The Original Writer of The Matrix and The Terminator Is A Black Woman

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The Original Writer of The Matrix and Terminator & Laurence Fishburne2Laurence Fishburne and Sophia Stewart

It looks like ANOTHER example in a long, long history of WHITE THEFT of black intellectual property, which includes inventions, music, dance, and, yes, novels that are turned into screenplays and mega-franchises.

I heard about this story several years ago and fully expected it to be swept under the rug–FOREVER. I’m pleased to see Ms. Sophia Stewart is STILL bravely fighting such a powerful industry (and enemy) and that she is still alive AND breathing.

(CORRECTION: I sent out an email earlier today that reported Ms Stewart won a 2.5 billion-dollar settlement but that was false. The court battle is still ongoing).

A recap of her journey (excerpted from poptopictvonline)

“Stewart filed her case in 1999, after viewing the Matrix, which she felt had been based on her manuscript, ‘The Third Eye,’ copyrighted in 1981. In the mid-eighties Stewart had submitted her manuscript to an ad placed by the Wachowski Brothers, requesting new sci-fi works.

According to court documentation, an FBI investigation discovered that more than thirty minutes had been edited from the original film, in an attempt to avoid penalties for copyright infringement. The investigation also stated that ‘credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers came forward, claiming that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge that the work in question did not belong to the Wachowski Brothers.’

These witnesses claimed to have seen Stewart’s original work and that it had been ‘often used during preparation of the motion pictures.’ The defendants tried, on several occasions, to have Stewart’s case dismissed, without success.

Stewart has confronted skepticism on all sides, much of which comes from Matrix fans, who are strangely loyal to the Wachowski Brothers (and their counterfeit — my words) Matrix & Terminator franchises.”

The_Matrix_PosterThe Matrix movie — screenplay stolen from a novel

To echo her 2004 press release:

“The Matrix & Terminator movie franchises have made world history and have ultimately changed the way people view movies and how Hollywood does business, yet the real truth about the creator and creation of these films continue to elude the masses because the hidden secret of the matter is that these films were created and written by a Black woman… a Black woman named Sophia Stewart. But Hollywood does not want you to know this fact simply because it would change history.”

(Since the story was reported, it was stated that the information that she had already won was false. But the fact does remain it is an on-going case and she did win the right to proceed with her suit).



Which reminds me of two recent news stories:

Top 5 songs on Billboard’s  R&B Songs  chart this week (October 19, 2013).

1. Drake: Hold On, We’re Going Home
2. Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines
3. Chris Brown: Love More
4. Robin Thicke: Give It To You
5. August Alsina: I luv This Sh*t


Robin Thicke’s label settles with Marvin Gaye’s family in ‘Blurred Lines’ lawsuit   (January 15, 2014)

Robin Thicke 1Robin Thicke

Marvin Gaye’s children, Nona Marvisa Gaye and Frankie Christian Gaye, have settled claims against a music company owned by Sony over Robin Thicke’s Grammy-nominated hit song “Blurred Lines.”

The Gayes had accused EMI of not pursuing a copyright infringement case against Thicke because “Blurred Lines” has similarities to Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.”

A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday granted Nona Marvisa Gaye and Frankie Christian Gaye’s dismissal of their lawsuit against EMI, which is owned by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Documents say the Gayes and Sony have an agreement and claims against Sony can’t be brought again. A representative for the Gaye family said the terms of the settlement were confidential.  Dueling lawsuits between the Gaye family and Thicke remain active.


A Little Background Info About Robin Thicke (the “Grammy” Award-winning songwriter who ripped off Marvin Gaye, a black male).

Thicke recorded his first demo as a teenager. According to Thicke, his father, wanting him to focus on his studies and graduate high school before pursuing music, would not pay for Thicke to record a four-song demo tape. The $1,000 demo ultimately was paid for by an uncle of one of the group members,  Al Jarreau (a black male). 

Thicke’s demo made its way to Brian McKnight  (another black male), who was impressed enough with the 14-year old Thicke to bring him into the studio and work with him. “Anyway”, a song co-written with Thicke, was featured on McKnight’s second album I Remember You.

Thicke’s peers jokingly nicknamed him “Brian McWhite.” It was Thicke’s association with McKnight, who Thicke counts as one of his first mentors, that helped him to land his first recording contract with Interscope Records at the age of 16.

Robin Thicke is the first Caucasian male artist to top that chart on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.


Let’s be CRYSTAL CLEAR. There is NO WAY in H, Robin Thicke OR Justin Timberlake (or the Osmond Brothers, or Elvis, for that matter). would have OR could have created, penned, or sung ONE LYRIC of ‘black-sounding’ music without the BLACK ORIGINATORS of black, soul, R&B, rock, or jazz.

At BEST, they are IMITATORS — and no amount of black or white fans, Grammys, or (manufactured) Billboard Music ratings changes ONE single fact — plus I strongly suspect the lack of new AND original black music talent getting exposure is due to the white-controlled music industry’s attempts to eventually REWRITE and control black music history.

Had TRUE black musical talents like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Curtis Mayfield been born 30 years later, I doubt we’d be listening to them on today’s radio stations.

There is a REASON we only hear and see the same handful of black entertainers and their industry-manufactured, mechanical-sounding, computer-synthesized “black” music on the radio, TV and in the AWARDS ceremonies.



When black people praise and support these white imitators (get terminal amnesia) we are COMPLICIT in our own cultural white-washing and in its ultimate destruction.

The DOUBLE irony is Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake are MAKING MORE MONEY off black music than ALL THE BLACK PEOPLE WHO TAUGHT THEM how to sing, dance, and “move” like black folks — COMBINED.

By buying this (stolen) music and buying tickets to the recent rash of films about “black His-Story” produced by White Hollywood — while BLACK filmmakers like Spike Lee are denied funds to make a movie about Malcolm X

we are COMPLICIT in HELPING TO SET THE STAGE for something much more dangerous.

To paraphrase something a friend recently said (to me):

When an enemy is in a more powerful position, they take control of their targets’ HISTORY and IMAGES, and RE-WRITE and FALSIFY them (like all the “Black His-Story” films that black people are blindly flocking to)

and once they get their TARGETS to submit to those fraudulent images AND false history as TRUTH–

The next move is:


  1. GemGirl says:

    Excellent commentary! I will share with others.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ GemGirl

      Please read the update. I discovered information that claims the case was settled and she lost.

      Losing a court case in a rigged legal system doesn’t mean Stewart was not a victim.

