The Beauty Con Game Excerpt

Chapter Two:  FOUR Reasons Black Males Should Read A Book About Beauty

REASON #1 – Black Males Who Despise The Person In Their Mirrors

From cradle to grave, blacks are bombarded with negative messages about brown and dark skin, African features, and kinky hair. The darker-skinned we are, the more we are degraded and mistreated.

Black males are just as conflicted over skin color, hair, and facial features as black females, but it is not as obvious because males are not pressured to transform their faces, hair, and bodies with makeup, hair straighteners, weaves, and plastic surgery to look more “attractive” by white standards. However, the increase in black males having plastic surgery and using skin lighteners tells a different story.

While the ‘Beauty Con Game’ is more lethal for females than it is for males, being black and male in a black-male-hating society can wreak the kind of massive self-esteem devastation seen by the examples on the previous pages. For millions of black males, the little black boy (inside) is STILL picking the white doll as the “best doll.”

REASON #2 – Racist Images of Black Males In The Media

Black men are more likely to be seen wearing handcuffs than a tailored suit or doctor’s scrubs. Black males cuffed in the back of a squad car; riddled with bullets on a city street; rotting in a jail cell; or lying on a cold slab in the county morgue scarcely raises an eyebrow or our blood pressure anymore.

Most movies and TV shows aimed at black youth depict black males as thugs, pimps, drug dealers, hustlers, poor, criminals, deadbeat baby daddies, clowns, court jesters, rapists, athletes, entertainers, buffoons, fools, and animalistic brutes. Dark-skinned black males are synonymous with low intelligence, criminality, and sexual predators. The darker they are, the more demonized AND victimized by white society they will be.

Even money and fame offer little protection for rich and/or famous dark-skinned black males, like Wesley Snipes and Michael Vick, who were sent to prison for minor offenses. This sends a powerful message to black male youth, making them doubt their OWN humanity and self-worth:

“I thank god that I am not basic. I am not a human being.” (lyrics from Lil’ Wayne’s song “I’m Not Human” )

Regardless of the obvious financial reasons black rappers like Lil’ Wayne promote the kind of “music” and lyrics that degrades black people, it is extremely DANGEROUS for black males to devalue their OWN BLACK LIVES in a black-male-hating society, especially when they are promoted by white media as the biggest role models for black youth.

Reason #3 – The Rising Number Of Black Males Who Are Committing Genetic Suicide

Some black males are so repelled by the image in their own mirrors, that they are deliberately breeding with white, Asian, or Hispanic females to rid their offspring of the racial ‘ugliness’ they secretly (and sometimes openly) believe exists within themselves (see page 13).

REASON #4 – Degrading the Beauty of Our Black Mothers Degrades ALL Black Life — Male AND Female

“The “social position” of a race is determined by the social position of the female.” – Karl Marx.

In EVERY culture the mother is sacred; the “civilizer” of her culture, community, children, and society.

The black female is the CREATOR of all authentically black life. She is the FIRST TEACHER and her primary responsibility is to “civilize” the children by passing along the values and traditions of her culture to the next generation. The way the female sees herself will determine the way her offspring ultimately SEES, VALUES, and RESPECTS THEMSELVES.

When the white media degrades the black female’s physical features and moral character, they are DELIBERATELY devastating the self-esteem of the products of her WOMB: little black girls and boys who will one day grow up to be low-self-esteemed black men and women.

If the “Mother” of a nation is a worthless whore how can the products of her womb (her children) have any value?

Once the BLACK MOTHER (the black female) is so degraded and demoralized that she becomes “uncivilized,” she will not be able to civilize anyone else. As a result, her children, her men, her community, and the ENTIRE BLACK NATION will become demoralized, self-hating, self-disrespecting, and UNCIVILIZED. This lays the foundation for a ‘Manufactured Black Inferiority Complex’ that will last a lifetime.

Until blacks collectively understand the importance of protecting the IMAGE of the Black Mother of our Black Nation, we will continue reaping one damaged black generation after another.

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