3 Types of People

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Black People

White People

White Supremacists

According to The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept by Neely Fuller, Jr. — there are three (3) Basic Types of People in the Known Universe:

1)  White people (Suspected Racist)

2)  Non-White people

3)  White Supremacists (Racists)

Since Mr. Fuller regularly addresses concerns that are specific to black people, I felt it would be constructive to create a separate category on this site for black people, who are also classified as non-white.

To download a sound clip right-click on the link below the audio player and choose “Save Link As” to the location of your choice

Using Words & Statistics to Confuse Non-Whites (Neely Fuller, Jr)

(added 5/13/13)

download link

President Obama is NOT Half-White   (Neely Fuller, Jr and Justice – COWS)

(added 5/9/13)

download link

You Can’t Solve Any People Problem Until You Solve the Racism Problem

(added 1/3/13)

download link

Race is an Artificial Construct

(a construct is an idea or theory)

(added 9/15/12)

download link

Racial Classification Confusion

download link

The Purpose of Racial Classifications is Confusion

download link

Skin Color is Politics Not Genetics

download link

Jews, Semites, and Anti-Semitism

download link

What is a Semite?

download link

There are No Non-White Races

download link

The (Skin) Color Game

download link

Color is Not Culture or Nationality

download link

Should Non-Whites Assume All Whites are Racist? Part I

download link

Should Non-Whites Assume All Whites are Racist? Part II

download link

The Purpose of Classifying People By Color is to Practice Racism

download link

Under White Supremacy All Non-Whites are Child-Like

download link

Who Determines Who is White and Who is Not?

download link

White is Right

download link

Victims of White Supremacy Should Keep Their Focus on the White Supremacists

Excerpted from Neely Fuller Jr audio and video  interviews, articles, and ‘The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Code Book’ by Neely Fuller Jr. 

  1. Monique Mosley says:

    Thank you so much for keeping Nelly Fuller Jr.’s books in stock. Your site was the only place I could find to purchase. I am a playwright and needed these books for research. I so appreciate it!

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