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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Book, Very good needed!!!, September 29, 2012

By Keeping it Real “keepin it real” (New Zealand)

What an incredible book. It is these kinds of books which inspire brown people like me to become more empowered in a white supremacy dominated society. This book reinforced many of my notions of what is wrong with society. I loved some of the suggestions at the end in regard to empowering yourself, especially that it is you, yourself who must be the change you see. We can’t rely on notable Brown or Black brothers and sisters to do it for us.

I also loved the notion of non participation in companies who don’t hire Black people or Brown people to promote their products. I am up for that. What I do love in reading more and more about the subject and watching less and less TV. I am lecturer in media studies and have had students write on ethnic portrayal of minorities in a famous movie the Piano. Without a doubt most white students do no see any racism going on at all. The Black and Brown students do. Thanks for the book and I hope you write more.

5.0 out of 5 stars Racism/White Supremacy 101,September 23, 2012
By Ebonie1960

Excellent book for those who want to know about the system of racism/white supremacy. An easy to read assessment on what has happened in the past and what is currently happening to non-white people.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Truth,September 5, 2012
By Rick

A lot of showcase blacks in the media are being used to pass off the illusion that we are in a post racial society and that black folks run the world they have arrived it’s a new day. Well that is not the case in Death of a Dark Nation this book is the wake up call needed in these times if you have any family going around saying stuff like you are militant or that black people can be racist get over it buy them this book it will open their eyes. This book is a weapon use it.

4.0 out of 5 stars   Eye Opener

By R. Black “unequivocal” (Chicago, IL)

After reading this book, I’d have to say I’ve learned a lot about all the myths, stereotypes, and misinformation that surrounds me everyday. It has open my eyes to a great deal of injustices that are practiced in this country. This is definitely a must read for anyone starving to learn something deeper than what they may already know exist on the surface. After reading this book, the blinders will be removed from your head and you will see the world with keen eyesight and you will begin to think critically about everything that you encounter going forward in life.

This book is only the beginning or should I say the basis of knowledge that is still out there to learn. So after reading this book, don’t stop, continue to stimulate your mind and learn how to deal with the world from a sharper perspective. The author does a great job with crediting sources and gives a reference page of other similar books to read at the end of the book. Outstanding!!

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Joanna

Absolute MUST READ for anyone fighting for JUSTICE!, October 8, 2010

I bought this book a few months ago, and since then, I have purchased four more copies to pass on to friends. EVERY Black person in the US should read this book. EVERY white person sincerely interested in dismantling the system of racism/white supremacy should read this book. If you have the means, purchase several copies and pass them on to everyone who know.

 5.0 out of 5 stars

By E. Biko “Biko” (Mobile, AL)

Ignorance is not bliss

Anon has published a certified classic. Black Man/Woman, if you read only one book this year…CORRECTION…if you read only one book in your LIFETIME – read this book! And the sooner you read it the better.

All of my life I have had many questions about why there is so much dysfunction within the Black community. Is this God’s will? Is it by design? Are Black people inherently inferior? Or is it something else? Many great scholars such as Dr. Welsing, Dr. Clarke, Dr. Wilson, et al have all done excellent work outlining THE cause but this book distills (while not diluting) that wisdom into a format that even a child can comprehend.

This comprehension is key, because this is a book that you will read twice and then be compelled to give to your children to read so that they don’t make the same mistakes that you and I have undoubtedly made due to our collective lack of understanding.

Distinct from most other books, this is not a book that a reviewer can simply rate using 1 to 5 Stars. The author, “Anon” is either correct(true) or incorrect(false) in his/her assessment. This is truth literature and not simply “non-fiction.” Ultimately, Trojan Horse will confirm your suspicions and enable you to articulate that which you’ve always suspected, and provide you with suggestions on how to respond accordingly. No exaggeration – this book should be in every Black man/woman’s home. Ten Stars.

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Jason I. “soldier of Yah” (Dolton Illinois)

Excellent! thought provoking book! This book should be a standard reference for the many reasons for the downward spiral of the black race in america. We are confronted with many deceptions, illusions and misconceptions that tiniest details are overlooked by black people as a whole! So many underlying deceptions have been exposed in this masterful piece of literature that every teen should read this! The knowledge of who we are as a people has been lost and the reasons for our demise have never been confronted with a strong hand!

