing declared: “Racism is the characteristic of the relationship between white people and Black people. And it’s been so for 500+ years.” This toxic, tragic arrangement guarantees that Ferguson’s Mary Ann Twitty, Wahlberg, countless whitefolks become masters of ceremony for a recital of: “An Apology To N*ggers.”

I’m sorry. I’m not a racist. 
I have Black friends.

Deception is a definitive aspect of racism, a primary weapon in the defense of white power. The concept of white guilt is perpetually promoted, patently false. Displeasure with being apprehended is not contrition. The white collective is not remorseful about but dedicated to the ceaseless persecution of Black people. Typically, alcoholics resist being labeled as substance abusers. Child molesters reject being branded as pedophiles. No matter how depraved the act, an accused racist will dispute this title to the embalming table. An environment saturated with racism, but void of racist whites confounds Black understanding, our ability to counter racism. Countless whites have maintained lifelong Black pals – even Black sex partners – while unapologetically committing their life force to white supremacy.

Black people have enemies. Those remorseless enemies are white.

click here to read the rest of the article

Gus Renegade is a contributing journalist for the Atlantic Black Star.

Gus Renegade is also the (tireless and dedicated) host of the internet radio program ‘The C.O.W.S.’  (The Context of White Supremacy) which has been instrumental in my understanding of racism/white supremacy, without which this blog would NOT exist. Thank you, Gus.

I highly recommend this program for those who want to understand how the system of white supremacy works.

to listen to the C.O.W.S.

to listen to previous C.O.W.S. programs

baltimore riots with whites 1Baltimore protest

FACT #11 — Black people should not join marches or protests where whites are participating for the following six reasons:

1.  Some of the white (and black) participants are governments PLANTS who are there to CONTROL, MONITOR, IDENTIFY, and INSTIGATE VIOLENCE (when needed) to make it appear that black people aren’t protesting injustice; they’re “stealing” aka they are criminals. (to paraphrase  President Obama – see Part Two).

2.  Some whites who participate have their own political agendas, such as recruiting gullible blacks for white socialist organizations and/or to REDIRECT the BLACK FOCUS away from RACE (racism) to CLASS (what ails white people). In reality, the white supremacy system is a CASTE SYSTEM where non-white people–regardless of education and “class” are still considered a “lower caste” NON-WHITE person. You can find my post on class VS caste here.

3.  White participation totally confuses black people into thinking there are “good white people” who are not racist and who will assist and save us. Many walk away from the marches convinced that —“maybe, racism isn’t as bad as I thought because I was marching next to a really cool, non-racist white person”  — YET the murders continue and in fact, are increasing despite all the white participation.

4. The presence of whites actually feed our desperate need for WHITE VALIDATION and provides a “soothing lotion” for our mistreatment under the system of white supremacy. This undermines our confidence that we can think and act INDEPENDENTLY of the white system (and white people).

5. The presence of whites where emotions and adrenaline run high actually increases the ODDS that sex between black and white people will take place (later).  In fact, I have come to the conclusion that SEX WITH BLACKS is a major draw for white participation in black rallies, forums, marches, and protests. You can find my post on the “white anti-racist” here.

6. The white people who are marching alongside black people are most likely STILL PRACTICING RACISM and do NOT want to see the system of white supremacy and white privilege eliminated. Some whites simply disagree with the (violent) MANNER in which racism is practiced, but NOT the actual practice of it.

The more refined racist believes racism can be practiced with a finesse that leaves his/her victims confused and baffled and dependent instead of angry and alienated and eventually rebellious. This is why the most refined racists operate off the premise that it is wiser to “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

Just to be clear, I realize it is difficult to near impossible for black people to organize on any large scale without white interference and participation. In fact, many, maybe most blacks will be totally opposed and offended by my suggestion to exclude whites from participating in our organizations and efforts to liberate ourselves.

That being said, I believe our focus, determination, and understanding on how to overcome our oppression is GREATLY diminished when we join with the same people who BENEFIT from our oppression. All we have to do is look at the EVIDENCE. We are still greatly oppressed.

FACT #12 — Black people have NO ALLIES in the known universe except the almighty CREATOR and EACH OTHER. We would be WISE to take a page out of all the white AND non-black group handbooks who do NOT seek alliances with blacks but focus on the problems of their OWN ETHNIC GROUP.

For example, evangelical white Christians claim to oppose homosexuality but have NEVER ONCE JOINED FORCES with the outspoken black ministers who have come out against it. They have NO INTENTION of allowing anyone to even THINK they are participating OR cooperating with anything that black people support.

We should immediately cease our pitiful attempts to align ourselves politically with non-black people or non-black groups who have NEVER ONCE extended a hand in our direction except to hand us our change from a purchase we made from their businesses.

To my knowledge, there hasn’t been A SINGLE MAJOR NON-BLACK (no so-called red, yellow, or brown) ORGANIZATION that has publicly voiced their opposition to the murder of Freddie Gray or any other unarmed black victim NOR have any offered to join ranks with any black organizations to fight police oppression and/or racism.

NOT A ONE — but if anyone knows different, please post this information and a link in the interest of being as accurate as possible.

This has nothing to do with hating non-blacks anymore than Mexican people supporting La Raza or immigration means they hate black people. However, it should be clear that other non-white groups work hard to maintain a political DISTANCE from the troubles of black people because they do NOT want to be an ally of someone (black people) who is the collective scapegoat for all the ills and crimes of the white society.

An analogy:

There are four children  in the playground who wear glasses. One child has brown eyeglasses, another child has red eyeglasses, a third has yellow eyeglasses and the fourth child has black eyeglasses.

For some reason unknown to the four children, the child with the black eyeglasses–Billy–is targeted EVERY DAY by a gang of bullies who hate children who wear eyeglasses but especially children who wear black eyeglasses.

So the first three children say to themselves (and each other) there is NO WAY they are interested in being friends with the child who wears black eyeglasses. It is bad enough that they’re called names once in a while but this “black” child gets beat up every day.

So all three children steer clear of the child with the black eyeglasses UNLESS Billy has something they want or need, like the answers to the geography test. Only then will they sidle up to Billy and take what he has to offer then they scurry back to their side of the playground lest the bullies think they actually like or feel sorry for Billy.

Because whenever the bullies ask them about Billy, they tell the bullies what they want to hear, that Billy is a rotten kid who deserves whatever the bullies dish out.

And poor Billy, even when he realizes the other children aren’t his friend, is so eager to be liked after having been beaten up so often and so bad, that he doesn’t even care if they’re genuine as long as they pay him a little attention (VALIDATE HIM).


And that is the POSITION of black people today in a white supremacy society. We are the children with the black eyeglasses. That’s why I believe wholeheartedly that it is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME and an ACT OF SELF-DISRESPECT to seek alliances with other non-white people when our FOCUS SHOULD BE to renew and repair our relationships with EACH OTHER

BECAUSE the bottom line fact is — the ONLY ALLIES black people have OR will have in the event of a societal collapse will be EACH OTHER and we are in for a very PAINFUL AWAKENING if we do not heed this warning.

FACT #13 —  It is no accident that the vast majority of blacks murdered by police are brown and dark-skinned black males and females.

To my knowledge, it is uncommon for a so-called “bi-racial-appearing” black person to be murdered by the police. This does not mean the so-called “bi-racial” person is not a victim of racism but there is a SKIN COLOR hierarchy in a white supremacy system where the darker you are, the more mistreated you are.

Making it appear that lighter-skinned blacks receive “better” treatment is a TRICK to get blacks to “lighten up” their offspring in the hopes that their children will be treated better than they were. This is one of the MAJOR REASONS some black people have given when they seek a lighter-skinned mate and some will go to the extent of dating and breeding with non-blacks exclusively.

However, the darker the skin, the more genetically superior the individual. And this is what the white supremacists want to destroy:


FACT #14 —  Interracial sex with whites have made blacks weaker collectively and more vulnerable to racist attacks.  I have warned about this over and over and over again. That interracial sex and relationships with whites works against our ability and our desire to protect each other.

I warned over and over again in my books and blogs that the MAIN reason the mainstream media promotes sex with whites for black people is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER the black male and black female.

That is why the white media pits black males and black females against each other in movies and TV shows and mass media. And this is why there are almost NO loving relationships between black males and females in mainstream media. Even sexual expression such as hugging and kissing and making love is almost forbidden in mainstream media and most black people are shown either alone (asexual) or sexually involved with white people.

This is why Interracial sex is constantly being promoted for blacks as a superior option and why the majority of black children and youth in TV commercials are “bi-racial” (the better blacks) to encourage us to avoid “breeding” with each other.

Interracial sex makes it literally IMPOSSIBLE for black people to UNIFY and OPPOSE white supremacy. It makes it literally IMPOSSIBLE to build strong black communities and economic bases. Which is why the white supremacists promote it. They know:


A DIS-UNIFIED people are a totally vulnerable, self-disrespecting, and anti-self people — and the evidence of this is everywhere. If we do not find a way to heal the damage done to our relationships from chattel slavery and integration, we will be little more than sitting ducks waiting to be picked off by the white hunters.

FACT #15–  There is a strong HOMOSEXUAL UNDERCURRENT behind the murders of black males, especially dark-skinned black males, by white policemen.

The white male cop who choked Eric Gardner — a DARK-SKINNED BLACK MALE — to death was accused in past of fondling black males’ genitals:

eric-garner-chokehold-video.pngThe MURDER of Eric Gardner

Eric Gardner cop murderer - Daniel PantaleoPoliceman Daniel Pantaleo

NEW YORK — The white New York City police officer, Daniel Pantaleo, whose choke hold led to the death of an unarmed black man, Eric Gardner,  has been sued three times for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of other blacks he and fellow cops arrested.

Darren Collins And Tommy Rice (two black males) allege that he and three other cops pulled them over one morning saying they saw a hand-to-hand drug transaction, the New York Daily News reports.

The cops then allegedly strip searched the men and touched their genitals, saying they were searching for drugs. Kenneth Collins, sued sued Pantaleo and other officers in November 2012.Collins and Rice sued Pantaleo and other police officers in 2012.  (He has been accused by other black males of fondling their genitals).

white supremacy is the problem

BurgeJon Burge

Jon Graham Burge (born December 20, 1947) is a convicted felon and former Chicago Police Department detective and commander who gained notoriety for torturing more than 200 criminal suspects (majority were black males) between 1972 and 1991 in order to force confessions.

Burge and other Chicago Police officers allegedly used methods of torture that included electrical devices: a cattle prod, a hand cranked device, and a violet wand. They used an old-style hand cranked telephone which generated electricity, and attached wires to the suspect’s genitals or face. The violet wand was said to be regularly placed either on the anus, into the rectum or against the victim’s exposed genitals.

abner_louima_hospital2Abner Louima


Abner Louima, after visiting Club Rendez-Vous, a popular hotspot in Flatbush, NY, he and fellow party-goers got in the middle of a fight between two women.

Police responded to the scene and tensions flared between the patrons and the officers, instigating a large scuffle. Officer Justin Volpe, the ringleader of the assailants in blue, and Charles Schwarz were among the first cops on the scene. Volpe lead all of the officers to beat Louma with nightsticks, two-way radios, and their fists while taking him to the 70th Precinct holding cell.

Louima’s evening would take a turn for the worse when the cops, drunken with anger, took him to a bathroom in the precinct and continued to beat him while Volpe kicked him and squeezed his privates. Volpe then took a plunger handle and SODOMIZED Louima, bragging to a fellow officer that he “took a man down tonight,” according to the trial testimony.

