Important Note To Current and Future Readers

Some chapters in our first two books — ‘Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation’ and ‘Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act’ — have been included in our third and fourth books — ‘The Interracial Con Game’ and “The Beauty Con Game” for the following reasons:

NEW READERS — To get the most out of our books, it is important all readers understand what the Authors mean when we refer to the system of racism/white supremacy. It has been our experience that some readers are unaware that such a system exists OR that it controls every aspect of our lives as non-whites.

Others may believe white supremacists represent a minority of poor whites — the type that belongs to the Aryan Nation, the KKK, wear tattoos, or burn crosses. Nothing is further from the truth.

In addition, some readers may purchase the second, third, or fourth book without reading the first book — Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation — which laid the foundation. If we did NOT include that information in ALL our books, new readers may not have a clear understanding of why, for example, we believe that sex between blacks and whites extends the life and power of racism/white supremacy.

TO MAXIMIZE UNDERSTANDING — For many readers, the system of white supremacy is a NEW concept – but it is the MOST IMPORTANT concept that any black (or non-white) person will ever understand. Without that understanding, everything else you know will only confuse you. It is CRITICAL that our readers understand the many ways the white supremacy system devastates the lives of black people, so we can make better decisions in RESPONSE to it.

REPETITION IS THE KEY — to understanding AND remembering information. More repetition means MORE information will be ABSORBED and RETAINED. This repetition occurs throughout EVERY learning process whether one is learning about chemistry, medicine, or the system of white supremacy.

CONSISTENCY: We felt it is important to be consistent from one book to the next, and the best way to do that was to provide the SAME explanations, definitions, and concepts in all our books.

HONESTY: We felt it would be dishonest to rewrite the same chapters and pretend it was new information. We have included the table of contents of all our books on our website and on our pages so our readers will know exactly what they are getting in each book.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Including repeat chapters actually COSTS more because  bigger books cost more to print. Therefore, “padding” our books (adding more pages) doesn’t make good economic sense OR bigger profits. In addition, there is always more NEW information that is NOT included in previous books so the percentage of repeat information is always at a minimum.

  1. carroll williams says:

    You have written about 400 plus years of the systematic destruction of the Black Woman, Black Child and Black Man within 300 pages…..incredible…….

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