Yurugu – Marimba Ani Videos

Yurugu – Marimba Ani

Marimba Ani: “Yurugu – The Secrets of Whites”

Marimba Ani: “Who is Yurugu?”

Marimba Ani: “What is Culture?”

Dr Marimba Ani on the ending of european cultural construct “YURUGU”

1 – To Be An Afrikan Womyn – Dr. Marimba Ani

Dr Marimba Ani On the Afrikan Worldview and Conceptualization

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Yurugu: African-Centered Critique /European Cultural Thought & Behavior by Marimba Ani

Yurugu removes the mask from the European facade and thereby reveals the inner workings of global white supremacy: A system which functions to guarantee the control of Europe and her descendants over the majority of the world’s peoples. (Paperback: 636 pages — Published in 2007)

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