Thankfully, a nurse treating Louima at the emergency room in Coney Island Hospital alerted his family and the Internal Affairs Bureau of the NYPD. Louima would require three surgeries for his colon and bladder and was hospitalized for two months.

 2 cops held liable in screwdriver assault

coprez coffieL to R: Attorney Jon Loevy, Coprez Coffie, and Coffie’s mother

October 17, 2007

A federal jury late Tuesday held two (white male) Chicago police officers liable for the unreasonable search of a man who alleged that the officers sodomized him with a screwdriver during a search for drugs. Coprez Coffie, 23, had testified that the tactical officers used the tool on him in a West Side alley in 2004. His family hugged after the verdict was announced.

There are so many reported and unreported cases of white male policemen and prison guards fondling black males’ genitals, sodomizing them with screwdrivers and broom handles and raping them.

It should be obvious:  The hatred of black males — especially dark-skinned black males — is fueled by LUST AND ENVY — not law and order.

The obsession with black male genitalia and black virility as well as black sexuality in general is the gasoline on the fire of white supremacy and is as old as the first time white slavers laid eyes on black people.

The down low white male homosexual cannot openly pursue black males. It is his FRUSTRATION and self-contempt for desiring what he clearly despises that fuels the RAGE that leads to violence and murder. They hate what they so desperately desire and cannot be.


(In my book, ‘The Interracial Con Game” I talk at length about the the HOMOSEXUAL UNDERCURRENT of the white male racism).

Part Four — ‘What Black People Can Do RIGHT NOW’ — AND Part Five — ‘What Would White People Do?’ — will be posted later this month

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freddie-gray-arrest-record-2 The arrest “record” of Freddie Gray, 24, murdered by police

FACT #7 — One of the (many) reasons the white supremacist IN-JUSTICE SYSTEM rushes to give young black males and females felony convictions at as early an age as possible is to JUSTIFY murdering them at a later time–if the opportunity presents itself.

Whenever a black “felon” is murdered by police, the white mainstream media trots out their “criminal record” to justify whatever happened to them–even if that something is murder.

FACT #8 — Black people with “powerful-appearing” political titles and show business fame are often used to disguise the FACT that racism is being practiced. And what better way to hide it than to put a black face on it.

I’ve included an excerpt from my book: Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation’ —

Are Black Leaders Obsolete?

The Litmus Test For TRUE Black Leaders And Leadership

1. Are they embraced and rewarded by the white elite via distributorships, book deals, corporate donations, political appointments, and appearances on major network or cable stations?

2. Do they publicly chastise or criticize black people, or appear to blame racism and poverty in the black community on black people?

3. Do they avoid hot racial issues, like Katrina, the Jena Six, the UN Conference on Racism, or the Sean Bell police shooting (murder), and prefer to be “race-neutral?”

4. Do they get mainstream media exposure on a regular basis?

5. Are they praised by the mainstream media instead of being demonized?

If the answers to ANY of the above questions is “yes” – these so-called black leaders DO NOT REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE. We must become more sophisticated in our thinking. Our own history has taught us (or should have taught us) that ANY black leader who TRULY opposes the white status quo will be punished NOT rewarded.

A true leader cannot be bribed by money or (the appearance of) power. A true leader sacrifices whatever is necessary — even his or her life — for the cause they believe in.

Black liberation will not come from the black elites who have been bribed, wooed, coaxed, and stroked by the very system they only pretend to oppose.

Black liberation will not come from the black elite who often view the black masses with as much contempt as their white masters do.

Black liberation will not come from the black elites who depend on the white status quo for their paychecks, tenure, donations, grants, book deals, endowments, endorsements, media exposure, distributorships, talk shows, and other symbols of success and self-importance.

The only time the black elite challenges the status quo is through politically correct channels; writing politically correct nonfiction; making fancy speeches at fancy dinners; or by politely expressing outrage as a guest on CNN or MSNBC.

The black elite are terrified of losing what they have worked so hard for. They are smart enough to know there will be life-changing consequences if they step too far out of line or become too “politically incorrect” by telling the whole truth. They know the only safety in being a rich or educated black is to be a good black, too.

Sadly — in spite of all the brilliance in the black elite — no real solutions will ever come from their esteemed ranks. They are too addicted to their creature comforts, titles, degrees, awards, status, white validation, and non-black spouses.

If history ever blesses the black collective with another Martin or Malcolm X-caliber black liberator, there is no doubt that he or she will come hard from the streets — NOT from the hallowed Ivy League or corporate boardroom.




CBC Condemns Rioters in Baltimore: “Violence Does Not Lead to Justice”

congressional black caucusThe Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

“The Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the cause of Mr. Gray’s death and the CBC supports that investigation.  We all play a critical role in helping restore trust in law enforcement and our justice system.  The CBC will continue to work with federal, state and local governments to ensure this system is fair and impartial.  African Americans deserve to be treated equally before the law.”

(From the same article, another saner voice rises out of the burning ashes of Baltimore):

“Although the CBC opposes violence, The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates explained that violence is sometimes a natural consequence:

“When nonviolence is preached as an attempt to evade the repercussions of political brutality, it betrays itself.  When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse.

When nonviolence is preached by the representatives of the state, while the state doles out heaps of violence to its citizens, it reveals itself to be a con. And none of this can mean that rioting or violence is ‘correct’ or ‘wise,’ any more than a forest fire can be ‘correct’ or ‘wise.’

Wisdom isn’t the point tonight. Disrespect is. In this case, disrespect for the hollow law and failed order that so regularly disrespects the rioters themselves,” Coates wrote.

(I agree, Mr. Coates. For someone to preach non-violence to a person who is being brutalized by a violently oppressive system is no friend of that person. Where is the CBC’s criticism of the police who murdered Freddie Gray?  They know better).

Obama: ‘They’re Not Protesting; They’re Stealing’

Obama on Baltimore

Here’s what Obama had to say about the protests:

“When individuals get crowbars and start prying open doors to loot, they’re not protesting, they’re not making a statement, they’re stealing. When they burn down a building, they’re committing arson and they’re destroying and undermining businesses destroying opportunities in their own communities that rob jobs and opportunities from people in that area. So it is entirely appropriate that mayor who I spoke to yesterday and the governor who I spoke to yesterday work to stop that senseless destruction,” President Obama said.

 (It is TELLING that the ONLY time Obama dares to criticizes a community , it is ALWAYS the black community AND him telling us to ‘behave.’  Where is his criticism of the police who murdered Freddie Gray?  He knows better.).


Whoopi Goldberg: “Baltimore rioters should be ashamed”

whoopi goldberg

Upset and disgust framed “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg’s words as she spoke to Baltimore rioters who burned and looted the city. Goldberg shouted into the camera repeatedly, “You should be ashamed of yourselves”.

(Where is her criticism of the police who murdered Freddie Gray?  She knows better.).


We must understand that the relatively small number of blacks (s)elected to high office and hand-picked for show business fame are not a sign of “black progress.” It is actually the REVERSE.

If we are still celebrating another “first black” after 500 years of being in this country, that is actually a sign of a LACK of black progress.

It is also a sign that the MASSES of black people will be under INCREASED ATTACK.

With a few exceptions, these black “faces” are used to program, shame, criticize, condemn, confuse and disarm us and that black “face” once exposed will take the blame for what the white people in power are really doing to all of us.

As the masses of black people face even greater oppression the white supremacist system holds up these “black examples” as proof that black people do have opportunities to succeed and it is the fault of the black masses that most do not.

However, the FACTS tell a different story.

Since the (s)election of President Obama, black poverty and unemployment and police brutality against black males AND females has skyrocketed. Blacks –regardless of education or experience are literally being PURGED out of the job market, higher education, and even from forced out of of our own neighborhoods.

And now the powers that be are using the “Obama Presidential Library” as a TROJAN HORSE to do a BLACK LAND GRAB on the South Side of Chicago, which will displace and disenfranchise TENS OF THOUSANDS of black families from their homes and communities.

Why? Because whites want that area back and white suburbanites are “tired” of commuting from the suburbs where they fled to get away from blacks.

And sadly, some blacks will support this FRAUDULENT PROJECT because at the very mention of “Obama” they fall into line — despite this president doing NOTHING FOR BLACK PEOPLE IN THE SIX YEARS HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE.

This is something I warned people about over and over starting in the year 2007 just after Obama “threw” his hat in the presidential ring.

I also warned people that Attorney General Holder’s presence would not result in a SINGLE convictions of a police or citizen (like George Zimmerman) murder of unarmed black people.

In fact the mere presence of Obama and Holder in those offices actually INCREASED the hostility of the white collective toward ALL black people and the reason so many armed themselves to the teeth out of fear that the “niggers” would take their guns — and their freedom.



Loretta Lynch, is nominated by President Barack Obama as attorney general, in Washington.

And now the new black female Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is a SIGN by the white supremacy system that black people will be under even further attack. These black figureheads (without real power) are simply pawns in the war against black people and are KNOWING or UNKNOWING participants in the WAR against us.

A black Attorney General is a SIGN that black people will be under increased attack in this nation. We should know by now that when blacks are given “powerful-appearing” titles (without any real power), they are being positioned to TAKE THE BLAME FOR WHAT THE WHITES IN POWER WILL DO TO US.

We must move away from our lust for titles from powerful white people and turn that energy toward eliminating the oppression of the masses of black people.

FACT #9 — It is time to STOP marching, picketing, and protesting injustice

Freddie Gray 14

Another excerpt from my book, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”

Black Folks Are Still Marching, Protesting, And Back (And Buttock) Sliding Four Decades Later…

“Let me say just a word about the Jew and the black man. The Jew is always anxious to advise the black man. But they never advise him how to solve the problem the way the Jew solved their problem. The Jew never went sitting in and crawling in, and sliding in, and freedom-riding, like he teaches and helps Negroes to do. The Jews stood up, and stood together, and they used their ultimate power: the economic weapon.” — Malcolm X

Jews Had The Correct Response To Bigotry

Malcolm X’s statement was not anti-Jewish; it was an acknowledgement that the Jews had the most correct and constructive response to bigotry. Regardless, no time will be wasted here being politically correct. If the truth offends, then let it offend as long as we are attempting to tell the truth.

Had we followed the examples of Jews and other immigrant groups, and focused on ECONOMIC POWER instead of SOCIAL INTEGRATION (aka white validation), we would not be in this sad condition. Had the black collective focused LESS on eating IN restaurants with whites, and MORE on OWNING our OWN restaurants, we wouldn’t be in this sad condition.

Had we realized that giving whites the power to VALIDATE US was the same as giving them the power to DEVASTATE US, we wouldn’t be in this sad condition.

The day we stop caring about being socially accepted by those who reject us because we are black — is the day we get our self-respect, sanity, and power back.

The Definition Of Insanity

Blacks marched, protested, and died for the right to vote — yet we still require a “Voting Rights Act,” and four decades later, a million black voters in Ohio, Illinois, and Florida are denied the right to vote in the 2000 Presidential election.

Blacks marched, picketed, and protested against employment discrimination, yet the black unemployment rate is triple that of the white unemployment rate – regardless of our education and experience — and that number is climbing.

Blacks marched, picketed, and protested for equal education, yet our schools are the most substandard, and the black high school dropout rate is the highest in the nation. We marched against violence in the black community, yet the violence in our communities has reached epidemic levels. We marched against police brutality, yet unarmed black men and women are still being murdered by the police with no recourse for their loved ones.