      • You can’t believe nor trust these white Supremacist Leaders in America,for that is the very thing that has gotten blacks nowhere. Now they’re destroying the culture of Rap music. Remember when rap was evil and a racist attack on whites and police officers. Since white Supremacy took the Industry and radio stations over now it’s a billion dollar industry with only a few mainstream rappers. While the majority is lot out. Thanks to sell out rappers that have their own agenda and shits on the rap culture, this allow white people to take the cultural value away.

        • Marlan Rico says:

          I just got into it with a guy who lives in Finland, he is trying to tell me that Sophia Stewart’s story is of a fictional engender. I am beginning to understand that White supremacy is not just an American issue but, it is a worldwide issue with whites period. How come white people naturally hate hearing that black people are capable of great things? I mean they hate the fact there is a movie with black people having the honor like Black Panther. Even though it was written by Stan Lee, (A white comic book writer) they still cannot accept Black being a force for good.

      • Jim says:

        It isn’t about a “rigged legal system”. Anyone with any reasonable logic who isn’t blinded by some delusional “black vs. white” rhetoric can see that Stewart’s story is extremely questionable.

        The evidence you need to know is right there in the documents. Do the research for yourself and stop being swayed by some ridiculous idea that some six-page treatment about killer robots that was turned into Twenty Century Fox (which had no financial stake or profit shares in either the original Terminator or Matrix films when they were released) was the blueprint for two radically different sci-fi films that were fifteen years apart.

        This has nothing to do with Stewart being a “black woman”. The only people playing up that angle are those with something to gain through the emotional manipulation. If the gender and race of the writer were not mentioned and this case were based strictly on the facts surrounding the writer’s claims, it comes off as a bit questionable. The original six-page treatment was supposedly going through Fox until about October of 1983. The original Terminator began filming in February of 1984 through an independent film company called Hemdale. The idea that Fox received the script in October, privately handed it off to a smaller, independent company, put together a working screenplay, budget, casted it, and were ready to shoot in a window of about four to five months is rather preposterous.

        The allegations then claim that despite already being supposedly robbed of their creative work without compensation, the writer turned a similar treatment over to the Wachowski Brothers in 1986 in response to a classified ad looking for works to adapt for a comic book. Having already been taken advantage of by the industry, it feels strikingly odd that the same writer would once again turn in work without proper legal representation or records to show doing so.

        The final oddity is the fact that the writer did not even bother to show up for the scheduled preliminary hearing.

  2. sondis says:

    I tried to explain this very thing to a black woman on how, white artists like Robin thicke and Justin timber lake are doing what white people have been doing, all throughout history. Misappropriate and steal black culture. weather it be song, dance, dress, talk ect.. She didn’t want to hear it and didn’t see anything wrong with these artists.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ sondis

      Most black people are so white-identified, they think it’s a compliment anytime whites pay ANY attention to anything we do.

      That was the REAL appeal of an Obama presidency. It wasn’t about black pride. It was about WHITE VALIDATION

      (meaning white people “approved of” and voted for a black man)

      • sondis says:

        Yes indeed, the majority of black people, worship whiteness and white people. My eyes are open, wide! @ : o O ) >

        • Tressa Wood says:

          I have never worshiped anyone, but the most High God! I have never viewed white people to be better then me and from a small child I did not understand why white were “suppose” to be better. I grew up feeling like I was just as good if not better and was ticked off that anyone or myself should think otherwise. I thought and wanted to always prove that white washing was a lie and the truth is… I felt they had something to do with the black condition and I was a small kid and understood this. I never wanted a white doll and thought my mothers dark skin tone was beautiful and wanted my fair skin to be darker! It was something unjust and belittling when whites talked to me and it rubbed me the wrong way. I became aware when I was about 2 years old my baby sister and I both had pneumonia and were, in the hospital. I remember we had cribs on each side of the room and I remember this white nurse and how mean she was to us when my mother and family members left. She moved my bed to the other side of the room so I could not play and talk to my sister she told me to leave her alone so she could rest… She was a snake and that stuck with me. She would not feed me or give me any love or hugs she was very stern and military acting, no smile on her face when she dealt with us or changed us…. just blank no emotion like it was a pain in her azz. I tried to tell, but I was too young, but I remember that sea hag! So I remember that I would not eat for her. I remember in my little brain saying that she is mean and she does not like me so I will not eat her food so after a while of me and her fighting she would shove nasty oatmeal in my mouth and it hurt my feelings. I did not want her to touch me or feed me and I acted cold like she did when she would come in the room. She would say are you eating today and I would turn my head to the wall…. She was so angry with me because I would not eat from her or respond to her….. I would turn my little head. She did teach me how to be a bitch and she taught me how to fight… She told my mother that my baby sister was the nice baby, but I was mean…. I heard her and it stuck not to give them what they want. I remember that bitch. I watched her very hard to make sure she did not hurt my little sister. I remember taking charge, and standing on guard. She would not win and I was only 2 years old. I remember being hungry all the time but my little will would not break! When I was much older I told my mom what I had remembered about being in a room with my sister and they left me and her and we were sick my mom could not believe that I remembered that hospital stay in the late 60’s. The impact stuck with me and I never trusted white people. Damn shame.

          • Floyd says:

            It is not a shame that you lack trust for white people. Its normal for you to feel the way you did due to your experience with this nurse. Just use this feel to better yourself and the love ones around you. You are awesome to remember this when you were only 2 years old. I assume you may have photography memory. God bless you and your family.

          • Ann says:

            Wow!!! What a fighter you are. I love your story and I will share it!
            I have a similar story as an adult. My son was born premature and had to stay in NICU for a month. I went to that hospital everyday and one particular day I was coming down the long hall towards my son’s room and i could see at the end of the hall this white nurse rocking a baby and feeding it (if i remember correctly the baby was black). She looked me dead in my face and got the most sinister look and started to rock fast. I dismissed it and kept on my way. Low and behold the next day she was in my baby’s room when I arrived. I watched her as she changed him and suddenly my 4lb baby cried out as if he were in pain. I moved in the watch her closer she was rather rough and when she left I checked to make sure he was ok. Well either later that day or the next day, I check him over again to see what made him cry out and that’s when I noticed a very bad scratch on his bottom. I went straight for that bitch…storming through the hall looking in every room. When I found her i got right in her face and told her she better not every work on my baby or be in his room again. I told her she better get reassigned if she was ever put in his room. I talked with the head nurse and they listened but nothing happened except they ordered disper rash cream for him. In fact another nurse assigned to the room talked with me about it and I could tell the consensus was I was an overreacting, first time mother…I just looked at her. Needless to say the nurse never worked on my baby. One day I got there and she stood outside the door while talking to another nurse. Eventually she came in and I just looked at her because I was sure she understood that I would come for her and fuck her ass up about mines. That is one time I feel I came across evil. As for my son he is a healthy 1yr year old now.