We have passively let those who mean us no good to define reality for us! This book puts into focus exactly what the black man needs to do to DE-NIGGERIZE HIMSELF! This book contains hard cold facts that will challenge the thinking of the conscious and stir up a sense of enlightenment learning how we have been hoodwinked!

4.0 out of 5 stars

By Rbd Aus (Florida)

Upon reading this book I was hoping that this wasn’t another “poor us” diatribe about the black condition. I found that it wasn’t. On every page with every word I found myself reflecting on my own past. Medicine doesn’t always taste good but you are better afterword. This book can sting for those who think that all is well with the world. Ultimately, they will be better off when excepting the truth.

5.0 out of 5 stars

 By B. ARCHIE (Chicago, IL)

An educational thought provoking and relevant read – a MUST!, January 31, 2010

“Trojan Horse – Death of a Dark Nation” is a MUST read. It’s a book that you don’t won’t to put down. I applaud the co-authors for a book well thoughtout, researched, and written. When I can read a book that TOTALLY consumes me, AND brings me more AWARENESS, that makes me ANGRY, makes me CRY, and even makes me LAUGH and then to think about what 400 years of white power and how Racism and White Supremacy has greatly IMPACTED Black People today on so many levels. It’s like the 327 pages isn’t enough. You want more.

Reading “Trojan Horse – Death of a Dark Nation”, I took my time. I RE-READ sentences, paragraphs, and even total chapters that were so on point! And I’ve asked myself time and time again, as I walk through life, am I “the only person seeing these systematic attacks made on Black People on a daily basis.” And this book validates that I’m not. “Trojan Horse – Death of a Dark Nation” should be required educational reading for African-Americans on all levels, but particularly those at the middle-school level. Well Done!

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Kevin R. (Oklahoma)


Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation, is one of the best books I have read in recent years. It is well written, thought provoking and full of examples of how white supremacy affects African Americans in all aspects of their daily lives. This book demystifies the institution of racism, which empowers the reader with knowledge about this enigmatic institution. This is an eye opener and a must read. Anon, great work!

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Bryan M. (Chicago, IL)


Outstanding book Anon! Thank you for having the courage to cite The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s “Message To The Blackman In America” as a recommended book to read!

4.0 out of 5 stars

By DonFodio “IT Guy” (Chicago, IL)

“Anon” is on the mark!

When I first opened this book. I thought that I were simply reading another “compendium of pain” concerning being “Black” in america. But I were pleasantly surprised: The author gave new life to the interpretation of the dismal statistics that have become an essential parametric in understanding what it means to be “Black” in America.

Furthermore I feel that the “Anon”, through the use of artful expression helps the reader to understand what happens to a people who are denied the basic right of belonging to one another i.e. husband to wife, wife belonging to husband, brother belonging to sister, etc.. and how this lack of belonging to one another over a period of hundreds of years has produced a “social malaprop” i.e. “Black people” who unfortunately, have yet to coalesce as a community of families from sea to shining sea. Good Reading

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Ryan P. (Chicago, IL)


Kudos to the author. I have been trying to find other books written by Anon. If this particular book was this powerful and enlightening, then where are the rest of this insightful authors work. Probably the second most powerful book that I have read since Malcolm X, and I have read that three times. This author Anon is very observant how white supremacy plays into the every day life of the current day African American living.

From every major key environmental component, from entertainment, to sports, to why we as a people act in similar ways in the same similar situations. To second everything else, this book only confirms what I had always suspected anyway. Book would make a wonderful gift to a young black sister or young black brother- A MUST READ and thanks for writing it.

3.0 out of 5 stars

By Joeby4 (Las Vegas,NV) 

This is an amazing book. Anyone concerned about race and racism should read it.” I encourage people to read the book, buy it for others, and TALK about the issues it raises. It’s one of the ways to increase racial awareness. Given many recent events reported in the media, it’s clear that racial awareness is a worthwhile and important goal.

This book powerfully and convincingly demonstrates racism’s continuing existence in the most unlikely places. Forcing the reader into a reflexive endeavor, Silent Racism forces even the most well-intentioned citizen to delve into their own actions and language to explore the pervasiveness of a racism that the book argues circulates within us all.

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Johnny W (Chicago, IL)

This is the book that will last through the ages. I was very enlightened by this book.I will definitely recommend this book to many of my family and friends. This book will begin to open your eyes so you can discover the truth for yourself. You will begin to unravel the various misconceptions in your life and in society. Remember the movie “Matrix” do you want the blue pill or do you want the red pill? It is entirely up to you but know this knowledge is power.