Blacks marched for equal justice, yet the nation’s prisons have become holding pens and modern day concentration camps for over one million black men, women, and children, whose collective misery has been farmed out for profit to Wall Street investors and the prison-industrial complex.

Blacks marched against racism in the media, yet Don Imus returned to the airwaves a richer, more popular personality for an audience that relishes white shock jocks attacking (our) black women for the nation’s contemptuous amusement. And in 2008, during the US fashion industry’s biggest yearly event, “Fashion Week,” not a single black model graced the runway.

The definition of “insanity” is doing the same things and expecting different results. Either we have mass racial amnesia, we are insane, or both.



It is time to put away the signs, walking shoes and t-shirts. If marching worked, we wouldn’t still be doing it almost 50 YEARS LATER and not a MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET WOULD GIVE US A SECOND’S WORTH OF COVERAGE.

My own personal axiom:

Anytime a black person is given a mike, a title, or airtime on white mainstream media, be they entertainer, politician, or preacher (which is sometimes the same damn thing) they are either:

  1. promoting/supporting racism/white supremacy
  2. promoting black degradation/black inferiority

 In the last ten years i have found few to NO EXCEPTIONS.

The reason the white supremacist system ENCOURAGES marching and sign carrying is they KNOW IT DOESN’T CHANGE A THING – but it allows the oppressed people an opportunity to VENT without ANY consequences to their oppressors and that it usually results in NO FOLLOW-UP CONSTRUCTIVE AND SELF-RESPECTING ACTION on the part of the black collective.

Freddie Gray 11


where we stop supporting the racist and anti-black entertainment industry, or cancelling our cable, or stop buying certain non-essential items,

or start obeying the law to the letter and stop allowing the same municipalities that control the police force to make their budgets off our backs.

For example, we could take a VOW that we would do everything possible to NOT receive a single traffic or parking ticket.


Interestingly enough, I found an article today that promoted this very idea:

Dr Samori Swygert:  An economic boycott could cripple Baltimore on one month

I won’t post the article here but here’s the link if you want to check it out:


FACT #10 — The REAL  reason six policemen were charged with a crime could be SUMMED UP in one amazing pic:

Bloods and Crips Unite over Freddie Gray's murderCrips and Bloods Unite to Show Support for Freddie Gray Indictment

DO NOT BE FOOLED. It was the possibility of BLACK UNIFICATION of the Bloods and Crips, of black males and black females, of black people from all educational and income levels SQUASHING OUR NONEXISTENT BEEFS — and finally stirring from our soul-deadening spiritual sleep to face the reality:





DO NOT BE FOOLED by the six police officers being charged. Charged is NOT the same as being CONVICTED. Convicted doesn’t mean they’ll do any real time.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by the young black female Baltimore District Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. It was NOT her decision to file charges. There isn’t a black person alive who controls the criminal justice system. She is simply a spokeswoman for the white people who are really in charge.

The white supremacists who control the criminal justice system believe that the rare and unprecedented action taken against not one but SIX policemen is ENOUGH to put most of us back to sleep, and unfortunately, they may be right.

But there will be those who will sleep with one eye open and those who won’t sleep at all because we know as sure as we know the sun will rise again, that there will be another FREDDIE GRAY and MIKE BROWN and REKIA BOYD in the near future.

( ).

Until we come together, stop mistreating and rejecting each other, stop rewarding our oppressors with our precious bodies (sex and genetics), and start supporting, choosing and loving each other —

only then will the UNIVERSE and GOD reveal to US what needs to be done to dismantle the white supremacy system and replace it with a system of JUSTICE for all the people on the planet.

Part Three will be posted later this weekend

Freddie Gray 15 Freddie Gray, 24, murdered by police

lynching 1

FACT #1 — We live under a system of racism/white supremacy. Once we understand what it is and why it exists, the rest — as painful as it it — will make perfect sense. If you’d like to read the definition I’ve included an excerpt from my book: Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation’ at the link below:

FACT #2 — The murder of unarmed blacks by white men and women is nothing new

Emmett Till 1

FACT #3 — As non-citizens black people do not have equal protection under the law OR any rights that white people are bound to respect. Shooting a black person isn’t much different than shooting a file cabinet. Both are considered property of the white supremacist system. And black people are still the property of this system.

slave sale flyer 1 slave sale flyer 2

FACT #4 — The police are allowed to beat, sodomize, cripple, rape and murder black men, women, and children without fear of any consequences to maintain a state of terror and demoralization among the black population so we will be too afraid and too low-self-esteemed to openly rebel against our oppression within a white supremacist system


Love other black people


If “terrorism” is the systematic use of terror against a “civilian or noncombatant” population to achieve political or ideological objectives, and “domestic” refers to government policies and laws that occur inside a country, then the term, “Domestic Terrorism,” is the most accurate description of what is happening to black people all over the United States…

“Rogue Cops Caught on Videotape” Is Psychological Terrorism

Rodney King beating by LA police

Why would a white supremacist justice system that condones (and denies) the widespread police brutality against blacks allow the mainstream media to broadcast the VIDEOTAPED evidence that these (racist) abuses actually exist?

One Possible Reason:

To remind (terrorize) the black collective that ANY black person at ANY time at ANY place for NO reason can be victimized by law enforcement. This psychological tool of terror actually reinforces the black inferiority complex (niggerization) by allowing law enforcement to show a blatant disregard for black life, because black life has no value in a white supremacy society.

In fact, this was the LAW over 150 years ago when the US Supreme Court ruled in 1856 that blacks had “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” (The Dred Scott v. Sandford Decision). Obviously, little has changed.

Why Blacks Are The Biggest Targets Of Domestic Terrorism

Reason #1: The African man and woman — the first man and woman on earth — possess the MOST MELANIN, which makes them, genetically and biologically speaking, the most powerful people on the planet — and the greatest genetic threat to white survival. (See pp 49-52)

Reason #2: When one group oppresses another group, the oppressed group correctly views their oppressors as their enemy. The reverse is ALSO true. The oppressors know it is foolish (and illogical) to trust the same people they are oppressing (mistreating).

A white supremacist system logically assumes that all non-whites are “enemies of the state” and potential threats to the white status quo, which is why non-whites are ALWAYS assumed to be secretly plotting against whites.

The police and court systems are used to intimidate and terrorize the oppressed to keep them from rebelling against an unfair (racist) system. This explains why law enforcement is allowed to abuse and murder blacks at will.

It also explains why blacks and non-whites (in general) are not perceived by the white collective as “patriotic,” and in some cases, NOT citizens at all. The oppressor class knows it is ILLOGICAL (and insane!) for the oppressed “minorities” to be loyal to the same system that is oppressing them. Sadly, some blacks do not understand how illogical (and self-disrespecting) their “loyalty” is.

Reason #3: The abuse/murder of blacks by the police provides visible “proof” to the white collective that whites are more privileged than (superior to) blacks, thus ensuring the loyalty of whites to a system that is also exploiting them, but still allows even poor whites to feel superior to blacks. This divide-and-conquer strategy by the white elites allows the continued economic and political exploitation of BOTH whites and non-whites.



FACT #5 — The majority of white people believe police brutality against blacks is necessary to keep them “safe” (i.e. to maintain white supremacy and white privileges) and to make sure that blacks will NEVER be able to retaliate against them.

(see ‘Dixie Honkey Speaks the Truth About White People)

 Report Suggests That White Americans Think Police Brutality Is Permissible

police-brutality justified

“Whites are significantly more likely to give police officers the benefit of the doubt, either because they have never had an altercation with a police officer or because they tend to see the police as allies in the fight against crime,” said Ronald Weitzer, a George Washington University sociology professor who has studied race and policing in the U.S. and internationally.

(“crime” = black people = niggers)

FACT #6 — Black people in the U.S. are collectively the LEAST VIOLENT AND MOST PASSIVE PEOPLE in the known universe. The rare occurrence of full-fledged “black” riots– in spite of our collective mistreatment on a DAILY BASIS — is proof of this.

There were more white riots after sporting events in ONE DECADE than the TOTAL NUMBER of black riots in America COMBINED.

The TRUTH is , white people often RIOT ABOUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and sometimes just for the fun of it.

Since I found so many images and articles about whites rioting for TRIVIAL or NONEXISTENT REASONS, I am going to break up this post into two parts and will post Part Two on Friday.

Ninety minutes after the Boston Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees in dramatic fashion to reach the World Series, Victoria Snelgrove was killed as fans were celebrating in the streets. Police were trying to break up the crowds around Fenway Park when they started firing pepper balls at revelers. Victornia was shot in the eye by one of those pepper balls. She was pronounced dead 12 hours later.

(Look at the language used by the white mainstream media to describe white rioters and looters: “fans,”  “crowds”  and “revelers”)

Whites rioting 1 after Stanley Cup Riot Vancouver 2011Whites rioting after Stanley Cup Riot Vancouver

Whites rioting 1 after surfing competitionWhites rioting AND LOOTING after surfing competition

Whites rioting 1 after Vancouver game 2011Whites rioting after Vancouver game

Whites rioting 1 after World Series gameWhites rioting after World Series game

Whites rioting 1

Whites rioting 2

Whites rioting 3

Whites rioting 4

Whites rioting 5

Whites rioting 6

Whites rioting 7

Whites rioting 8

Other links:

Part Two will be posted tomorrow

Usually, I don’t post videos like this but after being put on “IGNORE” by some of the regulars on another (black) blog for (I suspect) REPEATEDLY defining racism as white supremacy AND for calling racism/white supremacy a SYSTEM (and probably saying Obama was a puppet)

I realized there are some black people–especially those who do not want to believe racism is a SYSTEM and think they can “TALK” white people into changing their behavior (rather than changing their own)

Because they are “smarter” (more intellectual) than the white people they are talking to —

those people will NOT accept this TRUTH from another black person (like myself)

But… maybe…

There might be some way to convince them that we DO live in a white supremacy system–


While I do not agree with everything Dixie Honkey says (like the number of whites who are racist)

He is surprisingly on-point about the rest, especially what “white fear” is really based on (something black people really need to understand).  I talked about this in one of my books —  “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”   — that what whites really fear is RETRIBUTION — not the black “boogey man or boogey woman.”

When you have greatly mistreated someone you can never let your guard down or turn your back on them.

You keep your FOOT on their necks so they can’t get up and do TO you what you’ve done them — even if that means taking a person’s LIFE.

Officer Michael SlagerOfficer Michael Slager

This is what “white “fear” is about, not something that the big, bad and scary black people are doing to white people.


And that FEAR makes them even MORE PUNITIVE AND VIOLENT towards us — so much so that they convince themselves that it is JUSTIFIED.

It is also done to put so much FEAR in their victims that their victims won’t DARE to rebel (the state of mind of most blacks today).

 Report Suggests That White Americans Think Police Brutality Is Permissible

police-brutality justified

“Whites are significantly more likely to give police officers the benefit of the doubt, either because they have never had an altercation with a police officer or because they tend to see the police as allies in the fight against crime,” said Ronald Weitzer, a George Washington University sociology professor who has studied race and policing in the U.S. and internationally.

(“crime” = black people = niggers)

I do have one disclaimer for videos like the ones below:

Please, please, black people — I am begging you– do not use this video as a feel-good moment

Do not LIE to yourself that “Dixie Honkey” is going to start a “truth movement” among guilt-ridden white folks. HE WILL NOT.

Do not get all excited and happy and think there are whites who sincerely want to change. THERE IS NOT.

Do not kid yourself that the white people who BENEFIT from your mistreatment will EVER (voluntarily) give up those benefits and privileges.