          • If you worshiped either their white God allegedly floating somewhere up in the sky, or his white “son” hanging on that cross, then you too worship whiteness with a ferver.

        • Marlan Lee says:

          Amen, its sickening and not only black people worship white supremacy but Asians and Hispanics do too.

  3. diaryofanegress says:

    Miss Pam

    No shock there. Drakkor, lacking his soul, must steal ours in order to live, breathe and eat. If not for the “originators” in music, what I call the Soulful Six:

    James Brown (from him we got Prince, Micheal Jackson and countless others)
    Jackie Wilson
    Muddy Waters (he transcended blues and created his own mix of bluesy-jazzy-R&B)
    Chuck Berry (who Elvis wanted to be like more than anything)
    Ella Fitzgerald ( who invented her brand of ballad-scat-soul music that changed jazz FOREVER)
    Nina Simone

    I could go on forever and include my secret boyfriend, Sam Cooke, who was gunned down for wanting to finance the Civil Rights Movement but I digress. This new “blue-eyed soul” nonsense is just another elaborate ruse by Demonic Forces to rob us of our cultural asili. Sadly, manly of our people have no idea of how our Spirituality plays a large role in our creativity.

    Yurugu gets the credit while we get the shaft. Why do you think Michael Jackson was murdered? To prevent him from starting his own record company filled with black musicians. If I were Ms. Stewart, I’d leave the country.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ diaryofanegress

      I never believed Michael Jackson died accidentally NOR do I believe Whitney Houston’s death was accidental.

      I agree, Ms Stewart would be safer outside this country — as would most black people who are waking up to what is really going on.

    • Tressa Wood says:

      Well said! Diaryofane

    • Floyd says:

      You are correct. We need to know that we are different and we have qualities that no other people have. Its that melanin in our body that causes this, and we should be thankful that we carry it. Please learn how melanin function, and its believed to by-pass the brain to make us do spiritual things. A famous author once stated that “there is more culture in one spade of Africa than in all of Europe,” “Black Men of the Nile and his Family, Dr. Ben” Think about my statement, and progress from there.

  4. sondis says:

    diaryofanegress says:

    “Yurugu” What does this term, refer too?

  5. diaryofanegress says:

    Hello Sondis!

    Nice to hear from you!

    Yurugu is from the Dogon of Mali. In mythology, Yurugu, the Pale Fox, arrogantly wished to compete with God, known as Amma, and could not wait for his “twin soul” the female counterpart of his maleness.

    Born premature, he created Earth and defiled it. When he realized that he needed to be “complete”, he returned to Amma and begged for his female twin soul. But Amma gave it away. Now he walks the earth with his own incestuous tribe of descendants forever incomplete and always searching to fill his void.

    Marimba Ani wrote a wonderful book on the Serpent’s thought process and why he acts the way he does.

    Hope that helps.

    • sondis says:

      Yeah, nice to hear from you as we’ll. I don’t post on here or abagond’s blog often as I once did. Busy as a bee, I am. ^_^

      Thanks for that interesting, explanation. ^_^ That’s pretty deep!

  6. Shanequa says:

    Here’s another white imitator that blacks still give a pass that many don’t mention is Teena Marie. Like all the other white imitators who had help by someone black, Teena Marie had the help from Rick James. The same goes for Lisa Lisa she had Cult Jam backing her up. We created disco but the white male group The Bee Gees get more credit for it then any other black artist’s especially for the “Saturday Night Live” soundtrack. A lot of these black producers feel that they would make more money by helping & producing music for non blacks by abandoning their own people. Furthermore, some realize it as in others just don’t know when they do that they are selling out their own culture. White pop star Pink is another one because I remember when she came out they tried to make her take the rhythm & blues route but she eventually switch to pop. I remember reading Aretha Franklin’s ” Aretha: From These Roots” autobiography an she mention on how we as black people need to hold own to the roots of our cultures music. She even mention when disco took over the radio airways black artist as well as other non black artist were suffering. When the 80’s came rhythm & blues music was going in a new direction with a new sound which also cause a lot of the old rhythm & blues acts to eventually disappear. Barry White even made a statement on how rhythm & blues has lost its original roots.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Shanequa

      Also, there is a growing attempt to confiscate (for lack of a better word) an ORIGINAL BLACK DANCE FORM called “stepping.”

      Chicago is the birthplace (or one of them) of stepping — which was also known as “bopping.”

      One of the black males who is well-known in stepping circles told me that he WARNED people to be on guard against whites who come around, trying to find out what it is and how it’s done.

      In fact, a few years ago a group of white females were allegedly planning to make a movie about it and of course, black people are so eager to tell everything we know to please and appease–especially when it comes wrapped in a white female package.

      I would NOT be surprised if one day what happened to “disco” (whites pretending they created it) will happen to “stepping” with a modern-day John Travolta “stepping” up a storm on the big screen.

    • ZeeqteePRN says:

      I’m one who never gave Teena Marie a pass. I never liked her or her music. I never thought she sounded good. She was on the lines of the bee gees and doobie brothers to me. They had to strain their voices to give it that “black sound”. It always sounded like mimicking to me. As for Pink if you watch Her life story she counldnt stand being with (can’t think of his name a black producer running a subsidiary) She hated doing R & B.. From what I got from the story was she hated being around black people. She went against the grain as often as possible. She didn’t like participating in anything they did. Sounds like she thought she shouldn’t be with the negroes. She was better than this. Since I saw this I’ve never liked her.

    • Alicia says:

      I haven’t gotten past your second sentence yet however felt a urgent need to reply.i just don’t get the hoo- ra over Teena Marie. To me her voice lacks soul and I just don’t find her songs or voice to be that praiseworthy. I have Never gotten it in terms of what people claim about Teena Marie.



    Now that is the truth that is exactly what is going on. a lot of the black artists rap or sing about the same dumb things(money, women, drugs, alcohol, etc), the white artists get better songs with better lyrics. The only artists I listen to mostly are either from another country or they are on youtube and soundcloud. The mainstream ones are crazy beyond repair.

    Also the black artists have been used to mess up the legacy of black leaders and black people that have sacrificed their lives for our people. last year lil wayne disrespected emit till with his dumb rap about him, now nicki minaj disrespects Malcolm x legacy with an album cover of him and the n word.

