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The following links are recommended by the Creators of this site.  Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. has NOT endorsed or recommended any blog or website included in this list.

Trojan Horse Press

Racism Is White Supremacy

Neely Fuller’s Official Website

Compensatory Concept (Neely Fuller’s weekly appearance on Talktainment Internet Radio Program)

Victim of White Supremacy Diary Blog

Gus Renegade’s Facebook Page

Context of White Supremacy  (C.O.W.S. Internet Program)

Black Talk Radio Network

Diary of a Negress

Cree7’s Blog

Abagond Blog

Counter-Racist Evolving Engineer (CREE) Talk Show

Kushite Kingdom Blog

Cynical African Blog

Depression My Muse Blog

Racism Yit — Nonmightywick’s Blog

Tragic Relationships

Innerstanding Isness Blog

2012 Stores — Brother Polite Website

Reality Unknown Blog

Justice Today Blog

The Bandung2 Blog

Ebony News Channel Blog

Racism Daily

The Non-White Alliance

White Watch

Voice of Africa Radio

United Black America  

Too Much Black

Shop Black — Support Black-Owned Bookstores


Trojan Horse Press

House of Nubian Books


Hue-Man Bookstore

2012 Stores — Brother Polite Website

Shop Black — Support Black-Owned Businesses

UrbanFire ProductsDiaryofaNegress Organic Soap Company

If you own a blog or website and would like to added to the list of recommended blogs and websites please contact us by email and  include a contact name and a link to your site.

We do require that all future requests include reciprocal linking, meaning you will place a link to this site on your blog or website. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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