What you can take from these videos is a CONFIRMATION of what you already know,

that what people like you and me have been saying for years is actually TRUE.

The same way a BURGLAR who has spent a lifetime breaking into houses can tell  you how OTHER BURGLARS case a house

He is NOT telling you that he can (or will) stop a BURGLARY from happening to you NOR can he stop OTHER BURGLARS from being BURGLARS

He is NOT even telling you that he won’t BURGLARIZE another home himself

What that BURGLAR — like Dixey Honkey — is simply telling you that BURGLARS (and racists) DO exist, HOW they think, and WHY they do what they do

Because they’re out there…and he is ONE OF THEM

There’s one more lesson to be taken from this video:

Dixey Honky, a white person, broke the cardinal, NUMBER ONE RULE in a white supremacy society:


That’s why Dixey Honkey will NEVER be rewarded for speaking the truth.

He will NEVER be on CNN or NBC or get a book deal or a reality TV show.

In fact, he’s allegedly received DEATH THREATS (although I doubt any white people will kill him. They’re too busy killing us).

According to a blogger who claims she spoke with him: “He informed me that not only was he threatened by nearly fifty people in a single day, his account and video were removed from Facebook. It appears as though some of the hateful people who threatened him started a campaign to have his video removed.”


If his account and video were removed this is EVIDENCE that we are dealing with a SYSTEM, not a handful of racist people who disapproved of a video.

And this is more evidence that the real work for CHANGE will have to come from us, NOT from white people.

If we truly want our liberation from a racist system we will have to CHANGE what we think, say and do in RESPONSE to it.

But if even that doesn’t resonate with the black people reading this

Maybe, I can ask Dixie Honky to make another video saying this very thing so some of us might actually take it to heart)


be a participant, not an observer

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 (Ad posted on Craig’s List)  Antebellum Party ad for mandingo party

Django-Unchained-Still-3Django Unchained “Mandingo fight”

I have NO DOUBT that someone (black) will eagerly answer this ad and offer their services but I wonder where this (racist) white female got the idea from? Could it be the recent rash of “black” REVISIONIST movies we so EAGERLY support NOT realizing that they represent MORE than “entertainment” but are escapist fare for those in the white population who long for a return to “the good old days?”

And could these movies possibly be a PREDICTION of where black people are headed in the near future?

the help The butler flag image   12 years a slave Django Unchained


South Carolina Republicans Throw “A Southern Experience” Costume Party… Complete with Slaves

gop-slave-partySouth Carolina Senate President Glenn McConnell with two black male “slaves”

The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) held its annual fall Board of Directors meeting in Charleston, S.C. last weekend – a decision the organization is likely regretting after several controversial pictures from one of the meeting’s sponsored events began surfacing on the internet.

The event in question – dubbed “A Southern Experience” – was held last Friday evening at the Country Club of Charleston. Hosted by the South Carolina Federation of Republican Women, it was included on the national conference’s official itinerary with a LIVE SLAVE AUCTION. (Sep 15 2010).

In addition to McConnell, S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford attended (and spoke at) the event – although it was not listed on his weekly public schedule. S.C. Republican Attorney General nominee Alan Wilson also attended.

Invited speakers to the NFRW conference included U.S. House Minority Leader John Boehner, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Rep. Joe Wilson, House Speaker Bobby Harrell, former U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins and GOP gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley.

South Carolina Senate President Glenn McConnell (in the photo ) defended the party:

“Tell me what is offensive about having the differing parts of the culture there? What are we going to try and do in America, sanitize history?” McConnell said today from his office in the Statehouse. His office is decorated with memorabilia from his re-enactments of the Civil War, along with a law library and mementos such as a ceramic bust of Ronald Reagan and a figurine of a Boston Terrier.

(Now, try to imagine Germans in America OR in Germany having a JEWISH HOLOCAUST REENACTMENT at a political function where they hired Jews to pretend to be concentration camp survivors? Would Jews participate in that event? Would they even dare to have such an event?)

ALSO — for all those who “like” to exclude white females from responsibility for racism (and you know who you are) what organization sponsored this shameful spectacle:

 The National Federation of Republican (WHITE) Women

The Weiner Circle  (in Chicago)


Sometimes you want to go where everybody tells you to eat their pussy; sometimes you just want to watch that place on television. Or at least that’s the case for TruTV, which has decided to create a reality show for Lincoln Park institution the Wiener’s Circle, as reported Monday by the Huffington Post.

In case you don’t know what the big deal is about Wiener’s Circle, well, join the club, because I’m not really sure what the big deal is either. But the nuts and bolts of it are that the Wiener’s Circle is a fast food shack in Lincoln Park that is famous for its hot dogs and cheese fries, but more famous for the loud, foulmouthed black women who work behind the register at night until 5 AM. The “novelty” of Wiener’s Circle is that the (black female) employees who take your order will yell some of the nastiest, most offensive insults back at you when you are likely blind drunk.

I returned with some friends a few weeks later, but this time the place was packed. People were pouring in through the doors, and most of them were sweaty (it was in the middle of summer), thirty-something white men. The difference this time was that whereas before the women behind the counter were dishing out all the insults, this time the patrons were dishing it right back.

And a lot of what they were saying was crueler than what the cashiers were shouting. At the time, it seemed like there was something sinister about the way the customers were talking to the cashiers—I figured they thought to themselves, “Well, if they’re going to talk to me this way then that’s how I’ll speak to them.”

When I went back a few years later, having graduated from college and been away from Chicago for a few years, the poison in that interaction became much more transparent. The crowd was mostly the same as before, but this time the comments seemed much more violent and openly racist.

I can’t remember what exactly was said, but I remember my reaction—I was disgusted by the way the crowd of mostly white men in stripy shirts and Diesel jeans were berating the women behind the counter, who seemed much more timid and less threatening than I remembered. And the comments the cashiers made weren’t any tamer, necessarily, but I could tell that by this point they were expected to act this way, and the comments they made seemed rehearsed and stale. It seemed like an act, and it seemed like an act of self-degradation.

At some point, the room becomes a chorus of curses and racial epithets, and it becomes impossible not to notice that the staff, the battle-hardened staff, are all black, and the crowd nearly entirely white, male and drunk. Some of the cracks are funny, especially from the people who work there, who have had plenty of time to sharpen their tongue and their wit. But it becomes hard to laugh when you can feel how hard that clever crack is working as a shield, trying to defend against all the rage in the room.

Chants of “Chocolate milkshake” stir in the crowd. Rhythmic, pulsing, the voices calling for the chocolate shake get louder, with people banging on things, even in the kitchen. The place is in an utterly warlike state. A server, a woman, looks uninterested and annoyed, and then, exasperated, starts demanding money. When she gets enough, her shirt comes up, and the crowd cheers, victoriously, at the sight of her enormous, quivering breasts. They got their chocolate shake.

(Wiener Circle is owned by two WHITE MALE JEWISH OWNERS who deliberately created an environment where affluent, racist white males can hurl racist insults at young brown and dark-skinned black females and at the same time get a great-tasting hotdog. Yes, I know black people need jobs but we should NEVER allow ourselves to be used this way for ANY amount of money.

It is obvious the STAGE IS BEING SET for the FUTURE of black people in this nation–and perhaps, on the entire planet. ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO THE SAME PEOPLE IS NOT AN ACCIDENT OR A COINCIDENCE.

We also know from history that BEFORE a group of people are targeted for GENOCIDE you must FIRST MAKE THEM APPEAR LESS THAN HUMAN; defective, illiterate, ignorant, criminally inclined, sexually perverted and all around WORTHLESS.

Then you must broadcast these images AROUND THE WORLD so whatever inhumane treatment OR extermination efforts you’ve planned for them will be JUSTIFIED because the planet is better off WITHOUT THEM.

For those who do not see OR refuse to see the handwriting on the wall, that’s unfortunate. Those who do NOT know OR respect their history (or themselves) will be DOOMED to repeat it.

Another unarmed black victim of police murder in America

Yes, the white supremacy system is the biggest culprit. It is the architect and the engineer of all these degrading images and has been for the last 500 years. Yes, the white supremacy media rewards black people for doing their dirty work.

BUT at what point do we HOLD OURSELVES ACCOUNTABLE for our role in all this? At what point do we–the END CONSUMERS and the REAL VICTIMS of this black degradation–STOP contributing our time, energy, praise and dollars to our own degradation and that of our children and our children’s children?

Do we understand that our CO-SIGNING on the WORTHLESSNESS of our OWN LIVES actually makes it easier to snuff out those lives?


I can NO LONGER accept the EXCUSE that we cannot do better as a people in respecting ourselves.

I can NO LONGER accept the EXCUSE that we don’t have the POWER to turn off a program or movie or a song on the radio that degrades us.


When we disrespect ourselves AND support those who disrespect us, we should NOT be surprised (or complain) when others disrespect us. When a people do not respect themselves, their entire future as a people is in serious jeopardy.

And as long as we defend and support those who degrade us, regardless of them being black OR how much “money” they make, then we are COMPLICIT in our own degradation, disrespect, and extermination.

segregation academies

Marshall Academy Pee Wee football team (Holly Springs, MS)The football team of Marshall Academy in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The town is 79% black.

A guest post by Jefe:

Segregation academies (1955 – ) were set up by whites after Brown v. Board (1954) to circumvent desegregation. They proliferated in the 1960s-1970s in response to court desegregation orders. By the 1990s, following white flight and residential resegregation, many either shut down or were compelled to admit non-white students. Today, they remain a bastion of the “Black Belt”, particularly the Mississippi delta.

White officials in districts with segregation academies severely restrict funding to the public schools, which become overwhelmingly black.

Few jurisdictions voluntarily desegregated schools after Brown v. Board. Housing segregation created by restrictive covenants, kept in place by blockbusting and racial steering, led to racially gerrymandered school districts. That was easier in places which had more than one school each for blacks and whites, but difficult in sparsely populated rural districts which did not lend easily to white flight.

prince edward county students

Prince Edward County, Virginia, a rural county between Richmond and Charlottesville, took extreme measures. In 1959, it halted funding for public education, effectively shutting down all its public schools. White parents opened the Prince Edward Academy, leaving blacks with no school to attend. The U.S. Supreme Court ordered the county to reopen their public schools in 1963, which they appealed. In 1964, the order was upheld, but the Academy persisted with minimal funding for public schools. In 1978, the Academy lost its tax status, but did not admit non-white students until 1986.

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What did Obama mean when he told African youth that if “…everybody had a car and air conditioning and a big house  the planet will boil over?”  I think the answer is obvious. Decide for yourself.

black people need to do more THINKING

Obama in AfricaPresident Obama

(“Time to Invest in Africa? Or to continue EXPLOITING it?)



Professor Griff & Zaza Ali Discuss TV Show “Empire” and the Media’s Attack on Black Family


black children watching tv 2





Black entertainers and directors and (so-called) producers are being USED to program the black masses for mass black self-disrespect, mass anti-blackness, and a blind acceptance that black degradation is a normal condition for black people.



 black children watching tv 8

For example:

1. EMPIRE – which includes every single negative stereotype about black people possible squeezed into an one-hour show (on Fox-TV?? Is somebody kidding me?)

2. SCANDAL – REINFORCES THE 500-YEARS-OLD STEREOTYPE of the black female as a willing (although glorified) white man’s whore all  dressed up in fashionable clothes, a corporate setting, and an IMAGINARY politically powerful “career” making white male prosecutors “shake in their shoes” with fear (really?)