    The culture vultures steal because blacks allow them to, from the sellout black artists that give them a break to the black people that buy their stuff. Black people will feel happy and get sidetracked/ mesmerized any time a white person tries to imitate us.

    Justin timberfake’s career has been taking off while janet Jackson’s career ain’t been the same since that superbowl incident. Robin slick know d well he stole marvin’s songs, he’s always been a fan of marvin so it’s no surprise he tried to take his songs as well.

    They will continue to steal our culture until we do something about it, until we control our own creations, and until we take it back. The only way to do that is to boycott their award shows, don’t buy their music, and take our stuff back underground leave the mainstream lame stream alone. Or create something new and make sure to have full control over it and don’t sell it.

  8. Timothy says:

    Everyone here have made excellent points like usual.

    I always never trusted Robin Thicke. He is more slick than even Eminem since Eminem makes no bones about his advancement of hatred of his own mother in the most vulgar terms (which is one of most demonic acts that a man can do) including his other lyrics of perversion, but Thicke tries to “befriend” blacks in a more slick way as a means to get more popularity. Eminem is the wolf while Thicke is the sly fox. Thicke’s Blurred Lines video advances dehumanization, misogyny, and other sick concepts that we as a PEOPLE should oppose unconditionally. TI and Pharrell should of never been involved in that mess. I heard of the Sister Sophia Stewart creating the Matrix idea in the first place. The concept of the Matrix relates to the system of white supremacy and us trying to fight it plus defeat it. It is a shame that many WHITES not only steal our ideas, but act like they own it. They want to own us in every way possible and advance A MORAL DEGENERACY FOREIGN TO OUR ORIGINAL BLACK AFRICAN CULTURE. So, we know what time it is. Our original BEING is all about ETHICS AND TRUE MORALITY.

    Many of the masses even falsely view that these artists like Macklemore, Thicke, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc. are doing something new when black folks have original that musical creativity for a long time. The power of Aretha Franklin, Odetta, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, etc. can never be duplicated at all.

    As Dr. King said (and you Sister Trojan Pam), the end result of racism is GENOCIDE. Racists want genocide against black people. That is a simple explanation of the situation. I am glad that Sophia Stewart is fighting for her human rights too. Spiritually, we are at war. We have to further meditate, pray, know wisdom, and treat our Brothers and Sisters with respect.

    One thing that I have learned is that the ENEMY hates it when we LOVE each other and follow righteousness. Righteousness builds up human character and it is superior to the works of the Yurugu. That is why I feel better when I listen to music talking about building in the community, Black Love, truth, honorable living, fighting injustice, etc. Evil music strips spiritual power. Real music will grow spiritual strength. The young should reject naivete since many of the youth even condone non-blacks calling them the N word. So, we should encourage and build the youth up in a caring fashion. We have to care in order for things to change. They or the ENEMY can never DUPLICATE black soul, black music, and black culture at all.

    • Mariama says:

      I agree with you 1000%!

    • mstoogood4yall says:

      t.i. has been a sellout and stands for the ignorant people in the industry, he defended that white female rapper when she rapped about I’m a slave master or something to that effect, then he defended lil wayne when lil wayne rapped about emit till. Pharrell I was a bit surprised by because he hasn’t made much music in a while, until recently and I don’t really remember him c()()nin like the other artists.

      “The young should reject naivete since many of the youth even condone non-blacks calling them the N word”

      AMen on this part, i’m young and I had to correct this white latino female at my job because she thought she could call me the n word and I told her off. I told her don’t call me that, then she said well u can call me that I won’t be offended, then I said of course u won’t be because it doesn’t affect u, how would u like it if I called u the s-p-I-c word, after that she said she didn’t know what that was and asked me what it meant,I just laughed and said nevermind. she ain’t fk with me since.
      I don’t play that nonsense, too many people of my generation allow this bs, and don’t check anybody. I don’t like the n word period but if these black folks are going to allow their non black friends to say it at least tell them not to do it to all blacks because they may get busted up side their head for saying that to the wrong/ (right )black person (depends on how u look at it).

      upgrade from n!##s and B1@chs, to kings and queens or brothers and sisters, anything is better than this nonsense.

      Genocide is the last step, they’ve tried to damage how we are seen around the world with the stereotypes they put on tv, and they are trying to appropriate our culture to get people ready for the transition of them taking over and nobody missing our authenticity or even caring about us. Nobody will be like Anita Baker, Nina simone, Al green,James Brown, Marvin Gaye,etc

      By having people say the n word we participate in our own genocide and dehumanization, no other community i know of,allows others to call them a degrading word, the gays don’t, the jews don’t, Asians don’t, latinos don’t. They may call each other that sometimes but they don’t let others call them that. Too many people will allow others to call them these names But then will be surprised when black youth and black people are killed or denied their rights. Oh no it’s 2014 I thought this stuff was over, No if u allow people to degrade u and call u a name that was used to dehumanize, and was used as our ancestors were killed, tortured and denied their rights, DO NOT be surprised when ur rights are denied, u or someone u know is killed, and u are dehumanized, tortured, and stereotyped.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ mstoogood4yall

        I agree, it’s sad and all leading down one road: genocide

        But, we’d have a hard time convincing most of that.

      • ZeeqteePRN says:

        She knew exactally what the hell Spic meant! She full of shit! I’m glad u realize some of theses Latino people see themselves as white and was given permission by the United States government to identify as such. Most have no love for black people especially black Latino. We include them in just about everything here in NYC concerning black people but the reverse isn’t true.

        TI is all about money. Nothing less. It seems when they enter in that white world called Hollywood they leave their culture at the door. Instead of starting their own record labels they would rather be the slave catchers and become subsidiaries of Sony and others. Puffing out their chest like they owning stuff.

        Good to see a young conscious person. There is hope after all. Thanks.

        • Phazex_Female says:

          Amen to that! “Changing the world…one MIND at a time.”

          Peace and vibrations to all of my brothers and sisters,


        • These sellout rappers don’t understand that they will only live as long as the White Supremacist need them, after that they will be stripped of their values or end up dead or both.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Timothy

      It is not just whites — a similar thing is happening with non-white/non-black people.

      Who imitate black culture (the language, the dress, the music, the dance, even the hand signs) then PRETEND they are NOT doing it

      While this is not a major problem, I see it as PART of the overall global attempt to reduce black people (and our contributions) to a size that isn’t visible to the human eye.