5.0 out of 5 stars

By D. Till (Illinois)

A real eye opener, October 9, 2009

This book really opens your eyes to certain things going on around us. There are some great statistics in the book on racial things that are not talked about at all in the media. There are good examples of how people are programmed to believe stereotypes about certain people through the media and much more. I recommend this book as a great buy.

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Laylasmom “Wen” (Texas)

This Book Opens Your Eyes to the Reality that is America, October 8, The TRUTH will always set you free. There’s no sugar coating, and no attempts at political correctness. This book holds no punches when it comes to stating the obvious. Backed by serious research, you are sure to be educated on the REAL what it’s like to be a person of color in America.

5.0 out of 5 stars

By BlkRuggerDC (Washington, DC)


This review is from: Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation (Paperback)

This book is an absolute CLASSIC and should be a required read by all children of color starting in the sixth grade. The fact that the book is co-authored leaves no doubt the the information is unbiased and accurate. I learned something from every chapter and finished the book more informed about racism and the collective condition of black people globally. Please support Trojan Horse Press. The is book provides life saving information.

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Ava

Love this book!!

This book is absolutely great!! I recommend the everyday Black American to read this to better understand their own self and the society we live in!! Once I opened this book, I couldnt stop reading it!! This book is helpful and very constructive to your identity in America!! It’s worth the money!!

5.0 out of 5 stars

By DigitalPush

There is more than one way to enslave the mind

“The ‘Dark Nation’ does not refer to skin color or pigmentation; it refers to the ‘darkened’ state of mind of a people who lack knowledge of self and knowledge of their enemies.” -Anon

When I first received the book a while ago, I kinda sped through it. Now, I’m taking my time and thinking about each paragraph and each idea. Right now I’m on chapter 13, but what I’m finding I missed before was how deeply the system of racism/white supremacy reaches.

I mean the book really goes to the bones of perception to point out and show what directs hatred and self-hatred into a kind of self sustained ecosystem that destroys it’s self as it feeds and grows. Eventually it will collapse under it’s own weight, not unlike Rome, but before destroying so many.

There is a lot I could say, but I think the greatest success of “Trojan Horse” is to compare it to the character Morpheus in the movie, “The Matrix”. The book, “Trojan Horse” like Morpheus, presents Neo (the audience) with a blue or red pill choice. It effectively says, here is the veil that has been placed over your eyes. Now here is the choice, to see the system and do something about it, or go back to sleep and believe whatever you will.

Like Morpheus, “Trojan Horse” does not force any ideas, but offers to unplug the read from mainstream ideas and show them the vast field where human bondage and identity and oppression is not born, but grown under the careful eye of racism/white supremacy. The hardest part though is following the white rabbit, in other words, is all of what this book saying real? It can’t be that serious.

Maybe the authors are blowing it out of proportion, and then you think, what if that is the system of White Supremacy/racism it’s self trying to make me feel comfortable. It is after easier to ignore and life your normal life than to face the horror of the machine.

There is a sense, however, that each of us can add to a collective power and reshape this Matrix into a system that uplifts and frees. That doesn’t come with out sacrifice however, I think the danger is that too many of us are too comfortable with the system to rip it out of our minds and reach our full God given potential. Either way, asleep or awake, “There will be blood”. This is a really well written book, it presents facts, the authors argument and then sources that are accessible to the reader for their own research. I highly recommend checking out this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars


Excellent Book of what is really going on….

I found out about this book from the COWS. Let me tell you, Death of a Dark Nation cuts through much of the deception that we non whites are subjected too on a DAILY basis.

Here’s the thing. We are at war and we don’t even know it. Now mind you, most of “us” don’t want to know it. But to those that do, to those that seek truth, seek justice, and the elimination of this thing we call racism white-supremacy, this book is a MUST READ. I’ll get off my soap box now.

5.0 out of 5 stars



If I had to make a list of 10 to 20 books that should be required reading by all African American students from ages 13 and beyond, this book would be included at the top of that list.

5.0 out of 5 stars


The best gift your Mommy & Daddy could give you if they truly “LOVE” you.

I read Trojan Horse in its entirety and am currently reading `Black Love is a Revolutionary Act’ and the `Interracial Con Game’. I am eager to receive the next book, `The Beauty Con Game’.

Without being too verbose all of the books have constructive information for school aged children to 100+ years. I would even strongly recommend that sections of these books be read to children under the age of 5 to the womb keeping in mind the maturity level of each child.