That’s whenever she’s not ‘banging’  these white men who aren’t THINKING about marrying her. So, who’s really getting over on whom?

3. FASHION QUEENS – two black homosexual males who wear make-up, high heels and dresses YET there isn’t ONE SINGLE TV SHOW OR MOVIE with white or Hispanic or Asian male homosexuals dressing like women.

4. MEET THE BROWNS – a buffoonish sitcom that shows ADULT BLACK MALES AND FEMALES acting like buffoons and clowns, putting each other down and showing MAXIMUM ANTI-BLACKNESS toward other black people (like most black sit-coms, in fact). In addition, the darkest-skinned blacks are usually the most ignorant and most uneducated.

(check out the ‘brown paper bag’ test on “Empire”)

All these programs show black males and females in a stereotypically bad light (ex-cons, ignorant, whorish, buffoonish, foolish, and corrupt) and PROMOTE MORE black male homosexuality at a time when black females are fighting each other over a shrinking number of heterosexual black males

while the main ones laughing and giggling and watching these shows are BLACK FEMALES.

And while I understand the appeal of junk food for the brain (which is just another form of escaping from the REAL work we need to do on ourselves)

what bothers me MOST is we are allowing our children to to adopt the same self-defeating behaviors at their most impressionable age when they sit in front of the TV watching these same degrading shows.

black children watching tv 6—–

BLACK ENTERTAINERS who work in mainstream media — and I have found NO EXCEPTIONS — are OWNED and CONTROLLED by their white supremacist bosses (including Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Steve Harvey, etc). and should NEVER, EVER BE ROLE MODELS FOR OUR BLACK CHILDREN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

black children watching tv 5

Because the ONLY TIME a black person — be they entertainer, politician, or preacher — gets a MIKE, a “title,” and a chance to talk on mainstream media — is when they are either:

1. promoting black degradation

2. promoting white supremacy/black inferiority

AND I HAVE FOUND NO EXCEPTIONS, INCLUDING THOSE WHO ‘TOIL’ INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE. As evidenced by the administration of the “first black” president:

President Obama Declares Venezuela “A Threat to National Security”, Seeks Regime-Change

All the nations under attack by this administration are SOVEREIGN NATIONS with the RIGHT TO RULE themselves and their people — but NOW a black male’s face is being used to put a BLACK STAMP on the same policies that occurred under the Bush administration:

To create more “Haitis” that will buckle under white supremacist rule and forfeit their natural resources and sovereignty.

In the administration’s own words:

“The Executive Order itself declares that the existing Government of Venezuela limits rights and is corrupt”

YET unarmed black people are being murdered by police on a DAILY basis and not ONE WORD about the “limits of rights or corruption” can be heard from the “white house.”

What we get are more ‘words’ and new “studies” by the department of Just-Us report released last week that blasted city officials and the Ferguson police department for repeatedly violating the constitutional rights of black residents – without making ANY follow-up attempts to make these “violators” answer for their crimes.

While we ATTACK sovereign nations–who haven’t attacked us–for what we claim are attacks on the “rights” of their citizens. Sovereign nations that just, incidentally, have a wealth of natural resources including OIL…

Like Iraq,  Iran and Venezuela…

black children watching tv 1





black children watching tv 3




black children watching tv 7

I received an email today from a young BW who said:

“I have notice many conscious black women I have talked too are having trouble finding decent black men. Its bad enough if we dated outside our race, but its black women that are in their late thirties want to have families but can’t find decent black men to start families with.

We have heard we can find good black men at the our jobs, social events and etc. but we are still not finding them anywhere. What should black women do who want to have children & start families, because their second option is to produce a family with a non black men. Especially when these black women are in their mid to late thirties.”

This wasn’t the first time I’ve received a question like this. Unfortunately,  I don’t have an answer or a solution that will immediately solve the problem. I’ve even heard a similar complaint from black males seeking an honorable black female they could marry and start a family with.

The one thing I won’t suggest we do–no matter how tempting it is–is to bash black males. The truth is our relationships have been damaged since we were brought to these shores as chattel slaves. And another truth is this is not a problem restricted to black people. The white divorce rate is OVER 50% and it would be higher if there weren’t children and money and property involved.

In fact, the black male/black female relationships are patterned after the DEFECTIVE WHITE EXAMPLE OF male/female relationships. Look at the battles going on between white males and white females, including the “women’s liberation movement,” and the rate of white spousal murder and domestic violence.

I wrote about the problems with BM/BW relationships in my second book, “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act.”

But back to the email…

I do have some suggestions that won’t immediately produce a “good black man” or a black prince charming with a diamond ring and a marriage proposal in hand BUT there is something I think MUST BE DONE by black females IF we are to change the direction of black male/black female relationships.

Keep in mind that I am NOT bashing black females–who are the most mistreated females on the planet bar none–but we have to understand that we are PART OF THE PROBLEM. That means we are also PART OF THE SOLUTION to healing our relationships.

The biggest culprit, of course, is the SYSTEM OF RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY that devastated our families, our self-respect and self-esteem over a period of 500 YEARS.  So, while we are busy throwing non-productive stones at each other, the next time we pick up another rock and take aim, we should remember:


Here’s my list of 10 things BW can and need to do — starting NOW:

1. STOP SUPPORTING TV SHOWS, MOVIES, AND ENTERTAINERS who demean, degrade, stereotype, marginalize black females, and make us INVISIBLE in the lives of black males.


Will Smith movie with WW(check out the title: “Never Lose Focus”  — what are they are telling the BM he should be “focused on”?)

This includes MOST Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, and lately, most Will Smith movies — and movies like “Red Tails” where not a single black male was involved with a black female.

Why in the God’s green earth would BW spend our hard-earned money just be be disrespected and demoralized by watching a black male love, rescue and support ANYBODY BUT US?

Now, try to imagine the masses of white female audiences supporting Tom Cruise OR Richard Gere if they only made movies showing them making love to black women.

You can’t imagine it because it WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

And if we continue to support these “products” — aren’t we teaching black males, our boys, our girls, and the rest of the world that WE DO NOT COUNT – not even to ourselves?

Are black women willing to give up a movie or a CD or a TV show that marginalizes or degrades us?

Only we can answer that question. If the answer is NO – that we aren’t willing to make even a small sacrifice to respect ourselves then we should expect to get more of what we are already getting and in fact, for things to get MUCH WORSE.

2. STOP Bringing white females around your family and friends.  Years ago, a BM told me once that somebody should tell sisters to stop bringing white girls around black males because those girls are not their friends and are only coming around to get with a black male.

I have found this to be true the majority of time and one of my personal experiences happened years ago. There was a black male, Lee, who lived two doors down from me. One time he invited me to go out with him and a group of people from his job.  He was supposed to meet up with this black female he was dating at a black club. When we got there, she was already there, sipping cocktails with her “white girlfriend.”

To make a long story short, Lee wound up hooking up with the white female “friend” of the black female he was “dating.” Shortly after they moved in together, I ran into the white female in a grocery store.

Her body language clearly telegraphed that she wasn’t comfortable with black people–the same vibe I got in the club. While we went through the fake motions of having a “friendly” chat, she said something that confirmed my earlier suspicions. That she was a RACIST.

She said, “Lee is not like other black men.”‘

Holding back a sigh, I asked her what she meant.

And she said, “Well, he’s not ignorant.”

My point is she pretended to befriend a black female to get next to a black male. It didn’t matter one whit that this was the man her black “friend” was dating. Nor did her being an outspoken RACIST stop her from sexing black males.

And I advise black males NOT to take this as a compliment. It is far from that. It is part of the sexual dynamics of racist man and racist woman to sexually sewer, control and exploit their black victims, ensuring that their victims will be too confused and self-hating to EVER present ANY threat to the system of white supremacy — and it’s about time we understood that.


 3. STOP Supporting Demeaning TV shows like “Empire” where two black males are with non-black females and males.
And if you think that’s extreme, find ONE TV show that is popular with white females where the white males are NOT romantically involved with anything BUT white females. My money says you can count the number on ONE FINGER.

 Empire 3educated black male married to WW

empire 11Homosexual relationship with non-black male


4. STOP SUPPORTING rap music, movies, and TV shows that degrade ALL black women AND hold up dark-skinned black females for public ridicule.

big momma house 1 Martin 1 WandaJacksonempire 8Empire 4Empire 10

5. STOP Calling other black females bitches and hos then expecting black males to respect us.

Thanks to mass media, and black “reality” TV shows, I have observed an INCREASE in the disrespect black females show for each other in public and in private. We often don’t speak when spoken to, or we take a dislike to another black female who has DONE NOTHING to us other than exist on the same planet.

I believe this happens for the same reason black people disrespect other black people. Once you are convinced you are nothing then it easy to assume the same about someone who LOOKS LIKE YOU.

I also believe that black females see OTHER black females as unwelcome competition for a shrinking pool of available, heterosexual black males actually interested in dating and marrying black females.

Regardless of the reasons, we need to understand that we are TEACHING OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT US by the way WE treat OR disrespect other black females. We are making our situations worse NOT better.

6. Eliminate anti-black language from your vocabulary that we learned from racist white people.

I hear other black people address other black people with comments like, “black ape, monkey, gorilla, good hair, pretty eyes (meaning light-colored eyes), black and ugly, niggers, niggas, black bitch, ho, and nappy headed. When we address other black people with these foul names we are saying the SAME THINGS ABOUT OURSELVES.

7. Restore the DIGNITY to Black Womanhood by respecting ourselves.

Black women used to be the most conservative women in America because we had to be. But with integration and mass media images and movies and music, many black females have adopted styles and behavior that telegraph our LACK of respect for ourselves.

When we parade around half naked in front of our sons, brothers, nephews, and other young and impressionable black males we are TELLING THEM that we are just PIECES OF BLACK MEAT to be consumed like a meal and I have NEVER ONCE seen anyone eat a piece of food and then show respect to it later.

When we wear hairstyles and hair colors that DO NOT FLATTER our naturally beautiful skin tones or natural hair, we are TELLING everyone who sees us that we wish we were anyone BUT OURSELVES.

8. TEACH our black sons and nephews and grandsons to LOVE and RESPECT black females by setting a good example.

I have watched black females encourage their sons to disrespect young black females. NOT teaching them to RESPECT and PROTECT black girls and women is a GUARANTEE that our sons will one day become one of those “not good black men”  for the next generation of black females coming up. Why would we want to continue the black legacy of failed black families and relationships?

9. STOP Letting black males use us sexually and STOP, STOP, STOP having babies with men who will NOT COMMIT to us. This is NOT a condemnation of the BW who already have children.  Sometimes we have to do the best we can with the hand we are holding.

HOWEVER, to deliberately have a child with a man who is either already MARRIED or is not committed to you shows a gross lack of self-respect for ourselves AND the welfare of our future children.

Also, be aware that RACIST WHITE MALES are the white males MOST LIKELY to sexually proposition black females. Do not be fooled by the false imagery on TV shows like Scandal. Olivia is simply playing the role of an educated, sophisticated WHITE MAN’S WHORE.

10. NEVER allow ANY man to pit us against another black female he is sexually involved with. The odds are HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT EITHER ONE OF YOU — and it makes no sense to blame the “other woman” for what HE is doing to you.

A GOOD BLACK MAN will NEVER PIT YOU against another woman. You will ALWAYS know where you stand with him. Right by his side.


There is no easy answer to solving the problem that possibly millions of black women are dealing with BUT the beginning of solving any problem is ADMITTING our role in it AND to stop supporting our own mistreatment. We not only owe it to ourselves we owe it to all the black girls coming up behind us– our daughters and nieces and granddaughters and even those girls we do not know.