      Bottom line, we HAVE NO FRIENDS OR ALLIES. We need to work on breaking OUR NEED to be validated by people who are not black. This is all a byproduct of white supremacy and part of the damage done during slavery

      Our only POSSIBLE allies are EACH OTHER — but I fear we will not understand or accept THIS FACT until it is too late.

      And maybe, not even then.

  9. Adeen says:

    Yup, they are taking our music and making money off of it for their own means. Not shocked here

  10. Adeen says:

    This article is why we need to have control of our own businesses and record companies. They always want to steal our ideas. And make into their own. That is why it is important to make all Black record companies to promote Black music and Black artists. It is so ridiculous how they steal our culture and music away from us and make it apart of mainstream. They did that to Jazz, Rock music and now Hip Hop and R and B.

    Nothing we do is out of reach of their hands.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Adeen

      Black people are some of the most creative people on the planet.

      To create something from nothing requires a special blend of INTELLIGENCE plus SPIRITUALITY

      If the goal is to reduce black people into an ANIMAL LIKE STATE, then it is necessary to CONTROL and DISTORT our natural creativity into something that degrades us.

  11. I refuse to be surprised in 2014. I reblogged this over at my tumblr home.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ hunglikejesus

      Don’t forget to check out the Update on Ms Stewart

      I found out AFTER I made this post that she allegedly lost her court case.

      • Okay. I’ll check it out. But seriously, are we surprised. They aren’t gonna be letting negroes keep coming to court and beating white folk.

        Oh! Have you seen the new trailer for The Purge II?

        • TrojanPam says:

          @ hunglikejesus

          I wasn’t surprised. I guess the best way to judge this case is to read her novel and compare it with the movie to see if her claim rings true.

  12. GemGirl says:

    TrojanPam: Yes, I saw your update. Thanks.

  13. seleatha lee says:

    This is the truth, the other day I was on you tube came across this video of this chick iggie that girl from Australii was so shocked that some one would pay their money to hear that garbage she was spilling out, then I read that she won some award for new artist of the year, this is whattour black ppl have decided to make famous, she can’t sing, what she sounded like a kid that was 2 years old shameful

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ seleatha lee

      there is literally a whitewashing of black history and contributions going on. It is the same intellectual and historical THEFT of African/black people’s contributions that has been going on for thousands of years. Unfortunately, many of us are so thrilled to be connected to whites in any way possible — be it teaching them to mimic our music, dance, and language, to supporting these mostly UNTALENTED IMITATORS with our dollars and praise.

      Nothing will change until WE change and start telling the truth.

      • steve says:

        There’s something wrong with you people… by you people, I mean all of you commenting here. you are the racist supremacists. You don’t even know your own history. You are holding the racial bias here… not everyone else. Hate because it’s not black… You’re all sad and pathetic.

        • Trojan Pam says:

          @ steve

          I wonder if you have expended this much “energy” on any of the THOUSANDS of white websites that demean and degrade black people…

          In any case, since you obviously do not know YOUR HISTORY (if you did you wouldn’t be posting what you did) and you obviously do not know the definition of hate or racism, I won’t waste any more precious time addressing your attempt to shame the victims of white supremacy.

        • OneWorldOneHeart says:

          Hey, god was white so tell technically he invented all this shit and we are just “using his stuff right”! Lol

          Man, this is site is so negative, common guys be better than this.

          The real color problem is green and it will always abuse and corrupt the poor and weak, regardless of color. Unfortunately this system is only getting worse now and we are mostly all “debt slaves” that work for the ruling elite.

          There are many white, brown and Asian peoples of this world all in this similar, unfortunate position and the ruling elite are use racism to devide and control us because they are scared of us united as one.

          We need to unite as one to eventually topple this entire system to end all disrimination and more importantly classism. Only than we we truly be free. How many of us get to wake up and do what we want each day? We, (95% of us) are all considered debt slaves and work all day every day, just to eat and sleep..but why?

          This planet is being ruled by less than 10,000 people and they are off all races. Yes half of them are white, but more than half of them are not.

          I know being African American is in certain parts of the US is difficult and it is unfair to ask of people who have been historically repressed to do all of the forgiveness but it is the only way for 99.5% off us to take back our lives.

          Do you think the minority of white people conspire to keep the black man down?

          The answer is a resounding no in most cases, possibly roughly 7 to 8% off non-blacks in certain areas might fall into this category but it is the wealthy elite the are controlling the media and forcing this outdated social construct.

          I am from a large city in Canada and we welcome all colors, Faith’s and denominations equally. I personally love the black culture and feel extremely honored and privelaged to have many in my life and family.

          Religion can also be a control tool like race and class but in the Bible good need to mix us up confuse our language because when this planet is united, there is nothing we can’t do.

          Be proud of your accomplishments but don’t turn down opportunities from your fellow brother because thier skin is a little lighter than yours. (Hey I sun-tanned all the time, so I am trying!) 😉 Lol.
          But seriously we are all from the same family and the same creator. So my cousins from down south can sing and dance better than me, that is awesome because together our society is amazing, in Canada we welcome it and know that is how we become even better together.

          Probably 95% to 99% of us all love each other and are not secretly trying to hold any black people back. Unfortunately money finds money and many of the original rich, corrupt families get more wealthy and powerful by the day and many are old white families who interbreed with only thier own distant family members.

          The future is bauge and through time and open hearts we will all eventually be mixed to some degree and that scares the ruling elite to death.

          (Except the Hawian’ I never trusts guys who’s national bird is the pineapple!). 😉

          Don’t trust me, do your own research but please do not falsley group all non-black people together as bad, racist people because there is only a small, small group that are that way. Unfortunately many of them are billionaires who run Hollywood, Music and the media so it seems like so many.

  14. Although the laws are not fully controlled by us we at the very least need to always be sure to have the fullest copyright protection on our works before submitting them to any so called agency.

    ..they are held accountable to their own laws which is ultimately the thing that a nation gets judged by regardless of how long they try to stall it..

    As a matter of fact, why not pool resources and just become the AGENCYs needed?

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ williamrodgers

      I agree that we need to protect our work to the best of our ability. It would be a wonderful thing if we could pool our resources.

      Unfortunately, the level of anti-blackness among us — and most of us will NOT admit to having a problem with other black people — makes it difficult for us to “pool” anything.

      Until we RE-PROGRAM our thinking, and stop bickering and fighting with each other (and I don’t know what they will take) we can’t form any lasting or effective systems of protection.

