Trojan Horse Table of Contents

PART I – 13 Weapons of Mass Mind Destruction 


Weapon 1: Racism/White Supremacy (Foundation)

  • What is Racism/White Supremacy?
  • Black Power within a System of White Supremacy
  • White Privilege
  • The Dead White Women’s Club (DWWC)
  • How White Supremacy Damages Black People
  • How White Supremacy Damages White People
  • Why the System of White Supremacy was Created

Weapon 2: Beauty (Demoralize)

  • The Beauty Con Game
  • Straight Talk About Nappy Hair
  • Straight Talk About Beauty
  • The Legend of the Purple People

Weapon 3: Words (Confuse)

  • War of the Words!
  • Nigger Redefined
  • Words More Deadly than a Category-5 Hurricane
  • Code Words in a White Supremacy System


Weapon 4: Education (Program)

  • The Three Stages of Educational Genocide
  • Affirmative Action & the Myth of Black Inferiority
  • Are Blacks Less Intelligent than Whites?
  • Let’s Tell the Whole Truth about Parenting
  • Flipping the Educational Script
  • The Little Eskimo Who Longed to be Polynesian

Weapon 5: Integration (Weaken)

  • Curse of a Black Skin, White Eyes
  • The Color of Success
  • Our Selfish Ways
  • The Zebra and the Lions

Weapon 6: Interracial Relationships (Divide & Conquer)

  • Operation Jungle Fever
  • The Balloon and the Basket

Weapon 7: Entertainment (Degrade)

  • Entertainment: The New Crack for Blacks!
  • Black Folks Laughing to the Grave
  • Why There are No Black Dramas On Network TV
  • Tales of the Backside: Flipping the Hollywood Script
  • How Black Comedy Diminishes Black Life

Weapon 8: Materialism (Corrupt)

  • Materialism: The New Black Religion

Weapon 9: Economic Warfare (Impoverish)

  • The Black Tax
  • Do Blacks Deserve Reparations?
  • A Tale of Two Cities

Weapon 10: Domestic Terrorism (Intimidate)

  • Domestic Terrorism
  • The Truth About Black Crime and Poverty
  • Katrina should have been a Wake-Up Call
  • The Victimization of Katrina Survivors Began Before Katrina

Weapon 11: Religion (Brainwash)

  • Searching for the Holy White Grail

Weapon 12: Showcase Blacks (Deceive)

  • Showcase Blacks
  • The Rise of the Anti-Role Model
  • The ‘pet negro’ Syndrome

Weapon 13: Politics (Control)

  • Are Black Leaders Obsolete?
  • Commentary: Our Children Are Watching

PART II – Counter-Warfare/Counter Racism


  • It’s Time for a (Psychological) Revolution
  • Counter Warfare Solutions & Suggestions


  • Man in the Mirror: Confessions from a Recovering White Supremacy Addict


  • The Four Stages of Niggerization
  • 13 Axioms of Racism/White Supremacy


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