I sincerely hope the answer to that question is NO!

And I hope black males will take to heart everything I have said above.

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First, the story (in the mainstream media)


Jackie Robinson West Little League Official Cites ‘One More Battle to Face’

Jackie Robinson_little_league_team 2

The Rev. Jesse Jackson joined the news conference, saying that the team earned the title and will fight to keep it.

Little League Baseball stripped the championship title from the Chicago-based Jackie Robinson West team on Wednesday, despite a plea from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The team’s coach was suspended for violating a rule that prohibits the inclusion of players who live outside a team’s geographic area.

The first all-African-American team to win the championship was instructed to vacate wins from the 2014 Little League Baseball International Tournament, including its Great Lakes Regional and U.S. championships. The national championship title was then awarded to Mountain Ridge Little League from Las Vegas.

A spokesman for Little League International told ABC News today that the organization “stands by the difficult decision” announced yesterday.

“Little League International will be working with its counsel to ensure Jackie Robinson West Little League officials and their attorney are fully educated regarding the factual basis of the decision,” Brian McClintock of Little League International said in a statement.

Four things stand out:

1. No black person in America should be surprised that this happened.

2. The story will be twisted to make it sound like black people are the only ones who “break the rules” when it is more likely that this isn’t the first time a team has had players who live outside a particular area. It is only an issue when it suits the League’s purposes to make it an issue.

3. Black people will come off looking like we expect the rules to be changed for us because cheating is the only way black people can win over white people. Just like “affirmative action” was labeled as ‘reverse racism’ (cheating) since it  that is the only way black people can “win” a job over a white person.

4. Any white person (like the same Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel who closed dozens of black schools last year) can capitalize on this “emotional” black issue (even if he or she could really give a damn) and win the undying (and unthinking) loyalty of blacks — who quickly forget it’s an ELECTION YEAR for the mayor.

 What is the REAL lesson behind this story?

That as long as black people give white people the power to define OUR worth by giving us “titles” and “awards”

WE are giving up our power to define AND value ourselves.

The real tragedy is NOT the loss of a “title” — the tragedy is black adults and parents are STILL teaching our black children the same self-defeating lessons we were taught by our parents and the black adults in our community:


Which reminds me of some recent headlines in the media:

“Selma’s Oscar snub”

“Beyonce’s controversial snub by Grammys”

It’s the same old saw and the same old questions as to why we aren’t treated correctly

When the REAL question should be:

When will our unquenchable thirst for white validation finally come to an end?


It’s like a man who chases after a pretty woman begging and begging and begging her to like him and go out with him.

He gets a new car, some fly clothes, a nicer house, and a nose job and she still refuses.

So he offers her all his money and material possessions, including his brand new car and she turns him down–again.

So, he says to himself: “I know what I’ll do! I’ll get more stuff, work harder, be more successful, and then she’ll have to like me!”

When, in reality, if he cut his losses and moved on to another woman who appreciated his many qualities

He would discover that he really doesn’t need the other woman’s approval to begin with and that he is alright just the way he is.

Because once he really thinks about the callous way she treated him he’d realize

she wasn’t worth his time to begin with.

And THAT is the lesson we are FAILING to teach our children

Which is one of the MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS we could ever teach them:

To NEVER seek the approval of ANYONE who is NOT MORALLY FIT TO JUDGE THEM.

Once black people move away from needing “titles” and “awards” and white validation we will discover



But, if we are determined to, just for the fun of it, give someone a “title” or an “award” surely we are capable of supporting and financing our OWN leagues without sponsorship from corporate america

and even if our children have to play baseball without getting national recognition from those who didn’t want to give it anyway

they can still have good clean FUN, get plenty of exercise and still turn out to be some DAMN GOOD BALL PLAYERS.

And we would TEACH them HOW to see through the SHAM of black progress by teaching them that the TITLES given to black politicians and preachers who DO NOT SERVE OUR BEST INTERESTS come from the same entities that are oppressing us


And REDUCE the number of black youth who–instead of seeking real knowledge and education and skills

seek ANY opportunity to strut their black stuff across a stage with a mike in one hand and their genitals and self-respect in the other in their desperate attempts to be


It is time for ALL black people to put on our thinking caps, grab a flashlight and search for our SELF-RESPECT

Because TRUE SELF-RESPECT is something NO ONE CAN GIVE YOU. It is something ONLY YOU can give yourself and something only YOU can GIVE AWAY.


12 years a slave

While we spend MILLIONS of black dollars on Hollywood movies, like The Butler, The Help, 12 Years a Slave, Django Unchained, Red Tails, the Equalizer, and now Selma — where black degradation and passive resistance to white oppression are celebrated and ENCOURAGED…

do not fall for the white supremacist hype

Selma movie

do not fall for the white supremacist hype

Most of us have NEVER stopped and asked ourselves three critical questions:

1.  Why are we trusting white supremacist Hollywood to teach us AND our children about our own HISTORY? The same history the same people LIE ABOUT in our history books?

2. Would the white people who control Hollywood allow black filmmakers to make movies about white OR Jewish History?  (I think we all know the answer to that question).

3.  What is the REAL message behind these REVISIONIST films?

the helpHollywood is the land of white supremacy

Most “black films” produced by Hollywood fall into three categories:

1.  Black people serving, sexing, saving, and sacrificing their lives for white people (never other black people) like the VAST majority of Denzel and Morgan Freeman movies. This includes fighting overseas for “freedom and justice” and receiving none when returning home.

aka black mammy men


 2.  Black people harming other black people (the VAST majority of the few Hollywood movies that actually show black males and females sexually involved)

for colored girlsdo not fall for the white supremacist hype

3.  Black BUFFOONERY, especially on the part of black males wearing wigs and dresses, playing the sidekicks of white males, or made up to look like white females.


do not fall for the white supremacist lies

I believe black people during segregation would have seen the problem with at least some of these movies, especially the ones with black degradation as the THEME, but most of the black people I encounter — and I can only speak from MY experiences — don’t seem to care EVEN when the racism/black degradation angle is pointed out to them.

The reactions I get when I mention these problems is largely dismissive. NOR do they seem to care that in nearly EVERY black movie produced by Hollywood within the last three years

FOREIGN BORN BLACKS are playing the lead roles while the vast majority of American-born black actors and actresses remain UNEMPLOYED.

This is NOT about blaming foreign born blacks for the RACISM being practiced against american-born black actors and actresses. Foreign-born blacks have no more control than the man on the moon over WHO gets a role in a movie and who doesn’t.

Anymore than the black producers and directors control the movies that bear their names. The white people who control Hollywood also control THEM — as I detailed in an earlier post:

Is “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (Really) A “Black Movie?”

However, all blacks inside AND outside the movie industry should be asking ourselves:

What is the REAL MESSAGE behind the trend of slavery and segregation movies? And HOW is it connected to the RISING UNEMPLOYMENT RATE among blacks and the INCREASE in police brutality/murder against black victims who were born here, most of who descended from slaves?

Is OUR REAL FUTURE in an evolving white supremacy system being presented AS fictional and “historical” entertainment on the silver screen?

Keep in mind that in 1865, the 13th Amendment was adopted to the United States Constitution officially abolishing slavery…

except as punishment for a crime.

which means that blacks who are incarcerated have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS — except those that the system CHOOSES to give them — and that they are RIPE for economic exploitation at 90 CENTS AN HOUR — the same way AFRICAN SLAVES were economically exploited in exchange for food and shelter.


The articles below seem to indicate —  similar to the THEME of most “black” movies today — that somebody or something is certainly GUNNING FOR OUR “BLACK TAILS” to be BACK in the old-fashioned-style of SLAVERY.

1.  Texas Is Throwing People In Jail For Failing To Pay Back Predatory Loans


(Black people represent a disproportionate number of PayDay borrowers).

2.  Fair Or Foul??? Tennessee Passes Law Imprisoning Women Up To 15 Years For Doing Drugs While Pregnant

When you read the comments on this article from other black people it seems as though they believe this law has absolutely, positively NOTHING to do with them. It’s as thought we are literally black bodies with a white chip in our brain computers…

The Hollywood propaganda machine which works overtime to completely bamboozle and ramp up anti-blackness among the black collective should pat themselves on the back for a JOB WELL DONE.

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Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation

Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act

The Interracial Con Game

The Beauty Con Game

After I received a call from a second friend ranting about Charles Barkley’s comments about black people and Ferguson, Missouri, a thought occurred to me:

Black people are angrier at Charles Barkley, a black male, than we are with the white police officer who actually murdered Michael Brown and the white system/grand jury/prosecution that set him free.


Why is Charles Barkley all over the news?

Because the people who control the media WANT him there.

It is all by design — to distract our justifiable rage and frustration AWAY from the system of racism/white supremacy ONTO a different target —



At a TIME when we can afford NEITHER.

I am equally guilty of turning my frustration and anger at the white supremacy system in another black person’s direction — and blaming black people for what the white people in charge are doing to all of us.

Getting mad at Charles Barkley — who never killed anyone — won’t solve a SINGLE problem we have.

But it is effective in keeping us distracted, divided, and at each other’s throats

and it’s a HUGE factor in the fast-rising level of ANTI-BLACKNESS among black people today as black people fuss and fight with each other on the mainstream media clown stage about things that NEITHER one of them controls.

I’m not defending Barkley or his comments. Nor am I surprised by them. Is he confused or just an opportunist? It really doesn’t matter.

White people don’t need his permission to practice racism OR to justify racism. They just DO it. The ONLY purpose the Charles Barkleys of the world serve is to enrage black people, disgust us, distract us and make us focus on the wrong people.


THAT is the ONLY value of a Charles Barkley. And once we stop falling for the media’s MIND GAMES, he may never be heard from again.

This is my own personal axiom that I rely on WHENEVER I see a black face getting airtime on TV and in the news:


And I haven’t found ONE exception to that rule.

They are playing us (and our emotions) like master violinists.

But we have the POWER to make the music STOP.  By getting OUT of denial, and educating ourselves about the system of white supremacy, and changing what we THINK, SAY, and DO especially when it comes to other black people.

That’s why I decided I wouldn’t post the audio (so I wouldn’t feed into the ORCHESTRATED MADNESS)

but I will post an excerpt of his comments for those who haven’t read them.

NBA legend and TNT studio personality Charles Barkley defended police this week in an interview with CNN as the firestorm continues over the decision by a grand jury not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., last week. From CBS St. Louis:

“The notion that white cops are out there just killing black people — that’s ridiculous. That’s just flat-out ridiculous,” the TNT basketball analyst told CNN. “I challenge any black person to try to make that point. Cops are actually awesome. They are the only thing in the ghetto between this place being the wild, wild west. So this notion that cops are out there just killing black men is ridiculous and I hate that narrative coming out of this entire situation.”

Barkley previously had strong words about the violent protesters in Ferguson, calling them “scumbags” for looting and setting businesses on fire after officer Darren Wilson was not indicted in the death of Michael Brown. He told CNN the only time America discusses race is when something bad happens.



Michael Brown

Like millions of black people all over the world, I was not surprised that the grand jury did not charge the MURDERER of Michael Brown with a crime.