      But I love the idea of pooling our resources in anyway we can to get the work done that needs to be done.

    • Ann says:

      Best comment here!!

  15. Jay says:

    This story is an urban legend. It’s not true. Check your facts guys

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Jay

      That’s why I suggested people read her book THEN compare it with the movie screenplay — that’s if you can get a copy, which IF YOU CAN’T speaks volumes about a possible cover-up

      In fact, the mainstream media/Hollywood should be able to PROVE their case BY allowing people to read it. If there is no copyright infringement, her claims could be easily disproven but have they done that? Not to my knowledge…

      Bottom line, I doubt you OR I could testify in a court of law if her claim was true or false. I haven’t read her book. Have you?

      Just because someone says — “it’s an urban legend” — that doesn’t make it an urban legend

      And the LAST source I find credible especially when it comes to the theft of black intellectual property is the mainstream media

  16. grapepony says:

    I had posted comments on utube concerning this important subject. I remember the early disco era including funk . I enjoyed listening to this classic music invented and performed by black artist.Always at the start of any popular new black music white people are not happy just to enjoy and respect other artist cultures creation but want to copy not only the music but the way of being talking ,dressing,gestures and god help us movement “dancing” !.This is started by the young crowd
    because later as it catches on then the powers to be will captilize on this because there is lots of money to be made.Have you noticed how long it takes white people to befriend imitate then market on black music and style?With disco after that sound and style started picking up Soul train was jamming city night clubs packed. Then later came bee gees ,KC and the sunshine band ,Dan Hartman etc.Also traditional rock and roll bands the stones, David Bowie,queen,rod stewert etc.started making hits with disco influenced songs. I think this is what killed disco.If you noticed white people never tried to hard to make funk music except for wild cherry “play that funky music white boy!” It got to a point were the black artist were getting the back seat . The disco sucks started by disgruntled white males picked up ending The disco era started with probably keep on truckin ended with late Donna summers songs . During this time white people where more intrested in new wave and punk music.There was some come back like Rick James,SOS band,Cool and the gang,micheal Jackson which was more R&B and many one hit wonders.The new kid on the block RAP. I remember listening to Curtis Blow ,cool moe dee etc. rap was in its begining .You see white people had no clue who was curtis blow or what was happening in the inner city .Two words Ronald Reagen the party was over hard times ahead for all inner city and minorties that lived there.The crack and aids epidemic wreaked havoc . the 1982 top 40 only 5 black artist .I remember the first time i listened to NWA that was different ! The 90’s White people begin there explotation of this art and with Run DMC and Arrowsmith was probably the cataylist well planned that started young white kids to listen to hip hop .Know it has come to a point were young white kids at any age attempt to act,talk and dress hi hop with out them realizing the origin of there actions. There is nothing more annoying then a white person attempting to be too black it just aint happening it looks so un natural but they think because they have one or more black freinds that there are in! This is not just in rap but R&B as well look at ziggy azalia she practiced a lot in the mirror! and now you have her making lots of money being and acting what she is not . The point being white people love keeping an eye on black people music,sports entertainment etc.They befriend black people and if they can exploit you they will then drop you like a bad habit when they accomplish there goals ,they want to act and be black until there immediate goal is accomplished then go back to there nice and safe enviroment were you are not welcome! Look at 3rd bass ,Vanilla ice, M&M and others were are they know not in the inner city hanging out with tyrone or pedro thats for sure.

  17. grapepony says:

    Something i forgot to mention concerning the above comment iam Hispanic P.R and people have to wake up people are sleeping letting the general media dictate there thoughts and being.

  18. Wonderful piece. It’s an eye opener to all of us. The sad thing is, we blacks too got a problem when it comes to supporting each other. when we see a new talent, how long does it take for us to even reply a message from unknown black man or woman? I’m saying this because up to now, I’ve only got responses from white music executives. If the songs I’ve written end up like Sophia Stuart’s intellectual property, who’s to blame? I think it’s time we also started taking good care of our talent to make sure that those thieves, got no chance!

  19. Abdulkarim M. Ahmad says:

    Very informative. I will definitely repost the article. And thanks for the Info.

  20. […] Sophia Stewart – far from winning 2.5 Carl-Sagan-Billion US dollars as this and this and this and countless other knee-jerk self-appointed truth-disseminators have claimed – did not […]

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Relax. The Big Bad White Man Did Not Steal The Matrix. | musingsofmadjarov

      Your opinion DOES NOT MAKE IT A FACT.

      If you have proof, please present it.

      Otherwise, your response is little more than white noise…

  21. steve says:

    This book consists of two parts: the “story” (actually more of a rough outline of an undeveloped story) and a listing of “evidence” that the creators of the Terminator and Matrix series plagiarized the book in creating their works. My view on the story portion first, as the “evidence” portion is by far the majority of the book and takes longer to review:

    The basic premise is that the majority of humanity has been enslaved by an alien. A prophecy states that a savior, the chosen one, will come with divine powers to free humanity. The book is *very* short, and is obviously unfinished, a fact the author does not deny (although calling an obviously incomplete rough draft her “masterpiece” seems a bit misleading to me). The story, such as it is, is fairly interesting, and there some fairly good metaphors and philosophical leanings in it. All in all, as it stands now it’s not very good. If the author finished it, it might be a fantastic story. Or it might suck. “The devil is in the details,” as they say, and the true test of an author is not whether they can come up with an interesting backbone to their story; it’s whether they can flesh it out with interesting, compelling characters and events that draw you in that determines whether a story is good or not. However, considering that this story has been in an unfinished state for 26 years, it seems unlikely Ms. Stewart will ever finish it.

    The majority of the book consists of the author trying to prove plagiarism on the part of the creators of “The Terminator” and “The Matrix.” There are copies of receipts, correspondence, and various legal documents detailing her copyright dates, court cases, etc. While I don’t doubt that Ms. Stewart is telling the truth about when she wrote her story, what she fails to do is show conclusive, direct connections between her ideas and those of the two movie series.

    Most of the similarities I see between “The Third Eye” and the Terminator/Matrix series are superficial, and not indicative of plagiarism. One such example is the prophecy of the coming of a savior with superhuman powers to free an enslaved humanity. I’ve read many books with this basic premise, and like the Matrix and Terminator movies, most had little to nothing in common with this book. Some predate it (not terribly difficult as it remained unpublished until 2006) and many predate the original copyright date of 1981.

