Supplemental Videos for CR Lesson # 1

Is Racism/White Supremacy A Global System?

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  1. I was approached myself one night on a lonely track while doing laps. Some fine white gentlemen just wanted to know what time it was and it took four of them to come find out. What they didn’t know was I was not your average victim nor was I afraid of any of them. The walked up to me and all bold like and asked me the time, I politely lifted my jacket up where I had my ipod and told him the time. What he also got hip to was a Beretta 9MM on my waist as well. Seeing all that the bold man turned into a little girl and went back to the other little girls. Then the story changed and now they were looking for some weed and asked me if I knew anybody. I just looked at them and kept moving.

    I swear on my mother life if any of them fine white gentlemen would have tried any of their mess on me, we all wasn’t gonna leave that track upright.

    • honeytreebee says:

      Oh Jesus please be careful you are worth far more than they are. Glad nothing happened and that you are okay. This is also why I don’t like being out at night by myself and try to have someone with me when I do.

  2. TrojanPam says:

    @ hunglikejesus

    Good grief! What a testimony!

    I’m glad you came prepared AND I’m glad you didn’t have to use it

    I strongly suspect that many, if not MOST, of the white on black RAPES and ASSAULTS are not being reported in the media or investigated by police

    I remember there were MANY times when white males had obvious criminal intent toward me but luckily I either didn’t fall for the con OR a black angel was sitting on my shoulder

    I know on several occasions the incidents would have led to my rape — at the least — and a few that could have resulted in my MURDER


    which causes me to wonder how many black females and black males “disappear” or are found murdered and the perpetrators were white? I suspect quite a few

    and I suspect MOST black females do NOT report rape by white males because they KNOW they will NOT BE BELIEVED — and unfortunately, they are RIGHT.


    and to AVOID places where either you are isolated OR you are surrounded by white people ingesting ALCOHOL

    also black people need to stop “hanging out” with their “white friends” because I know of several incidents in the news over the last couple of years

    like the two black males who went to “hang out” with their white friends and all four white people (two males and two females) jumped on them, beat them, strangled them and cut off parts of their bodies


    sat back and watched some videos later. This just happened about two months ago

    and two separate stories where a black male went to a party at some white person’s house and was shot and killed by some white male or males who didn’t like him being there

    Black people (as well as ALL non-white people ) better get out of this BRAIN FOG about a “post-racial” America and the DELUSION of INCLUSION

    and smell the burning tar and rope

    • c.andrews says:

      You are so right about this Pam, I myself am a mother of a young adult male who was diagnosed early in his life with a disability by the RWS. He caught nothing but hell in my neighborhood school by other young black victims. I sent him to a predominately white private school that I deemed to be safe (wasnt easy , I had to hire a lawyer and sue the school district). I thought all was well for the next several years- he was 11 when went to private RWS’s school. He now believes that ALL white ppl are his dearest friends. He is now 21 and I call myself schooling him through the years but he is more confused than ever. maybe because of his disability he refuse to believe that white ppl can and will do him some harm if such an opportunity arise. I dont know how to get him out of this terrible “Brain Fog”, I really want him to take your racism boot camp course but dont know if he will sign up. It is my worst nightmare and fear that he will wind up like those poor 2 boys who wer brutally murdered and cut up by those evil depraved 4 white people. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on how to open our young adult folks eyes to this very real danger would be greatly appreciated…..

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ c.andrews

        I wish I had a surefire solution but unfortunately, it will be difficult to quickly undo the programming he received in those predominantly white schools.

        He has internalized a good deal of anti-blackness in that environment and he will have to WANT to learn the truth about the system he lives under

        I would not push too hard but use examples in the media to illustrate your point and if you watch TV together maybe pointing things out to him

        I don’t know if his father is in his life OR if he is on your page but a male mentor would help a lot.

        Mothers have a huge influence over their son’s opinions and choices by the type of WOMAN they are, how WE talk about other black women, whether we praise “whiteness” in hair and skin and eyes,

        and what we choose to wear, say, and do

        I truly wish you the best

      • EGM says:

        My Son’s Mother brought him to Utah, where she took a military post, she is a captain in the Army. She was recently transferred to Chicago, of course after the white people here at her post, try to sully her good name and destroy her career, because she did the job they hired her for. But anyway, upon her transfer, my son wanted to stay in Utah to finish high school, of which he is an “A” Student in advance placement level classes at a College Prep High School. He too don’t see any wrong in white people, although I know he is getting an excellent education, that is going to open doors for him, I wish he went to Chicago, to be with black kids. My greatest fear is that he is going to find out first hand, what I have been trying to teach him from day one, that he can’t trust any of them, especially the ones who claim to be his friends.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ EGM

          That is the tragedy of black children being raised and educated in a predominantly white environment. Of course, they’ll think white is right because that is programming they receive–an overdose. And most that I have met are more anti-black (and secretly, anti-self in spite of their successes).

          Is his mother also very white-identified?

  3. honeytreebee says:

    It is strange how things work out. I found your site by clicking on a link from the brown watch news. I found the brown watch news by searching for a copy of the funktionary. It is amazing how thinks come to you when you set out to find truth and inderstanding of who you are, where you are, and where you are going. It is tragic that we have to deal with things like racism when we are so much more and come from so much more… more than we can imagine I dare say. I look forward to a time when all of this will be done and discussed as old matters and cautionary tales. Perhaps not in this life time, but one day soon.

  4. C. Andrews says:

    @honeytreebee, it is true that once you start really seeking truth things seem to magically come to you. i cant remember how I got to this website but I know it came indirectly from the cOWS program. I did recently learn one valuable lesson, just because one may referred to another blog you cannot assume those two bloggers are on the same page. For instance I just recently found another bloggerfrom this posting, I am not going to name any names but he writes excellen constructive articles and he has been around for some time. He recently posted that there is nothing wrong with interracial(white/nonwhite) dating. All this time I thought he was fully codofiedand I thought he truly understood racism/white supremacy. Based on this statement alone I see that I was wrong. i guess even though one may be well spoken and intellectual in the end they may be what my daddy used to cal “an educated dummy”. I did not understand this term as a young woman , I thought it was oxymoronic , but now………

  5. ahmad muhammad says:

    These lessons are invaluable to every human being who wishes to understand the system of Racism and wish to destroy it. Suit up!

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ ahmad muhammad

      Please share the information with others. Without that understanding, black people will continue going in circles and finding no solutions or relief from our oppression.

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