With that being said, the overall format of all the books is welcoming. The vivid pictorial & photographical representations, quotes, antidotes will leave you in awe.

I can’t imagine how close I came to being in a “TRAGIC ARRANGEMENT” with the potential of producing offspring with so called “good hair”. What a bunch of bologna. I am more than grateful to my “attempted husband” of 16+ years for putting up with all my confusion. Now the two of us can produce so called “black” offspring.

The best part of this book is that all material presented in the book is done so in a historical context while at the same time drawing from all tools such as the tel-LIE-vision, magazines, media, text books (written by both white and non-white people).

All of the myths that I grew up with as a child, misinformation that was literally forced down my throat as well as the many questions that I have and continue to have are being answered just by reading these books. So Amazing!!!!!

I only wish my “duped” parents and the many caretakers would have had this book when they were raising me. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been a completely different person doing what the universe has put me on this earth to do instead of wasting time.

WOW! what a reality check.

Please don’t allow your children to grow up living a fairy tale. There is no reason for them to do so any longer.

5.0 out of 5 stars

By Amman

A book that We need

I really enjoyed read and rereading this book. Every Non White person needs to have a copy of this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars

By F. J. Cooper

White Supremacy still in effect!

Death of a Dark Nation is an amazing book. It shows that white supremacy still is in full force. And all non white people better wake up to that reality real quick. Don’t be fooled by all these black athletes,entertainers and politicians. Global white supremacy has changed one bit. We can’t be fooled by superficial changes. This book covers everything: beauty, education, intergration, materalism, entertainment, economic warfare, interracial marriage, black leaders,etc. No stone is left unturned.

Since I already have books by Amos Wilson,Frances Cress Welsing,Mwalimu Baruti,Neely Fuller Jr., Chancellor Williams, and John Henrik Clarke — I was fully aware of the system of white supremacy. However, this book goes in great detail and really expanded my vision on the subject. It gave me a whole different perspective. It shows how white people truly are scared of genetic extinction. This is the purpose of degrading and dehumanizing black people. And always showing us in a negative light.

I’m sure many Uncle Tom’s and Aunt Jemima’s will not like this book. As a matter of fact,any black person who is a self hater and is white identified will hate this book. But if they took the time to read it,it just might open their eyes. We can only hope. It was a honor to get a signed copy from Umoja. This is one book I am happy to add to my library. I can’t recommend it enough. Buy it now and escape the matrix known as white supremacy!

Some Emails From Readers

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I am impressed with the way the contradictions are used to give the readers the opportunity to come to his/her own conclusions, which, unless they are willfully mentacidal, should be similar to mine. With that being said, congratulations to the authors. – Dr. Mwalimu K. Baruti, author of ‘Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males.’

I have finished the book and just want to say I am really impressed, you guys did a great job. I especially like the angle in the book that this is about understanding white supremacy and not having hatred for them or anybody else. I have been saying this for years. – RedAlert7

I have concluded my first read of Trojan Horse. It is truly a page turner. As stated on the back cover, the best books tell you what you already know. I concur with this sentiment 100%. I wouldn’t change a thing about the format. The short chapters, the bold print font, the quotes in between chapters all make for a non-intimidating reading experience (given the subject matter).

Trojan Horse is a very constructive contribution to the counter-racism war. I will highly recommend this book to young and old alike in its current iteration, however, I do take issue with a few things. Along with reading the book and having listened to your interviews and comments on the COWS, I feel (I think) I know where your heart is. As such, I have the utmost respect for you and your perspective.

Your intention is to offer a balanced perspective, and this I respect, but unfortunately, I think as VORs, we make the fatal mistake of trying to “balance” an equation that we did not cause to become Unbalanced.

While reading the book, I kept feeling two things:

1) The book, at times, is giving white people an excuse, a way out, and a pass. This confused me. I almost felt that I should pity white people for the overwhelming burden they have in subjugating me. I could not help but think/feel that we should empathize even more than we naturally already do. Empathy is not the answer when you are dealing with committed destroyers.

2) That in seeking to explain why things are the way that they are, our Ancestors are somehow at fault. It can not be denied that our Ancestors made mistakes, as they/we are humans, but to close the book on that note felt awkward.