What is happening is what we should expect to happen in a white supremacy system–in its last DEATH THROES–that is ramping up its attacks against us — WHILE  at the same time the system is using mainstream media to spread MASS CONFUSION and ANTI-BLACKNESS in the form of sexual intercourse with whites, black male and female homosexuality, white mis-identification via white supremacy television and movies, black scapegoating, and encouraging black males and black females to blame each other for what RACIST MAN and RACIST WOMAN are doing to all of us.

promote love for black people


promote love for black people


The question ALL of us should be asking ourselves is:  If we can’t support and care for each other  — and are wasting our most precious resources — our TIME, MONEY, BODIES, GENETICS, AND LOVE — with the same people who are harming us — HOW CAN WE PROTECT OUR BLACK CHILDREN?

The truth is — We can’t.

In these times of rising black male  AND black female unemployment and police brutality and murder,  hopefully, more and more black people will make the connection between our increasing vulnerability on EVERY FRONT — economic, educational, employment, medical (weaponized viruses like Eboli), political, sexual (sex with whites and homosexuality), religious, medical, nutritional, spiritual, and psychological — and our INABILITY to protect our children and ourselves.

I fully expect the numbers of black victims of police and racist violence to increase as the economy declines and black scapegoating continues to rise and have decided to start posting free excepts of all my books on a regular basis and lower the prices of the ebooks to make them more affordable during these increasingly hard times.

This is CRUNCH TIME and I suggest we all work harder to educate ourselves, change what we think, say, and do, especially to other black people, and share information with others and that includes sharing the links to these free excerpts as I post them.

The first except — from my book, “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” — directly relates to the Michael Brown’s MURDER and the illegitimate grand jury ruling NOT to indict his MURDERER and to all the BLACK VICTIMS of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in the U.S.



love lack people

“The seizing and shooting and beating reminds me of when there were lynchings all over the country. We’ve got to start saying, `No further. This must stop.”’ — Actress Ruby Dee, who along with her husband Ossie Davis, was arrested when they participated in the protests against police brutality.

love black people

If  “terrorism” is the systematic use of terror against a “civilian or noncombatant” population to achieve political or ideological objectives, and  “domestic”  refers to government policies and laws that occur inside a country, then the term,  “Domestic Terrorism,”  is the most accurate description of what is happening to black people all over the United States…

“I had an uncle…and they hung him… They hung him down there because they say he was crazy and he might ruin the other Negroes… See, and that is why they hung him, see, because he was a man, and he had a good education as some of the white — better than some of the white people down there…” — Big Bill Broonzy, blues singer

Domestic Terrorism Is…

1. Economic…

• Blacks who were economically successful faced reprisals or sanctions. When Richard Wright tried to train to become an optometrist and lens-grinder, the white men in the shop threatened him until he was forced to leave.

• In 1911, blacks were barred from participating in the Kentucky Derby because African-Americans won more than half of the first 28 races.”

• Black Ohio town denied use of public water supply for over 100 years (2008)

2. Legal…

• In the Midwest and West, many towns posted “sundown” warnings, threatening to kill any African-Americans who remained overnight.

• Black housing was segregated in the North, and, in many regions, blacks could not serve on juries.

• The Supreme Court — made up almost entirely of Northerners — gutted the 14th and 15th Amendments, which legalized segregation.

• In 1924, the Klan’s 4 million members controlled the governorship and a majority of the state legislature in Indiana, and much of Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, Georgia, Oregon, and Texas.

• Historical evidence suggests that US President Warren G. Harding (1921 – 1923) was inducted into the Klan in a White House ceremony.

3. Psychological…

• Whites often reacted violently to black efforts at migration; for instance, in his autobiography Black Boy, Richard Wright notes that he concealed his intention to move North because he was afraid of being beaten. The constant threat of terror was used to keep blacks “in their place.”

4. Violence And Murder…

• “Blacks were lynched for anything or nothing — for wife-beating, stealing hogs, being “saucy” to white people, sleeping with a consenting white woman, or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” – Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1862-1931)

• There were mob attacks on blacks (called race riots) in Houston, Philadelphia, and East St. Louis in 1917. The most famous occurred in 1919 in Chicago. White mob violence raged for a week, leaving 15 whites and 23 blacks dead, over 500 injured, and more than 1,000 homeless. Later estimates of the dead were much higher.

• The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma was even more deadly after white mobs invaded and burned the Greenwood district of Tulsa (Black Wall Street). Witnesses reported seeing whites in airplanes dropping dynamite on the city’s black neighborhoods. 1,256 homes were destroyed and 39 people (26 black, 13 white) people were confirmed killed, although recent investigations suggest that the number of black deaths were considerably higher than reported.

5. The Police…

“INSIDE the locker of a narcotics cop in Philadelphia: A cartoon of a man, half as an officer in uniform and half as a Klansman with the words: ‘Blue By Day – White by Night. White Power.’”

The Rogue Police Officer AKA The Domestic Terrorist

Brazil Confed Cup Protest

Rogue police officers steal, rob, deal dope, take bribes, abuse, beat, rape, sodomize, torture, and murder unarmed citizens. Rogue officers operate within poor and minority communities like sociopathic outlaws armed with a badge and a gun — with the blessing of police and city administrators.

It is difficult in poor black communities to tell the difference between the rogue officer and the criminal since BOTH operate outside the law. The irony is the people who need the most police protection also have the MOST to fear from the (rogue) police.

The “Blue Code Of Silence” AKA “Don’t Snitch” On Fellow Officers

By remaining silent while their fellow rogue officers break the law, abuse and murder citizens, good police officers must accept some of the blame. It’s easy to understand why good police officers are reluctant – even afraid – to report the illegal activities of their fellow (rogue) officers. Their careers – and in many cases their lives – would be in jeopardy, especially when illegal drugs are involved.

What is hard to understand is why anyone expects the most vulnerable and least protected people in America — poor black men, women, and children — to SNITCH on dangerous criminals when armed and trained police officers are unwilling (and afraid) to SNITCH on rogue officers?

It is common knowledge in the poorest communities that rogue officers and rogue police departments are COOPERATING with neighborhood drug dealers instead of arresting them. The proof? If white crack and heroin users from the suburbs know where to “cop” their drugs, it is ludicrous (and point-blank-idiotic) to think the police don’t know where drugs are being sold.

It is also common knowledge that rogue officers pass along the names of complaining citizens and witnesses TO drug dealers and gang members. If poor black residents are afraid to complain to the police, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why they are not “dying” to testify:

“19-year-old Fred Morton was questioned by the response team’s detectives about a murder he had witnessed. Twelve days later, he was found dead in a city park. He had been strangled, and his throat was slit.”

“In Jefferson County, two witnesses were murdered after repeated threats from drug dealers. In both cases, prosecutors knew their witnesses had been threatened.”

A Towson, MD witness is gunned down, and police say a hit was ordered because he was going to testify in a murder trial. Six people are now charged with the witness’ murder.

love black people

Domestic Terrorism Is Driving While Black (DWB)

“Racial profiling” is a police officer or a person in authority who uses his or her authority to harass, intimidate, or arrest non-whites (practice racism). In many cases, racial profiling is condoned by city officials to send a message that non-whites are not welcome to live, work, shop, or even drive through certain white areas. Racial profiling is also used as a psychological tool of intimidation to remind non-whites that they are NOT due the same rights and respect that whites take for granted in a white supremacy society.

Even “Powerful” Blacks Are Not Immune To DWB

In 2007, US Representative Danny Davis was pulled over for a traffic stop by Chicago police. When Congressman Davis asked why, he was told, “You swerved. You were driving left of center.”

Davis, who had a clean driving record – only five tickets in 50 years – had been stopped the week before for a “routine” seat belt check. Davis had been buckled up. After the latest incident, Davis filed a complaint with the Office of Independent Review, accusing the white officer of racial profiling. He concluded that, “…the only reason I was stopped was because I was black.”

Unfortunately, some (black) drivers are not as “lucky” as Rep. Davis, to drive away with just a ticket. In 1999, LaTanya Haggerty, an unarmed 26-yr old black female, was shot to death by Chicago police as she reached for her cell phone during a traffic stop.
Within the same seven-day period, Robert Russ, an unarmed 22-yr-old black male, was shot and killed by Chicago police after being stopped for “driving erratically.” Russ was an honor student and star football player at Northwestern University, who was due to graduate the week he was killed (murdered).

Domestic Terrorism And Torture In America’s Jails

Documented torture methods used against black men in Philadelphia (PA) police headquarters:

• Beating a suspect’s feet and ankles
• Twisting or kicking testicles
• Pummeling the back, ribs, and kidneys
• Beaten with lead pipes, blackjacks, brass knuckles, chairs, and table legs
• One suspect was stabbed in the groin with a sword-like instrument
• Suspects and witnesses testified that they were forced to watch beatings through one-way windows, and were told they would receive the same  treatment unless they cooperated.

From 1972 to 1991, over 200 black men were tortured by Chicago Police Commander Jon G. Burge and other Chicago detectives to coerce confessions. In 2008, Burge, who was living in Florida on a Chicago police pension, was arrested — NOT for torture — but for false written answers to questions in a civil lawsuit!

Documented Torture Methods By Chicago Police:

• Suffocation with the plastic cover of a typewriter
• Being battered with telephone books
• Burned with cigarettes and radiators
• Threatened with handguns
• Electrically shocked with a telephone generator
• Cattle prod applied to men’s nipples, genitals, and rectal interiors

Let’s Compare Torture In America’s Jails and Police Precincts To Wartime Torture Of Alleged Terrorists

“Three Iraquis and a Jordanian alleged that they were tortured by US defense contractors during their detainment at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq from 2003 to 2004. The torture included electrical shocks, forced nudity, and sexual humiliations.

The Abu Ghraib prisoners should be thankful they were NOT black males in America or they would have suffered a far worse fate. In spite of overwhelming physical evidence, the police abuse and torture of black men is largely ignored and easily dismissed:

Court overturns three convictions in Abner Louima police torture case Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant, was sodomized with a broomstick handle inside a New York (70th Precinct) police station by two white police officers. Abner Louima suffered severe internal injuries after being assaulted in a precinct bathroom. Police Officer Schwarz held him down while Police Officer Volpe shoved a wooden stick into his rectum. (1997)

Abner Louima, Rodney King, and Sean Bell are a confirmation of:



The Most Dangerous Black Person On The Planet: The Self-Hating Black Authority Figure

When 26-year-old Latonya Haggerty was shot and killed during a traffic stop in 1999, the black female officer who fired the fatal shots, claimed Ms Haggerty’s cell phone, “…looked like a handgun.”

It is extremely unlikely that Haggerty, the passenger, would have pulled a handgun during a traffic stop. A college graduate with no criminal record, Ms Haggerty did not fit the profile of a dangerous cop-killer.

It is also extremely unlikely that the black officer would have shot an unarmed white female during a minor traffic stop — unless the black officer was willing to spend decades in prison. Like many blacks in positions of authority, black Rogue Officers who abuse and murder black people are expressing their own self-hatred, and are MORE likely to abuse blacks than white officers.

However, black Rogue Officers never make the fatal mistake of abusing, murdering, or “accidentally shooting” white people. Most black officers are secretly terrified of the day they may be forced to take the life of a dangerous, violent, or armed white person. They know it’s a lose-lose situation since they will either lose their lives, their careers, OR their freedom (will go to prison).

Which explains why there has NEVER been a single instance of a black police officer unloading his or her weapons into an unarmed white person in the history of modern law enforcement. Why?

A black police officer killing whites contradicts the purpose of having a police force in the first place: to protect property AND white life — in that order.

