Counter-Racism Boot Camp


Interested in an On-Line Counter-Racism Course that will work those Counter-Racist muscles?

Check out the Counter-Racism Boot Camp — NOW in Session!


The Counter-Racism Boot Camp Course will march you through the basics of Racism/White Supremacy with definitions, examples, sound clips, videos, and quizzes.

The Course Outline:

  1. Lesson One:   What is Racism/White Supremacy?
  2. Lesson Two:   Black Power Within a System of White Supremacy & Caste VS Class
  3. Lesson Three:   How White People Function Within AND Maintain the System of White Supremacy
  4. Lesson Four – Twelve:   How White Supremacy Functions In All Nine Areas of Human Activity


  • economics
  • education
  • entertainment
  • labor
  • law
  • politics
  • religion
  • sex
  • war


5.  Lesson Thirteen:  Solutions and Suggestions for Counter-Racists


(There may be changes and additions to the course as needed).



black is beautiful

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  1. Two Moon says:

    I would like to sign up for your Counter Racism Boot Camp course! Please send me information.

  2. AJ says:

    Have you postponed the counter-racist boot camp?

  3. Kyle Tassa Rolle says:

    I’m Proud of you for putting this together, we can all learn from one another once we are aware of ‘THE SITUATION’. To everyone serious about this dropping in on this wonderful sista’s site, not only can we communicate through this now but those of us who understand the situation; should not only take the course but talk and begin to actually network and meet up with each other to organise initiatives or ideas that each of us can think of and bring to the table, not just talk through the cpu and thats it. If we are all 1 family like we are let’s treat each other like it and work togetha towards an acceptable way of life for us by us and for our little ones to come. Again great job!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Kyle

      I hope you’ll sign up for the Counter-Racism Boot Camp and share the link with other people, and share our increasing understanding about the system we live under

  4. Moreno says:

    Thank you Ms. Pam!

  5. Two Moon says:

    Yes, I agree. This is a great course and I am enjoying it so far!
    @Kyle-I agree we definitely need to come together and organize!

  6. Two Moon says:

    My question is: Is this course available in Spanish, French, and Portugeese-the languages of the other European colonizers-not just English. I ask that because, this is really great info for our non-white Spanish, French and Portugeese brothers and sisters to have.
    In my opinion, these forward thinking books/info session need to be accessible in mutliple languages for all non-white people to access.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Two Moon

      I would love to translate our books AND this course into more languages, unfortunately, I have no means of doing that. It is too expensive to pay someone to do it

      if there’s a way we will definitely do it

  7. Two Moon says:

    Many thanks for putting this course together! 🙂

  8. Amman says:

    Just signed up for your boot camp. Keep doing a fantastic. Job.

  9. sondis says:

    I’m here, Pam. ^_^

    Check out this video…..

    • TrojanPam says:

      Greetings Sondis,

      Good to see you around these parts!

      I’ve seen the video and yes, most non-whites are confused and in denial which is what Counter-Racism is about

      to help the Victims of white supremacy understand that we live UNDER a system of white supremacy and how it functions so we can work toward dismantling it.

      hope you’ll share the link to the Boot Camp so we can recruit more INTELLECTUAL SOLDIERS in this war for our hearts, minds, bodies and souls!

      off topic,

      I just asked Legion if he was a white Jewish male

      I’m waiting to hear his response (lol)

  10. sondis says:


    I know Legion is white, no need for me to ask him. I don’t bother with even getting into it with those fools! ^_^

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ sondis

      I remember the first time I asked him that question and he seemed stunned and said, “why did you ask that?” lol

      I suspected he was a white male because he exhibited the typical behavior many white males exhibit toward females and non-white people when in a conflict or disagreement or just in general

      trying to dominate
      over aggressive (being a bully) when dialoguing

      he hasn’t posted to me since I asked him but I’m sure he’ll do another hit when the lights are turned off

  11. Mbeti says:

    @ TrojanPam & sondis
    he fooled me ,but now Thanks to you two I know and puzzling aspects of his behavior are now explained.
    Guess I need the Counter-Racism Boot Camp more than I thought.

  12. Nelson David Anderson says:

    Always CONSTRUCTIVE information; you, gus, mr. fuller ,Dr Welsing, podcasts/ archives have been the wellspring of my education counter racism analysis/growth (becoming less confused)

  13. Nelson David Anderson says:

    Please, when you can or, choose; leave feedback/ commentary previously sent emails
    thnx dave

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