My studies of African civilization BEFORE the European invasion does not point to any evidence that the power that the Africans possessed was used to abuse any group of people. Our Ancestors freely trained the greeks and romans and the rest is well, HIS-story. Any actions after the rise of white supremacy would be considered a reaction to racism. My references include Marimba Ani, Dr. Ben, Dr. Carruthers, Dr. Clarke, Prof Armah, Prof. Baruti et al.

Beyond my quibbles, the book was a pleasure to read and highly recommended.


(We included this review because we felt it was the constructive AND honest thing to do. We agree with Eric’s constructive criticisms and have made corrections in the book to reflect that. We are still learning and are always open to correcting our errors — the Authors).


I finished the book a couple of weeks ago and it was powerful. This book is very well written – a great teaching tool. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this offering of love to our people!!! I will be reading this again with one of my Sisters and our teenage daughters.

Sister N.

I’m still reading your book. I could have finished in one sitting, but I’m enjoying reading a few pages and letting the thoughts sit for a while, writing about them and then reading some more.

You want to know something really interesting? Your book is really empowering! My father is EXACTLY like the racism/white supremacy you talk about in your book. Especially the psychological aspects of appeasement and what not. I was so hungry for his approval that I removed the threat of my existence by INTENTIONALLY failing at life. I created my own back doors to walk through.

My mother is the EXACT kind of white person that sits by and does nothing and is guilty by omission. Man, it’s so funny how they parallel each other. This is the kind of therapy I need. Sure my father wants my destruction and has tried to do so and still tries, because he hates himself. I’ve given them 31 years of my life, the hell if they are getting any more. You really don’t know how much your book is changing my life! Seriously. You have no idea. Thanks!

John L.

I went to Borders bookstore to order the book. I just want to thank you so much for a marvelous book and doing a wonderful job in acknowledging the disease that plagues so many black people through the example of the “White Prom and Black Prom.” Thanks a lot and I look forward to your next book about black relationships.

 Immaculee D.

I was on the fence about purchasing the book due to the references to Tim Wise et al….

My buddy purchased the book and began looking for “good white people” as a result….but I brought him back to reality. But, I am comfortable that your team has grown to the point of considering the removal of Tim and team, and thus bought this edition knowing that we are all “still learning.”


(We have removed ALL references to Tim Wise –and the like from the revised edition of our book — the Authors).

On pg 260 — “the need to increase deception should serve as a warning to the black collective…”

This was my contention from even before the primaries. In his wake, this “brother” would be our undoing.

Our mass distraction would excuse and dismiss every single atrocity no matter how severe. I am curious.

Was the book written before the election? Or in response to it? I mean, the timing of the book is perfect.

Just curious.



(The sentence “Biko” is referring to on page 260 is: “The more prominent the Showcase Blacks — who are just a tiny percentage of the black population — the worse things are getting for the black masses. In other words, the need to increase deception should serve as a warning to the black collective.” — the Authors).

Although i have not completed the book (i have read 90 pages), i wanted to make a comment on what i have read up to this point. At this point i am blown away with the detail and flow of the book. It has me thinking of things totally different. For instance, every time i hear a black person use the “n” word, i wonder if they realize they are waving a white flag and agreeing with white supremacy.

I finsihed reading the book for the first time on Satuday (9-18-10). The book is all i can think and talk about to anyone, thus the order for another book. Every chapter in the book spoke to me on a different level. However the epilogue blew me away. While reading it, i found my self just shaking my head and saying i’ve seen or been in that situation. We are a product of the white supremacy system.

I am happy this book was written, more importantly i am extemely happy i was able to discover its existence and get it in my hands. Thank you and the other contributors for writing this book.


I have to tell you, I love this book. I have a copy. and have passed on additional copies to four friends. Can’t wait until the next book comes out. The book really made me look at myself and my own complicity in the system of racism/white supremacy. I have always believed that I was a “conscious” individual committed to justice, BUT reading your book, as well as “The Code” has forced me to question my own behavior, specifically the fact that I am a white woman who has dated Black men for the past 17 years.

And I have always been against MOST interracial relationships, but believed that if both individuals were committed to ending racism/white supremacy (which happens in very few interracial relationships, in my opinion) that it is “ok”. So, after reading more, I had a bit of an existential crisis, wondering if I was causing more injustice rather than helping to bring about justice. I struggle with that still.


I am on Chapter 25 of “Trojan Horse”. I am completely blown away by your book ! Anywhere there’s Black People, I take your book with me. Starting on Monday I intend on purchasing a pack of 3 by 5 cards to write down the website, where folks can go to purchase your book! I won’t physically share my copy of your book with anyone, if Black people can create a Billion Dollar Business with Koreans purchasing fake hair, then they can go on the Internet and purchase a book for $ 13.95!