By limiting their abuse to black people, black rogue officers foolishly believe they are guaranteeing their own safety within a racist police department that despises all black people—including those that wear a badge and a uniform. They believe that being a “team player” (abusing other blacks), somehow, erases the “stigma” of being black. The sad irony is by abusing black people, black rogue officers are ENCOURAGING the abuse and murder of ALL black people – including black police officers:

• “White officer who shot Black undercover cop in New York found guilty.”

• “Black officer was shot (by white officers) several times in the back while he was falling or already lying face down.”

• “Black undercover officers face a disproportionate risk of being injured by mistake by other (white) police officers.”

• “Black undercover cops, particularly those posing as drug dealers, run a high risk of being shot, or beaten by their white officer counterparts.”

• “Sometimes black officers are not given an opportunity to identify themselves; in other instances they are attacked after announcing that they are cops.”

• “According to retired NYPD detective, Roger Abel, who is writing a book on this subject, not one white officer has ever been shot by a black officer.”

love black people

Role Call: Murder-By-Rogue-Cop Victims


“They’re just covering up. They’ve done it again. They’ve done it again. I’ve talked to the police and the way they were talking, I could tell they were thinking: We just got another black man off the street.” – Beverly Hunt, speaking about the shooting death of James E. Alexander, a 62-year-old black man by Roanoke, VA police.

• James E. Alexander – 62-yr-old black male shot and killed by a Virginia State police officer during a drug investigation at a neighbor’s house. (2004)

• Donta Dawson – unarmed black male shot in the head and killed by Philadelphia, PA police who claimed he was “blocking traffic.” (1998)

• Stephen “Kuado” Opaku – unarmed Ghana-born black male died after a car wreck in which a Philadelphia, PA police officer shot out the window in an “attempt” to rescue Opaku. The bullet set the car on fire. Opaku was killed in the blaze. (1998)

• LaTanya Haggerty – Unarmed 26-yr-old black female college graduate shot to death by Chicago police as she reached for her cell phone during a traffic stop. (1999)

• Robert Russ – Unarmed 22-yr-old, shot and killed by Chicago police after being stopped for “driving erratically.” Russ, an honor student and star football player at Northwestern University, was supposed to graduate the week he was killed (murdered). (1999)

• Charles Matthews – unarmed black male shot 23 times and killed by eight New York police officers. (1992)

• Moses DeJesus – unarmed black male beat to death by New York police officers. (1994)

• Joseph Gould – unarmed homeless man shot and killed by off-duty police officer, Gregory Becker. A passer-by testifi ed that Becker grabbed Gould around the neck while Gould did nothing. (1995)

• Tyisha Miller – unarmed 19-year-old black girl killed by four Riverside, CA police officers who found her sitting unresponsively in a parked car. Police smashed her car window and fired into the car 24 times, striking her 12 times. (1999)

• Michael Byoune – unarmed 19 yr-old black male shot and killed by Inglewood, CA police officer. (2008)

• Amadou Diallo — unarmed West African immigrant street vendor living in the Bronx unarmed African living in Bronx shot 41 times by four white New York City police officers while attempting to show identification. (2000)

• Nathaniel Jones – unarmed 41-yr-old black male beat to death by six Cincinnati police officers using metal batons even though his arms were cuffed behind his back. The beating was captured by camera mounted on police squad car. (2001)

• Timothy Thomas – unarmed 19-year old black man shot and killed by a Cincinnati police officer in 2001. Thomas was the fifteenth black man killed by the Cincinnati Police Department in fi ve years, and his death led to outrage in the black community that culminated with the 2001 Cincinnati Riots.

• Ousmane Zongo – unarmed Burkinabè (African male) arts trader living in New York City shot and killed by New York City Police Department officers during a warehouse raid (2003)

• Unidentified homeless black woman — killed by Los Angeles police for suspected theft of shopping cart. (1999)

• Newby – unarmed black male shot in the back and killed by Louisville, KY police officers. He was the seventh black man to be fatally shot by Louisville police in the past five years (2004).

• Roy Pettaway III – unarmed 27-yr-old black male shot in the back of the head outside nightclub by Fulton County, GA police. His 26-yr-old brother, Ron, was shot in the back but survived. (2007)

• Kathryn Johnston – 92-yr-old woman shot and killed by Atlanta police after they break through a burglar bar entry door and wooden door, to conduct a “drug raid” at her home. (2006)

• Devin Brown – unarmed 13-year-old gunned down by Los Angeles Police for running from police. (2005)

• Sean Bell – unarmed 23-yr-old black male shot fifty times by five New York police officers on the day before his wedding. (2006)

• Tarika Wilson – unarmed 26-yr-old black female shot and killed by Lima, OH police officers while holding 14-month-old infant in her arms. Officers on suspicion of drug dealing by a boyfriend, break down the door and open fire on mother and child. Ms. Wilson was not armed nor was she or her baby a suspect. (2008)

• Oscar Grant — 22-yr-old black male shot in back while lying face down on a rapid transit platform (BART) in California by white transit cop. (2009)

love black people

“Rogue Cops Caught on Videotape” Is Psychological Terrorism

Why would a white supremacist justice system that condones (and denies) the widespread police brutality against blacks allow the mainstream media to broadcast the VIDEOTAPED evidence that these (racist) abuses actually exist?

One Possible Reason:

To remind (terrorize) the black collective that ANY black person at ANY time at ANY place for NO reason can be victimized by law enforcement. This psychological tool of terror actually reinforces the black inferiority complex (niggerization) by allowing law enforcement to show a blatant disregard for black life, because black life has no value in a white supremacy society.

In fact, this was the LAW over 150 years ago when the US Supreme Court ruled in 1856 that blacks had “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” (The Dred Scott v. Sandford Decision). Obviously, little has changed.

Role Call: Police Brutality Victims

• Rodney Glen King – unarmed 26-yr-old cab driver stopped and beaten by several Los Angeles police officers. The beating was captured on videotape. The acquittal of the police officers by an all-white jury sparked the 1991 Los Angeles riot. (1991)

• Yvette Hayes – unarmed 33-yr-old black female forced to lie face-down alongside the freeway by Milwaukee police officers investigating “stolen vehicles”. The former elementary school principal was five months pregnant. The officer’s squad car dash-camera captured the incident. (2007)

• Beverly Wilson Ellison Sr. – was dragged from her vehicle and slammed repeatedly against her SUV by a white Chicago police officer for “staring” at him. The incident occurred in front of her 10- and 11-year-old daughters who were inside the car. She received a traffic citation for “failure to stop at a stop sign.” (2007)

• Carlos McLoud – unarmed Jamaican immigrant shot by a Philadelphia police officer. McLoud attempted to help a robbery victim when shot by plainclothes officer. The bullet injuries left McLoud paralyzed from the waist down. (1994)

• Coprez Coffie — unarmed black male sodomized by officers with a screwdriver in an alley after being pulled over by Chicago police officers. Though police denied his allegations, the jury was convinced by the evidence presented, including doctors reports of tears to Coffie’s rectum and a screwdriver found in the police car’s glove compartment with fecal matter on it. (2007)

• Stanley Miller – unarmed black male kicked in the head and brutally beaten with a metal flashlight by LAPD cops (2005)

• Aaron Harrison – unarmed 18-year-old shot in the back by Chicago Police (2007)

• Lillian Fletcher — 82-year-old black grandmother suffering from dementia and schizophrenia is tasered by Chicago Police and spends fi ve days in hospital recovering. (2007)

• Haitian immigrant Abner Louima — sodomized by a broomstick handle inside a New York (70th Precinct) police station by two white police officers. Louima suffered severe internal injuries after being assaulted in a precinct bathroom, where he was held down by Police Officer Schwarz while Police Officer Volpe shoved a wooden stick into his rectum. (1997)

• Seven African Immigrant Van Drivers – accused a Queens, N.Y. police officer of raping and sodomizing them in separate incidents. The District Attorney Richard A. Brown dismissed the charges. (1993)

The obvious question must be asked: If black people are still being assaulted, sodomized, and murdered by police in the 21st century, what is OUR definition of “black progress?”

love black people

Jeremiah Mearday VS Chicago Police

“I didn’t know my son,” Jeremiah’s father said when he went to the hospital on September 26, 1997. “He was a bloody mess. He had two holes knocked in the top of his head, his five front upper teeth along with the gum, severed, and a broken jaw. They stomped him in his stomach and there was trauma to his back.” — Revolutionary Worker #934, November 30, 1997.

Jeremiah Mearday – unarmed 18-year-old black male kicked and beaten with flashlights by two white Chicago police officers for no apparent reason. After the beating, Mearday was hospitalized with a broken jaw and head injuries. (1997).

On November 7, nearly 200 white police officers forced Jeremiah Mearday and his attorneys to walk a gauntlet of intimidation in a Chicago courtroom. This gestapo display — which was tolerated by the presiding judge — was met by protest and outrage. Five years later, the city of Chicago agreed to pay Jeremiah Mearday $1.75 million to settle the police brutality case if Mearday drops his lawsuit.

ove black people

Why Blacks Are The Biggest Targets Of Domestic Terrorism

Reason #1: The African man and woman — the first man and woman on earth — possess the MOST MELANIN, which makes them, genetically and biologically speaking, the most powerful people on the planet — and the greatest genetic threat to white survival. (See pp 49-52)

Reason #2: When one group oppresses another group, the oppressed group correctly views their oppressors as their enemy. The reverse is ALSO true. The oppressors know it is foolish (and illogical) to trust the same people they are oppressing (mistreating).

A white supremacist system logically assumes that all non-whites are “enemies of the state” and potential threats to the white status quo, which is why non-whites are ALWAYS assumed to be secretly plotting against whites.

The police and court systems are used to intimidate and terrorize the oppressed to keep them from rebelling against an unfair (racist) system. This explains why law enforcement is allowed to abuse and murder blacks at will. It also explains why blacks and non-whites (in general) are not perceived by the white collective as “patriotic,” and in some cases, NOT citizens at all.

The oppressor class knows it is ILLOGICAL (and insane!) for the oppressed “minorities” to be loyal to the same system that is oppressing them. Sadly, some blacks do not understand how illogical (and self-disrespecting) their “loyalty” is.

Reason #3: The abuse/murder of blacks by the police provides visible “proof” to the white collective that whites are more privileged than (superior to) blacks, thus ensuring the loyalty of whites to a system that is also exploiting them, but still allows even poor whites to feel superior to blacks. This divide-and-conquer strategy by the white elites allows the continued economic and political exploitation of BOTH whites and non-whites.



Short Role Call of U.S.  Domestic Terrorism Victims

Tamir RiceTamir Rice, 12

love black peopleKathryn JohnstonKathryn Johnston,92

LaTanya HaggertyLaTanya Haggerty, 26

Michael Brown 2Michael Brown, 18

Oscar_GrantOscar Grant, 22

Sean_Bell_family_photoSean Bell, 23, with fiancee and baby daughter

trayvan-martinTrayvon Martin, 17

Tyisha MillerTyisha Miller,  19

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 White Supremacist Finds Out His Ancestors Were Black

 Feud tied to DNA test of supremacist’s black blood

Craig Cobb white supremacist

The recent arrest of neo-Nazi Craig Cobb, who wants to turn a small North Dakota town all-white, was apparently sparked by a feud with a fellow supremacist who turned on him when DNA tests showed Cobb to be part black, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The violence, however, apparently was traced back to another white supremacist who had a falling out with Cobb, the Times reports.

Grant County Assistant State’s Atty. Todd Schwarz tells the newspaper that a fellow supremacist apparently targeted Cobb with racial graffiti after he’d found out that Cobb’s DNA results showed he was part black.

(Now, that’s funny).