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Zimmerman found not guilty in killing of Trayvon Martin

(July 13, 2013)

Trayvon-memorial-flierREST IN PEACE, YOUNG BROTHER


(1995 – 2012)


“OJ Simpson Guilty of Armed Robbery, Kidnapping.” (10/4/2008)

One day, Horace, the Zebra, got the craziest notion in his large, elongated head. He decided he didn’t want to be part of a herd any longer. He was tired of grazing where all the other zebras grazed. He was tired of the smells, and the endless grunting and snorting. Zebras were absolutely disgusting!

Horace spent most of his days staring for hours at his reflection in the river.  He was the most handsome zebra in the herd; too handsome to be an ordinary zebra. Whenever one of the more comely females flicked her skinny tail in his direction, Horace turned his big snout up in the air. He wasn’t about to bring any more smelly zebras into the world.

Horace wandered away from the herd toward a shady grove of trees. To his delight, there was the sweetest green patch that had not been burned brown by the blistering African sun. Horace looked back at the rest of the herd chewing blissfully on the dry tufts underneath their hooves and snorted loudly in contempt.

Look at those dumb zebras, eating dry grass like manna from zebra heaven. Horace moved deeper into the grove and faced the herd so he wouldn’t be seen but could see them if they came too close. If they discovered his tasty find, there would be less for him.

Unbeknownst to Horace, fifty yards from the shady grove was a pack of lions; one male and three females. As Horace came closer, they strategically kept their distance. They wanted the zebra to think he was safe, so far away from the herd.

“What a dumb zebra,” they growled deep in their throats with amusement.

The pack licked their huge teeth in anticipation. The zebra was nice; thick around the middle with a big, fat ass.

“He doesn’t do much running,” one lioness chortled with contempt. She had no use for a lazy male of any species, and was looking forward to ripping that striped hide with her sharp teeth until the blood flowed.

“He’s such a stupid zebra,” a second lioness agreed, “to wander off by himself. Doesn’t he know there are hungry lions in the fields just waiting to take him down?”

“Ho, look at him,” roared the male lion, shaking his magnificent, golden brown mane. “Chowing down like there’s no tomorrow—and there won’t be after we rip his striped ass apart.”

The lions laughed quietly, so they wouldn’t alert the blissfully grazing zebra. They were in a good mood. There was nothing predators loved more than a big-headed, stupid animal, so arrogant it forgot its own safety lay in unity of the herd.

In a herd, the zebras’ stripes created an optical illusion that confused the lions. To make matters worse, the more devious zebras would zigzag back and forth in front of the herd to make it more difficult to single one zebra out.

Together, the zebras were smarter than they looked – but apart – they became a lion’s happy meal. Oblivious to the danger beyond the trees, Horace ate until his big belly bulged. A shifting wind rippled the bristly hairs along his ridged back. His head jerked up and around. In an instant, he recognized the scent. Lions! He sniffed again, taking in large gulps through his flared nose. They must have seen him hiding in the trees!

Horace trotted out of the shady grove and paused on trembling legs. Nervously, he looked back and spotted the top of a magnificent brown and gold mane moving low through the grasses – coming in his direction!

Horace broke into a full gallop, his big belly swaying from side to side, toward the herd grazing in the distance. His eyes widened with terror when he looked back and saw the lions, four deep, in hot pursuit. Horace brayed at the top of his lungs, calling the herd’s attention to his plight. When the other zebras lifted their heads, and saw the lions, they took off, leaving Horace in a huge cloud of dust.

Horace couldn’t believe these cowardly zebras weren’t willing to risk their lives when he needed their help! How could they abandon such a proud, stately, handsome zebra like himself? Wasn’t he just like them – only better?

Before Horace could make another sound, one of the lionesses leaped in the air and landed on his back, followed by another, bringing him crashing down on his front forelegs. The male lion rushed in, snapped his powerful jaws around the thrashing zebra’s neck, and clamped down until the zebra suffocated.

By the time the last tremors rippled through Horace’s body, the lions were already feasting. One lioness tore off a bloody chunk of zebra flesh and chewed happily. Poisonous individualism sure made one hell of a tasty meal!

The End

“Even the weak become strong when they are united.” – Johann Friedrich Von Schiller (1759-1805)


(Excerpt from the book,  “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation”)


We Have the RIGHT  To Feel However We Feel BUT We Should Not Be Surprised by the Verdict. It is just ONE MORE PIECE OF INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE that WHITE SUPREMACY IS THE LAW(LESS) OF THE LAND.

I personally REFUSE to cave in to aimless anger and frustration and will use my ENERGY to STRIVE HARDER to spread the message of BLACK UNITY — which I believe is the MOST POWERFUL WEAPON black people have collectively in a white supremacist, anti-black society that has made it LEGAL for a PRIVATE CITIZEN to GUN DOWN UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE — AND LITERALLY GET AWAY WITH MURDER.

But that is NOTHING NEW. In a white supremacy system, BLACK LIFE MEANS NOTHING. 

The above tale — “The Zebra and the Lions” — ILLUSTRATES the IMPORTANCE OF UNITY — and the DANGERS of DISUNITY.  We cannot bring Trayvon Martin back from the grave BUT we can begin the very painful but very rewarding process of UNIFYING and VALIDATING and SUPPORTING other black people so we will once again BELONG TO EACH OTHER they way we did before we were enslaved BY Europeans during the 400 YEAR TransAtlantic Slave Trade.