Sharon (from Philly)

PS Thank you for writing TROJAN HORSE!

Trojan horse: Death of a Dark Nation reiterates the importance of knowing the history of how enslaved and kidnapped Africans were subjugated by white supremacy racism, and how it continues to dominate and to refine the strategies in keeping white supremacy a thriving practice. This book is difficult to digest for someone who is more confused about how white supremacy racism operates on a global scale. However, it’s necessary to be uncomfortable with the symptoms causing perpetual disease and dysfunction in every aspect of life, in order to start curative measures of recovery.

The book touches on how to be constructive as non-whites existing in the system of white supremacy while breaking the psychological confines which permeated the black/African American saga since the forced kidnapping, enslavement, and continuous torture by the hands of slave holders, Jim Crowe laws, and those who benefited directly and indirectly from slavery. Anon, the writers, call forth multiple challenges of non-whites to actively learn about what was done to their African ancestors, or the sake of the present day struggle and for the future justice without white dominated rule.

Furthermore, victims of racism are shown how to practice a code of conduct and ethics that will bring about true justice on this planet, and ultimately self-respect.

Kgira (from Washington, DC)

Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation is in my a opinion A must read for those trying to navigate this thing we call racism/white supremacy. I introduced this title to my study group and it became a hot topic right from the start.

From the opening salvo this book fire. It’s the plain truth and nothing but the truth. I think the most gripping part for me was, “The Beauty Con Game”. I grew up with this “I’m not a beautiful person because of my dark skin” and this chapter helped me to understand where that all came from.

This book brought up some very painful times for me and helped me purge those feelings. Seriously, this was my therapy and I recommend it to all I speak with if they have any feelings of inadequacy. The authors, I felt like they lived the words in which they wrote and it comes through. I’m debating on rather I want to give this book out or hold on to it as a manual for everyday Black life. I think I’ll keep this one close.

Tyrone M.

This masterpiece should be required reading for all people of color especially black people. Many parents begin teaching their children at an early age some safety precautions such as not taking candy from strangers, washing hands, look both ways before crossing the street, and what to do in case of an emergency because they love their children, and want to protect them. In a global system of racism / white supremacy, what good is it for the parents of children of color, especially black children, to teach their children all of these precautions, and neglect to tell them of the most dangerous, deadly, and destructive virus called racism / white supremacy that was created specifically for them?

They teach them what to do “in case” of an emergency, but never what to do about this virus that has been around for centuries, and is certain, for sure, and guaranteed to make its evil presence known in their lives in a majority of the nine major areas of people activity: Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law Politics, Religion, Sex, and War. If not told about this virus; what it is, and how it works, it WILL cause physical, emotional, and psychological ruin generation after generation after generation after generation after generation after generation.

 B. Fine


Since receiving my copy of “Trojan Horse – Death of a Dark Nation”, I have not put it down. I have so much I would like to say about it, that I could end up writing an entire book about the book itself. I read a lot, and over the years have read many books and articles on the black plight in America and around the world, but have never read such a thorough, well-written, thought-provoking book. The authors are true scholars as they have left no stone unturned.

As I was reading, it was so comforting to know that others are aware of what is going on out there. I notice things all the time and have wondered am I the only one seeing what is going on. Can other blacks be this clueless or are some of us in that much denial. Every black home in America and around the world needs several copies of this book in it. It is a good blueprint for us to follow to overcoming the enemy and so practical that even kids can follow it.

We really do need to focus more on fixing our problems instead of waiting for whites, or anybody else to fix them, because as stated in the book, if something appears to be benefiting someone, they are not going to change. Even whites — those that are interested in dismantling white supremacy –could benefit from reading it also.

In summary, the book is straight from the heart as the authors remained anonymous so as not to bring attention to themselves. For once, it is so nice to see writers show a sincere desire to help instead of playing on a marginalized group’s emotions for monetary gain. One of the most profound statements made in this book is that this war must be fought with the most powerful weapon we possess: INFORMATION. I agree for several reasons but one of the main reasons is by using this approach, it makes it hard for the enemy to infiltrate and throw a monkey wrench in to impede progress.

Thanks to the authors for dissecting and taking apart, all the deceptions, illusions, tricks, and lies of white supremacy/racism which is built into every system in this country.

Sharon W.

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