Interracial Con Game Table of Contents

Table of Contents



  • Is Black Love Taboo (In A White Supremacy Society)?

The White Supremacy Chess Game

  • Dr. Welsing On White Supremacy & The Game Of Chess
  • What Is Racism/White Supremacy?
  • Black Power In A White Supremacy System
  • A White Supremacy “Fairy Tale”

Game Objective: TOTAL White Domination

  • Game Objective: TOTAL White Domination

Playing The White Side of The Chess Board

  • The United Independent White Supremacist Conduct Code (the UIWSCC)
  • White Privilege
  • Using Code Words In A White Supremacy System
  • The Universal Conduct Code For White Males (In A White Supremacy System)
  • Don’t Snitch! (On Other White People!)

Playing The Wrong Side of The Chess Board (Why the Black Side Is Losing)

  • Curse of a Dark Skin And White Eyes: The White-Identified Black
  • The Color Of Success

The White Side Plays (Hard Ball) Offense

  • The Interracial Con Game

The Darker Side Of Interracial Sex

  • A Short History Of The Rape Of Black Females
  • “Black Jezebel” AKA – “A White Man’s Whore”
  • The Black Male AKA Black “Mandingo”
  • Sex In Senegal: Sexual Vampires White Supremacy Style
  • Seven Reasons White Females Pursue Black Males
  • The Homosexual (Racist) White Male
  • Consent OR Coercion? The Connection Between Slavery, Rape, and Sex Between Blacks & Whites
  • 13 Hardcore Reasons Blacks “Consent” To Sex With Whites
  • Letters From A World-Weary Brother

The (Black) Queen Sacrifice

  • My Kind Of Sista

Checkmate The (Black) King

  • Omar Thornton Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Black America
  • The Balloon And The Basket
  • For Black Folks Who Think Race Doesn’t Matter

Playing the Right (Black) Side of the Chess Board (How the Black Side Can Win)

  • Neely Fuller, Jr On NO SEX Between Blacks and Whites
  • 13 Reasons Conscious Blacks Oppose (And Avoid) Interracial Relationships
  • A More Just Black Male & Black Female Perspective

A Tribute To Black Love

  • A Black Woman’s Tribute To Her Naturally Nappy, Beautiful Black Man
  • A Black Man’s Tribute To His Naturally Nappy, Beautiful Black Woman
  • Harlem Sweeties — a Poem By Langston Hughes

 Black Love Counter Warfare

  • 13 Counter Warfare Strategies


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  • Index

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