The Beauty Con Game Table of Contents

Introduction: Why This Book Was Written

  • The Black Doll/White Doll Experiment
  • FOUR Reasons Black Males Should Read A Book About Beauty
  • Black Females are the Main Targets of Beauty Terrorism

The Deadliest Con Game: Racism/White Supremacy

  • A White Supremacy Fairy Tale
  • What Is Racism/White Supremacy?
  • A Question From A Reader On The Meaning Of “Race”

The Beauty Con Game

  • Debunking The Top Beauty Con Game Myths
  • How The Language Of White Supremacy Penalizes Black Females
  • Stolen Black Beauty

Straight Talk About Nappy Hair

  • Straight Talk About Nappy Hair
  • The “Joy” Of Nappy Humor
  • Why Black Female Entertainers Must Wear Weaves That Look Like Weaves
  • Is Natural Hair A ‘No-No’ For Black Females? A Pictorial Essay
  • Straight Talk About Beauty

Behind The Mask: The Real Agenda Behind The Beauty Game

  • Ten Reasons Blacks Are The Main Targets Of The Beauty Con Game
  • Science? Or Pseudo-Scientific Bull?
  • Good Cops/Bad Cops in Mainstream Media
  • Scientific Racism is Nothing New
  • Are Blacks (Really) Less Intelligent Than Whites?
  • ‘Complexions’ – An Essay by Mark Twain

Breaking The Cycle Of White Validation

  • What is White Validation?
  • Convincing Whites That Blacks Are NOT Inferior Is A Waste Of Time
  • The Single Most Important Question Blacks Should Ask Whites
  • ‘Race, Evolution, and Behavior’ — A Counter-Racist Book Review By Josh Wickett
  • Seven Suggestions For Increasing Black Self Validation


  • Recommended Reading/Viewing
  • Index

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