The Word Guide Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Verbal Detox, September 7, 2012
Review followed by a perspective

At 430+ pages, the Compensatory Word Guide doesn’t simply list a bunch of words that should be removed from the English lexicon. Instead, it alphabetically (A-Z) lists popularly used word-terms as well as new compensatory terms and makes the suggestion to “use this term”, “do not use this term”, or “use this term with caution” and then notates the compensatory reason for the suggested action. At the end of many of the terms are several thought evoking questions in a “what is a____?, “what is not a ___?” fashion. Also some terms have example sentences i.e. “instead of_____it may be better to say _____.” Variations of these formats are used throughout the entire guide, and these variations prevent any monotony.

Each word-term has an explanation and/or a definition and some of the terms might even humor you, while many others will demand reflection and contemplation. There are no “fillers” or wasted space as each of the included terms was obviously given thoughtful consideration and definition. If my description here makes this all sound like English 101 – I suppose it might just be.

Maybe, it is “the beginning of the end, of error.”(Fuller) Maybe a fresh look at everything we think we already know is truly called for. I sense that the book could have been two times its present length, but Mr. Fuller chose to include only the most relevant terms. This makes the Word Guide, less a dictionary and more a toolkit for enhancing critical thought and ultimately, countering racism.

Like The Compensatory textbook, the Word Guide must also be studied and applied to be fully appreciated and effective. Once you’ve accepted your current reason for existence is to produce Justice, your “Assignment” begins to make sense and the Codified Word Guide, I believe, will greatly enhance this effort. -End of review

A Perspective

When I purchased the “Word Guide” I did not intend to read it cover-to-cover. Forgive me, but at 434 pages of words and definitions, it is a voluminous work. I intended to use it as one would ordinarily use a dictionary – a word here, a word there…piecemeal. For the first few weeks, this was my approach, and then I shelved the Word Guide after ten or so words. The book remained on the shelf, untouched, for the next couple of months. In the interim, I would find myself unwittingly testing several of the points that the author made in the first book. Let’s just say that, in my experience, he was proven correct: the “four wallism” approach has severe limitations. The wasted time and effort could have been averted had I truly read the first code/system/concept book.

Alas, I finally took the time to give book #1 a serious study. Up to that point, I imagine that I am not much different from most victims in that I did not initially appreciate the significance of the concept. Which brings me to the next point: victims of racism should make a definite effort to get the firmest possible understanding of The Compensatory Concept & Logic. Bear in mind that the Word Guide is an addition to book #1 and picking up the Word Guide without reading book #1 might prove a bit frustrating or even pointless – which is why I found myself shelving the Guide after the first few words.

I am not ashamed to say that after the “four-wall” attempt, a third complete read of book #1, countless hours of listening to archived and live interviews, and even a few phone conversations with the Mr. Fuller – I FINALLY GOT IT! The world suddenly began to make a whole lot more sense. With new enthusiasm, I completed a cover-to-cover read of the Word Guide in a little over 3 months and what a treasure! I consider the Word Guide a “mental & verbal detox” – eliminating a bunch of incorrect thought patterns caused by non-sense words and terms that have been drilled into my brain since my birth-day.

These non-sense words not only produces victims, but these words are the very fulcrum on which the current system of non-justice functions and operates. This, Mr. Fuller recognized and with the Word Guide, has endeavored to correct. Even if you choose not to read it in its entirely, I highly recommend that you get a copy, again, it’s mental and verbal detox.

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