    Should Ms. Stewart win her suit against the creators of the Terminator and the Matrix, I’m interested to see if George Lucas sues her to collect his fair share. After all, Star Wars was written in 1974 and released in 1977, two years before she wrote this and four years before she copyrighted it. It has a prophecy of a savior (someone will come to bring balance to the Force) with superhuman powers (Jedi Force Push, anyone?) who, after adolescence, experiences a “spiritual awakening” in response to a stressful situation, which unleashes his latent powers. He then fights against the oppressors (the evil Empire) to free enslaved humanity. Of course, if Lucas wins his case, God might need to bring a civil suit against him because, after all, this is the basic premise of the New Testament story as well.

    Most of the similarities Ms. Stewart claims are constructs common to nearly every epic story. There’s a powerful entity who’s enslaved most of humanity. Nearly every epic story has an evil robot/alien/really bad guy who’s enslaved, or trying to enslave, an entire population, whether that population be a tribe, a country, a planet, or a galaxy. That’s what makes the story *EPIC*. Nobody wants to watch a six hour series on the trials and tribulations of our intrepid hero’s trip to the corner store to buy a diet coke. There’s a “spiritual awakening”, which either gives the hero some insight or knowledge about himself and his quest, or grants him new power and abilities. This is called the “hero’s journey”, and it’s common to thousands of stories. From Wikipedia:

    “In the monomyth, the hero starts in the ordinary world, and receives a call to enter an unusual world of strange powers and events. If the hero accepts the call to enter this strange world, the hero must face tasks and trials, and may have to face these trials alone, or may have assistance. At its most intense, the hero must survive a severe challenge, often with help earned along the journey. If the hero survives, the hero may achieve a great gift or “boon.” The hero must then decide whether to return to the ordinary world with this boon. If the hero does decide to return, the hero often faces challenges on the return journey. If the hero is successful in returning, the boon or gift may be used to improve the world. The stories of Osiris, Prometheus, Moses, Buddha, and Christ, for example, follow this structure very closely.”

    Does this sound like a perfect description of “The Matrix”? Absolutely. Does “The Third Eye” follow this pattern as well? Sure. Does this mean “The Matrix” is a copy of “The Third Eye”? Uh, no.

    To me, the only strong similarity between the two that isn’t a common staple of fiction in general is the fact that Icon is blinded and golden light comes from his eyes. Neo is blinded and sees machine energy as golden light. Neo’s view of the machines as luminous beings of light ties into the spiritual metaphors of the movies. Zion (the body) is filmed with a blue tint. The Matrix (the mind) is filmed with a green tint. The Machine City (the spirit) is viewed by Neo as being made of light. After Neo, the messianic savior, brings the three together, the Matrix and Zion are no longer filmed with a tint to represent that the mind, body, and spirit are no longer separate. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, go here: “[…]”. Nevertheless, it is a striking similarity. Is it enough to claim copyright infringement? I don’t think so, but that’s just my opinion, not a legal analysis.

    One other similarity of note is the idea of the characters projecting their consciousness separately from their bodies to battle the enemy. This is certainly nowhere near as widespread as the above examples, but neither is it unheard of, especially in computer/cyberspace oriented works. The theme of telepresence, human minds directly controlling artificial bodies, is common in science fiction and has been for decades. With the advent of powerful, widely available computers, especially with the continuing development of video games as an “alternate reality”, the idea of cybernetically enhanced characters battling in computer-generated worlds has become commonplace as well. Ms. Stewart certainly did not come up with these ideas, nor can she lay exclusive claim to their use.

    Ms. Stewart’s claim of plagiarism by the Wachowski brothers hinges on the fact that she sent them a copy of her (unpublished) manuscript in 1986 in response to an ad requesting ideas for comic strips. She never heard from them, nor did she receive her manuscript back. When “The Matrix” was released, she saw similarities between the two scripts. I’m still unsure how she thinks the creators of “The Terminator” (released in 1984, so presumably written at *least* a couple of years prior) got a copy of her *unpublished* manuscript to steal from it. If she makes that connection clear in this book, I completely missed it.

    Ms. Stewart gives the strong impression in this book and flatly states in several interviews outside of it that her work was “plagiarized” because she is a black woman. In several interviews she points out various black authors who were unable to get their work made into movies. In one interview she states (regarding “The Third Eye”): “You have to understand I am very subtle with the way I write, I work on the subliminal. When I write I don’t want people to be able to tell my race or gender. Look at Octavia Butler the most famous black female science fiction writer they never put her work on the big screen.” In another interview regarding “The Matrix”, she states: “A lot of the White fans got the connection right away. The Matrix film makes sense that a Black woman would write that.” Oh yes, that’s the first thing I thought as I watched The Matrix: “This HAS to have been written by a black woman.” :rollseyes: Given that she mailed her manuscript to the Wachowskis, and never (to my knowledge) gives an explanation for how the creators of “The Terminator” got a copy, it seems unlikely to me that these people had any idea that she was black. Unless she included a snapshot of herself in the package, I seriously doubt they decided to “plagiarize” her work based on her race. To me, therefore, the race card is a cheap stunt and, in my mind at least, serves to weaken, rather than strengthen, her case. Even if she was plagiarized, race had nothing to do with it.

    In reading the other reviews of this book, it seems that an inordinate number of reviewers claim personal friendship with Ms. Stewart; the consensus is that she is a very nice woman. I’m sure she is; however, how does that have anything to do with whether the Terminator/Matrix series is similar enough to “The Third Eye” to be copyright infringement? Similarly, I’m left scratching my head as to the intent of the reviewer claiming that the Wachowski brothers are “known transvestites.” He is obviously referring to the rumor, denied by the Wachowskis, that Larry is a transvestite who is undergoing a sex change operation and likes to be called Lana. Aside from the fact that there has been no proof whatsoever offered to support this rumor, even if it is true, what in the world does this have to do with the Wachowskis possibly plagiarizing the Third Eye manuscript and this book in particular? Is it common knowledge that all transvestites are plagiarizers, and I just missed it? A couple of other reviewers point to the fact that the Wachowskis haven’t had another movie with the success of the Matrix series as evidence that they obviously stole the work from Ms. Stewart. For one thing, the Matrix series is one of the highest grossing series of all time (IIRC, Star Wars is the only one that’s higher). It’s highly unlikely the Wachowski brothers will ever top the success of the Matrix, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to. For another thing, this is hardly an effective strategy to argue Ms. Stewart’s case (although it’s a strategy she herself employs), as she has never published ANY other work in the 26 years since she roughed out (not published) this work, whereas the Wachowskis have completed numerous other endeavors. Again, this doesn’t prove the Wachowskis didn’t plagiarize, but arguing that they must have because they haven’t since produced a similar work makes no sense when Ms. Stewart has thus far failed to produce a similar work to the Third Eye (or any work at all, for that matter).

    • Trojan Pam says:

      @ Steve

      You are correct, the book is now available for purchase but it wasn’t several years ago when I first heard her story. That being said, comparing her screenplay to the Matrix screenplay would be a more accurate comparison.

      There are many books that detour from the screenplay. Nor does a screenplay have to be identical to qualify as being plagiarized. Hollywood is notorious for ripping off the ideas of other people. Here’s an excerpt from a 2013 Time Magazine article:

      “Interestingly enough, although Stewart did not win her case, she’s not the only one who has accused the Wachowskis of stealing. Screenwriter Thomas Althouse accused them of lifting the ideas for sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolution from a screenplay he called The Immortals. He filed suit in federal court earlier this year.
      Despite this, Stewart maintains that payment is due to her and vows to get satisfaction. She remains steadfast that The Matrix was her idea, and that there are uncanny similarities between her treatment and what theatergoers saw.

      “I won that judgment and those judges are going to give me my money and Warner Bros. is going to pay it,” she said.”

      Is her claim false? I haven’t read the screenplay so I can’t say with any authority as to the similarities. And neither can you UNLESS you have read her screenplay. Maybe, Ms Stewart is mistaken, maybe she’s right on the money.

      What I do know is everything I posted after that is legitimate– the massive WHITE THEFT of black talent. Another thing I am also certain of is the INABILITY of people like yourself to dialogue RESPECTFULLY whenever a black person DARES to say or write something “you don’t like.”

      Your last post (which I deleted) with all the name-calling is more evidence of how NECESSARY my work is and I will continue to post what I consider useful and constructive information with the victims of racism/white supremacy.

      As I have said to all those who come here and don’t like what they read: Go elsewhere.

      there are millions of blogs out in cyberspace. Find one that is more to your liking.

  22. Trojan Pam says:

    @ steve,

    I deleted your last post. You are free to post an opinion but your name-calling will NOT BE TOLERATED. If you do not like this blog, there are millions of others more to your liking.

  23. here says:

    It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this useful
    information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank
    you for sharing.

  24. Elijah says:

    How I wish the black man would open his eyes and stop using the lenses of his enemies to see. These lenses will but keep his vision blurred and will work tooth and nail to keep him blind folded.

    Wake up my people.

  25. paul londy says:

    So I take it we stole such inventions as the car ,t.v., cinema ,the telephone and so on -this is such a racist article, it should not be about race but the stealing of ideas ,very racially biased and ignorant article which should be banned ,if white people wrote such an article we would be jumped on , their is no superior race we all complement each other as races and we all have are own strength s.

  26. Trojan Pam says:

    @ paul londy

    Whites have taken credit for many, many, many things they did not do but since they have the power to write history (his-story) and to determine legal outcomes in court proceedings

    we will never know just how much “stealing” your people have done be it intellectual, historical, or material property.

    It is interesting how defensive and hysterical some of you become whenever a black or non-white person makes such a claim as though whites are above stealing anything from anyone

    When we all know from your long, long history that is far from the truth.

    What is even more interesting is how you threw in the TV, telephone, etc into the pot — which means you believe whites have created everything on the planet while at the same time decry this article as “racist?”

    It is common that whenever black people discuss our mistreatment under the system of white supremacy that the nonsensical white response is something om the order of:

    “there is no superior race, we all complement each other as races and we all have are own strengths.”

    when it is clear from your response that you do not believe this NOR do the vast majority of whites.

    You may fool some but you do not fool me.

    • Epi says:

      @ Pam:

      Many racist whites are “stuck on stupid” and you cannot fix stupid. Many feel that if they have no hand in anything? That it is not validated.

      I am dam glad that our people are really using their critical thinking among higher planes now. Now all that have to do is to execute our thoughts. Excellent response Trojan Pam and…
      “phuck ’em and feed ’em beans!”

      Phazex_Female aka Epiphaney33

  27. […] The Original Writer of The Matrix and The Terminator Is A … – The Original Writer of The Matrix and The Terminator Is A Black Woman Posted: February 17, 2014 in Uncategorized […]

  28. […] Source: The Original Writer of The Matrix and The Terminator Is A Black Woman […]

  29. Adam James says:

    This may be the most rascist website I have ever visited

  30. Anonymrs says:

    Appreciate your introspection on the perpetual rape, theft, & molestation committed by the fugitive race against the salt of the earth. Vengeance can’t be meted out soon enough. Their judgment day is near & they can’t escape when the real terminator comes.

  31. Anonymrs says:

    Someone wrote a comment stating that God is white. Lol. Of course it was more than likely a caucasian; confused people who think they’re white but are actually red; descendants of Esau (Genesis 25:25).
    They make this statement with no proof whatsoever. The Bible was the first manuscript/screenplay they stole. Of course they’re still in the business of stealing intellectual property. The Bible is not the white man’s book. It’s the historical records of a nation of people. Records that document their interaction with their God & their interactions with other nations of people.
    The so-called white man & woman stole the records of the Hebrews/Israelites/Jews/Moors/Negroes/Coloreds/Blacks/Afro-Americans/African Americans (depending on time period).
    They also stole our identity. They’ve white-washed our ancestors writings, repackaged them as the Bible, marketed it to every nation worldwide, creating false doctrines & religions out of it & prospered handsomely with this deception.
    “The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where & who is he?” Job 9:24
    If God is white, prove it. The Truth is God is described as having woolly hair in Daniel 7:9 & His chosen people, whom they’ve enslaved & oppressed, also have woolly hair.
    “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” Revelation 13:10
    The nation of Edom/Idumea/caucasians will be judged for all their evil & feel the wrath of the God of Israel. “Thus saith thy Lord the Lord and thy God that pleaded the cause of his people, Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling, even the dregs of the cup of my Fury; thou shalt no more drink it again; but I will put it into the hand of them that afflict thee; which have said to thy soul, Bow down, that we may go over; and thou hast laid thy body as the ground, and as the street, to them that went over.” Isaiah 51:22-23

  32. tojo6687 says:

    Taking Sophia Stewarts story of theft and dirty corruption at the hands of hollywood and the judiciary… as an example of white supremacy ridiculous and says more about you than anyone else.
    Since your so keen on playing the race card why not mention that Hollywood is 100% top to bottom, no ifs or buts, completely controlled by jewish men. The judiciary not much different.

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